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Have you ever dreamed of free-falling from thousands of feet in the air, and parachuting your way to a safe landing? What about soaring over California’s beautiful capital city? Well, you have come to the right place! Our professional team can give you the most exhilarating and exciting parachuting experience. Whether this is your first time jumping out of a plane or you are a seasoned diver, we are guaranteed to get your blood pumping for a fun and exciting adventure. Our experienced and trained staff will ensure you and your friends a safe and thrilling skydiving experience. At Sacramento, we fly high and soar with ease. Our goal is to give you an adrenaline rush without the fear of jumping and falling. Whether you want to dive yourself, or give this thrill as a gift to a friend and fellow risk-taker, our team is excited to work with you!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Sacramento, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Are you new to skydiving, or not ready to dive on your own? Tandem Skydiving with Sacramento is the perfect skydiving option for you! Our certified professionals will harness themselves to you and administer all of the parachuting logistics. You will be free to relax and enjoy the skydiving experience and take in a bird’s-eye view of beautiful California. For first time skydivers and repeat customers alike a Tandem Skydive is the choice for all.

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Solo Parachuting in Sacramento, California

Skydiving Academy

Has it been a dream of yours to become a certified skydiver? Maybe even to train others to dive too? At Sacramento, we can make these dreams come true. We offer two training courses, Accelerated Freefall Training and Static Line Progression Training to fit your needs as a student. All of our courses are Federal Aviation Administration certified to ensure the safest training for all of our students. With Sacramento, you can become a certified skydiver.

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Sacramento, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

For any occasion, Sacramento offers gift certificates for those who have always wanted to skydive. Whether for friend or family, new or experienced a gift certificate is great for any individual. Gift certificates are for Tandem Skydives or Level 1 FFA training. These are transferable between location and individual, and can be redeemed for up to two years after purchase. Give the gift of skydiving through Sacramento and be the greatest gift giver at the party.

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Jump for Fun!

These fun jumps are perfect for all certified skydivers. Fly high above Sacramento to simply jump for the fun of it. Your view will be unlike anything you have ever seen before. Choose to dive over the skyline, the Sacramento Valley, or the beautiful canopy of trees. No matter your choice, Sacramento has you covered. As you soar over Sacramento and take in the beauty of California, you will certainly feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

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Experience Sacramento from New Heights When You Skydive with

You will never see Sacramento the same way after you parachute over the city from thousands of feet in the air. The views are plentiful in this capital city, as you have the option to soar over the city skyline, or over the Sacramento Valley and gorgeous Sacramento River. Sacramento might just be the greatest city in which to skydive. Not only are the views incredible, but the temperate weather makes for smooth soaring almost year round! Whether you jump over the city in the moderate winter or in the summer heat over a canopy of forest trees, your dive with Sacramento will be unforgettable!

Sacramento, California Parachuting

Sacramento, California Tandem Skydiving

Skydive Over Beautiful Sacramento with a Tandem Jump

Tandem skydiving is perfect for those new to skydiving, or not ready to jump on their own. At Sacramento, our Federal Aviation Administration certified instructors will administer the fall while attached to you! You will experience the beautiful views of the cityscape with ease as your guide will take care of the functional responsibilities involved with the jump.

Arrive to the site before your scheduled jump to be briefed by your instructor. They will let you know what to expect as well as where your friends and family can wait for your landing. Expect to watch a short instructional video and be outfitted with the gear you need. When you are prepped, you and your instructor will board the plane and start your flight upwards. As your instructor attaches to you, you will both make your way to the door to take the leap out.

When you jump, you and your instructor will begin a freefall at over 10,000 feet for nearly a half minute. As you reach speeds up to 120 mph, you will experience a thrill like no other. After your parachute deploys, your speed will slow and you will soar over Sacramento for about six minutes before landing.

We provide goggles, a passenger harness and points of attachment where your instructor will connect with you. You will have a main parachute and a drogue parachute which will support the weight of two people. It will also contain a reserve chute and an Automatic Activation Device to ensure your parachute will deploy.

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Why Our Drop Zones Exceed Expectations

While you are soaring over Sacramento, your friends and family will need a place to watch and wait for your descent. Our drop zones at are far superior to the rest. Some feature comfortable seating for your friends and family both outside and inside our facility. Your loved ones can pack a lunch and eat at a picnic table as they wait for you to finish your thrilling dive. Many of our beautiful facilities even offer amenities including food and drink that are available for your friends and family to purchase. Entertainment is not complete without food and drink, after all! Of course, we recommend you call ahead of time to ensure the Sacramento facility has all of these amenities to offer, location specifics do apply. Our drop zones are the perfect waiting spot for your friends and family to wait for your landing.

Bring the Skydiving Experience Home with You

Have you wondered how you can remember your dive for weeks to come, or if you could ever become a certified skydiver and jump on your own? Sacramento offers so much more than just a tandem dive. We know you want to remember your tandem dive forever. We remind you that your friends and family should bring cameras to ensure the perfect shot of your thrilling jump! In addition, we also offer videography alternatives for purchase so you can view your jump over and over again! If the video is not enough, we offer gift certificates for those who cannot wait to tandem dive once again. Our gift certificates also make a great gift for family and friends for any occasion. For those who want to take skydiving to the next level, Sacramento can help these thrill-seekers seekers become skydiving professionals. Read further for more information on how you can become a skydiving professional.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Sacramento, California

Attend Sacramento’s Skydiving Academy

For those who want to skydive alone, or train others to skydive, our skydiving academy is the perfect option.

All training is facilitated by an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydiver, ensuring that all of the students will train for eligibility to receive their own FAA certification. The course fits the FAA mandated timeframes and also allows students to learn at an appropriate pace.

Accelerated Free Fall

Accelerated Freefall training includes seven levels for the trainee. Students will be assisted by a certified diver instructing them on diving skills and techniques. Students will first receive ground training, then tandem training. Each training lasts a few hours.

The first dive is performed between 10,000 and 12,000 feet and is facilitated by two instructors. Students will practice Harness Hold Training (HHT) and may experience 50 seconds of freefall before the instructor guides them in their fall.

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) instructions involve seven different levels split into two groups; teaching body position and awareness, then in-air skills. A jump demonstrating the skill leads to level completion.

Students who complete level 7 move to the Integrated Student Program; which requires students to continue practicing until the required 25 jumps are completed.

Static Line Progression

The Static Line Progression allows students to train while connected to the aircraft. Students will experience a 2-3 minute fall after jumping off the plane while still connected via static line.

Students will have four to five hours of ground instruction and take their first connected jump from 3000 feet above ground level. Successful jumps require 15 minutes of ground instruction and students will learn to deploy their own chute after two static line jumps. After these jumps, students will learn “Clear and Pull” and deploy the chute immediately after jumping then “10 Second Jump Delay”, waiting 10 seconds before deploying their chute. After 25 jumps, students are cleared of “student status”.

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Give Skydiving as a Gift for Friends and Family Everywhere

Do you want to give the gift of skydiving to a friend or family member? What better way to do so than with a Sacramento gift certificate? These are available for purchase for our Tandem Skydives or AFF Level 1 jumps. Our gift certificates are the perfect gift for any eligible individual, anywhere, anytime! You can even purchase a gift certificate for someone across the country. They are transferable between locations; although a small fee may be assessed. Recipients have two years to schedule a dive, as they are valid for two years after purchase. Maybe they decide not to use the gift certificate. No problem, gift certificates are transferable between individuals.

Gift certificates are perfect for any and all occasions. If you and your friend have always wanted to skydive together, there is no better way to do so than with a gift certificate. They are easily purchased by contacting one of our trained customer service representatives who are available to chat with you or answer any questions, seven days a week. Give a gift that your friend or loved one will remember forever with a skydiving gift certificate. There is no better gift than a gift certificate to Sacramento.

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Sacramento, California Parachuting Video Packages

Remember Your Experience Forever with an Imagery Package

Along with skydiving, we offer two imagery packages for customers. These include a camera flyer who will jump alongside you and a GoPro/Handycam option. Just hours after your jump, you will receive a final version of your dive along with photos we captured.

The camera flyer is a slightly more expensive option; however it is very competitively priced. This camera man will begin recording before you jump, taping as you prepare. This camera flyer will jump out of the plane before you in order to capture your epic discharge off the plane. As your body is soaring in the wind, this camera flyer will capture it all; from the thrilling screams to the crazy facial expressions. The camera flyer will land before you, in order to capture your perfect landing. After you land, they will capture your final thoughts. Be sure to reserve this option ahead of time to ensure the camera flyer is available.

The GoPro/Handycam option is the “up close and personal” option. When you purchase the GoPro option, your tandem instructor will attach the camera to themselves to ensure every facial expression and yelp of your dive is captured.

The Life of a Professional Skydiving Cameraman

To become a camera flyer, you must first become a certified skydiver, along with learning to maneuver the equipment and your body around the divers requesting the film. For easier filming, camera flyers have specialized equipment such as a mounted helmet for a camera. The camera flyer must be confidant in their own jump to ensure the best shot for the customer. After all, they only get one take!

A camera flyer’s skydiving skills must be above average, as they are required to maneuver in the sky unlike the average jumper. They are required to not only change body positions that require twists and turns, but move around the jumpers as well. A camera flyer will exit the plane first, but in order to get the perfect shot, they must slow their fall to capture the customer with the ground below. Shortly after, the camera flyer must quickly move below to capture the landing from the ground. A camera flyer must know how to work the equipment, as well as understand how to capture shots with the sun and wind. They must be able to think on the spot while in a situation that requires a full understanding of how to work a parachute.

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We are confident that we can and will deliver the most professional and experienced staff for your diving experience. Whether you want to take a Tandem jump or become a certified skydiver, we know you will not leave disappointed. Our friendly customer service agents are available seven days a week. They are also available to reserve your very first Tandem jump, or to help you purchase a parachuting gift certificate. Thank you for choosing Sacramento for your skydiving needs! Sacramento serves the below cities within the Sacramento, CA area:
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