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You know you are living life when you can no longer look up at the sky. Why look up when you are about to free fall, down? I understand your hesitation. Traditionally, falling is a bad thing. But that is why we have parachutes! In fact, with Tandem Skydiving, you will be connected to an instructor who will deploy the chute for you and make sure you land safely. Problem solved! What? You want to jump on your own? So be it! With a Static Line Jump, your parachute is connected to the plane and automatically deploys. Really, you want to go full on free fall? Sweet! Let’s get you trained and we go all out! How about a gift certificate? You can send a friend. Go ahead, make their day. So, why are you still looking up at the sky?

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Stockton, California Tandem Parachuting - Stockton Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

For all of you fledgling skydivers, we have Tandem Skydiving. You will be connected to the instructor who will guide you through the sky. From with the initial leap, to the deployment of the parachute, and gliding to the ground, the instructor takes care of the difficult stuff. That frees you up to focus all your energy on that sweet, sweet rush!

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Solo Parachuting in Stockton, California - Stockton Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

If you want to jump solo or are planning on becoming a professional skydiver, you will need a good training program. Accelerated Free Fall Training and Static Line Progression are two different ways to reach the same goal: jumping when you want, where you want! Either way, our certified, Federal Aviation Administration approved instructors will work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

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Stockton, California Parachuting Gift Certificates - Stockton Parachuting

Gift Certificates

We encourage people to share the wonderful world of skydiving with others. What better way to share than with a gift certificate? Every anniversary is golden when you are free falling. A birthday skydiving trip is probably the best gift you can give. If you are trying to best somebody in a gift-off, Tandem Jump gift certificates are the best way to go.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Stockton Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

Some skydivers simply love to jump for fun! If you are already a certified skydiver and are just looking for a plane ride and maybe some gear, this is definitely the way to go for you! You will also be able to catch some sun in the sky! Experiencing the Golden State is even better in free fall.

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Why Should You Skydive Over Stockton?

While you are flying above Stockton, you will be able to look down at thousands of miles of waterways from the California Delta. You will also see some cool buildings, but spotting those incredible winding waterways is incomparable.

Don’t worry about the weather. It’s California. The average lowest temperature is about 54 degrees and it gets up to an average of 93 degrees.

While you have your eye on the sky, you can also stop by the Stockton Field Aviation Museum. Then you can stop by and see some of the kinetic sculptures from the Stockton Arts Commission. They are pretty awesome.

Stockton, California Parachuting

Stockton, California Tandem Skydiving

Come on Down! Jump in Tandem

Tandem Jumps will let you work up close and personal with a certified instructor. These are great if you are new to skydiving and want to experience the rush without having to worry too much about the mechanics of the dive. If this is your first dive, you might want to get to the drop zone a little early to take a look around. When you meet the instructor at the drop zone, they will cover all the necessary safety information, get you outfitted with the right gear, and get you ready and raring to go!

Since you are going to be connected to your instructor during the dive, you are going to have a Drogue Chute in addition to your Main Parachute. This Drogue Chute will let the two of you fall at the same speed as a single jumper. Just in case, there is also a Reserve Chute and an Automatic Activation Device that will automatically deploy the Reserve Chute if it catches an inkling of a problem.

Now that you know we are almost ridiculously safe, it is time to get to the fun part! You are going to jump from over 10,000 feet in the air then free fall for about thirty seconds before your instructor deploys the parachute. It is smooth sailing from there as you float back to the drop zone. An aerial view from this vantage point is almost indescribable.

Drop Zones are the Place to Be

We know that your friends and family are going to be waiting to witness your epic descent. That is why we try to have nice places to sit around and chill for long periods of time. Some locations have places to grab food and others might have nice picnic tables so you can brown bag it while you wait. No matter which location you visit, you will be hard-pressed to find a better place to sit around.

Your friends and family will also have a prime location to catch some pics of you as you near the ground. It will be hard to tone down your uncontrollable smile as you near the ground but try not to make your friends too jealous that you got to jump and they didn’t. And take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Get the Most out of Your Jump

You are going to want to remember your first skydive for the rest of your life. The best way to do that is with pictures! Parachuting.com has a couple options where you can even get video of yourself in the sky. You would have photographic evidence of yourself in the plane then diving helter skelter from the plane! From there you can upload your entire experience to your favorite social media account. There is no way your Facebook friends can say you photoshopped an entire video!

If your best friend sees your video and wants to visit the clouds too, feel free to be the best friend in the whole wide world and grab a gift certificate for them! They can use it for a Tandem Jump of their own or to get their own video of the event. You might even want to dive again when they go!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Stockton, California

You Won’t Want to Skip Class at Skydiving Academy!

You are going to need your A License if you want to be able to skydive unsupervised in a location of your choosing. A License is also vital if you are on your way to becoming a professional skydiver.

To qualify for this license, you are going to need training and to meet a 25 jump minimum requirement. We do either Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) or Static Line Progression training.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

AFF does not mean that you get to fall faster during training. It just means that you get to free fall solo sooner than you would with other training styles. AFF will run you through 7 steps that are designed to get you primed to start your 25 jump requirement!

During your first jump, the instructors will hang onto your harness. When you’re ready, they will just jump alongside you. The skills you will learn during the first three steps of AFF include altitude awareness training, how to properly position your body, stability, pull sequence, and the best way to deploy your chute. To finish off the course, you will need to prove your ability to turn, move forward, dock onto others, and jump like Superman.

Static Line Progression

This is the more traditional training method. Your first jump will start at 3,000 feet and your chute will be connected to the plane by a ‘static line’, so it will deploy automatically when you jump. When you successfully jump twice with a static line you will learn how to deploy your own chute.

You will await the day when the instructor deems you worthy of free fall. Then you will deploy your chute immediately when you leave the plane. You will progress to deploying your chute later and later from a higher altitude each time. Soon grasshopper, you will reach full free fall.

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Parachuting.com Stockton, California Skydiving Gift Certificates

When in Doubt, Give a Gift Certificate!

Sometimes your significant other makes you want to jump out of a plane. Why not wait for your anniversary and you can do it together! You can have a gift certificate waiting in the wings and wait for the perfect time to propose the perfect anniversary adventure!

Skydiving would also make the most epic birthday to top all birthdays. A good friend gives you chocolate, but best friends give the gift of skydiving! Friendship is the best parachute.

Disclaimer: Friendship is a terrible parachute. If you want to live, use at least one real parachute. Preferably two.

That being said, you can use gift certificates for Tandem Jumps if this is the first time your skydiver is deploying their chute. Just in case, you will be able to transfer the gift certificate to another location, though some places have a small fee to transfer. If somebody goes temporarily insane and turns down a birthday skydive, you can also transfer gift certificates between individuals.

If your skydiver is more advanced, you can get certificates for Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Jumps. If you’re not quite sure, you might just want to get one for videography. Who doesn’t love a good movie?

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Stockton, California Parachuting Video Packages

A Note From Your Friendly, Neighborhood Camera Flyer

You can hire a Camera Flyer to make a video of your entire jump. While you are getting ready, a Camera Flyer will ask questions to capture your thoughts before you board the plane. They jump out and pull their chute before you so they can get the best images of your whole jump.

While keeping the camera steady, they are constantly on the lookout for other aspects of the sky you might want on camera. At the end, they will also capture all your happy dances in the afterglow of the dive. A Camera Flyer will cost a bit more than using the GoPro/Handyman option. Looking at the skill involved, you can kind of see why.

If you go the route of a GoPro camera, your instructor will wear the cam and record your jump from the first-person perspective. Note that there will likely be few to no images of your face in this video.

Either option you choose takes about an hour to edit and set it to music. Then it is put on a CD so you can upload it to your computer and have your way with it. Videos are the best proof!

What Does it Take To Become a Camera Flyer?

You read a bit about what a Camera Flyer can do for you, but how do you become one? First off, before you can even think about being a Camera Flyer, you have to perfect your skydiving technique enough to make it look effortless. Then you have to practice with a camera. This can mean countless dives before you can pick out your subject and get consistent, steady images.

You also have to have a photographer’s eye. Taking a straight video of just the jumper is one thing, but catching pertinent background images will add a vital dynamic to the video. Nobody wants to watch a video of somebody falling and screaming. They want to see a bit of the ground the jumper is plummeting towards. They want to see the diver’s face as the chute pops open and the plummet turns into a controlled descent.

If all is going well, the Camera Flyer may even catch the instructor smirking as the new skydiver invents a new expletive. Good Camera Flyers are not just experts at point and shoot delivery. They are artists who capture experiences to put together a video that makes you feel like you are falling.

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Parachuting in Stockton, California

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Why Choose the Skydiving Instructors at Parachuting.com Stockton?

The instructors at Parachuting.com have been doing this a while. We do it to see the look on your face as you board the plane for the first time. We live to hear your screams of exhilaration. We do it for the love of skydiving. We don’t mind if you are just looking for a single Tandem Jump just to say you did it. We love to collect your Gift Certificates as you cash them in for various things. We especially love to hear that you also want to become a certified instructor! At Parachuting.com Stockton, skydiving is a way of life.

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