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Looking to go skydiving in San Jose? We have you covered. At San Jose we have an array of services including tandem jumps, skydiving academy for those looking to get certified, solo jumps, and videography services so you can remember your jump. We even offer gift certificates so your friends and family can get an adrenaline rush too. We know you probably have some questions, and we’re ready to help. Throughout this page we have answers to many of your questions. Scroll through and find out what’s in store for your first time skydiving, or for getting into advanced skydiving. On our page you’ll be able to find out which service is best for your needs. If you have any further questions our representative are available seven days a week to help you. Check out San Jose, and get ready for the rush of your life when you jump.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

San Jose, California Tandem Parachuting - San Jose Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem jumps are great for skydiving newbies. In a tandem jump you’re attached to an instructor. The instructor does all the work as far as deploying the chute and landing. This gives you the chance to enjoy every second of your free fall. You don’t have to worry about if it’s time to pull the cord or if you’re landing is ok. Do a tandem jump and let us do the work for you.

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Solo Parachuting in San Jose, California - San Jose Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Skydiving Academy is the place for people that can’t get enough of skydiving. In skydiving academy you’ll train for certification so you can jump on your own. You’ll learn all the elements of skydiving from our friendly and knowledgeable instructors. You’ll also learn some sick moves to do while skydiving. Check out skydiving school if you’re serious about skydiving, and want to pursue it as a hobby or job. We’ll make sure you’re ready.

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San Jose, California Parachuting Gift Certificates - San Jose Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Grab a gift certificate for a tandem jump for your friends and family. It’s a fun and unique gift they won’t soon forget. They’ll get a chance to get a rush like they’ve never experienced before. Your friends and family will thank you for turning them on to one of the greatest adrenaline rushes around. Gift certificates are great for any occasion. Get one for an important person in your life today.

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Jump for Fun!

Fun jumps are for the seasoned skydiver that already has certification. You’ll get the chance to go up without an instructor and jump by yourself. Experience the thrill of freefall without an instructor on your back. Try out some cool moves on your way down. In a fun jump your time is your own, and you get to decide what you do on the way down. Enjoy the freedom of jumping alone.

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San Jose For Great Views From The Sky

San Jose is a choice place to go skydiving. San Jose averages about 300 sunny days a year so you’re almost guaranteed a great view on your way down. There’s a lot to see in the area. San Jose has beautiful, lush, rolling hills throughout, and has the Guadalupe River flowing through it. It’s also close to the San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean, so you’ll get spectacular views of both. As the center of Silicon Valley it’s got a beautiful skyline with the headquarters of Apple, Ebay, and Cisco, to name just a few. Get ready for a great mix of natural and architectural views.

San Jose, California Parachuting

San Jose, California Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps For Beginners!

Tandem jumps are the perfect way to take your first jump. A Federal Aviation Administration certified instructor will take of all the work with a tandem jump. This leaves you the freedom to experience every moment of the jump from 10,000 feet. You can relaxing knowing that the instructor will pull the cord at the right time, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your free fall. The skydiving process from beginning to end is very straightforward.

You’ll want to get to the drop zone a little before your scheduled jump time to get familiar with the facilities, and figure out where your family and/or friends will wait for you. Next you’ll meet your instructor who will show you how to properly position your body, and get you prepped for skydiving. Then a video is shown giving you a rundown of what to expect from a tandem jump. Once the video is finished you’ll get equipped for the jump.

Tandem equipment usually consists of goggles, a passenger harness, four points for the instructor to connect to the jumper, and a container. The container consists of a main parachute, and the drogue chute, a reserve chute, and an Automated Activated Device. The drogue chute is necessary to make sure the jumpers slow down enough with the added weight of a second person. Then it’s time to board the plane where you’ll climb to 10,000 feet. Your instructor will attach him or herself to you, and move towards the doorway where you’ll jump.

Once you’re out of the plane you’ll feel the most amazing rush for your life as your freefall for 20 to 30 seconds. The instructor will deploy your chute at the right time as you slowly descend. You’ll gently hit the ground with your instructor, where you can celebrate with your friends and family.

Why Choose Our Drop Zone

Our drop zones have great modern facilities for you and your friends to chill out. We make sure there’s comfortable seating both inside and out so your friends can hang out in style. We want to make sure your friends and family have a good time so many of our locations offer cool amenities.

Some of our drop zones sell food and drinks for your friends and family while they wait for you. Better for you to wait to until after the jump so you don’t lose it on the way down. Others have picnic tables for them to use for some tasty nibbles of their own, or set up a massive picnic spread. Gives a call to find out exactly what amenities your specific location has. All of our locations offer videography services, and training to become a professional if you get bitten by the skydiving bug.

Our Other Services

We want to make sure your skydiving experience is epic. Make sure you have your friends and family bring a camera so that can get some great action shots of you. If you want to really capture the moment we offer videography services.

Want your skydiving experience to live forever? Our videographers will catch every moment of your jump. You’ll get to relive the moment you hit the air for the first time. They capture every ridiculous expression as you experience falling for the first time. Your friends and family will want to watch it over and over again. Don’t let this once in a lifetime experience go undocumented.

We also offer gift certificates for tandem jumps. Grab one for a friend or family member, and let them feel the crazy adrenaline rush of a jump. It makes the perfect gift for a birthday, graduation, wedding, retirement or anniversary.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in San Jose, California

Skydiving Academy -Training For The Serious Skydiver

At San Jose we offer the best advanced training for skydiving. If you’ve already tried it and want to take the adrenaline rush to the next level than you want to check out the skydiving academy.

All our training is provided by Federal Aviation Administration certified skydivers. Our training is in depth, and is paced so that you can absorb all the material within the timeframe set up by the FAA. There are two main styles of skydiving that you’ll train in.

Accelerated Free Fall

AFF has a condensed training time to reach certification compared to other methods. In AFF there are seven progressive steps to complete in order to get your certification. Through the seventh step you’ll learn various elements of solo jumping. In AFF you’ll get to do solo jumps earlier than you would with other methods. In AFF you get to make your first jump after about seven hours of jump training. In other methods you have to go through at least three jumps demonstrating a requisite technique before you can free fall.

First Free Fall In AFF
Your first jump will happen at between 10,000 and 12,000 feet, where you’ll jump with two FAA certified instructors. The instructors will keep physical contact through the use of Harness Hold Training. The instructors will alert you to deploy your chute between 4,000 and 6,000 feet. If you don’t deploy they will alert you again by placing a hand on your deployment handle. If you don’t deploy again they will deploy for you.

Levels 1-3:
Two instructors must jump with the student. You will receive instruction in the following:

  • Altitude awareness
  • Body position
  • Stability
  • Pull sequence
  • Effective chute deployment
  • At Level 3 you get to free fall completely on your own.

Levels 4-7:
At Level 4 you’ll start learning in-air skills. You’ll get to learn turns, forward movement, docking onto others, and Superman exits from the plane. In order to move from each level you must complete a jump demonstrating that skill.

Integrated Student Program (ISP):
Once you’ve completed the seven levels you enter ISP. Here you must complete 25 jumps, practicing and demonstrating the principle and moves you’ve learned. Once the jumps are complete you can apply for a license. The license allows you to jump within the USPCA’s Basic Safety Requirements.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

In S/L students jump at 3,000 feet and there’s a static line attached to your equipment. The line gets tighter as you descend and eventually deploys your parachute.

The process for S/L progression includes:

  • 4 to 5 hours of ground instruction
  • The initial jump
  • The following jumps require 15 minutes more ground instruction each
  • After two more jumps the student will learn how to deploy their chute on their own
  • Three more jumps are done to demonstrate that you are capable of pulling the cord using a dummy cord
  • Next a free fall from an aircraft where the cord is pulled right away
  • Then a jump with a 10-second delay
  • This sequence keeps happening at raised elevations, and with longer delay.
  • After 25 jumps the student can apply for a license, and move on from student status.

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Gift Certificates For Your Favorite Adrenaline Junkie

Gift Certificates from San Jose for tandem jumps and AFF level 1 are the perfect gift for your favorite daredevil. They’ll never know how to repay you for the experience. Gift certificates are great for every occasion.

Our gift certificates are transferrable between people and locations, though a small fee may apply to change locations. They are good for two years from the purchase date. You can easily purchase one by calling our friendly customer service reps seven days a week. Buy a gift certificate and give the gift of a once in a lifetime event the recipient will never forget. San Jose offers two different video packages to help commemorate the event. No matter which one you choose you’ll be happy did, so that you can show your friends and family how badass you are. It’s the perfect way to capture the rush of a lifetime.

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San Jose, California Parachuting Video Packages

Video Service To Remember Your Jump..

GoPro Service:
Your first option is equipping the instructor jumping with you with a GoPro. They’ll get great shots of you on the way down and the scenery below. Hopefully you won’t scream too loudly on the way down. This option captures the whole jump experience.

The other option is having a videographer along with you for the entire jump. They’ll capture you before you go up, on the plane, in the air, and as you land. They’ll capture every moment and get your final thoughts right before you jump. They’ll land a little before you do, to capture the moment you hit the ground. Call ahead to make sure a videographer is available. The whole thing will get edited it into a single video.

The edited video will be set to music for you to enjoy. The video is placed on a CD along with shots taken throughout your jump. Use both to post on social media, and the pictures for fun things like mousepads and mugs. Both video options give the chance to relive your epic adventure over and over again.

An Intro to Becoming a Camera Flyer

Working as a camera flyer is an exciting way to jump for free, and hopefully make some money. Before you go out and by a ton of equipment there’s some things to learn and keep in mind.

Most companies require a significant amount of experience with a camera before they’ll let you jump for free, or pay you. You’re looking at anywhere from 50 to 100 jumps before that happens, so it won’t happen overnight. Once you’ve decided you’re interested in continuing on you’re going to need to buy equipment.

There are two essential pieces of equipment – a camera, and a helmet. Your camera should be lightweight, and ideally use a memory card to store videos. Memory cards allow for the quickest transfer times to computers. A wide angle lens is good to have so that you can get great shots. The helmet should ideally keep the camera fully enclosed to reduce the risk of damage.

When shooting you want to do your best to have the sun at your back. This reducing glare, and allows you to get crisp shots. Once you get this down it’s time to practice, practice, practice.

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