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Experience a Skydiving Adventure with Parachuting.com Saint Paul

Have you ever wondered what it is like to jump from 10,000 feet above ground, all while free falling and parachuting to your landing? At Parachuting.com Saint Paul, we strive to give you this experience! We offer the most thrilling skydiving adventure in all of Minnesota! Safety is our top concern, and all of our trainers are certified professionals so your dive can be as laid back as possible. When you skydive with us, you will experience an adrenaline rush like no other. As you ascend in the plane, you will take in the beauty of Minnesota, while waiting for the moment to jump. Once you take your dive, you will want to experience the thrill again. The wind blowing in your face as you scream at the top of your lungs, what could possibly be more fun? When you choose Parachuting.com Saint Paul, you choose thrill and adventure, and we promise to make it happen.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Saint Paul, Minnesota Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

These dives are perfect for new-timers and beginners alike. A Tandem Skydive is the perfect way to experience the beauty of Saint Paul. Safety is a top concern for us and all of our Tandem Skydives are performed with a certified trainer with the United States Parachute Association (USPA) who will take care of all parachuting logistics. You simply relax and enjoy the view as you soar over the beautiful Minnesota landscape! Choose Parachuting.com Saint Paul for all of your Tandem dives.

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Solo Parachuting in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Skydiving Academy

Have you ever wanted to become a professional skydiver so you can jump on your own? Parachuting.com Saint Paul has you covered. Our Skydiving Academy offers two training courses certified through the Federal Aviation Administration (USPA) so you receive the most professional training in all of Minnesota. These trainings include the Accelerated Free Fall training and the Static Line Training. To become a certified skydiver, choose the Skydiving Academy at Parachuting.com Saint Paul.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Maybe skydiving isn’t for you, but you know someone who would just love to jump out and parachute to the ground. You can give them the perfect gift with a gift certificate from Parachuting.com Saint Paul! Gift certificates are perfect for any occasion and for a small fee can be transferred from individual and location. They are also valid for two years after purchase. Give the gift of a lifetime with Parachuting.com Saint Paul.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

Are you a professionally certified skydiver? Come to Parachuting.com Saint Paul for all of your skydiving needs! We offer a great location with a beautiful view of Minnesota for any and all professional skydivers looking to jump, just for fun. Anytime you feel the need for a rush and an exhilarating experience, we can take care of you. So hop in the plane, take a dive and see Minnesota from the sky with Parachuting.com Saint Paul.

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Skydive to See Saint Paul Like Never Before!

Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota has so much to offer, Skydiving with Parachuting.com Saint Paul is certainly one of them! One cannot truly experience Saint Paul without skydiving from 10,000 feet in the air. When you skydive here, you get it all: city, greenery and water! Fly over the Twin Cities, and see Minnesota’s capital from the air! Or, take a look at the scenery as you soar over the Mississippi River, Minnesota National Wildlife Reserve or Pigs Eye Lake. The best time to skydive is in the summer, as temperatures are warm and skydiving is hot as ever!

Saint Paul, Minnesota Parachuting

Saint Paul, Minnesota Tandem Skydiving

Take a Tandem Jump with Parachuting.com Saint Paul

Tandem jumps are great for anyone looking to skydive for the very first time. With Parachuting.com, you will be teamed up with an USPA certified trainer who will take care of all of the logistics during the dive. You simply enjoy the view as you soar from 14,000 feet in the air!

What to Know
The day of your jump, make sure to arrive at the drop zone before your scheduled jump to familiarize yourself with the surroundings and decide where your friends and family can wait. You will then meet with your instructor who will give you a briefing on what to expect and how to prepare for this thrilling adventure. You will watch a short video and be fitted with your skydiving gear. At this point, you and your instructor board the plane and start your ascent as your instructor attaches themselves to you.

The Skydive
You will jump out from over 10,000 feet in the air and experience a freefall between 26 and 30 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 120 mph! The parachute will deploy at around 5,500-6,000 feet and your speed will slow as you soar across Saint Paul for around six minutes. You will then land and celebrate with friends and family.

Your Equipment
We provide you with all equipment needed for your skydiving adventure. Your equipment will include goggles, a passenger harness, points of attachment and a container. The container includes a main parachute, a drogue chute and a reserve chute all to ensure you a safe landing.

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Why our Drop Zones are the Best

Wondering what your friends and family will do while you are skydiving? Our drop zones are the perfect waiting spot for your guests to watch you soar through the air as you experience your thrilling skydive adventure! Our state-of-the-art facilities exceed the competition; they are indeed the best in Minnesota. We offer comfortable seating both inside and outside so guests have a perfect view of your ascent in the plane, your jump and your landing where they can take incredible pictures. Make sure they bring a camera! We also have a picnic area where friends and family can relax and enjoy a picnic lunch while they wait. If they choose to enjoy the picnic area but did not pack a lunch, many of our drop zones have food and drinks available for purchase. For the best drop zones around, choose Parachuting.com Saint Paul for your guests to sit back and relax.

For all Skydiving Needs, Use Parachuting.com Saint Paul

At Parachuting.com Saint Paul, the skydiving options are plentiful. We are the perfect option for beginners as well as certified professionals. We suggest our Tandem Skydives for beginners and those who have never experienced skydiving before. For Tandem Skydivers, be sure to have your guests bring cameras to capture your adventure. We also offer videography packages, taking videos and pictures of your dive and landing if you want to leave the picture taking to the professionals. Maybe you want to skydive with a friend who shares your love for thrill! Our gift certificates make a great gift for anyone and any occasion as well, and can be redeemed for two years after purchase! Maybe you have skydived before, but have considered training to become a certified professional. For those looking to up their skydiving skills, we can certainly work with you to make you a professional, just read on for further information!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Learn to Skydive Professionally with Parachuting.com Saint Paul

Our Skydiving Academy is taught by certified skydivers through the USPA. Training follows a strict guideline which will allow students to receive certification with the USPA as well. We suggest attending the Skydiving Academy if you have any desire to become a professional skydiver and skydive on your own.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training

The AFF Training is considered accelerated because a free fall occurs sooner than in other training. AFF includes a seven step process that will teach the student different skills in skydiving. AFF is facilitated by two certified skydivers who will jump with the student. Students will first receive ground training for each lesson prior to jumping.

First Freefall
The first freefall will be done at 10,000 plus feet above ground. The instructors will jump next to the student and practice Harness Hold Training (HHT) allowing instructors to hold onto the student until they deploy their parachute.

Seven Steps
The United States Parachute Association (USPA) mandates seven steps in AFF instruction. Levels 1-3 involve body awareness and parachute deployment while steps 4-7 instruct the student on “in air” skills like movement and turns. A successful jump allows the student to move on to the next level.

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
After the seventh step, students will enter into ISP to practice skydiving. They must complete 25 jumps to receive their license.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

Static Line Progression is a training which allows the student to practice skydiving while still suspended to the plane. This includes 4-5 hours of ground instruction then a first S/L dive at around 3000 feet in the air. After two jumps, the student will practice deploying their chute. Students will then practice the “Clear and Pull” and “10 second delay” methods of deployment. Same with the AFF training, after 25 successful jumps, the student may apply for their license.

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Parachuting.com Saint Paul, Minnesota Skydiving Gift Certificates

Purchase a Gift Certificate with Parachuting.com Saint Paul

Do you know someone who loves a thrilling adventure? Someone who would love to dive head-first out of a plane? You can give this person an incredible gift with a gift certificate from Parachuting.com Saint Paul! These gift certificates will make you the most incredible gift giver, here is why:

All of our gift certificates are extremely flexible. In case they move, go on vacation or want to skydive in a different city, recipients have the option to transfer their location at small additional cost. Maybe the recipient is unable to use their gift certificate, or they are too scared to skydive out of a plane. No problem, they can easily transfer between individuals! Recipients also have two years to use gift certificates before they expire, leaving them with plenty of time to schedule the perfect skydiving adventure.

Parachuting.com Saint Paul gift certificates are easily purchased by calling our very knowledgeable customer service representatives. Our friendly representatives are available to speak with you and answer any questions you have seven days a week! Just pick up the phone and call, they are excited to speak with you. Give the gift of a lifetime with a gift certificate from Parachuting.com Saint Paul.

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That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Saint Paul, Minnesota Parachuting Video Packages

Remember Your Dive with an Imagery Package

Although skydiving will give you a memory to last a lifetime, you may want to relive the moment at any time! At Parachuting.com Saint Paul we offer excellent videography packages for you to take home and remember your skydiving experience. You will receive your final edited video, along with any camera snapshots taken during your dive, just a few hours after you land.

Our first option is the competitively priced GoPro/Handyman option. With this option, your instructor will attach a camera to their helmet in order to film your experience. This option is very up close and personal and will give you a great glimpse of your skydiving adventure.

Camera Flyer
This option brings a cameraman along with you and your instructor to capture your experience. This cameraman will film the entire experience, starting with you on the plane, then to your drop through the air and finally capturing your final thoughts after landing. You will need to reserve a camera flyer in advance.

What it takes to become a Camera Flyer

Have you ever wondered how those incredible social media profile pictures of skydivers get taken? Who could take such a picture? A camera flyer! These professionals are extremely skilled as they must become a certified professional skydiver through the United States Parachute Association, as well as knowing how to professionally work a camera. Both take hard work and extreme motivation to achieve such a skill set.
A camera flyer must have elite skydiving skills to be able to perform their job at a successful rate. These professionals must know how to dive out of the plane to capture the diver’s jump, then slow their speed to be able to film the customer near-by. As they are ready to land, they must know how to speed up to capture the customer’s landing on the ground. In addition, the camera flyer has professional photography, as well as interview skills to be able to capture the skydiver’s experience through the lenses of the camera. In addition, editing is required but let’s not forget the skills needed to save their own life on every jump! These skydiving professionals are among the most elite skydivers in the world.

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