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Have you ever wanted to jump out of a plane but just never got around to it? Now is your time to embrace the thrill seeker inside of you and do something that not many people get the chance to do. Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating and intense experiences out there, so what are you waiting for? If you want a professional experience and an all-encompassing skydive package, then don’t wait another minute. Call Parachuting.com Spokane today! We’re the best in the industry, and we’re not afraid to stand behind that claim.

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Spokane, Washington Tandem Parachuting - Spokane Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

When you are looking for a thrilling experience but aren’t sure if you want to make skydiving a full- time hobby, the Tandem jump is for you. You won’t have to worry about a thing except for building up enough courage to step out of the plane. Our trained instructors will be with you for every second of the journey.

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Solo Parachuting in Spokane, Washington - Spokane Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Once you’ve decided that you want to make skydiving a part of your life, and possibly even a lifestyle, the Skydiving Academy is where you want to be. We take pride in cultivating the safest and most knowledgeable jumpers in the industry. Our instructors want you to be the best, and we’ll provide you with what you need to succeed.

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Spokane, Washington Parachuting Gift Certificates - Spokane Parachuting

Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates for our Tandem jump package and even to the Skydiving Academy. This versatile gift is one of the most amazing things you can give somebody for their special day. Sometimes people need a push to chase their dreams, and you can be the catalyst to help them get there.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Spokane Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

When you’re experienced and just need a place to get you up into the air, we’re the people who will get you there. Whether you just want to do a quick jump or keep going up all day long, there’s room on our planes to put you up there. We also have rental equipment if necessary.

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Why is Spokane is perfect for skydiving?

The truth is, there is almost no bad place in the world to go skydiving as far as we’re concerned. At Parachuting.com Spokane, we are passionate about this sport and all of its aspects. Now, what we can say about this city being a great place to skydive revolves around the incredible views that you can get once you’re in the sky. There are dynamic panoramas of the mountains as well as stunning city angles of Spokane itself from above.

There are beautiful views to be captured and awesome landing zones around the area for a flexible and varied jumping experience. The city is particularly beautiful in spring and fall before it gets a bit chilly, so you may want to plan your jump accordingly to get the most comfort possible out of your time with us.

Spokane, Washington Parachuting

Spokane, Washington Tandem Skydiving

Get Your Free Fall Started With Tandem Jumps

The Tandem jump is one of the best ways to get your feet wet (so to speak) in the skydiving world. There is limited time commitment and it’s very safe. You will be jumping attached to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor who will have years of experience under their belt.

After you meet your instructor on the ground and they give you a brief overview of what to expect, as well as some valuable knowledge regarding the gear, you’ll be ready to go up in the plane. The exhilarating experience begins at that point, and you’ll be filled with anticipation as your heart races.

The jump will take place above 10,000 feet and you will have roughly 26 to 30 seconds of absolute Free Fall. This could very well take you up to 120 mph and terminal velocity as you fly through the sky. Your Tandem instructor deploys your shared parachute at about 5,500 feet and you’ll glide down together for about 6 minutes until you reach the drop zone. From there, your friends and family who are waiting for you will be able to congratulate you on your amazing triumph.

On standard Tandem jumps, we will provide you with goggles and a passenger harness that connects to the instructor at 4 points. There’s an additional parachute for Tandem jumps called the drogue chute that is able to handle the stress of two people when slowing descent down to Earth.

We have the best drop zones around

What makes our drop zones more appealing than anyone else’s? We have amenities at our location that makes the experience more pleasant than just standing in a field waiting for your loved one to land. For most locations, we have comfortable indoor and outdoor seating so you can relax with a cold drink and even bring some food for while you wait. Make sure you contact our Spokane location for specific details regarding what is offered. You will be able to have a wonderful time from start to finish with us because we want your experience to be most excellent in the business.

We offer great packages and progression

It’s true that our drop zones are great but so are our packages. If you have a wonderful time during your first tandem skydive and want to pursue skydiving as more than just a one-time thing, our Academy is exactly what you’re looking for. Along with that, we offer a range of videography packages to suit your budget and needs.

Aside from what we offer from our services, your friends and family are more than welcome, even encouraged, to bring cameras to capture the special moments themselves. If you’re redeeming a gift certificate or checking this off your bucket list, you’ll want as many records of your accomplishment as possible!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Spokane, Washington

Turn Your Dream Into Reality With Skydiving Academy

If you’re reading into this section of our website, it’s safe to say that you’re considering taking the next step in your skydiving career by earning your solo certifications to jump on your own. This is the best sport, and the community of skydivers at Parachuting.com Spokane is excited for you to join our ranks. There are a couple of different ways that you can become certified depending on your goals.

The first path through which you can obtain certification is Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training, and it’s called that because it’s the quickest way to become licensed. There are seven different levels that you will need to successfully complete before you are given your certification. The jumps take place with the presence of certified instructors jumping alongside of you and ensuring that you’re following proper protocol.

First Free Fall for AFF

During your first AFF Free Fall, you will be jumping from approximately 10,000 feet Above Ground Level. There will be two instructors with you and they will physically hold onto your harness while you perform the mandated steps of parachute deployment. If you do not deploy the parachute after the instructor has signaled multiple times that you do so, then the instructor will deploy the parachute for you and you will fail that level.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

Static Line Progression training is the second main way that you can achieve your certification but it takes a bit longer than the AFF program. There are first 4-5 hours of ground instruction and the first jump takes place at 3,000 feet. The parachute is automatically deployed at the start of the jump so there is no, or limited, Free Fall in the beginning of the S/L program. After a fee static lines jumps, you progress to Free Fall dives.

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Parachuting.com Spokane, Washington Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give The Gift Of Free Fall This Season

You’ll be hard pressed to think of a more creative and hardcore gift to give someone than the gift of skydiving. Some people need that extra little push to go out and do something they’ve always wanted to. Maybe they don’t have enough money to get things started; maybe they would find a way to save for it if they knew how amazing it was to take part in skydiving. Now you can be the one who ignites their passion.

Our gift certificates are completely transferable between locations and individuals. Not only that, they also have a two-year validity, so the recipient will most assuredly have time to plan their jump. Tandem jump certificates are a great way to show someone you’re thinking about them; there doesn’t even need to be an occasion. The next time you’re considering giving a rare and out of the box gift, think Parachuting.com Spokane gift certificates. Free Fall is the best gift of all!

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Spokane, Washington Parachuting Video Packages

Capture Every Moment With An Imagery Package

You won’t want to forget the time you spent jumping out of a plane by not recording it. Parachuting.com Spokane offers several imagery packages that fit a variety of budgets. The first package has a camera operator jump out of the plane with you who will film your entire skydiving experience, from when you’re gearing up to when you finally touch down in the drop zone. This videographer will jump out of the plane first so they can video your exit and every single expression you make on the way down. There’s no better way to walk away with a complete record of your experience than with this package.

Now, if you’re a bit more budget conscious or aren’t as concerned with extra frills, we have a package where your instructor will wear a GoPro/Handycam camera and film the whole thing, from a first-person viewpoint.

After they capture as much as possible, both packages will leave you with a CD that will have an edited version of the jump and may also have some still images that you can use as you wish. Plus an awesome soundtrack! You can’t go wrong with a video log of the most badass thing you’ll probably ever do.

The Impressive Skills Of Aerial Videographers

It’s one thing to jump out of a plane and control yourself through a Free Fall and landing but it’s another to actually do a separate job while you’re in the air. That’s exactly what aerial videographers do. It may seem like you’re just dealing with the falling aspect and you can get over that, but it’s much more difficult and less straightforward. When you are falling from a plane, there are air currents that disrupt you, there’s very heavy winds as speeds can get quite fast, and there is also the aspect of balance to consider.

These camera flyers are some hardcore guys with admirable skillsets who are kings and queens of multitasking. Can you think of a more difficult job than that? These individuals are right there next to you to capture every moment of your epic adventure, all while they’re experiencing the same thing, and they don’t even blink an eye. It takes numerous jumps to even qualify for a job like aerial videography. We give thanks to all of the men and women who decided to complete such hardcore job training so that they can help the rest of us save memories and make history!

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It doesn’t matter if you want to get complete certifications or if you’re in the market for an epic Tandem jump, Parachuting.com Spokane, Washington is here to meet all of your needs. We have the most experienced instructors and the best-trained staff around. If you’re considering your first jump or you’ve been jumping for years and want to get in touch with a strong community of skydivers, we’re waiting for you. We hope to speak with you soon whether it’s about our training programs or a gift certificate. Our courteous staff is available anytime to assist you with any questions you may have. Choose the number one customer experience with Parachuting.com Spokane.

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