Levity Hammocks and Swings - Repurposing for the Future

Levity Hammocks and Swings – Repurposing for the Future


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Levity Hammocks and Swings Parachuting.com is proud to get the word out about Levity Hammocks and Swings. Initially, CEO Leah Levy did not set out to start a company that recycles used parachutes for environmentally-friendly products. She simply loves skydiving and she is smitten with parachutes. It’s easy to see why. Parachutes are bright and colorful. Their bold colors and …

The Fear of Freefalling: How to Conquer Your Skydive Anxiety



Have you ever considered making a skydive for the first time and then decided against it because you were afraid? It’s perfectly understandable that you would suffer from a little skydive anxiety before jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet above the ground. Not only is there no safety net beneath you in case something goes awry, but also, …

Australian Grandma Takes Birthday Skydive


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Taking the age-old adage that you’re never too old to try something new to heart, a Rockingham grandmother took the ultimate leap of faith. Lois Keys celebrated her eightieth birthday with a skydive last week, landing on the stunning backdrop of Rockingham Beach in Western Australia. The grandma-of-four jumped out a plane at 14,000 feet along with her instructor, Leo …