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Most of us, at one point in our lives at least, decide we need to do something special. Something we wouldn’t normally consider doing. Why? It comes from a desire to burst out of the bubble we’re in and to find out what we’re made of. Maybe it’s racing a car on a dirt track that gets our adrenaline pumping like never before. Better yet, why not take things to the extreme and learn how to skydive! Nothing on this planet can excite you more than free falling in mid-air at 120mph! Words cannot adequately explain the rush and the absolute sense of freedom you’ll feel throughout your body while you’re descending to earth for those few seconds before you release your ‘chute! Come and experience life out of bounds!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Tampa, Florida Tandem Parachuting - Tampa Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Usually reserved for first-time jumpers, a tandem jump provides all the exhilaration of a solo jump, but with more safety and peace of mind knowing that your instructor is right there with you. The cool part is that you get to experience the jump almost as if you’re solo!

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Solo Parachuting in Tampa, Florida - Tampa Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Just one step above tandem skydiving is our skydiving academy. AFF, or accelerated free fall, is what all the talk is about! Why else would anyone train to jump out of an airplane unless they had a very, very good reason? It’s the thrill of the sport, of course. You attend ground school, get certified, and away you go!

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Tampa, Florida Parachuting Gift Certificates - Tampa Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Keep the dream alive with a gift certificate! Anybody on the receiving end of one of these precious gems will forever be in your debt. Give one for any occasion. They’re appreciated for any reason! And they’re available for tandem, AFF, and for our very special video package!

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Jump for Fun!

In the “jumps for fun” category, the creativity of typical skydivers seems to never end! Luckily for us, they’ve come up with the most creative kinds of jumps, all of which require certification and varying amounts of skill. We say appreciate the creative genius of these extreme sportsmen (and sportswomen!)

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Quality Time in Florida is Best Spent in Tampa!

Part of the excitement of skydiving, besides the intense experience in itself, is the aura of your surroundings at 10,000 ft. in the air! Flying above the Tampa area bestows upon you some of the most spectacular views you’re ever likely to see. At this altitude, the world below you becomes like a canvas in full, natural color!

While you’re visiting the Tampa area, you’ll find some pretty amazing sights and activities that will make your time here fun and enjoyable, and you can top it off with the most amazing time of your life with Tampa to thank for it! Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida, just east of Tampa Bay, and offers up a stunningly beautiful tropical paradise that is warm year-round, and a peaceful yet active area with great people to make you feel welcome!

Tampa, Florida Parachuting

Tampa, Florida Tandem Skydiving

Your Tandem Jump Day is Here!

A few facts about tandem skydiving and Tampa:

  • A tandem skydive is the safest jump
  • Your instructor is FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified
  • Your instructor is harnessed to you during the jump
  • You get to fully enjoy the dive while your instructor does the heavy lifting!
  • Safety first and always
  • Please arrive at your drop zone early to familiarize yourself with the area
  • Arrange for friends and family to meet with you after landing
  • You will meet with your instructor upon arrival
  • These folks are friendly, knowledgeable, and they love to answer your questions

Let’s take a closer look at your first jump day and what you can expect. Your equipment list is first.

Required Equipment:

  • Goggles
  • Harness – this connects you to the instructor at four places.
  • Main Parachute
  • Drogue Chute – this is a smaller chute used in conjunction with the main parachute designed to slow the descent of two people during a tandem skydive.
  • Reserve Chute
  • AAD – Automatic Activation Device – this device monitors your freefall speed and altitude, and deploys the reserve chute if an issue arises.

Before boarding the aircraft, you’ll attend a briefing about what to expect. Here, your instructor teaches you how to position your body and you will be asked to watch a video explaining tandem skydiving.

Next, you and your instructor will board the plane, reach your jump elevation, and once you’re securely attached together, you move toward the doorway!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…you and your instructor jump from the plane and freefall at 120 mph for about 26 to 30 seconds.After which, your chute deploys, and you peacefully descend back to earth while enjoying the stunning view around you, and land safely back at our drop zone, deserving of cheers and pictures!

Comfortable Drop Zones

Creating a comfortable drop zone is important to us because we know your family and friends may spend some time here. After all, skydiving is an exciting and thrilling extreme sport, and we like to think our drop zones carry over that excitement to continue the good times that come with all successful landings!

There’s seating for everyone inside and outside of the drop zone area, and most, if not all, of our drop zones, offer food and refreshments, and picnic tables for your enjoyment. You’re welcome to bring lunches and snacks if you prefer. Before arriving, it’s always a good idea to inquire about what amenities you can expect, so you’ll come prepared. Our goal at Tampa is to make you and your family and friends feel as special as the skydivers who frequent our drop zones.

Videography saves it in time and motion!

Skydiving is special, and those who enjoy the sport come from all walks of life. That’s part of the beauty of skydiving. It takes a person who trusts in his or her ability to control their destiny and come out on top, every time! Maybe we have a future pro skydiver in our midst? (Read further for more on that).

Don’t you think each one of these people deserves their time in skydiving preserved forever? So do we. That’s why we offer videography services so you can do just that. The packages include a professional diver alongside you to capture every single moment of your dive, expressions and all, perfect for gift certificates, and tandem dives qualify, too! Don’t forget to have your shutterbugs come along so they can get once-in-a-lifetime shots only skydiving provides!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Tampa, Florida

Skydiving Training – Calling All Soon-to-be-Pros!

First things first! The fantastic skydivers you see today started where you are right now – at the doorstep of the Skydiving Academy. Tampa is ready and able to get you started on your journey of becoming a solo diver, or a professional certified skydiver. Lofty goals for sure, but worth every minute!

The Seven Steps to Skydiver Awesomeness!

The USPA (United States Parachute Association) requires explicit instruction for AFF (Accelerated Free Fall), which leads to your “A License.” For levels 1-3, you’ll always have two certified instructors shadowing you on your dives. Also during level 3, you’ll learn about altitude awareness, body position, stability, the pull sequence, and proper chute deployment, after which you’ll be released to free fall on your own. Levels 4-7 get you into more instruction about your “in-air skills”: turns, forward movement, docking onto others, and performing “Superman” exits from the airplane! As you complete each level before going to the next, you’ll jump and prove your new skills, and you’ll receive a video critique to show areas that need work.

The ISP (Integrated Student Program)
You’re on your way now that you’ve reached this point! You’ll practice, practice, and practice maneuvers and principles with or without instructors until you reach the requisite number of 25 jumps, after which you can apply for your “A License”!

Static Line Progression

Your jump starts at 3,000 ft. AGL (Above Ground Level), and you demonstrate proficiency in exiting the aircraft with the parachute (main canopy) deploying via the “Static Line.” Here, you can expect a two to three-minute free fall. Your initial training begins with four to five hours of ground instruction and 15-minute teaching snippets after every successful jump.

As you progress, you’ll eventually start deploying your chute without assistance, and after you’ve mastered this, you’ll be ready to demonstrate your prowess with a kick-butt free fall! After 25 successful jumps, you can apply for your “A License” and have your “student” status removed. How cool is that!

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Show Some Love with a Gift Certificate!

Gift certificates show your special person exactly how you feel about them! Wow, what a way to express your true feelings of friendship, or to your significant other! Our gift certificates cover both tandem skydives or AFF Level 1 jumps. To make sure your gift lives up to its purpose, we will accept transfers between locations for a small fee, and between individuals for up to two years from the date of purchase.

We can think of a thousand reasons for giving a gift certificate for a jump, can you? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Milestones
  • Holidays
  • For no reason at all!

As you can see, this list could grow quite large, so don’t hesitate for a second about whether to purchase a gift certificate for any reason! For the person who is new to the sport, a tandem dive is the way to go. They’re attached to the instructor via a harness, so the skill level required is less than that of a professional skydiver. Your new skydiver gets to experience all the thrills of skydiving, and they have you to thank for it! Of course, we’re available seven days a week to make you a hero! Just give our friendly and knowledgeable customer service pros a call, and you’re all set!

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Tampa, Florida Parachuting Video Packages

Spice Up Your Dive with Pics and Video!

Choose the option to have a camera flyer jump along with you while filming your actions and experiences up close so you can relive those moments anytime. Imagine the stories you’ll earn the right to tell! Your camera flyer records your thoughts before boarding and while you’re flying to your drop point. Once there, your camera flyer continues to film the event as it unfolds and will exit the aircraft just before you to get the best perspective of your jump. Also, your camera flyer lands before you to get the best shot while you’re performing your prodigious landing and records your final thoughts about your out-of-this-world experience!

You’ll leave with your very own CD or DVD loaded with the day’s events as proof of your skydiving prowess to show everyone on social media, scrapbooks, or clothing, to name a few. You’re famous now, so handle your popularity with humbleness! The camera flyer is a certified professional skydiver who just happens to be an expert at filming skydiving events like yours! This option does require a slightly higher investment than our GoPro/Handycam option. Always try to reserve your camera flyer option ahead of time to guarantee availability.

Our second option includes video recorded while you’re jumping with your skydiving instructor. A GoPro/Handycam is attached to the instructor and records everything during your skydive, for a near real-time feel of your whole jump!

Professional Skydiving is an Art Form

Many love to think of skydiving as a kind of “last frontier” of extreme sports, and once mastered, there’s nothing left to conquer. We know that skydiving is extreme, but by no means the last frontier. The legends like Ray Cottingham and Tom Sanders set the bar very high for future divers, and all of us hope that right now we have others working to match their successes, but time will tell. The amount of skill and guts required to approach the level of these guys seems nearly impossible to match. For those of you aspiring to become professional skydivers, the “world is your oyster,” so to speak.

If any of you reading this believe you might have what it takes to become a skydiving photographer, consider the following suggestions while on your way to becoming an expert. It is understood that the Skydiving Academy at Tampa is the logical place to start. You will be well on your way to learning everything necessary to master this amazing profession. Once you’ve earned your A License through the USPA (United States Parachute Association), you’re free to skydive solo, but don’t stop there. Continue to practice and perfect your craft by earning advanced-level licenses, practice more, and learn all that you can about photography. Mike Murphy is an expert skydiving photographer and suggests that at a minimum, have at least 200 solo jumps to your credit before attempting to mount a skydiving camera on your helmet. Good luck!

Add video and make it believable!
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