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Reno Skydiving is a Rush Unlike Any Other!

Skydiving is associated with being an enthralling experience for thrill seekers. However, many do not consider the fact that immediate thrill seekers are not the only ones who skydive. Many people choose to skydive for numerous reasons, one of the most popular being that people want to do something exciting unlike anything that they have ever done before. The rush that is associated with skydiving from start to finish is what is most exciting to skydivers. Your heart will begin to pump fast, and the feeling will be something indescribable, especially if you have never skydived before. It truly is an experience that has to be experienced to understand.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Reno, NV Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem skydiving a popular way to experience skydiving for first timers.Tandem skydiving is a unique type of skydiving that involves the student being harnessed to the tandem instructor. This is popular for those who want to skydive with a certified instructor. The instructor will guide the student through the process, including the jump from the exit to the free fall. The instructor also guides you through piloting of the canopy and landing.

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Solo Parachuting in Reno, Nevada

Skydiving Academy

Skydiving Academy is something unique we offer for customers who want to learn more and get more personalized instruction. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of the sport, this is a strong option for you. Skydiving Academy is offered to those who want to practice the sport consistently, rather than only making an occasional jump. If you have been wanting to learn more about skydiving and practice the sport actively, we encourage you to learn more.

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Reno Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

The gift of excitement that keeps on giving! Here at Reno, we want to make it possible to provide memorable experiences in any way we can. That is why we have gift certificates available, so the gift giving can extend far beyond birthdays and Christmas. While the bulk of our gift certificates are for Tandem skydiving, we do offer gift certificates for Accelerated Free Fall training for level 1.

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Jump for Fun!

If you are a person who wants to do jumps simply for the fun and excitement of it all, we also have a package that is a suitable option for you. We do offer the ability to jump for fun. This package gives you the ability to try our jumps without all of the accessibility offered with other packages.

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Reno, Nevada is an interesting city of bright lights and adventure!

Located by the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe, it is referred to often as the “Biggest Little City in the World”. With its close proximity to ski resorts and its myriad of local casinos, Reno makes for an interesting landscape if you are considering skydiving! You can fly high over the National Automobile Showcase in Downtown Reno, which houses over 200 vintage cars, or take in the sights Animal Ark, an animal sanctuary filled with cheetahs, bears, and additional wildlife just north of downtown or Midtown District where the tourists and locals alike share restaurant and shop space.

Reno, Nevada Parachuting

Reno, Nevada Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is Perfect for First Timers!

Tandem skydiving straps the instructor to you and allows them to facilitate your entire skydive experience while in the air. Tandem jumping is the most recommended type of jumping for first time skydivers. This is specifically because they allow the functional responsibilities of the dive to be facilitated by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Instructor. This is essential because it ultimately allows for you to experience the sensations of skydiving while also providing the chance to get a look at the amazing views from over 15,000 feet into the air.

There are some things that should be known and considered before tandem skydiving. It is important that you arrive at your drop zone much earlier than your intended skydiving time. This gives you the opportunity to become acclimated to the facilities and determine where your family or friends may wait for you. It also allows you to meet your instructor, which is especially important since they will be jumping attached to you. They also will be able to provide you with brief information and directions beforehand as well. You also will have the opportunity to watch an informative video prior to your jump to better prepare you. The jump typically commences from 10,000 plus feet and will consist of roughly a 26 to 30 second freefall in which you may achieve speeds of up to 120 mph.

Our drop zones are very unique and unpredictable!

Our drop zones are unlike any other drop zone at your standard skydiving facility. One of the main things that set our drop zones apart from others are that we have comfortable seating located both inside and outside for our customers and their friends and family. Some locations offer food for sale, picnic tables, and drink stands to supply you with all of the things that you will need to be comfortable and to have a memorable experience. Each location has different amenities, however, so it is encouraged you reach out to the specific location that you are interested in for details.

Capture All of the Adventure on Video!

Have your friends or family that are accompanying you bring their cameras so that they can get great shots of you during this adventurous, heart pounding time! This gives them the ability to capture your moment in action, and you can relive the moment with them each and every time. We do also offer videography services if that is something you are interested in. We have professionals available to capture the experience for you from start to finish. Additionally, if you are interested in professional skydiving, we encourage you to read further.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Reno, NV

Try Out Our Skydiving Academy Program!

Skydiving training is something we recommend to anyone who wants to pursue skydiving professionally or pursue any type of certification to transition into instruction. We have a small instruction base which is designed that way to maximize the potential of the customer being able to train to become a certified instructor through the Federal Aviation Association. Our training is comprehensive and will progress you at an efficient speed but also one that you feel most suitable for you as the student. It must simply fall within the mandated FAA timelines.

The two types of training methods that our skydiving training use is Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression (S/L). If the two were to be compared, Accelerated Free Fall is a much more accelerated method of instruction if you are pursuing your skydiving certification with the FAA. Static Line Progression is more of the traditional route. With AFF, there are seven levels that the student will be involved in. Overall, the student will be instructed to do various degrees of solo skydives. These jumps will ultimately be facilitated by one or more skydiving instructors who will jump alongside the student. Static Line Progression, however, is a jump that occurs at 3,000 feet above ground level (AGL). The student will execute a somewhat balanced or suspended exit from the aircraft, and as the student falls away from the aircraft, the canopy is essentially deployed by a “static line” that will be affixed to the actual aircraft. This is where the student will experience a usually two to three minute fall.

Formation skydiving is an artistic expression in air!

Formation skydiving is a special art form of skydiving that focuses on making art and patterns in the air as you are free falling to the ground. This can be done two ways, either in the prone position or vertically. The prone position refers to your belly being to the earth, or horizontally, whereas the vertical position is where either your feet or your head is facing earth. What makes formation skydiving so unique is that it can be seen as a competitive sport. A competition team of between four and eight people can be put together in order to perform their art in the air along with a solo videographer. A standard competition can feature up to ten rounds, and each round is allowed up to six formations. The formations can be drawn from an international pool of random and block formations. Random formations are considered singular formations that have full separations of all grips that are between the performers both before as well as after building the formation. Blocks are categorized by double formations with a synchronized, designed movement in between. The judging is based on the videographer’s material and is done objectively. Only the technical performance counts.

Smokejumpers are Often not Discussed!

Have you ever heard of the term smokejumper? A smokejumper is a person who deploys from an aircraft by parachute into wildland to combat fires that are often times extremely remote. They are considered “skydiving firefighters.” There are also many unknown things about smokejumpers that are quite interesting to learn.

1. A small fire that went nova actually led to the establishing of the smokejumpers program
In 1937. There was a fire that burned for two days straight before being discovered in Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. By the time it was discovered, it had drastically grown in magnitude and became a firestorm. Fifteen firefighters were dead and 38 others were injured. After assessing this situation, a solution became proposed. Men could parachute onto the scene and airdrop them the equipment.

2. The training is as intense as it gets.
Because smokejumpers land adjacent to the fires, they must train to successfully exit cargo, especially on forested, mountainous terrain. Landing in the wilderness is a challenge on its own, so they must train hard to successfully carry out these actions. Also, because the must catch and secure the airdropped equipment, it is important that they are properly prepared.

3. They are the special operations unit of the firefighting world.
Smokejumper teams are often designated as Type 1 and a part of the National Emergency Response Incident Command System. Type 1 simply categorizes them as being the best in the business, making them a heavily qualified contender in Emergency Response. They have the most training and experience.

Being a smokejumper is not discussed often. Many do not know what a smokejumper is or what they do, and it is not a commonly associated term with skydiving. However, smokejumpers are skydiving firefighters who make emergency responses.

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Enjoy the Experience More as a gift!

It’s the gift of excitement that keeps on giving! Here at Reno, we want to make it possible to provide memorable experiences in any way we can. That is why we have skydiving gift certificates available, so the gift giving can extend far beyond birthdays and Christmas. While the bulk of our gift certificates are for tandem skydiving, we do offer gift certificates for Accelerated Free Fall training level one.

Tandem skydiving and AFF level one both have the option to be gifted with and without a video package, so calling one of our team members here to get that special gift certificate is critical. Our gift certificates are special because they are valid for two years after purchase. They are also accepted at over 80 skydiving facilities in addition to the Reno location. Our gift certificates are also fully transferable, and we have customer service available seven days a week.

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Reno Nevada Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Packages are an Exciting Offer!

We have two imagery packages we offer alongside our skydiving services for our customers. One of the choices we offer is the potential for a cameraman to jump alongside of you to film the entire skydive. The camera flyer will record your thoughts as you prepare for your jump prior to you even boarding the plane. They also will board with you and capture your thoughts right before you exit the aircraft and through the jump process. They also land a bit before you in order to capture your landing fully.

We also offer an additional service, our GoPro /Handycam alternative. This is where the skydiving instructor you are jumping with will have the GoPro camera equipped in order to record your actions, behaviors, and overall experience. This is a more personal vantage point compared to having the camera flyer option. With either option, you will be given a CD as well as still shots of your jump. This is for you to keep so that you can remember your experience for times to come. We encourage you to share it with your family and friends and let them in on the experience too!

Do You Want to Tell a Story?

Are you interested in becoming a cameraman? Have you wanted to take flight with your beloved camera in tow? Becoming a cameraman for skydiving jumps is an enthralling experience, and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. Seeking adventure is something you must breathe as a cameraman because falling from over 15,000 feet in the air is not something everyone desires to do in their lifetime, especially not consistently. But what else does it take to become a cameraman and shoot dynamic, unique, and storytelling videos in the air? Well, aside from the obvious of becoming a certified skydiver, it is essential that you consider these few points. You want to move around the skydivers throughout the process to capture a dynamic story overall. You do not want to stay idle. This is a very important point. Additionally, you will want to shoot your videos of the skydivers with the sun behind you. It is very difficult to get good shots with the sun blinding you. Also, the biggest point is to make a story out of the jump. As the cameraman, it is your responsibility to bring the story to life!

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