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Skydiving is more than just a fun weekend activity, for many people it can be an eye-opening experience. After experiencing your first skydive, you might just find yourself addicted to the exhilaration of the rapidly approaching world below. The benefits of going skydiving are innumerable. Facing the fear of jumping out of a plane is an extremely empowering sensation, that leaves you feeling as if you could take on the world. Additionally, the view of the earth underneath is staggering. To be able to look down upon the earth, without a window, is incredible! If you’ve ever been involved in an extreme sport or ridden a rollercoaster, you understand a fraction of the sensation of skydiving. Falling out of the sky can be frightening, but with our tandem dives you don’t have to stress about a thing. Furthermore, if you are interested in becoming a certified skydiver, then our Skydiving Academy is perfect for training. Whether you are looking to jump for the first time or just going for fun, Parachuting.com Wichita is the place for you!

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Wichita, Kansas Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Have you been looking for a new and exciting adventure? Are you hoping to shake up your daily routine? Go on a tandem skydive! Parachuting.com Wichita delivers all you need to experience the thrills of skydiving. With our tandem jumps, you will jump with a certified skydiver so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the adrenaline surge. If you want the idyllic first time skydiving experience, this is the option for you.

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Solo Parachuting in Wichita, Kansas

Skydiving Academy

Do you feel a calling to take action and seize the day? Do you fit the definition of a thrill seeker? If so, Parachuting.com Wichita’s Skydiving Academy may be the perfect place for you. Our Skydiving Academy helps prepare greenhorn skydivers as they train towards certification. With the quality guidance of our experts you can learn all you need to safely skydive independently. We’ll give you get the best skydiving instruction under the sun!

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Wichita, Kansas Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Do you know anyone with a need for speed and a hankering for adventure? Give them the perfect gift with Parachuting.com Wichita’s Gift Certificates. Our Gift Certificates can be applied tandem jumps or AFF level 1 jumps. This is the flawless gift for anyone new to skydiving and looking for some excitement. If you have a daredevil in the family, gift them all the exhilaration of a once in a lifetime experience with our gift certificates.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

Have you been certified as a skydiver? Are you looking for a chance to take to the sky? Then consider one of our Fun Jumps. These jumps are for experienced skydivers looking to get out and enjoy their sport. Our Fun Jumps will take you up to the same altitude as our tandem jumpers and allow you to freefall independently. If you can’t get enough skydiving in your life, then sign up for Parachuting.com Wichita’s Fun Jumps.

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Wichita, the unrivaled skydiving destination in Kansas!

Wichita is one of the best sites for skydiving in the country. From your dive you may be able to catch a glimpse of some of the impressive Wichita architecture. The Keeper of the Plains is one of Wichita’s most famous features, as the large statue stands 44 feet tall! The climate in Wichita, KS also makes it extremely desirable for skydiving. Wichita gets only half the national average of snowfall in the United States and is under the national average in rainfall as well. This makes the odds of being grounded for weather highly unlikely and therefore there are more skydiving opportunities!

Wichita, Kansas Parachuting

Wichita, Kansas Tandem Skydiving

New to skydiving? Take a tandem jump!

If you have ever considered skydiving or are just looking to try something new, Parachuting.com Wichita’s Tandem Jumps could be perfect for you.Tandem jumps allow people new to the world of skydiving to get the experience of freefall without having to be fully trained as a skydiver. This is the ideal option for any first time skydivers because the certified experts handle everything for you.

What can you expect during a tandem jump?
After arriving at the facility (earlier than your scheduled jump), you can expect to meet with the skydiving instructor. You will be briefed on what you can expect and how to position yourself for the jump. Then we will equip you with all of the necessary gear and board the plane with your instructor. The jump itself will begin with about thirty seconds of freefall where you can reach around 120 MPH. Around 6,000 feet the parachute will deploy allowing for about a six minute descent back to earth.

What’s needed for a tandem skydive?
In order to get into the sky you are going to need a few things. First of all, we use the main parachute that any skydiver might use. Additionally, you will be outfitted with a drogue chute, which is used to handle the extra weight of a tandem, and a reserve chute. On the reserve chute will be an Automatic Activation Device which will open the reserve chute should something go wrong. You’ll also be given goggles and a passenger harness, which attaches to the instructor.

Invite friends to watch from the drop zone!

The drop zones for our skydiving adventures are ideal for bringing family and friends along to your jump. They can watch your entire descent! Your first time skydiving is an adventure like no other, so be sure to invite your friends to cheer you on. Our drop zones are fitted with cozy seating, both indoors and out. Some drop zones include areas to buy food as well as picnic tables for eating lunch. So invite your family or friends out to watch from the comfort of our facilities, while you engage in an adrenaline pumping feat of bravery. Then you can make your landing right next to the adulation of your friends and family.

Capture your bold descent for a lifetime!

Don’t forget to have your friends bring cameras so that they can capture all the action on film from the drop zone. In fact, you can make sure to relive the electrifying experience again and again with one of our videography packages. We have two videography options that will give you an unbelievable view of the entire trip. One involves a camera flyer jumping out of the plane after your jump, getting amazing angles of your freefall for your own viewing. The second option involves our GoPro cameras being attached to your instructor’s helmet for a first person perspective of the free fall. With either of these options you can capture an unbelievable memory 0f a lifetime! Don’t forget that our gift certificates cover tandem dives. So if you or someone you know wants to pursue skydiving, don’t miss out and don’t forget to capture the experience!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Wichita, Kansas

Learn to skydive with the best training available!

If you are interested in extreme sports or have a calling towards all things adventurous, sign yourself up for our Skydiving Academy. We provide classes on both Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression. With the instruction offered by Parachuting.com Wichita, you can get all the know-how you need to skydive individually and pursue professional skydiving. All of our courses are led by Federal Aviation Administration certified divers, so that you can achieve your own certification. So if you are looking to break into the most heart pumping sport there is, get signed on for our Skydiving Academy.

Accelerated Free Fall

Our Accelerated Free Fall courses instruct students through a series of seven progressive steps. Early levels of this progression focus on activities such as altitude awareness, body positioning, stability, and the pull sequence. By the time students reach the later levels of Accelerated Free Fall they will by instructed on activities like turns, docking with others, and performing “superman” exits. After completing the seven steps, students will enter our Integrated Student Program which applies their learning until the requisite twenty-five jumps for certification are met. These courses move faster than our Static Line Progression courses and are the fastest route to certification possible.

Static Line Progression

The Static Line Progression course features different preparation than the Accelerated Free Fall course. In Static Line Progression a jump will be practiced from 3,000 feet with a static line affixed to the aircraft that deploys the chute. After initial ground training and two effective jumps, students will be trained how to deploy their chute. After three more practice pulls, students will prepare for their first freefall. So whereas Accelerated Free Fall gets students to their free fall faster, Static Line is a more steady instruction that builds up to it. Regardless of the class type, Parachuting.com Wichita gives the quality instruction to get you flying.

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Parachuting.com Wichita, Kansas Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the most thrilling gift of all!

Do you know anyone with a burning desire to seek out action? Do your friends look for excitement everywhere they go? Are you looking for an unforgettable gift idea for a family member or friend? If so, then you need to take advantage of the gift certificates at Parachuting.com Wichita! We offer gift certificates towards tandem jumps and AFF level one jumps. So whether you are looking to go on your first skydiving outing or are an old pro, you will love the benefits of these packages.

Every gift certificate purchased at Parachuting.com Wichita is valid for two years before expiration. Our gift certificates are also transferable from various locations and to different individuals (though a small fee may be applied for changing locales). Our customer service experts are standing by and available seven days a week to manage any of your needs, so don’t hesitate to inquire about our gift certificates or anything at all. Remember that if you want to take a friend out for a whole new adventure, the best way to do it is with our gift certificates! If you know anyone who has a craving for excitement, give them the gift of exhilaration with our gift certificates.

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Wichita, Kansas Parachuting Video Packages

Relive the glory of your jump!

If you plan on going out for your first skydive, don’t neglect to capture the moment. Parachuting.com Wichita offers two different videography packages so that you can remember every detail of this astounding experience. Our GoPro option gives customers a first-hand view of the fall. The camera is attached to your tandem instructor’s helmet so that the camera is following directly behind you. This perspective gives an up-close angle on the action you experience throughout the jump.

Our second camera option includes a camera flyer documenting your entire experience, from before you board the plane to after you have landed. The cameraman will record your thoughts as you are taken up, and exit the plane just before you jump in order to get the ideal perspective for your dive. They will capture your screams and facial expression as you plummet and will then land just before you to record your approach back to earth. After you are back at the drop zone you can record your final thoughts before it is edited and put to music. You will then receive a CD with the video for you to share with your friends and family. So capture your jump for a lifetime!

Camera Flyers, getting angles at over 100 MPH!

Becoming a Camera Flyer is no simple task. Camera Flyers must be able to maneuver themselves around their subject at speeds exceeding 120 MPH. It would seem that getting a quality video of skydiving is far from easy. A Camera Flyer must be able to use a variety of positions to adjust speeds and angles in order to get the shots they want. So before one can even consider pursuing this enterprise, they must master skydiving. In fact, it is recommended that camera flyers should hold at least C license before they begin to experiment with camera flying.

Once a Camera Flyer develops the ability to skydive effectively, they need to start considering what positions will allow them to capture their subjects best. After making their jump a Camera Flyer will orient themselves so they capture the subject while avoiding the sun’s glare. Then they must make constant adjustments to their speed in order track their subject through the lens properly. Even upon landing a camera flyer must be focused on the shot. This job may be extremely fun but it is no walk in the park in regards to difficulty. Camera Flyers certainly are the most extreme cameramen you’ll ever meet!

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Wichita, KS

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If you have any interest in skydiving, you don’t want to miss out on Parachuting.com Wichita’s many offerings. Parachuting.com is the best place to skydive, be this your first or fiftieth jump. Our tandem jumps are great for first time skydivers, and can be paid for by gift certificate. So whether you want to get certified as a skydiver or just want a day out, Parachuting.com Wichita is the place for you!

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