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Skydiving is the most fun a person can have with their clothes on! With spectacular views and a natural adrenaline rush, skydiving is an experience many add to but never cross off their bucket lists. Imagine how envious your friends will be as you learn to master the skies. Skydiving is one of the safest extreme sports activities and professional skydivers have worked to reduce the risks to make it safer. Whether you skydive once or do it every weekend, skydiving is a rewarding challenge that also builds self-esteem. Call Parachuting.com Rockford right now!

Parachuting.com Rockford, IL has Options and Services for Every Skydiver

Rockford, Illinois Tandem Parachuting - Rockford Parachuting

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is recommended for first time skydivers. Certified instructors will facilitate your every movement and will deploy the chute for you. Tandem skydiving is a fun and safe way to share the skydiving experience with others. Take the opportunity to make your jump a group event. Remember to share your pictures!

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Solo Parachuting in Rockford, Illinois - Rockford Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Our Skydiving Academy offers eye-catching locations for skydivers to view. Instructors are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Parachuting.com Rockford offers courses and jumps to those who wish to skydive solo and those who wish become certified and skydive professionally. Our instructors and facilities have everything you’ll need.

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Rockford, Illinois Parachuting Gift Certificates - Rockford Parachuting

Parachuting.com Gift Certificates

Don’t take your jump alone. Our gift certificates are great gifts for anyone who loves excitement. Skydiving is an activity that is just as much fun when you do it alone as when you jump with others. Give a gift certificate to your family, friends or even employees.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Rockford Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

If you already have your certification to jump solo, then come and see us to Jump for Fun. There’s room in our planes to take you up for as many jumps as you want to make. The wonderful thing about skydiving is that the excitement of Free Falling is the only reason a person needs to skydive.

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Parachuting.com Rockford offers the best skydiving experience in Illinois

From leap to landing, Parachuting.com Rockford has everything a skydiver seeks, and more! The third largest city in Illinois, Rockford is known as the “Forest City”, and features great cultural treasures such as the Anderson Japanese Gardens and the Klehm Arboretum. Rockford’s topography is that of a deciduous forest. The city offers mind-blowing views when skydiving. Whether skydiving after it snows or while the landscape is lush and green in spring, Rockford is a skydiver’s dream. The area is a city of gardens and rivers with views that amaze and inspire. Get ready to leap from the clouds.

Rockford, Illinois Parachuting

Rockford, Illinois Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Our Skydiving Services and Facilities are the Best in Illinois!

We recommend Tandem jumping for first time skydivers. You’ll fly 14,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) and take a leap from the beautiful skies of Rockford, IL.

Parachuting.com Rockford’s typical Tandem Skydive
To correctly prepare and have a successful Tandem, you will:

  • Arrive early to (tour the facilities
  • Meet your skydiving instructor (our instructors are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Get fitted for the appropriate gear
  • Board the aircraft with your instructor
  • Ascend to jump altitude

Have your instructor attach themselves to you

  • Move toward the doorway with your instructor (you’ll be sitting right above the back wheel)

Your Jump
You’ll jump from 10,000 feet or more and your Free Fall will last for 26-30 seconds at speeds of up to 120 mph. Parachutes usually deploy around 5,500-6,000 feet and slow your speed creating a peaceful descent of around 6 minutes. Celebrate your epic landing with family and friends.

We supply all your items needed for a successful jump: Goggles, 4 point Passenger Harness, Container, Main Parachute, Drogue Chute (smaller chute attached to the main chute is for additional resistance), Reserve Chute, Automatic Aviation Device (AAD); this monitors the skydiver’s speed and altitude, and deploys the reserve chute if needed.

Our Drop zones are the best place to land!

A drop zone is a place where those who parachute land. Parachuting.com Rockford features a drop zone that give skydivers a place where they may celebrate their experience with others. Several of our drop zone include comfortable seating for family, friends and other guests who wish to support you as you complete your first, second or third jump. Feel free to bring items to celebrate your successful jumps, like food and drinks. Many of our drop zones are even equipped with picnic tables while some offer food and beverages for purchase by guests. Contact Parachuting.com Rockford about the details of specific locations and what they offer.

Parachuting.com Rockford has even more to offer!

Remember to bring your camera! Whether you’re showing off your courage or want witnesses as you cross skydiving off your bucket list, we want you to invite friends and family to watch and congratulate you. You’ll want to share your exciting jump with others by sending videos or pictures of yourself in skydiving gear. We offer professional videography services that capture every moment of this thrilling event as a timeless keepsake or to post on social media. Don’t forget that our gifts certificates are also a great way to share the excitement of Tandem skydives with others.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Rockford, Illinois

Our Skydiving Academy teaches you Skydiving Skills!

Parachuting.com Rockford’s Skydiving Academy provides training with instructors certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our courses are beneficial for those wishing to skydive solo, professionally, or to gain certification to train others. Instruction includes both Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression training. AFF is a much more accelerated version of instruction for those with limited time of who wish to learn quickly.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free Fall training includes seven steps in which skydivers receive instruction in various stages. Students perform solitary Free Fall jumps much sooner than with Static Line Progression training. The first Free Fall in AFF may be executed after seven hours of instruction.

The First Free Fall

  • At 10,00-12,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL)
  • Two AFF instructors jump with the student
  • Instructors use Harness Hold Training to maintain physical contact with the student
  • Student experiences 50 seconds or more of Free Fall

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
Upon completion of Level 7, the skydiving student enters the Integrated Student Program and continues to practice and learn maneuvers. After completing 25 jumps, students may apply for their A License allowing them to jump solo in many places around the world.

Static Line Progression (S/L)
In the Static line Progression training method, skydivers fly to 3,000 ft. AGL and execute a suspended exit from the plane. As the skydiver falls away from the aircraft, the main canopy is deployed by a ‘static line’ attached to the aircraft. Students experience a 2 to 3 minute fall.
Static Line Progression instruction includes:

  • 4 -5 hours of ground instruction
  • First jump at 3,000 ft. AGL
  • After two S/L jumps executed effectively, the student learns to deploy the chute

Three jumps are executed with students deploying chute

  • Free Fall jumps are taken at progressively higher altitudes
  • After 25 jumps, the student may apply for an A License for solo jumping

Professional Skydivers Work Hard and Play Harder

Becoming a professional skydiver is not for the faint of heart. Skydivers come from every background and have a variety of personal and professional reasons for mastering this extreme sport. Nonetheless, every certified skydiver has committed time, effort, good budgeting skills and personal dedication to becoming a professional. Professional skydivers are an exclusive group of individuals who may use their skills and mastery of the sport in a range of amazing ways that include saving lives and helping others.

Paratroopers, pararescuers and smoke jumpers are a few examples of skydivers who use their abilities to help others. Paratroopers, trained by the military, are often used to gain strategic and tactical advantage in military maneuvers. This type of “air assault” has been employed in a variety of military campaigns since World War II. Pararescuers or parajumpers, often called the “Ultimate Warriors, are members of the U.S Air Force who provide recovery and medical treatment for those in humanitarian and combat environments. Smoke jumpers are wildland firefighters who parachute into difficult-to-reach locations to fight wildfires. Ask any professional skydiver, and you’ll learn that skydiving can be much more than a thrill ride in the clouds.

The world needs more skydivers; start your training today by calling 1-800-672-8942!

Parachuting.com Rockford, Illinois Skydiving Gift Certificates

Our Gift Certificates never stop giving

Parachuting.com Rockford offers a variety of gift certificates for our Tandem Skydives and our Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 jumps. These certificates are transferable from one location to another and between people. (A small fee may be assessed when transferring locations.) Our gift certificates are valid for two years following the date of purchase.

Our gift certificates are the ideal gift for someone who needs a bit of adventure infused into their daily life. This impressive gift is also the perfect option for holiday presets, milestone celebrations, birthdays and more. Share the thrill of your first skydiving experience with someone you love or use skydiving as a way to build team cohesion and increase the morale of your employees, sports team or organization. Skydiving is also a great way to set up a marriage proposal.

Parachuting.com Rockford offers gift certificates seven days a week. Simply contact our customer service experts by calling 1-800-672-8942. Don’t miss the opportunity to share the exciting experience of a Tandem Skydive jump with others.

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Rockford, Illinois Parachuting Video Packages

Capture your Skydive and Share it with Everyone

There are two great ways to record your jump for years to come! Our first imagery package option involves one of our camera flyers jumping with you to record the skydive. With our second option, the GoPRO/Handycam Package, your skydiving instructor is equipped with a GoPro camera that records your experiences from an “up close and in-person” point of view. Both of these packages are competitively priced although the personal videographer option is a tad more costly as the camera person is a professional. The videographer records your thoughts and excitement from before you board the aircraft to after you land. We’ll record every scream, shout and facial expression. We record your final thoughts and feelings about the experience.

With each option, the video is edited and set to music. You’ll receive a CD that includes you skydiving and any still images captured during your jump. Share your skydive on social media as often as you like. Let our customer service representative know which option you prefer so that we have a camera package ready to record your jump.

Camera Flyers Help Share the Exhilaration of Skydiving

Shooting a video at an altitude of 14,000 feet is incredibly exciting. Nothing beats the thrill of photographing people as they fly in the air and make cool landings. Camera flyers do this every weekend with students, teams and those who love to Free Fall.

Skydiving videos are fun to watch but shooting one can be a challenging and rewarding job. You’ll get shots that other folks will never even imagine. To become a camera flyer, you’ll first need to become a certified skydiver. Secondly, you’ll need the right gear. This includes a professional helmet that allows you to mount a camera on it. Many companies produce cameraflying headgear for shooting a skydiving video.

Be ready to make a lot of jumps as it can take up to 250 jumps to perfect getting good footage with the camera equipment. Remember practice makes perfect. After you are comfortable with the camera, remember that the video you create needs to tell a story: boarding the plane, the ride up, the ground below, the exit, Free Falling and landing. Make it compelling. Cameraflyers have to learn to move around the skydivers to get the dynamic shots needed to show how exciting skydiving really is.

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Parachuting.com Rockford Reservations
Rockford, IL

Parachuting.com Rockford, IL has everything you need!

Parachuting.com Rockford, IL has everything you need to make your skydiving experience exhilarating and fun. Our instructors and facilities are the best Illinois has to offer. Whether you want to check this exciting challenge off your bucket list or are looking to become a certified expert, there’s no one better to teach you how to Free Fall from the sky. Sign up for a Tandem jump today – you’ll embark on the experience of a lifetime. Thanks for stopping by to learn about a little about skydiving. Our customer service representatives are waiting to answer any question you have. Simply call the number below, any day of the week.

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