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If you have dreamed about what it’s like to jump from a plane, and freefall to the gentle parachute glide to the ground, then you are officially ready. All it takes is for you to want it, and then make the call. Quite simply, we do the rest. We will take care of the training, safety, and everything you will need to amaze yourself. The adrenaline you will feel during and after the jump will give you the confidence that you are as amazing as you feel! If you’ve jumped before and you are ready to start the road to licensing, we are experts at that, too. Whether you are looking to jump solo, work as a professional, or train others in what you love, we have seats available in our school! Questions? Call our helpful customer service professionals!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Tandem Parachuting - Virginia Beach Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

It’s doubtful anyone would take their first jump completely solo. Tandem Jumping was invented for this reason. This is a stress-free adrenaline high, as newbies are strapped to an experienced skydiver who will do everything from pulling the ‘chute to finding the best landing spot. New jumpers can enjoy the amazing experience from start to finish knowing they’re safe and in experienced hands. This is truly the best, and most fun way to get started!

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Solo Parachuting in Virginia Beach, Virginia - Virginia Beach Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

For those who have experience jumping, you have come to the right place. If you’ve been thinking about a solo or wingsuit jump, we’ve got the right stuff. We have experienced and licensed professionals to show you how it’s done and get you ready for your next step. We specialize in Hop ‘N Pops and love taking experienced folks for the sunset load. You’re no “100 jump wonder”, you are just ready for a challenge!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Parachuting Gift Certificates - Virginia Beach Parachuting

Gift Certificates

You are not the type to peruse amazon for the tried and true gift. You are more interested in the person than what they might need in the house. This is a person who craves adventure, who might have shown you up a few times with their grit, and they’re just flat out more important than any trinket you can find. Yep, they are a skydiver waiting to happen. Give them the chance to be themselves.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Virginia Beach Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

The most important part of any jump is the FUN. The exhilaration is the same whether it’s a first jump, the last one before a license, or a tandem jump with an experienced skydiver. We have the safest and best equipment, most experienced staff you’ll find, and can help you to just take that relaxing fall. If you are an experienced and licensed skydiver and are just looking for a quick ride to the sky, we’ve got it!

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See Beautiful Virginia Beach, VA from 10,000 Feet!

Call us to find out more, or schedule your jump over Virginia Beach, VA! There are not many beaches more beautiful or more pristine. It’s voted one of the most romantic beaches in the US for good reason. With 35 miles of coastline and 3-mile long boardwalk, the image of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay has inspired those who visit for decades.

Gliding in from heights up to thousands of feet, it’s easy to see why this city is considered in the top 10 places to live. It is beautiful, relaxing, fun, and the entire family can find something they love. The awe-inspiring statue of King Neptune at 31st Street on the Boardwalk is a great metaphor for legends, and the legend of your jump over Virginia Beach will last a lifetime, too!

Virginia Beach, Virginia Parachuting

Virginia Beach, Virginia Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jump – The Best Way for First Timers to Experience the Rush!

Tandem Dives is the best in first time jumps for beginners. You might find solo jumps for beginners, but we eschew those because it’s just not the same. When you are strapped to a qualified FAA instructor, you can go as high as their license allows. Yes, that’s 14000 feet! And, they’ll do all the work, allowing you to enjoy the entire free fall of 25-30 seconds. It’s going to be over before you know it, and you’ll be glad you got to enjoy the experience without worrying about what’s next.

We supply everything you need: Goggles, harnesses for two, drogue chute, reserve chute, main chute, and automatic activation device (for safety). Your instructor will attach the harness to you at 4 points, 2 on the shoulders and 2 on the hips. The drogue chute allows 2 jumpers to fall at the same acceleration as 1, so there’s no need to worry, the extra weight will cause a faster fall. Once you’ve been safely adorned, it’s time to board and get ready for the journey of your life!

Arrive at your drop zone early, to find out where family and friends may wait for you and become familiar with the area. You’ll meet your instructor who will educate you on what to expect. Of course, no one can really prepare you for the amazing experience! You’ll watch a short video, then you’ll be outfitted for the jump. You’ll board the airplane and ascend to 10,000 feet or more. And, with your licensed instructor, begin the adventure of your life!

You will freefall at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour when the main chute will be pulled. Your leisurely descent will take only 6 minutes or so, and then the gentle landing. You did it!

Everyone is waiting to congratulate you!

Your friends and family can now join you in the drop zone area where we have space available to picnic and purchase drinks. (Please check availability when you reserve your time) Now is the time to look at all the pictures your group snapped of your death-defying feat. The adventure went way too fast for you to remember it all, and that’s why you brought the posse!

If you want to make sure the entire event is captured correctly, check out our videography services! This will give you close-up proof of your experience. Whether you decide to have a professional videographer film you live, and interview you before and after, or have your professional skydiving coach equipped with a camera, you’ll get to relive your feat of bravery again and again. And, you can share your video on your social media channels, too! The whole world will see you’re legit!

Skydiving is Excitement and Euphoria! Capture its Secrets.

Even better, if you’re convinced you are ready to climb the skies and challenge your bravery, you can purchase a gift certificate for a friend and have a partner share the experience. We have the best conditions for buying a gift because we know more than anyone else, that timing is everything.

Tandem Jumping for beginners and gifts!
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Solo Skydiving Academy in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Skydiving Academy – Earn Your Freedom by Learning The Right Way

You have already had the thrill of jumping, and it has become more than just a passing hobby. You are ready for the thrill and excitement of solo jumps, training others, or working as a professional. We have everything you need for the adventure of becoming a licensed pro in Skydiving Academy.

Of course, safety is our priority. Facilitated by FAA, our students are trained to become eligible for their personal FAA license. And, we have options for each person, based on their needs and level of expertise.

Accelerated Free Fall

This is an accelerated training toward licensing and involves learning the skills needed to jump solo. Students work with an instructor through 7 progressive steps. This allows future professional skydivers to advance to solo jumps more quickly than other methods. After 3 or more jumps proving skill level, the student may be able to execute their very first dive alone. And, they’ll be able to experience nearly a full minute of freefall!

Integrated Student Program
Once the 7 steps are completed, the students are then ready to test their skills even further. This is when students can begin practicing their own maneuvers and apply the principles of skydiving on their own. Once they’ve reached 25 jumps, it’s time to acquire their license, allowing them to jump wherever they want within safety guidelines. And that is true freedom!

Static Line Progression

This involves a 3,000-foot jump, with a line attached to the parachute from the plane. When the student exits the plane, the line will automatically pull the main chute open. This will allow the student a 2-3 minute fall. As the student progresses through the 25 jump requirement, each jump will have more time between exiting the plane and the chute opening. The gradual step by step program, along with instruction, will allow the student to earn their A license.

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Parachuting.com Virginia Beach, Virginia Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates – The Best Gift is a Real Live Adventure!

You know a friend or loved one who just graduated, got a new job, newly engaged, or recently married. They are beginning a whole new adventure and most likely are experiencing some self-doubt.

This is the time to give them some adventure, and a much-needed motivation boost. For them, the experience of overcoming a fear or doubt will be a game changer. The most memorable gift ever given is the shift of spirit. A skydive, with our trusted, safe professionals is a gift that will keep on giving. Guaranteed.

Our gift certificate program is meant to be simple. Good for two years and transferrable to our many locations, the recipient can choose when and where to use it. Our tandem jumps are a great choice as the mechanics of the jump are left to our qualified staff and our guest can simply enjoy the event in all it’s amazing grandeur.

With our options of videography, they can capture their amazing feat and relive the experience whenever they like. We know how important the day will be for them, and we’ll take care of all the details, so they’ll know what to expect. Our customer service representatives are here anytime to answer all your questions and make sure you and your recipient are satisfied.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Packages – You will want to remember everything, and forever!

If we think of all the amazing experiences in our life, they seem fleeting. A moment here and a moment there, and as years go by, we remember less and less of the event. This is why pictures and movies were created. We can watch our graduations, our weddings, our backyard parties as long as the picture lives. Your first skydive should be no different. Your incredible day should be captured because after all, it lasts only a minute or less. Book your video packages before it’s too late!

This service captures everything about your skydive, as you are being filmed by a professional camera person who will interview you before the jump, on the plane, and jump before you to capture your entire experience. They even land before you to film your own touchdown! The CD you’ll receive from your camera person will include all your interviews, the jump, and still pictures so you’ll have plenty to upload on social media!

A camera is attached to the professional skydiver who accompanies you on your tandem jump. This film is much more up close and personal than the videography feature because the lense is close to you during the entire experience. Your screams and thumbs-up from just a few inches away will be forever on film. Of course, you’ll want to share this on your media accounts and watch yourself for years to come.

Catch your bravery on film! Call us anytime to inquire about services available for your experience. We are here anytime to answer your questions.

The Awesome Experience of Capturing a 60-Second Fall

As we know, a video is everything. We are all somewhat addicted to it. There’s not a day which goes by we’re not sucked into the latest viral, no matter what.

And we often wonder, how’d they get that shot? Sometimes it’s merely a nanny cam in the right spot at the right time. But more often, it’s a great eye for what may happen next. And, for those who make their living at aerial photography, what happens in less than a blink of an eye is at the very least, captivating.

For those who capture sky divers in film and still shots, their artistry rarely disappoints, and their work is truly awe-inspired. The snap shot of a single skydiver, out of the plane in less than a second, and flying through 150 miles an hour winds offers plenty of options.

However, each second is at the mercy of winds, efforts to stay close enough to the subject, the location of the light, and no hands to work the camera. These photographers are not only skydivers themselves but have learned, precariously, to snap a roll of film AND video while falling to earth.

If you are wondering why the heck, well there’s an easy answer. Look at their work. The images these artists have published are more than eye-catching. They elicit fear, amazement, awe, anticipation, and brave human spirit. All in one we are witness to a kind of perfection that only the true adventurer can allow us to see.

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