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Skydiving: The Ultimate Thrill Ride

Skydiving is the ultimate rush. Whether you live for adrenaline pumping experiences, or the coziness of a perfectly good airplane, you’ll love skydiving. It’s a unique experience that’s only understood by those that do it. There’s nothing in the world like the feeling of freefall when you jump. The feeling of the wind rushing toward your face, and the world around you going from tiny to closer, and closer. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to flying like a bird. Jumping is a moment of pure freedom. You let go of everything that makes sense, as you willingly jump out of a perfectly good airplane. You can let go of every care in the world as you literally hurl yourself towards the earth at speeds up to 120 MPH. Check out skydiving and give yourself a new perspective on life and do something exciting that you never thought possible.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

San Bernardino, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Jumps are a perfect way to start skydiving. In a tandem jump you’ll be attached to an instructor. This allows you to relax and enjoy the entire experience of jumping, from stepping out of the plane to landing. The instructor will take care of pulling the cord and guiding you down safely. Try a tandem jump, and relish every moment.

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Solo Parachuting in San Bernardino, California

Skydiving Academy

Our Skydiving Academy is the place to be if you want to turn skydiving into a hobby or job. There a couple of options for training; both have distinct methods that ensure you become a safe and effective skydiver. You’ll come out with some new moves too. Check out our Skydiving Academy if you want to become an advanced skydiver.

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San Bernardino, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are the ideal gift for the thrill seeker in your life. Gift certificates make a great gift for any occasion. There’s nothing quite like jumping out of a plane, and your friend or family member will thank you for the amazing adventure of their life. Give the gift of an adrenaline pumping experience for your next occasion.

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Jump for Fun!

We’re the perfect place for you if you’ve already experienced skydiving. Already jumped a few times and even have a license? Jump with us. You’ll have the freedom to jump on your own, and experience the best in the area. Whatever you do is fully up to you when you take a jump for fun, so enjoy it!

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Catch the Natural Beauty of San Bernardino

San Bernardino is a great place to go skydiving. The area has mild winters, and hot, dry summers. The landscape is filled with so many beautiful things to see from the sky.

Depending on your jump location, you’ll likely get a chance to see the famous Arrowhead. The Arrowhead is a natural feature in one of the mountains that actually looks like an arrowhead. You’ll also get a chance to see pristine Lake Arrowhead surrounded by beautiful trees. Wherever you jump you’ll see the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains with an elevation of over 11,000 feet. There are several waterways including the Lytle Creek and San Timoteo Creek which feed into the Santa Ana River. The San Bernardino National Forest isn’t to be missed, especially during the spring. The giant pine trees are fully green, and beautiful.

Skydive in San Bernardino and take in all the natural beauty the area has to offer.

San Bernardino, California Parachuting

San Bernardino, California Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Calling All Skydiving Novices! Overdose on Excitement!

Tandem Jumps are recommended for the first time skydiver. In a tandem jump you’ll be attached to one of our instructors during the dive. The instructor will take care of all the hard work like deploying the chute and steering you down safely. You get to sit back and take in the whole adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving from 14,000 feet. Although you don’t have to do any of the work yourself, there are still some things you’ll do in preparation.

You’ll want to get to the drop zone before your scheduled time to get comfortable, and give your friends and family a chance to find the perfect spot to watch you. Then you’ll meet your instructor who will go over some body positioning, and other basics. Then it’s time to watch an informational video that will give you an idea of what to expect during your jump. You’ll move on to getting geared up after the video.

The standard gear includes goggles, a passenger harness, the container, and 4 points of contact with the instructor. There are 2 points on the shoulder and 2 on the hips. The container has the main chute, reserve chute, drogue chute, and Automatic Activation Device The drogue chute is necessary to counteract the extra weight of two people jumping. Then it’s time to jump!

The Jump:
You board the plane and climb to 10,000 feet, before finally jumping. Once you jump you’ll experience face melting speeds of 120 MPH. You’ll experience the bliss of free fall for 20-30 seconds. Then the instructor will deploy the chute, and guide you down safely. Your epic journey has come to an end. Then it’s time to celebrate with your friends, and family. They’ll want to hear about every moment of your crazy experience.

Our Drop Zones Are Second To None

We offer comfortable seating both inside and out for your family and friends while they wait for you. A lot of our drop zones offer other amenities for everyone to enjoy.

Some of our drop zones sell food and drinks to keep your loved ones entertained while they wait. You might want to hold off until after you jump to indulge. You don’t want to let everything loose while you’re jumping. Other drop zones offer picnic style seating so your friends and family can set up an epic feast while they wait for you. When you land, you can join in and grab some great food after screaming your head off during the free fall.

The Other Services We Offer

We offer videography services to document your jump for you, so that you have up close and personal evidence of your jump. We offer a couple different packages to fit your budget.

If you’re looking to really get into skydiving we can help with that too. We offer a Skydiving Academy to help you learn all the necessary information to become a licensed skydiver. You can find out more information about our academy below.

If you want to share the wealth, pick up a Gift Certificate for a Tandem Jump. You’ve hopefully enjoyed your jump, and a gift certificate is a perfect way to make sure your friends and family have fun too.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in San Bernardino, California

Skydiving Academy to learn advanced skydiving skills

Our Skydiving academy is the place to be if you want to become an advanced skydiver. In our Skydiving Academy you’ll learn advanced moves, and take the necessary steps to earn your license.

All of our training is done with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers. The training is very in-depth and is paced to fit perfectly within the FAA designated timeframe. We offer two main styles of training.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

AFF is a more accelerated training process. In AFF you get to perform your first jump after about 7 hours of ground training. Your first jump will be from between 10,000-13,000 feet. There are 7 steps of training in AFF. In steps 1-3 you’ll learn the basics like body position, altitude awareness, and pull sequence. In steps 4-7 you’ll learn more advanced skills like forward movement, turns, and docking onto others. You must complete a jump after every step showing mastery of what you learned in that step. Then you’ll move into the Integrated Student Program, and complete 25 more jumps before obtaining your license.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

With S/L you jump from a plane starting out at 3,000 feet with a static line attached to you that deploys the chute for you. You will have 15 minutes of ground instruction between each jump. You’ll start pulling your own cord after 2 successful jumps. The next 3 will be with a dummy cord. Next, you will pull the actual cord as soon as you exit the plane. On the exit jump, you’ll do the same after a 10 second delay. You’ll continue alternating between the two as you jump from higher elevations. After 25 jumps you’ll be able to apply for your ‘A’ license.

Regardless of which training style you choose to pursue, you’ll be fully prepared to get your license and jump solo.

Call 1-800-672-8942 and get into skydiving academy today! San Bernardino, California Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates For The Daredevil In Your Life

Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for the thrill seeker in your life. They’ll never forget screaming their head off as the wind whips against their face, before slowly floating down safely into the drop zone. Gift Certificates for Tandem Jumps and AFF level 1 courses make a great gift for any occasion.

Get a gift certificate for your next anniversary and give a gift that your spouse won’t soon forget. They make a great surprise for any big birthday like a 16th, 18th, 21st, or 50th. Get one for your friend’s wedding and be the envy of all the guests, as you give the coolest and most unique gift. They’re great for retirements for anyone that’s young at heart, or ready for a little excitement. You don’t need a special occasion to give a gift certificate, give one to someone to show you care.

Our gift certificates are completely transferrable between people and locations. A small fee may apply to change locations. All gift certificates are good for two years from the purchase date. Our friendly representatives are available 7 days a week to take your call. Give a gift certificate, and give a heart pounding gift your friend or family.

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San Bernardino, California Parachuting Video Packages

Video Services To Capture All Of The Action

You’re going to want to capture moments from your jump on film so make sure your friends and family bring a camera. If you want a more intimate and detailed account of your jump we offer videography services to capture everything. We offer 2 different videography services to fit your budget.

Your instructor can be equipped with a GoPro to capture your jump during a tandem jump. They’ll get all the action as you jump out of the plane, and barrel towards the earth. They’ll get an up close and personal view of everything until you land safely. Your other option gives you even more.

In addition to the GoPro service we can have a videographer come along with you. They’ll catch every moment starting from the ground to climbing in the sky. They’ll be with you moments before you jump to capture your last words. They’ll be with you as you jump to capture everything as you fall through the sky. It’s like having your own personal filmmaker with you. Since this requires an additional person jumping it does cost a little more.

After your jump you’ll receive an edited video of your jump set to music on a cd. In addition you’ll get a bunch of photos taken along the way. Both are easily sharable on social media. Make sure to call ahead and check availability for a videographer.

Whichever option you choose you’ll be happy for the memories.

Becoming A Skydiving Videographer

Skydiving videographers have a really cool job. They get to jump and take video at the same time. They get to take breathtaking video that most other people never get a chance to see. There’s a long process to becoming a flying photographer, however.

You will have to have anywhere from 50 to 100 jumps before most companies would be willing to hire you. You need time to hone your skills before you either jump for free, or get paid. If you’re still interested in becoming a videographer you’re going to need to buy some gear.

The most important thing you’ll need is a camera. Thankfully, cameras have gotten smaller and lighter over the years, but look to buy one that’s durable. A wide angle lens is also a good idea to get good shots. The other item you’ll need is a helmet. You’ll want to buy a helmet that keeps the camera as enclosed as possible. This will help the camera from becoming damaged.

Once you’ve got your gear it’s time to practice. Try to keep the sun at your back as much as possible to stop the glare from ruining your shots and enjoy experimenting up in the sky.

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