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There is no city anywhere, in the continental U.S and beyond, that offers a hands-down better, more exhilarating skydiving experience than San Diego. Among premier locations such as Mount Everest and Livingstone, you would be foolish not to indulge your thirst for aerial adventure above this bustling, coastal metropolis. Whether you are a newcomer or seasoned skydiver, your incentive should be to find not just the most affordable and accommodating package, but the one that inspires the free faller in you. If you, like many others, love watching dusk descend and the molten sun slide under the horizon, leaving waves of fuchsias and reds, then be prepared to have your mind blown. Skydiving with gives you the golden opportunity to witness the legendary sunsets of San Diego from a bird’s eye view- and afterwards, when you hang out with your buddies, share your experience and make them jealous.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

San Diego, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

On most people’s bucket lists is the desire to overcome their fear of heights. offers a Tandem Skydive experience unlike any other. Accompanied by one of our friendly, seasoned instructors, you will be guided step by step to ensure your skydive is not only safe, but introduces you to the spellbinding thrill of slicing through the air.

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Solo Parachuting in San Diego, California

Skydiving Academy

There is no stopping after your first jump. Fresh off a Tandem Skydive, you’ll no doubt want to invest some time learning more. Our Skydiving Academy provides simple, comprehensive training, giving you the tools to perform a solo skydive with confidence. Meet fellow skydive enthusiasts, plus field professionals, who are glad to help relieve any potential questions or concerns.

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San Diego, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Want to express your appreciation for a colleague or loved one, but at a loss trying to find a unique, impressionable gift for them? A gift certificate from takes the guess work out of the equation. A free fall above stunning San Diego provides not just a breathtaking experience, but a lifelong memory to share with friends. Forget fine dining- instead, take them skydiving.

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Jump for Fun!

Although you have the choice to pursue a professional skydiving career, with there is no pressure. It is our mission to both foster your passion for skydiving, and inspire you to come back for more. Which is why we support our certified skydivers by offering fun jumps, lift tickets and ho and pops for those who can’t stand to be on the ground. Give us a call to get on the next round!

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Vacation for fun, not just to get away.

When heading down to La Jolla beach for a swim or visiting Balboa Park doesn’t cut it anymore, or if you live further inland and are seeking the vacation experience of a lifetime, then look no further than the skydiving scene in San Diego. Chances are, if you’re a certified Californian, there is not much about this incredible city you haven’t seen: from the eclectic architecture and cultural impact of Balboa Park, to the San Diego Zoo which, renowned for its size and variety of wildlife, is also home to over three thousand endangered animals.

So why not take a walk, or in this case skydive, on the wild side? Skip out on the Gaslamp Quarter, you’ve been there a million times. Instead, drink in the exhilaration of a freefall, conquer your fears, and take in the magnitude of one of the busiest and stunning seaside communities on the planet.

San Diego, California Parachuting

San Diego, California Tandem Skydiving

Earn your courage with a Tandem dive!

With, a Tandem Jump is your gateway to embracing the unmatched sensation of slicing freely through the air. If you’ve never been skydiving before, then have no fear- our FAA certified instructors will assist you at every step, from the moment you take off, to when you make your perfect landing.

A free fall from 14,000 feet above ground might sound daunting, sure, but with our experts at the helm, you will have a safe descent, and an incredible aerial adventure you can share with all of your friends. Any seasoned skydiver will tell you, there is nothing quite like the stunning view of a scintillating blue sky, threaded by wispy, silver clouds, with the jeweled sea stretching infinitely beyond the bustling shoreline.

To get started, there are a few crucial details to keep in mind.
First, be sure to arrive at our facility early, so you can become accustomed with the procedure, and determine where friends and family will be waiting for you. Secondly, you will meet with your certified instructor, who will disclose what to expect during the tandem skydive and how to position yourself, followed by a video to further explain safety procedures.

Your instructor will then help to equip the both of you with the necessary gear, including the tandem harness, goggles, and three sets of chutes: the primary, the back up and the Drogue parachute.

The latter is designed specifically to provide the necessary wind resistance to slow acceleration for tandem skydivers, making for a peaceful landing.

If you’re still nervous, don’t be- your instructor will board alongside you, motion you to the proper launch position, and have your back the entire way down. Then, be the envy of onlookers as you casually dust off after your descent, with blood-pumping speeds reaching 120 mph.

Get comfortable, and watch the action unfold.

If skydiving is often considered an ‘extreme’ sport, then our drop zones at are its antithesis in the best way possible. Our drop zones offer comfortable waiting areas for friends and family equipped with frontrow seating, and most often include a wealth of amenities, such as picnic tables, food, and drinks available for purchase. If you’re planning to watch a loved one or colleague fearlessly tear through the sky, why not do it cozily? To find out more about what amenities are offered at our San Diego location, contact our friendly staff at 1-800-672-8942.

Capture the magic from fall to finish!

Apart from this great spread of comforts and conveniences, we also allow our guests to videotape the whole skydive, so that the experience won’t just be reminisced over, but kept in full HD glory for friends and family to enjoy. But think- what good will it do you, the prospective professional skydiver, if you’re only taped within eyeshot on the last stretch when you’re parachute has already been deployed? To remedy this, we provide a plethora of choices, from having a professional photographer capture the entire breathtaking descent alongside you, or having your tandem instructor equipped with a hand camera.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in San Diego, California

Excellence in skydive instruction for all.

If you love skydiving, and are prepared to take that passion to the next professional or solo level, then you need the diamond standard in skydiving education. Our friendly, FAA certified instructors offer two main styles of training: the AFF, or Accelerated Free Fall, and the Static Line Progression. As the name suggests, the AFF is not only a great way for getting acquainted with the solo descent, but provides a faster alternative to earning your certification through 7 progressive steps.

These 7 steps are partitioned into 2 sections

The first involves learning about altitude, body position and proper chute deployment, whereas the second deals with more advanced aerial skills, such as turns and docking. By the end of the first section, you will perform your first solo free fall.

A major distinction is that AFF requires an initial 7 hours of ground instruction before the first free fall, whereas the SLP requires 5 assisted dives first to assess proper technique. Both, however, require a total of 25 jumps to obtain full certification.

Your first AFF skydive will commence only when you are completely prepared. During your free fall from 10-14,000 feet above ground, two AFF certified skydive instructors will dive alongside you using the HHT, or Harness Hold Training method, maintaining physical contact and ensuring your first free fall is a safe one.

Static Line Progression

The SLP training is more traditional, having the student dive from 3,000 feet above ground attached to a ‘static line’, which is connected to the aircraft via the main canopy. This alternative is often more comfortable, as each successive dive is followed by 15 minutes of ground instruction; and after 2, still assisted by the static line, you will perform 3 more while applying the chute before commencing your first solo free fall.

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Turn your Tandem Jump into an unforgettable gift.

Chances are, either you, or someone close to you, has an important event rapidly approaching like a birthday or career milestone. We know life gets busy, and sometimes no matter how important the celebration, you forget to find the perfect gift for that special person. Don’t skimp this year with an inlaid ballpoint pen they’ll never use, or a necklace they’ll never wear- give them the priceless thrill of a skydive from

Our gift certificates make your date go from average to exceptional, or that simple outing with friends a timeless adventure. Not only are they transferable between locations, but they are valid for 2 years after their purchase. Say your friend or loved one is still anxious about the prospect of skydiving- no sweat. Our exceptional customer service team in San Diego is available 7 days a week, delighted to answer any and all concerns, as well as make purchasing our gift certificates a snap. Hands down, a Tandem Skydive is the greatest, safest way to introduce any newcomer to the thrill of the free fall- and what better incentive than a thoughtful gift that breaks the mold of boredom?

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San Diego, California Parachuting Video Packages

Don’t just experience it, carve it in stone.

Actions always speak louder than words. What good would it do you, ranting ad infinitum about your incredible skydiving experience, when instead you can show them? At we offer exceptional, competitively priced options for videotaping your entire descent, from the instant you step on the aircraft to the moment you land. Our filming choices are superior for 2 reasons. First off, you will not be allowed to supply your own camera; secondly, if instead you have a friend or family member filming from the drop zone, they’ll only be able to capture the final moments as you gently parachute down. We offer 2 great videotaping options; the first of which enables a professional videographer to dive alongside you.

Albeit a bit higher priced than the GoPro option, having that third-person perspective means the videographer can record everything, from your first thoughts before entering the plane, to all of your various screams and facial expressions throughout the descent.

The GoPro option is more affordable and, giving the camera to your Tandem Jump instructor, provides a powerful, lasting first-person experience. Both video packages provide a CD copy, so that you, your friends and anyone on social media can share in the excitement.

Share your skydiving passion and make history.

It takes a steady heart and a brave constitution to make a Tandem Jump from 14,000 feet above ground- it takes an even steadier hand to expertly control a camera, capturing every glorious moment of a dive. Doing what you already love, and carving a career out of it, is match made in heaven. There are, however, a few pertinent steps necessary for becoming a professional Camera Flyer. The first, although fairly obvious, is to become an FAA certified professional skydiver, which involves completing either the AFF or SLP training programs and a total of 25 successful dives. At, all of our seasoned instructors are FAA certified, meaning you become eligible to earn your FAA skydiving license while you learn.

There’s no possible way of getting better at anything without some practice. So, now that you’re a licensed skydiving badass, it’s time to take a look at camera options. There are a dizzying number of options available to the prospective Camera Flyer, with a wide array of prices and designs. The GoPro is possibly the cheapest and most compact choice, the frame itself only costing roughly $30. Whichever you choose, you are limited only by your ambition.

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San Diego, CA

Only the best for the adventurous.

For education, substance is key. At we settle for nothing less than perfection, whether you’re embarking on your first Tandem Jump, or are passionate about earning your certification. Our gorgeous San Diego location is one thing: but to offer an incredible vista, as well as the best in skydive instruction, is something to behold. A Tandem Jump is great for beginners, and gets even better when it’s all paid for with one of our gift certificates. Our friendly customer service team is available 7 days a week to answer any questions, and assuage any anxieties. San Diego serves the below cities within the San Diego, CA area:
Coronado, CA | National City, CA | Chula Vista, CA | Lemon Grove, CA | Bonita, CA | La Mesa, CA | La Presa, CA | Spring Valley, CA | Imperial Beach, CA | El Cajon, CA | Rancho San Diego, CA | Santee, CA | Bostonia, CA | Tijuana, Mexico | Lakeside, CA

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