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Skydiving is on many people’s bucket lists. It’s one of those sports where people can face their fear or challenge themselves. Our experts at Scottsdale offers all types of jumps, no matter your experience level. Experience the adrenaline rush for the first time with our Tandem Jumps, where the instructor is attached to you and controls the entire process. Or work your way up to a certification for solo jumps in our Skydiving Academy. Once certified, skydiving can be lifelong activity that keeps you young at heart for years.. We’ve got access to planes and pilots so you can jump whenever you want. Get a Gift Certificate to spread the joy of skydiving. We’re the top skydiving option in Scottsdale; our experts and customer service representatives can answer any question you have.

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Scottsdale, Arizona Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Jumps are the best introduction to skydiving. Since skydiving is complicated, we have FAA certified instructors that handle all functional responsibilities of the jump. They allow you to fully enjoy the jump while they ensure your safety by attaching themselves you, controlling the jump and operating the parachute so you land safely. You just worry about screaming and enjoying the jump over Scottsdale.

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Solo Parachuting in Scottsdale, Arizona

Skydiving Academy experts and instructors can help you advance your training and become certified to jump solo or become an instructor. Our Skydiving Academy offers certification in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression. You’ll need to complete lots of hours and jumps in order to earn your certificate, and we offer all the instruction, classes, and jump time to help complete the training.

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Scottsdale, Arizona Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give your family or friends the ultimate gift of thrills. If you want to surprise them with an outside-the-box gift or if they have mentioned skydiving before but aren’t sure they want to take the leap, make the decision for them and purchase a Gift Certificate from Scottsdale. Make their dream come true with a Tandem Jump or help them continue their education in our Skydiving Academy.

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Jump for Fun!

Already certified, and need your adrenaline fix for the week? Scottsdale offers Fun Jumps. Reserve your plane and pilot, get in the air and jump. You’ve worked hard to earn your certification – now reap the benefits and have fun. We’ll set up everything for you, so you can take some individual time to fly or go with a group of friends. We’ve got everything you’ll need.

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Skydive Over Desert Beauty in Scottsdale

Situated in the northeastern part of the Phoenix metro area, Scottsdale is known for its resort feel and upscale golf courses. Stretching to the base of the McDowell Mountains, Scottsdale’s landscape includes diverse desert ecosystems and constant sunshine which makes it the perfect place to skydive. With over 300 days of sunshine per year and only 23 days with measurable precipitation, you can skydive year-round. Even when it rains, it will only rain for a small part of the day; it’s a desert. Soar over Camelback Mountain, take in the stunning western architecture and posh homes and get a birdseye view of the Arizona desert beauty.

The best way to see the fusion of desert beauty and tranquility with the valley’s burgeoning resort scene is from 10,000 feet!

Scottsdale, Arizona Parachuting

Scottsdale, Arizona Tandem Skydiving

Your First Jump – Fly with Scottsdale

A Tandem Jump is best way to learn about skydiving. Our certified instructors attach themselves to you and facilitate every part of the skydive like opening the parachute and guiding you to a safe landing.

What To Expect

Your Tandem Jump is broken down into 3 parts. First, you arrive at the drop zone (which is where you will end up landing) prior your jump so you can get acquainted with the facilities and see where your family and friends will meet you when you land. Then you’ll meet your instructor. They’ll walk you through proper techniques and show you a video that demonstrates what you’re about to experience. It’s time for them to fit you with the gear and board the plane. At the right altitude, your instructor will attach themselves to you.

Now, it’s jump time. You’re above 10,000 feet, so you fall for about 26 to 30 seconds and may reach about 120 mph. When it’s time, the instructor will pull the parachute and you’ll descend the final 5,500 feet in 6 minutes.

Your instructor will line up the landing and get both of you to landing zone where you can celebrate and boast about your amazing experience.


The instructors and skydiving locations will provide the equipment needed: goggles, passenger harness, and the container. The harness uses two connectors at the shoulders and two at the hips to connect you to the instructor.

The container has all of the parachutes. These include the main chute, the drogue chute which provides extra resistance to the main chute so the fall isn’t out of control, the reserve chute, and the Automatic Activation Device which monitors the speed and altitude and releases the reserve chute in case of any problems.

The Best Place To Watch

The drop zone is where all the jumps end up. Here, you meet your instructor before the jump to get oriented, and this is also where your friends and family wait for you while you jump. We’ve made sure your friends and family are taken care of because it will take some time for you to get loaded up on the plane and get to the right altitude for the jump.

Our drop zones have indoor and outdoor seating so everyone you brought with you will be comfortable while they wait. We’ll alert them when you jump so they’ll be ready to take pictures and video your landing. Most drop zones will have snacks and drinks for sale while some will have picnic areas. It can vary by location, so ask what the drop zones have when you’re booking so you can be fully prepared.

Take The Memories Home

The freefall only lasts for 30 seconds, which is not a long time. We have the best way to help you remember it forever. Our photography and videography services have an additional certified skydiver jump with you to film every moment. They’ll jump right before you and capture every emotion you display during your dive. While your friends and family can bring their own cameras to film the landing, our experts are the only ones who can film you in the air and get the intimate look at this thrilling experience.

The best way to get those reaction shots is by purchasing a Gift Certificate for a Tandem Skydive. And if you’ve gone before, share the experience of skydiving with your friends and family.

Fly Inside

Skydiving is a craft you have to practice over and over to become an expert. And since the costs of repeated jumps can stack up, indoor skydiving is a great alternative. You can focus on your free fall technique without worrying about deploying a parachute. You can practice far more often and for a longer period of time than the normal 30 seconds you get when free falling from a plane. It’s the best, most efficient way to advance your skills.

The feeling you get when skydiving and the rush of the free fall is tough to match. But it can seem like a daunting task if you are afraid of heights. It’s a paralyzing fear, and jumping out of an airplane could be not only terrifying but unrealistic for your. Indoor skydiving allows you to experience the free fall without dealing with the heights. You’ll find out if skydiving is for you. It’s a great jumping-off point.

Essentially, you’re flying in a vertical wind tunnel. The fans pull the air through the tunnel, and the compressor funnels the air into the tube and voila! You’re flying! This is a perfect way for people of all ages to experience the skydiving feeling. It’s safe, and instructors are right there to help you. With reasonable rates, and many companies offering package deals, it’s a great option for a birthday party. is Scottsdale’s best Tandem Skydive Option! Call 1-855-532-6495

Solo Skydiving Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Next Jump – Get Certified to Skydive Solo

Skydiving isn’t a sport that you can pick up and get certified easily. But it’s worth it! You will be all set to skydive solo, train others or skydive professionally. Scottsdale offers the most common training techniques: Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression.

Our Courses Scottsdale’s courses are taught and overseen by FAA certified skydivers. The training is comprehensive and progresses with the the skydiver at their pace, within FAA timeframes.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF):

AFF is an accelerated version of instruction, hence the name, and it has the student doing their first free fall after seven hours of ground instruction. Two instructors will do a Harness Hold Training (HHT) jump with the student; they’ll hold onto the student and signal them to deploy their chute and then let go and let the student land themselves.
It’s the first jump in a seven level program mandated by the United States Parachute Association.

Seven Levels

Levels 1-3 require the assistance of two certified instructors to jump with the student. Principles taught in these levels are altitude awareness, body position, and chute deployment. To pass Level 3, the students do their own free fall with no HHT but with instructors close by. Levels 4-7 focus on advanced principles like air skills, turns, forward movement, docking onto others and “Superman” exits from aircraft.

To advance past each level, the student has to show an understanding of what they learned by completing a jump. The student will be thoroughly prepared after concentrated instruction and multiple jumps.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

This is different than AFF because the jumps don’t include a free fall. Instead, the student jumps from the airplane that is 3,000 feet above the ground and the main canopy chute is deployed by a “Static Line” fixed to the aircraft. The student works their way through controlling the chute and learning the basics before ever doing a free fall. After working their way up all the types of S/L jumps, the students then experiences free fall with 3 jumps of delayed chute pulls. Then after 25 jumps, they can apply for their “A” license and be cleared of student status.

This is Rigged – That’s a Good Thing

Every parachute and backup chute for professional or recreational jumps is packed and rigged by an FAA certified rigger. This helps ensure the chute has no physical issues with it and it deploys correctly to help guide you safely to the ground.

In the United States, there are 2 levels of rigger ratings: Senior and Master. To start, entry-level riggers will apprentice under a licensed rigger for hands-on experience and knowledge. Once they are ready, students can take the Senior test, which has 3 parts: oral, written and practical. The questions for the oral and written tests revolve around common rigging practices, while the practical exam has the student inspect and repack 20 reserves, as well as sewing a patch onto a chute.

After passing the Senior exam and then completing comprehensive experience lasting at least 3 years (and packing at least 200 chutes), they can take the Master Rigger test. With that certification, they can make most major repairs on parachutes and lines. That requires passing an extensive oral and practical exam.

Since the training and requirements to become a Master Rigger are considerable, you know you’re in good hands if one packs your chute. When you call to book a skydive, make sure you inquire about the riggers experience level. It will help with your peace of mind.

Get Certified with Scottsdale!
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Skydiving with Scottsdale – The Ultimate Gift Scottsdale skydives are the perfect gift to give for any occasion. A Gift Certificate will help make your loved one’s dream a reality, even if the have just mentioned the idea once. It’s better for those who won’t give up on the idea but still won’t pay for it themselves. Gift Certificates are also a great way to share your love of skydiving with anyone who is wary of taking the leap themselves. And what better way to take in Scottsdale’s unique mountainous and desert landscape than from the air during one of the nearly 300 sunny days year round. It’s perfect for any time of the year.

Buy a Gift Certificate for Tandem Jumps as well as Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level 1 jumps from Scottsdale. The Tandem jumps are for beginners, and AFF Level 1 is the first step towards becoming FAA certified. It’s the perfect gift idea for your loved one who wants to take the next step in towards their skydiving certification.

Gift certificates are good for two years following the purchase date, and are transferable between individuals and locations (a small fee might apply). You can contact our customer service representatives 7 days a week.

Help give the ultimate thrill seeking experience with a Gift Certificate from You can help give your loved ones start a new hobby!

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Scottsdale, Arizona Parachuting Video Packages

Bring the Memories Home

We offer two types of imagery/video packages to help you take the memories home when you book one of Scottsdale’s skydiving services. Show off your daredevil spirit to your friends on social media by purchasing one of the two packages. The first one has a separate camera flyer that will jump out of the plane before you, and film your jump from start to finish. They’ll interview you before you get into the air to capture the build up to the jump.

The other option is a more personal, intimate video. The instructor that is attached to you will have a GoPro or Handycam equipped to film your emotions and reactions, and they’ll record the action the whole way down.

The Process

Relive the entirety of your jump with our competitively priced options. The camera flyer will interview you during the build up to your jump, documenting your thoughts and emotions. They will jump out right before you to get the best vantage point and perspective for the exhilarating jump. All your yells, screams and expressions will be recorded. The flyer will land before you so they can record your amazing landing and your immediate reaction to your incredible feat. You’ll get an edited version with music after about an hour. You’ll get a CD so you can upload your experience and make all your friends jealous.

For the first-time skydiver, these packages are ideal because of all the raw emotions that you experience when you jump. Share it with everyone and help inspire them to try it too. Camera flyers are in high demand, so make sure to reserve a camera flyer ahead of time.

Lights, Camera, Action, Jump!

Filming a skydive can be tricky and complex because you need a camera operator who is certified to skydive solo and experienced in everything involved with the jump, on top of filming you all the way down.

The camera flyer needs to get multiple shots in a short amount of time; the free fall only lasts 26-30 seconds. They’ll document you and your emotions in the lead up to the jump to help build anticipation and give a raw look at the emotions that people can experience before the jump. The Flyer needs to jump before the subject of the film, but obviously not too far away. They need to be able to record the emotion of the initial leap. The flyer needs to make sure the camera is steady during free fall. While that may seem tough, they will employ special camera stabilizers and holders to make sure the video is clean.

The flyer will get a close up shot of your face that shows the thrill; and then they’ll get a wider shot by flying away to transpose the subject against the landscape. These will be gorgeous shots with Scottsdale as the backdrop. The best camera flyers get all the shots, emotion and make sure you will remember every second of your skydive for years to come.

Remember Your Jump Forever with Video!
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