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Go ahead, get on up to 14,000 and kiss the sky! Embrace the fear. Step to the door and leap. And see the world as you’ve never seen it before. St. Louis coming right at you. But safely. If you’ve never skydived before and you’re tethered to a Tandem Master, then you know you’re falling in a safe and measured manner even though you’re twisting and spinning and sliding and the horizon is circling around you and what you’re experiencing is beyond anything you’ve ever felt before. You’re screaming WOW!

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Saint Louis, Missouri Tandem Parachuting - Saint Louis Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Never skydived before? Intimidated? We offer YOU the safest and easiest way to begin. Tandem skydiving. Dive tethered to an experienced Tandem Master. If you’re ready to take that first step into the aether at 14,000 feet, come skydive with us. SAFELY. Discover your inner skydiver…

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Solo Parachuting in Saint Louis, Missouri - Saint Louis Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

You’ve skydived before. You love it. Or you feel freest up in the air. Want to combine photography or videography in the air. No matter. You’re driven to go back up. But, you want to do it SAFELY! Learn with professionals at a professional facility. That’s why so many flight professionals come to us.

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Saint Louis, Missouri Parachuting Gift Certificates - Saint Louis Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Purchase memories. Thrilling experiences of a lifetime. An experience for the ages. That’s right. We sell these experiences. Get the gift that never expires. Memories that last a lifetime. Experiences that not only make their day, but make their lives.

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Jump for Fun!

The exhilaration of skydiving–imagine racing a car and landing an airplane at the same time. The thrill of speed. The more skydives attempted, the more the experience slows down, even at top speed, and the more relaxation is possible. Breathe in. And out. Skydiving can be personally meaningful if you open your mind to the aesthetics of it. Freefall….

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Come Skydive the Gateway to the West!

You’re on your way up to 14,000 feet ready to dive out of the aircraft. The Gateway Arch shimmers in the setting sun. The Mississippi River snakes across the horizon. You imagine old riverboats glistening upriver. Twisting and rolling, you feel an amazing sense of excitement as the river seems to be reaching out to you. Then you see the horizon. Beyond it, the wild frontier. History, legends, are still swirling in the sky. There’s the baseball stadium. More history. St. Louis Cardinals baseball. Excellence. Now you’re floating by parachute. The roar of the crowd. Lights sparkle from the stadium. You could swear you just heard Play Ball.

Saint Louis, Missouri Parachuting

Saint Louis, Missouri Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps – Skydiving SAFELY with an instructor

You’ve never skydived before. You’re still uncertain about jumping out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet. But you want to make the dive. You want an exciting experience. So, the only choice is to jump with an FAA certified Tandem Master who jumps tethered to you, so you can relax, and enjoy the speed as you plummet to Earth.

Tandem dives are the choice for first-time divers because they maximize safety and amplify the thrill of unbridled speed.

What is a Tandem dive?
A beginner is tethered to an instructor. When the instructor jumps, so does the student. When one twists, so does the other. You will be strapped to the Tandem Master from the moment the aircraft door opens. And, once connected, there is no way to release the connection until the very end of the jump. So, once you step out of the aircraft, you’re free falling together.

All you need do is arrive earlier than your scheduled jump to acclimate yourself to the facilities and learn how to properly position your body as you prepare to board the aircraft. So, when you’re up at 14,000, you’re ready to jump and revel in the elation and rapture of seeing St. Louis from thousands of feet in the air. Most importantly, since your safety is not taken for granted, you can fully experience the euphoria of the skydive.

Tandem Jumps: Equipment
You’ll also be glad to know that Tandem skydives require slightly different equipment than solo dives. And this equipment accents safety. You’ll see some of the important safety features in video you’ll watch before boarding the aircraft.

Tandem dives rely on the smaller Drogue parachute attached to the main chute deployed soon after jumping out of the aircraft to reduce the velocity of the Tandem dive. These keep the speed of the fall to the same 120 miles as a single diver will fall. This is particularly important should a videographer be shooting a video. It means the Tandem jumpers and the videographers are all falling at the same speed, 120 mph, ensuring that the videographer will be able to capture the best possible shots of the experience.

The main chute is slightly larger than the conventional chute so it can support the weight of two passengers. The FAA requires this setup to ensure safety. There is also an automatic activation device (AAD) that automatically deploys a reserve parachute if for any reason the main chute has not been deployed below a certain altitude.

You should know, we think safety.

Drop Zones. Where We Make YOU Feel Special!

Drop zones are the center of our skydiving operation. Where you go to begin skydiving. Where all the supplies are stored for you. Things like goggles. Passenger harnesses, and all of our parachutes, among others.

But our drop zones mostly reflect the quality of our skydiving operation, not just the land where you fall back to terra firma. It’s how we treat our customers. How much we care about the nature of their total experience. And their safety. That’s what makes our Drop zones special.

We don’t cut corners.

Expect comfortable seating for your family and friends who’ve come to watch you. Perhaps there’s a snack stand. Or picnic tables outside for you to enjoy the warm summer weather in St. Louis. But most of all, our drop zones are where we pamper you. Our customers. Before we take you up into the aether for the experience of a lifetime.

There’s more to Skydiving Than Meets the Eye!

Don’t come to the drop zone empty-handed. Bring your imagination. Your video cameras. Don’t let your friends or relatives re-enter the city of St. Louis without recording it for posterity. And then post their triumph on social media. And if you bring a GoPro videocorder, chances are good you’ll create a viral recording of the drop zone and the return to Earth of your friend or relative for whom you had purchased one of our Gift Certificates.

And now his or her return is on video. That big smile. The thrill of the last 15 minutes. And now the memory captured for all time. The warm thank you. The kiss on the cheek. The look in their eyes. The electric response. More than you’d hoped for. Perhaps that’s why you’re back at the Drop zone to purchase more Gift Certificates.

For more smiles. For more thank you’s. For more.

Skydive YOUR Wildest Twists! Call 1-800-672-8942 to Spin Your Dreams!

Solo Skydiving Academy in Saint Louis, Missouri

Skydiving Academy – Training can be Fun, When Done Right!

Skydiving training is an absolute necessity if you want to graduate beyond Tandem dives tethered to a Tandem Master. Certainly, if you have the bug and way to freefly or skysurf, training is an absolute necessity. Our USPA certified instructors will train you whether you want to skydive upside down, pursue a career training others, or skydive professionally.

The two training modes are AFF and the Static Line Progression (S/L). Of the two, AFF is a more accelerated version of instruction leading to a skydiving certification.

Accelerated Free Fall

AFF training begins with several USPA certified coaches working closely with you to ensure that you jump properly over three separate dives. You are expected to familiarize yourself physically and mentally to the movements in the air that must be mastered, and are essential, for future solo dives. Instructors are not strapped to the skydiver, but fall alongside and grasp their harness until divers learn when to deploy their chute at 5,000 feet. No skydiver will dive alone until both the diver and instructor believe they’re ready to jump alone. Only then would the student advance to the second level or beyond.

After all seven levels of AFF training are successfully completed, YOU will be an accomplished USPA certified solo skydiver able to jump solo at any USPA approved skydiving center. You can then think about more creative jumps like freeflying and skysurfing, if you’re so inclined.

Static Line Progression

Static Line Progression (S/L) is just as it implies. A fixed cord attached at one end to the aircraft, and at the other to a jumper’s deployment bag. The line is used to open parachutes automatically for paratroopers and novice parachutists. But it is not a training methodology like AFF, for it does not train skydivers to jump and deploy their parachute at 5,000 feet. During S/L the parachute is automatically deployed at 5,000.

You’re Falling into Something Wonderful! Call 1-800-672-8942 to Open YOUR Mind. Saint Louis, Missouri Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate – The Thrilling Joys of Skydiving!

Ordering Skydiving Gift Certificates couldn’t be easier. Pick up the phone and call 1-800-672-8942 and speak to one of our experienced skydiving specialists. Or simply tell them you want to Gift the Thrilling Joy of Skydiving and they’ll help you find the perfect skydiving gift package for the people you want to give to.

Our Gift Certificates can only be redeemed by recipients at least 18 years old who weigh less than 250 pounds. Once gifted, our Gift Certificates are valid for a Tandem skydive or AFF Training up to two years from the time of purchase.

You can redeem our Gift Certificates at any of our locations. Should bad weather threaten your chosen day, we’ll help you reschedule. For that matter, any conflict in scheduling will be honored and rescheduled.

If our Gift Certificate has not been redeemed, they are fully transferrable from one person to another. How much easier can we make this? And should you decide to skydive over the desert of California rather than Cincinnati, for just a small processing fee, we’ll make that possible.
So, give a lifetime in a memory that they’ll thank you for many times over.

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Saint Louis, Missouri Parachuting Video Packages

Become a Star in Your Own Viral Video!

Choose a video package. Relive the euphoria of a freefall surge. A staff videographer will follow you out of the plane or your Tandem Master can wear a GoPro video camera on a helmet or his wrist and record your journey down from 14,000 feet.

The price of a staff videographer is slightly more than a Tandem Master wearing a GoPro on his wrist or helmet. Either way, your video begins with pre-jump comments. Gearing up before the videographer and if you’re with family or friends, they’ll be in the video as well—adding their thoughts to the big day. Then on your way up to 14,000 we’ll record your thoughts, and the moment you step out of the aircraft, we’ll capture your sounds, animations, and contortions. If you chose a GoPro video, your perspective will dominate the video.

Because GoPro also records ambient sound effectively, it’ll record your spoken thoughts, especially once the parachute deploys. Once you land, your video will be professionally edited. We will add music to create an exciting product you can proudly show to your family and friends. It’ll be ready within an hour after landing. Ready for all the kudos that await its premiere at your home, or on social media.

A caveat: please book the video option ahead of time to guarantee your skydive will be videoed when you plan to jump. This way you’re sure of a professional recording. What’s left to think about?

The Aesthetics of Camera Flying. Pure Art!

First things first. You are a professional skydiver. You must learn all the risks of flying, jumping, and controlling your body in the air. Or to be more specific, in hurricane force winds, before worrying about bolting cameras and GoPros to your helmet and carrying a digital camera in your hand. Why? Because equipment changes the physics of a jump—which is why skydiving skills are paramount.

So, first you are an experienced skydiver. But the more you jump, your appreciation of photographic gear will evolve based on your particular style and preference. Because once in the air, you have to be ready to photograph or video a skydive. But only when you can command your body position and balance in the midst of hurricane force winds.

You’re not on a roller-coaster, you’re not falling, you’re fighting fierce winds to maintain position to capture optimal shots.

To achieve this mastery, you can rely on specialized flight gear to stop and start laterally when you want to, even as you’re vertically falling. The gear can be flaps or wings extended when the arms are moved certain ways, for more aggressive precision of movement.

Once these techniques are second nature, you can focus exclusively on the shot. The art of the video. The beauty of creating an impressionistic portrait.

Art and Skydiving, Call 1-800-672-8942 to Safely Mix Your Metaphors! St. Louis Reservations
St. Louis, MO

Live YOUR Dreams! Maximize YOUR Aspirations in the Air!

We offer superb customer service. A service second to none in pure excitement. So, no matter where you live, no matter what you’re looking for, we offer an exciting flight experience that will revitalize your spirit, even as you gain your USPA skydiving certification. Whether you purchase a Tandem skydive to see what it’s like, or you have skydived before and decide the time has come to learn how to do it safely and so enroll in our AFF training course, we’ll work closely with you to not only learn the ABCs of skydiving, but to enjoy every moment in the air. So, come on over, or call and speak to our unparalleled customer service representatives. We’ve helped thousands experience the unparalleled thrills of skydiving. Let us put you in the column of an excited, satisfied customer. St. Louis serves the below cities within the St. Louis, MO area:
East St. Louis, IL | Cahokia, IL | Granite City, IL | Richmond Heights, MO | Clayton, MO | Maplewood, MO | University City, MO | Jennings, MO | Lemay, MO | Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO | Webster Groves, MO | Affton, MO | Ferguson, MO | Overland, MO | Mehlville, MO

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