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You may not realize it but skydiving is a sport for all kinds of people. You don’t need to be an expert or have extreme sport experience to start. Even beginners can jump into the adventure through a Tandem skydive. All you need in order to begin is the desire to try something new and the bravery to take the leap!

At Toledo, we have skydiving options that allow you to have a jaw-dropping adventure. You will see the world below with new eyes and come out of the experience with a memorable story! Don’t you want to break out of the routine of your daily life? You could feel like a bit of a superhero yourself when you take the jump into a skydiving experience. You’ll be the envy of your friends and family, and they will wish there were as brave as you!

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Toledo, Ohio Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Skydives

Do you dream of skydiving glory? Have you been holding yourself back because of notions that you can’t? Well, we are here to tell you that you can! You can get started with a Toledo Tandem skydive. These dives are perfect for beginners as you are attached to a certified skydiver through the entire dive. You don’t need any previous experience for this. Why not take the adventure of a lifetime and jump?

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Solo Parachuting in Toledo, Ohio

Skydiving Academy

Do you love skydiving? Can you not get enough of the thrill of the Free Fall? If so, you don’t have to just skydive once and be done with it! You can become certified through our Skydiving Academy to be a licensed solo skydiver. We offer training courses in the Accelerated Free Fall method as well as the Static Line Progression method. You will be an expert before you know it, and having fun doing it!

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Toledo, Ohio Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who is chomping at the bit to go skydiving? Have they always wanted to try but never had the chance? Well, we have awesome gift certificates that make a perfect gift for this person in your life. These certificates are an ideal present for an occasion like a birthday, holiday, or any special day. That someone will be so excited you gave them the gift of adventure! Why not give them this chance?

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Jump for Fun!

If you love skydiving, why not go on Jumps for Fun? Once you are certified as a licensed solo skydiver through one of our training programs, you will be able to Jump for Fun whenever you feel like it. This will let you hone your skydiving skills and see new sights from the air. You could even start skydiving at facilities all over our network! You will have the time of your life, we bet!

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Take the leap into a skydive in Toledo, OH!

Toledo is the fourth largest city in Ohio and sits on the western end of Lake Erie. With the vast, beautiful lake beside it and the modern buildings of downtown, the city has a certain charm. Its art community and well-known glass industry are why it is sometimes known as “The Glass City.” The many activities to enjoy here include the Toledo Zoo and the Toledo Botanical Garden if you are an animal or nature lover. For kids, Imagination Station is an interactive science museum. And art enthusiasts could check out the Toledo Museum of Art. A skydive over the city will take your breath away. You might even see the Rosary Cathedral from the air.

Toledo Ohio Parachuting

Toledo Ohio Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving get you started on adventure!

You can start skydiving with a Tandem dive, no matter your experience level. Toledo offers these dives in which you are harnessed to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)- certified instructor. These jumps are perfect for beginners, and offer breathtaking views from the air! You will be jumping out of a plane at 10,000 or more feet! How cool is that?

When you arrive the day of your Tandem jump, the process will go something like this… Arrive at the drop zone a bit earlier than your scheduled time to become acquainted with the facilities and let any guests you’ve brought with you settle in. Meet with your skydiving instructor. Watch a video. Put on your gear. Fly up in the airplane with your instructor. Move to the doorway of the plane with your instructor harnessed to you.

Then you will jump! The jump is from 10,000 feet or more Above Ground Level. You will Free Fall for about 30 seconds and reach speeds of up to 120 mph. Your instructor will deploy the parachute at about 6000 feet. Then, you will land on the ground and celebrate with those you brought with you!

We provide all the equipment for you, of course. You will have goggles, a harness that has four points where the instructor will attach, a container with a main parachute and a Drogue Chute for extra resistance, a reserve shoot, and an Automatic Activation Device that deploys the chute in the case of a problem.

You friends and family will be comfy at our drop zones…

Most likely you will bring family and friends with you to watch your awesome skydive. We encourage this and offer comfortable drop zone facilities where they can hang out while waiting and watching. Some locations offer extra amenities, too. With, your supporters will have comfortable seating and great views, both inside and outside.

This gives your family and friends a great place to chill while they wait. They will be excited to cheer you on and lend their support. So, don’t worry about bringing people along. They are welcome, and will have ample space to sit and enjoy their visit with us, too.

Some of our drop zone facilities even have amenities such as picnic tables and places to buy food. This leaves a place for your family and friends to have food, relax, talk, and watch you have your adventure. Inquire with us to find out what amenities your particular drop zone offers.

Remember the jump with picture and video evidence!

While your friends and family are there on the ground watching and cheering you on, they can totally take pictures and video of you Free Falling through the air. So, remember to bring phones and cameras for them to get the proof of you skydiving! If you want a more close up view of the jump, we offer imagery packages that give you high quality video of the day.

Chances are, some of the people you bring with you are going to want to give skydiving a try after seeing your adventure. We offer gift certificates that you can give to them for their own jumps. These gifts make a perfect present for occasions like a birthday or anniversary. Why not give them the opportunity to try to be as cool as you? While they might not get there, they should at least have the chance to try, right?

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Toledo Ohio

Get certified through our Skydiving Academy! Toledo offers a Skydiving Academy for you to become a certified solo skydiver. We offer courses in the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training method and the Static Line Progression method. This is the way to keep skydiving!

Our courses are taught by Federal Aviation Administration-certified skydivers. Once you complete the training, you will be eligible for FAA-certification, too.

Accelerated Free Fall Training

This method of training goes faster than the Static Line Progression model. This is why the training is called “Accelerated”. The student only goes through minimal ground instruction before their first Free Fall. We get you in the air fast.

The student will jump from a height of around 10,000-12,000 feet. The student jumps with two AFF instructors by you who hold you with a Harness Hold Training method. The instructors will maintain the hold until the student pulls the parachute and be there to deploy the chute if the student can’t. The Free Fall will likely be around 50 seconds.

There are Seven Levels in AFF. Levels 1-3 involve the student jumping with instructors and learning things like body position and demonstrating pulling the chute. Levels 4-7 involve the student learning Free Fall on their own and maneuvers such as turning in the air.

At the end of level 7, the student will integrate into the Integrated Training Program where they apply principles on their own until they’ve performed 25 jumps and qualify for their A license.

Static Line Progression

With this method, the student will jump from 3,000 feet. The parachute is pulled from a static line that is attached to the plane. The student is, therefore, attached to the plane during the first few jumps.

– 4-5 hours of ground instruction.
– After two static line jumps, the student pulls their chute while still being attached to the static line.
– The student will then pull the parachute on their own in a regular jump.
– The student will complete 25 jumps.

Become a skydiver by calling Toledo at 1-800-672-8942! Toledo Ohio Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give a gift of skydiving wonder!

Do you know someone who is always talking about wanting to try skydiving? Do you have a family member or friend who loves adventure? Give this person the experience they are craving with a Toledo gift certificate. These certificates can be used for Tandem jumps or AFF Level 1 training jumps.

  • Our gift certificates can be transferred between locations as well as between individuals. (Location transfers may require a small fee).
  • They can be redeemed for two years after the date of purchase.
  • They are a great gift for many occasions including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or just to show you care.
  • They can be purchased by calling our customer service representatives seven days a week. The reps are friendly and happy to answer your questions.
  • They are perfect for our Tandem jumps that get beginners skydiving!

These features make redeeming these gift certificates simple and easy. Your family member or friend will be able to use their skydive at a time that works best for them. They are going to be freaking excited you gave them the chance to skydive! This is the type of present they will be grateful for for years to come and will always remember!

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Toledo Ohio Parachuting Video Packages

Add an imagery package to relive your jump!

With, you can add imagery packages to your skydives that give you a tangible, lasting memory. You can relive the adventure and share it over and over again. We have two different imagery packages:

A videographer option where the videographer dives with you and films the whole process.
A GoPro package where your skydiving instructor films your jump from an up-close perspective that is really exciting.

Info about our imagery packages:

  • The videographer option does cost more, but both options are competitively priced.
  • The videographer option involves the video expert jumping with you and recording interviews with you pre-jump and post-jump.
  • Both imagery packages include the video being assembled and edited with music at the drop zone. You will be given the video to take home that day.
    Videos come on a CD and may include still images.
  • The images and video can be uploaded to your computer and you can share your adventure on social media.

You will be able to print the images. Maybe for your holiday cards!

Our imagery packages are an excellent way to share your skydive with your friends, family, and everyone on the internet. You can relive every moment of the dive and all the fun you had!

What’s it like to be a camera flyer?

As you go on your skydive and see the videographer doing their job, you might be wondering what goes into becoming one of these fliers. Maybe you are considering going through the process of doing this yourself. So, here are some things to know about the process and what being a camera flyer is like.

First of all, you will need to get experience. You need to first be a certified skydiver and then to practice your camera skills on many jumps. Being able to control your jump , look around you, and take amazing video is the ultimate in multi-tasking. It’s a good idea to find a mentor to help you. Also, you will want to research what types of cameras and equipment are used for this activity, and which ones are best.

Second, you will need to look into places where you might work. If you plan to record things like Tandem jumps, you will need to check with drop zone facilities to see what equipment they use or require. Also, you will need to invest in or see if they have camera helmets.

The process of becoming a camera flyer does take some time and effort. But the rewards and adventures you will have are numerous and worth it!

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You can try skydiving in Toledo! Toledo has Tandem jumps for beginners that offer amazing views of Ohio and the full skydiving experience. Attend our Skydiving Academy to become certified as a solo skydiver to jump in many countries! Or consider our gift certificates to give a loved one their skydiving dream! Our customer service agents are available by phone seven days a week to talk to you and answer your questions. Toledo thanks you for your time visiting us! Toledo serves the below cities within the Toledo, OH area:
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