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Is skydiving for those who aren’t adrenaline junkies?

Somehow, skydiving got the wrong reputation somewhere along the line. When people picture skydivers, they visualize people who don’t feel awake unless they’re inches from death. While the activity does bring out those that seem to be crazy, it’s because of one thing: it is miles away from boring. If you’re looking for the same old thing that keeps your heart rate as steady as a snooze fest of a 9-5 job, head on up to your browser and go elsewhere. Throughout your trip on our page, you’ll notice that the options at San Francisco are for everybody, from the faint of heart looking to shake that awful label to those who love, even crave, adventure. The adventure goes from start to finish, no matter what skydiving option you choose. The only thing you’ll regret is not skydiving sooner. Call us to start free floating your way to your new favorite hobby.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

San Francisco, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Are you looking for just a little more experience with your journeys through the clouds? Or are you just looking for a rush that can only be found thousands of feet up in the air? No matter what, Tandem skydiving is the perfect and affordable option for all beginning Free Fallers. Join our expert staff in the adventure of a lifetime to find out just what you’re made of during your dive in the sky.

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Solo Parachuting in San Francisco, California

Skydiving Academy

The first step is out of the plane and into the clouds. The next step is to head to San Francisco’s Skydiving Academy to ditch that extra baggage and Free Fall solo! For anyone looking to take a step away from Tandem jumping and experience the air alone, or wanting to be the one who’s training the first timers, our Academy is the step that sets you up to be a certified airborne specialist.

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San Francisco, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

For those people who have that one adrenaline junkie in their life who can’t spend a single day without adventure, this is the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether you’re gift giving for a birthday, graduation, or a random Tuesday, there’s no better way to celebrate than thousands of feet in the air and hurtling through the sky! Nothing says “I love you” like giving your loved one a memory they’ll cherish forever.

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Jump for Fun!

If you’re into hurling yourself off a plane and through the air just because it’s your day off and this is what you love, by all means, join us for your fun jump. This option is for certified jumpers who are looking for a straight-up jump out of a plane at the same height as the Tandem skydivers. The difference? It’s just you, the clouds, and the memories you create up in the air.

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See The Fog From Above And Skydive In San Francisco!

Just picture yourself barreling through the sky, getting a bird’s-eye view of the famous fog of San Francisco. Many experience the Fog City from the ground, but few can say they wiped the dewy fog from their forehead after Free Falling to fun. There’s no better view than the one San Francisco provides.

If you want that classic picture of Golden Gate Bridge, buy Photoshop, go online, and handle the problem from the comforts of home. If you want to truly to experience the awe-inspiring bridge that few fall by, then skydiving could be your golden ticket.

San Francisco, California Parachuting

San Francisco, California Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Prove that the sky is truly the limit!

Stop looking up at the sky and wondering what it’s like up there. Get your feet off the ground and into the air. Turn your dreams into reality as you join us for your first time truly flying in the air. Find your wings with San Francisco’s Tandem jump!

This skydive is perfect for those who have no experience, and are looking to crush some clouds and Free Fall. First timers can join our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulated instructors, so you don’t have to worry about anything but not losing your voice as you lay out and enjoy the incredible view 14,000 feet above the ground of San Francisco. Butterflies in your stomach are included free of charge.

Arrive early to get acclimated with the takeoff site, and meet the instructor who will be hooked to your back during your dive. After watching a video of what to expect, you’ll board and ascend until your friends and family look smaller than ants on the ground. Once you’re 10,000 -14,000 feet off the ground, you and your instructor will take the adrenalin pumping express trip downwards. Your incomparable Free Fall will last around 30 seconds, or until you’re about 6,000 feet off the ground. At this exciting point, your instructor will deploy the parachute that will give you a peaceful and safe fall for about six minutes until you have your landing of a lifetime.

Your Skydiving Equipment (we provide this for you!)

  • Goggles
  • Passenger Harness
  • Four attach points for your instructor to latch onto you (at shoulders and hips)
  • Main Parachute
  • Drogue Chute for the extra weight of two passengers
  • Reserve Chute
  • Automation Activation Device to deploy your reserve chute in case of emergency

Drop In To A Landing You Won’t Forget

If you’re a fan of making an entrance, there is no better way to literally drop in than when you land at the facility. After your 10,000-feet or so plummet through the clouds, you’ll be greeted by the cheers and claps of your loved ones as soon as your feet hit the floor. It’s going to be hard to gauge which is better for your entourage; the comfortable seating in our drop zone as their anticipation of your arrival rises higher than you did, or your incredible return to the ground. Or perhaps the lunch they brought to eat at the picnic tables or the food from the on-site cafe. You have much to compete with! Ask us what’s available at your dropzone.

They may not get to enjoy seeing the fog up above like you do, but hopefully, they’ll snap the perfect picture of your descent to the ground. If they don’t, we have you covered.

Don’t Just Have The Memory. Have the Picture

Make sure whomever is luckily to witness you landing has their camera or smartphone ready. Sure, the memory is going to last a lifetime, but instead of explaining how they saw your superstar-like return to the ground to their friends and family, they’re surely going to want picture evidence. If pictures aren’t enough, our videography option is just a piece of your memory turned digital. You’ll be able to relive your entire dive and experience as our talented staff documents the entire thing. It’s 2017. Living through one of the most memorable experiences you’ve ever had is just half the fun. If you can’t post a video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to make everyone envious of your Free Fall, then where’s the fun in that? Give yourself the gift of a tangible memory, or give the gift of Free Fall to a loved one with one of our gift certificates!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in San Francisco, California

Skydiving Training – 10,000 Feet High, School Has Never Been Cooler!

It doesn’t take much to get hooked to the addiction that can only be quenched by jumping out of a plane from thousands of feet in the air. For some, there’s an itch that comes with Tandem jumping. It’s not the instructor himself, but the presence of another body that has many wondering what a solo Free Fall would be like, or how life would be as the one on the back of the Tandem jump. It’s time to look into San Francisco’s Skydiving Academy to get you that solo dive.

How One Actually Becomes A Certified (Jumping) Maniac

There are certain restrictions and qualifications that must be met before you can Free Fall as a solo act. Our FAA-certified instructors are available for your Academy training to get you that very same certification, at a suitable pace.

Flydar San Francisco offers both Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) certification as well as Static Line Progressions (S/P). Many believe that the AFF is more suitable because of the more accelerated, less traditional method that gets more quickly you in the sky and without someone harnessed to you. Taught by two instructors from 10,000+ feet in the air, you will learn air practices such as Harness Hold Training as they communicate with you through hand signals and radio. Our seven-step process features different stages where you will learn numerous techniques at the hands of our experienced instructors.

Level 1-3: positioning, awareness, stability, pull sequence, and chute deployment.
Level 4-7: air skills, turns, forward movement, docking, and exiting.

Once you finish all seven levels, you must complete a minimum of 25 solo jumps in order for you to get your A license, and to soar through the clouds whenever and wherever you please.

Static LIne Progression

Static Line Progression training is a slower path method to solo skydiving certification. You’ll first perform three static line jumps in which your parachute is deployed for you by being attached to a static line in the aircraft as you jump out. After learning to pull your own chute, you’ll then move on to Free Fall jumps.

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Gift Certificate – Free Fall Into The Perfect Gift Idea Today!

Do you remember the times you had absolutely no clue what to give someone as a gift? It has to happen often. While many people are used to giving shirts or tacky gifts that are primarily used as dust collectors, some end up getting the gift of an experience with a gift certificate. Still, does it seem like a fun idea to hand someone a piece of plastic that lets them eat at a restaurant they like? It’s time to go above and beyond. Better yet, it’s time to go above the clouds. Get your loved one a gift certificate for a Free Falling Tandem skydiving adventure today!

Flydar San Francisco gift certificates are the gift that keeps on giving. You give someone an experience of a lifetime, and you get the gift of watching them when they first freak out after jumping out of the plane on a Tandem jump, through our available video packages! For those who aren’t always available to jump out of a plane on a whim, the gift certificates are valid for two years and are transferable between locations and individuals with just a small transfer fee. For any and every occasion, nothing says I love you like the memory of your greatest adventure!

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San Francisco, California Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Package – Don’t Miss A Single Second Of Your Adventure!

Whether you’re diving out of a plane because life away from the edge isn’t for you, or you’re cashing in a gift certificate from a loved one, the last thing you want to do is relive this adventure through memory. Instead of remembering it all, just hang on to your video! With our imagery packages, we make sure you’ll feel those butterflies just by re-watching your dive in the sky!

Dive into either option!
To some, the idea of jumping out of a plane is insane. Why wouldn’t you want to document the most insane thing you’ve ever done? If you’re looking to relive the experience from your eyes, the closest thing possible is the GoPro/Handycam option. Your instructor will attach a GoPro camera to themselves to record your actions and your fall from above. The only way you could get more up close and personal? Attached a camera to your face! For an even fuller experience, we have a professional camera flyer jump with you to capture it all. From your boarding thoughts, the moments right before you jump, down to every expletive you shout during your dive, you’ll have every moment at your fingertips right after you land!

Our Photographers Reach A New Height Of Difficulty

When you’re heading up in the air for your first, or your hundredth, Free Fall, the last thing on your mind is the people who make that possible. Well, you may be wondering just how skilled your pilot or the man strapped to your back is at their job, considering your health may be on the line, but people never acknowledge just how skilled one has to be to snap the perfect picture. Think about how many times you have to retake a group picture because it’s the wrong angle, the light was messed up, or your friend Jessica can’t stop blinking. Now, imagine how much more difficult it is when you’re 14,000 feet in the air with a 30-second window of Free Fall to make a memory last a lifetime.

This isn’t just as simple as getting the right angle. It’s about floating in midair, timing your jump perfectly to get in perfect position for the skydiver coming behind you, and to capture a moment. There are no retakes in the clouds. Just missed opportunities and fleeting moments dropping quicker than bodies through the air. They may make it look easy, but it’s about 14,000 feet away from easy.

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San Francisco, CA

Don’t Miss The Jump!

With San Francisco, there’s no better experience in The City By The Bay. Combined with incredible views, a plethora of options for every skydiver, and affordable packages, it’s not a matter of if you should. It’s a matter of when you should. Join us up in the clouds for an experience only found up in the clouds! Commit to the jump, and let our expert staff assist you with all your skydiving needs today! Thank you for visiting San Francisco, and we’ll see you when you skydive with us. San Francisco serves the below cities within the San Francisco, CA area:
Daly City, CA | Tiburon, CA | South San Francisco, CA | Oakland, CA | Alameda, CA | San Bruno, CA | Albany, CA | Berkeley, CA | Piedmont, CA | Mill Valley, CA | Pacifica, CA | Richmond, CA | Corte Madera, CA | Millbrae, CA | Larkspur, CA

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