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Have you ever looked into the sky, envious of the freedom of the birds, envious of their majestic vantage points? Are you curious as to how the air would feel against your face, how the rushing ground would look beneath your feet? Have you been searching for an inexplicable rush, the God’s eye view of being about to see for miles in either direction? Desperate for a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with you forever? All you have to do is jump at this golden opportunity and we’ll show you how to make the great leap through the clouds! Free fall with the best in the business and enjoy the majesty of the open sky and beautiful San Antonio landscape in one of the most magical ways known to man: an exhilarating skydive. This once and a lifetime thrill is one for the bucket list and is the perfect remedy to escape the stress and strain of modern living. From high above, you won’t have a single care in the world.

All the perfect parachuting options for the adventurer in you!

San Antonio, Texas Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

First time through the air? Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing! A tandem skydive is an excellent choice because you’ll be strapped to one of our seasoned instructors whose first priority is your safety and enjoyment. You simply need to trust their guidance and enjoy the ride. They will handle all parachuting and landing duties, so you can take in all that luscious scenery and enjoy the heart pumping thrill of the jump! This popular option is a great fit for jumpers of all skills and experience.

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Solo Parachuting in San Antonio, Texas

Skydiving Academy

Are you a true skydiving junkie? Are you eager for the complete freedom and exhilaration of a solo free fall? If so, there’s only one way forward, and that’s to get certified. Our accredited skydiving school can put you on track to receive an official certification from the United States Parachute Association, and with this USPA license, you can conquer the skies without an instructor on your back.

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San Antonio, Texas Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Everyone knows the pressure when a special occasion arises and you’re desperate to nail it with the perfect gift. You’re tired of being typical and predictable, and just once you want to give the gift that makes someone’s heart leap out of their chest. How about gifting them the ability to leap out of a plane and into the boundless sky? With San Antonio gift cards, you can finally steal the show and give the gift that keeps on giving!

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Jump for Fun!

For all of our trained and certified skydivers, getting up into a plane is the moment they truly feel like themselves. The wonder and exhilaration of a jump never gets old, and our returning customers and certified skydivers often take a trip up with tandem divers, just to get a leap in for themselves! That sweet rush of flight is an incomparable high, and once you’re certified, you will be able to have that amazing feeling right at your fingertips.

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Nothing Beats that Big Texas Sky!

San Antonio, Texas is a unique location because it proves why everything is bigger and better in Texas! One of the greatest military cities in the country and a true American melting pot, San Antonio has been a testament to the American dream since its inception. A noted title town featuring the legendary San Antonio Spurs, the city’s growing downtown skyline reflects the championship pedigree of its people and culture. The best way to appreciate the breadth of it’s majesty is while roaming the skies yourself. If you’re struggling through the hot and humid days of the summer while taking a stroll by the River Walk, or you’re tired of the winding lines at the Alamo, you’re sure to find the breeze and freedom you yearn for once you are lifted into the sky. An aviation adventure is a perfect way to introduce someone new to the area or to reacquaint yourself with the surrounding beauty that is so easy to take for granted. Appreciate the area in all its glory from the sky – you’ll never forget it.

San Antonio, Texas Parachuting

San Antonio, Texas Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps: Every Adrenaline Junkie’s Dream Come True

The ideal and most popular way to experience skydiving for the first time, Tandem Jumps are a great option for everyone! Harnessed to one of our highly trained instructors, a tandem jump grants you the same thrills of a solo skydive without having to worry about the practical skills required to execute it yourself. Your safety and comfort are paramount to us, and a Tandem Jump couldn’t be a more secure and controlled environment to fully immerse yourself in the thrills of conquering the sky!

Though you will have a Federal Aviation Administration certified instructor who literally has your back, it is vital that you educate yourself properly going into the skydive so that you may be better prepared to fully enjoy your experience. Arriving early will allow you to meet and connect with your instructor, who will be able to guide you through the experience at your own pace and show you related materials that will maintain your readiness.

Vital Parachuting Equipment

To secure your safety and comfort, there are a number of essential pieces of equipment required for a successful jump. A few of these items include, but are not limited to: a pair of goggles; a passenger harness; main, drogue, and reserve chutes designed specifically to withstand the stress of two passengers; and an Automatic Activation Device that monitors a skydiver’s speed and altitude and deploys the reserve chute in the unlikely event of any issues that may arise over the course of your trip.

Drop Zones Designed for a Majestic Return

The reason our customers keep coming back is because all skydiving enthusiasts know the secret of the skydive: no matter how many dives you’ve embarked on, no two trips are the ever same! Your slow rise into the clouds and the nerves that gather in your stomach before you leap is always a familiar sensation, but our San Antonio drop zone plays a vital role in creating unique cinematic experiences every time. The art of modern life often can only be appreciated from up above, and barreling through the skies at over 100 mph is sure to give you a fresh, new perspective on how you perceive the world and and only heighten your appreciation for the great city of San Antonio.

Our drop zones are set up for your convenience and comfort. With the possibility of a bevy of seating options and a vast array of food and amenities available for you and your loved ones, your landing can be a true celebration everyone can enjoy!

Immortalize the Memory of a Lifetime

Having the mob of all your loved ones waiting to celebrate with you on the ground is a thrilling sight to come down upon, and it is sure to result in countless pictures and videos that are immediately posted to personal social media pages for the world to see. For media that will garner so much attention, wouldn’t it be imperative to have professional coverage of your sky dive? San Antonio has you covered with an array of videography options that fit your needs. Once the high definition glory of your trip makes the social media rounds, everyone you know is sure to want to get in on the action, and our gift certificates can be redeemed for all of our great options; giving your loved ones the ability to get up off the ground and truly choose their own adventure.

Get in Formation!

We’ve all seen the incredible video of multiple skydivers floating through the air, seemingly defying the laws of physics as they hold onto each other and perform complex maneuvers to form geometric patterns. But few people really understand the underlying mechanics of such a popular skydiving feat. Formation skydiving is an event where multiple skydivers attach themselves to each other by using their limbs or “grippers” attached to their jumpsuit, which allows them to manipulate their movement and create the wondrous images we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing. This is a highly competitive event that has numerous highly skilled skydivers performing in events worldwide.

There are two kinds of formations, called randoms and blocks. The randoms are singular formations with full separation of all grips both before and after building the formation. The blocks are double formations with a special designated movement pattern in between, called an inter. Depending on the particular movement, the initial formation may or may not be similar to the ending formation.

The current FAI world record for largest freefall formation is a 400-way, set on February 8, 2006. It was held for 4.25 seconds. The vaunted World Team used five separate airplanes and exited from an altitude of 25,000 feet. In April 2013 The World Team tried to break the record for the largest 2-point formation dive in skydiving history. All 222 members came together and made a formation, broke apart, and then reformed to make a completely different formation. However, the legendary record remains unbroken, and stands as the peak of formation skydiving.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in San Antonio, Texas

Spread Your Wings and Conquer the Skies on Your Own

Have you had your first taste of skydiving, and are now eager to increase your freedom by taking on the skies by yourself? If so, our Accelerated Free Fall or Static Line Progression programs are are the perfect fit for you! Our accredited skydiving school can put you on track to receive an official certification from the United States Parachute Association, and with this USPA license, you leap into the sky without an instructor on your back. San Antonio has long been an industry leader in skydiving training, hiring the best trained instructors who have countless hours logged moving through the skies; as well as the USPA certification to teach you how to get there yourself!

If you want to expedite your education process, an Accelerated Free Fall course is the option that will meet your needs. This expedites your free fall training, allowing you to complete it in a shorter amount of time; though all of the seven steps required to complete training will be closely monitored and supervised by one of our trained instructors. But be rest assured, your instructor will make sure you are as prepared as possible, no matter the speed of the training, and you will not be sent up into the air without at least seven hours of on the ground training and three or more practice jumps.

The Static Line Progression program is our alternative program, and requires a bit more time and training. The process is clear and concise. It begins with a jump commenced at 3,000 feet AGL where the student executes a suspended exit from the plane. As the student skydiver falls away from the aircraft, a Static Line, which is affixed to the aircraft, will deploy, keeping the skydiver securely suspended. This will simulate a skydiving experience over a two to three minute period, and will provide an appropriate means of preparation for a solo adventure.

Vigilance in the Face of Danger

Paratroopers are staples of cinematic depictions of warfare, but their true grit and skill is still somewhat unheralded. These flight professionals are shining examples of the invaluable role skydiving skills can play in real life. Though not implemented as often as they were at the start of the great world wars, paratroopers are still valued members of the military apparatus.

Even with the heightened use of drones, paratroopers can still be used for tactical advantage as they can be inserted into the battlefield from the air, which allows them to take up position in areas that may not be accessible by any other means. They jump out of airplanes using their parachutes to land safely on the ground. It is one of the three types of “forced entry” strategic techniques for entering a theater of war; the other two being by land or by sea. This allows them to enter battlefields from any location and is vital in situations where fortificants have been put in place to prevent an attack. This proves to be a tactical advantage as opposing forces are often forced to spread their defense in the event a paratrooper tries to compromise an otherwise safe geographical stronghold. Another common use for paratroopers is to establish an airhead for landing other units.

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Give A Gift that’s Heaven Sent

With San Antonio gift certificates, you can finally be the one who gets it right and gives the perfect gift that will never be forgotten. Skydiving gift cards are valid for two years, so your recipient has plenty of time to plan their adventure at their own convenience. If that wasn’t enticing enough, our gift certificates can both be purchased and redeemed for the full slate of services at any of our over one hundred participating member organizations!

This is an incredible option, as it allows your gift to be utilized in a way that is unique to the recipient because they get to choose the landscape and city of their choice! These options are fully transferable, through participating locations may charge additional fees. Inquiring ahead of time will guarantee that no unforeseen issues can hamper your planning. We offer skydive gift certificates within our network, so make sure to give us a call and will arrange for you to get the best deal possible! This is the perfect gift that will prove that you are as thoughtful, spontaneous, and adventurous as they come! Don’t waste another moment and we’ll help you present the thrill of a lifetime.

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San Antonio, Texas Parachuting Video Packages

Immortalize Your Experience into an Priceless Memory

After all the hand wringing and butterflies, you’ve finally steeled yourself to conquer your fears, embarking on one of the greatest adventures of your life with a thrilling skydive. San Antonio can immortalize your experience forever, allowing you to have footage you can share with family and friends for a lifetime. We have two affordable options that allow you to curate every second of your life changing experience.

Our first option allows for a videographer to join you for your entire jump: the exciting moments right before you head out, the adrenaline pumping experience of barreling through the clouds, and your majestic return to earth. The videographer will already be on the ground to capture this moment and record your first thoughts and feelings when you touch down, bringing the whole adventure full circle and documenting your every moment.

Our most affordable option is a GoPro attached to your instructor’s helmet, allowing a personal view of your jump and recording every moment from the perspective of your own personal experience. Once you’re on the ground, you can edit the video with a member from our team and have it up on any number of your social media platforms before you even get home! The spotlight will finally shine upon you like you deserve as everyone sees just how daring you are.

Be the Eye in the Sky

Though every skydive is an wondrous expedition unto itself, immortalizing the experience so that it can be relived forever is a vital part of the entire thrill. There’s nothing like the priceless reaction that can be captured live, your face flush with the exhilaration and joy of flight. Capturing this precious moment should be placed in the same trusted hands in which you entrust your safety.

Training to being a certified instructor allows those trusted hands to be yours, and you can play the indispensable role of cameraman for an endless wave of customers. There are a number of commercial opportunities available with this skill, and it is one of the more lucrative ways in which to use your certified license. Not only do you need to educate yourself on the technology and equipment best suited for this particular endeavor, this feat requires a vast combination of specialized talents: from being able to control the camera while in flight, to being able to anticipate and compose shots so that the footage is as cinematic as possible. Every step of the experience needs to be captured by a highly trainer cameraman so that it can be properly immortalized.

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