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Do you know how exhilarating it is to free fall from an aircraft and float through the air with a parachute guiding you back to reality? Visit us at Portland, Oregon. You’ll soon discover all that and more. Most seasoned skydivers claim they were hooked when they first gave the sport a try. Start by enjoying a tandem jump, where you’re strapped to a professional who takes the reins and accompanies you safely to the ground. Safety is imperative in this profession, and you’ll soon learn we exercise the utmost in safety procedures to ensure your experience is worry free. Your life will change once you’ve experienced skydiving. Make that call and find a new sense of fulfillment on its way.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Portland, Oregon Tandem Parachuting - Portland Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Beginning skydivers can relax and have a great time during a tandem jump. You’ll be tethered to one of our seasoned professionals throughout the adventure with our state of the art skydiving equipment. Your jump will be preceded with a lessons on the ground where you’ll learn about the aircraft, your tandem master, and the steps you’ll take from the time you board your plan until you land safely back on the ground.

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Solo Parachuting in Portland, Oregon - Portland Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

If eventually skydiving solo is your dream, Skydiving Academy is the perfect choice for you. Led by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers, this training will eventually lead to your FAA certification, too. Although FAA timeframes must be observed, this Skydiving Academy allows future solo skydivers to progress at a comfortable pace. Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression are both included in Skydiving Academy. The training is comprehensive and, even more importantly, fun!

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Portland, Oregon Parachuting Gift Certificates - Portland Parachuting

Gift Certificates

At, we sell gift certificates good for all levels of skydiving. A gift certificate for a tandem jump is perfect for someone who has dreamed of skydiving. Skydiving Academy gift certificates are excellent gifts for those who have been tandem skydiving a time or two. The graduates on your shopping list, or perhaps the newlyweds in your family, would love receiving one of these gift certificates. They are exciting and appreciated gifts.

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Jump for Fun!

If you’ve completed enough skydiving training but aren’t interested in working toward becoming an instructor, you might prefer to simply join us at Portland and take part in what we call jumps for fun. Those skydivers who are professionally licensed or accredited to jump solo qualify for theses fun jumps. Get to know some of our professional skydivers and experience skydiver’s camaraderie when you sign up for one of these fun jumps.

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Portland Parachuting in Oregon – See the Pacific Northwest from the Air

Portland is the largest city in the Beaver State, making it the perfect region for to lay down roots. It’s the 26th most populated city in the country, so droves of people now have the opportunity to check us out and learn about or further their skydiving experiences.

Imagine views of majestic Mt. Hood or the gorgeous Oregon coastline from 10,000 feet up. The cityscape is just as stunning, with skyscrapers like Fox Tower and the many bridges that span the Willamette River lending themselves to the Portland ambience. From Mother Nature at her finest to the utmost in modern innovation, skydiving with us offers everything you could possibly want and more.

Portland, Oregon Parachuting

Portland, Oregon Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps – Come Experience the Perfect Skydiving Introduction

Tandem jumps are the initial jumps for beginner skydivers. As the novice, you’ll be tethered to your seasoned professional skydiving instructor via a harness that meets all Federal Aviation Administration safety guidelines. The instructor is completely in charge of your jump, from the moment you exit the aircraft and free falling to maneuvering the canopy and landing back on the ground.

Drogue Parachutes
Drogue parachutes are used when skydivers jump in tandem. Shortly after leaving the aircraft, this parachute deploys and actually lengthens the time it takes to land.

Tandem parachute rigs include a main and a reserve canopy. This is mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration. The rigs also include an AAD, or automatic activation device. This device deploys the parachute if it senses that skydivers are still in free fall when their canopies should have since deployed.

Tandem Professionals and Guidelines
In the United States, there are some strict requirements that tandem skydiving professionals must adhere to. They need certification that shows they’ve got three years of skydiving experience. Each instructor must have jumped at least 500 times and must hold a master parachute license. They must have passed a certification course offered by the manufacturer of their specific tandem parachute system.

Tandem Day
When arriving at the drop zone for your tandem jump, expect the following:

  • You’ll meet your tandem master, who will provide instruction on everything you’ll do.
  • You’ll don skydiving gear.
  • You’ll board the aircraft with your instructor.
  • While you ascend to jump elevation, your instructor will attach you to him/her.
  • You’ll approach the doorway as your turn to jump arrives.
  • You’ll jump at approximately 10,000 feet and free fall for about 30 seconds. The parachute will deploy at about 5500-6000 feet. Next, you’ll descend gracefully to the ground.

Our Drop Zones Offer Fun, Relaxation, and Comfort

Our Portland drop zone is fun and relaxing. We provide comfortable inside seating at most drop zones (speak with our professionals to learn exactly what each of our drop zones offer) for those waiting to watch skydivers in action.

Some of our drop zones feature picnic tables outside, so bring your lunch or dinner and stay for the day. Some drop zones offer snack bars where you may buy lunch, dinner, snacks, and cold beverages.

Make sure your friends and family members arrive at our drop zone armed with their cameras because you’ll all want shots of this exciting event. Since drop zones are outside of proper cities, you’ll typically find a backdrop of rural beauty that lends itself to these photos.

Of course, some people want to preserve their skydiving experience with professional videography. If that’s something you’d like, read on.

Videography, Professional Skydiving: We Provide This and More

At Portland, Oregon, we have professional videographers who will board your flight with you and capture your tandem skydiving experience from start to finish. They’ll jump just a second or two ahead of you and begin filming right away. A less expensive option involves your tandem master donning a GoPro camera and filming your jump from up close and personal. You may purchase gift certificates either over the phone or at our drop zones that are good for both skydiving adventures and videography.

If pursuing professional skydiving is of interest to you, consider reading on and learning about the steps necessary to become a pro. Our seasoned professionals are ready to help you attain whichever level of skydiving best suits you. Our gift certificates are good for all our skydiving options. Purchase one for someone you know who has these goals in mind—or perhaps even for yourself!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Portland, Oregon

Skydiving Academy – Train With Us at Portland

Skydiving instruction at Portland is available for all levels of the sport. You can learn to jump solo as your learn to love the sport, or you can become a professional skydiver who eventually takes newbies on their inaugural tandem jumps.

Our instruction is facilitated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers. This means our students will become certified by the FAA upon completion of various levels of their training. We instruct our students in two main styles of training.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free Fall is the most common skydiving training. The student initially jumps from the aircraft with two certified trainers. Each trainer holds onto their student’s harness during free fall. The student wears and deploys his own parachute system with prompting from the instructors, who remain in radio.

First AFF Training Free Fall
Expect the following with your first free fall as part of Accelerated Free Fall training:

  • You’ll train at 10,000-12,000 feet AGL
  • Two instructors accompany you throughout free fall portion of the jump
  • Instructors maintain physical contact via Harness Hold Training (HHT)
  • HHT is executed until student deploys chute
  • You may experience at least 50 seconds of free fall

7 Steps in USPA AFF Instruction

Levels 1-3:

  • Two certified Instructors jump alongside student
  • Students learn the following: altitude awareness, body position, stability, pull sequence, and effective chute deployment
  • Level 3 finds students released into free fall to fall solo

Levels 4-7:

  • Instruction for ‘In air skills’
  • Turns
  • Forward Movement
  • Docking onto other skydivers
  • Performing ‘Superman’ exits from plane

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
ISP is available to students who have completed levels 1-7. It involves practicing maneuvers solo or with an instructor until achieving the 25 jumps required to apply for their A license. Their A license allows them to jump where and when they want.

Static Line (S/L) Progression Instruction

S/L progression instruction takes place with the student jumping at 3,000 feet above ground level. When the student falls from the aircraft, their canopy is deployed via a static line attached to the aircraft.

Call 1-800-672-8942 and learn what Portland can teach you! Portland, Oregon Skydiving Gift Certificates Gift Certificates Are Super Inspirational

Who doesn’t want to give a gift that inspires? When you present a gift certificate to Portland to someone, it will no doubt inspire them to literally and figuratively reach new heights. Yes, they’ll have the opportunity to experience a tandem jump, but it can also lead to a career as a professional skydiver or work in a related field.

A gift certificate for a tandem jump introduces novice skydivers to the sport and helps them decide how far within the sport they wish to go. A gift certificate for Accelerated Free Fall instruction leads to becoming a professional skydiver and possibly even an instructor.

Our gift certificates are transferable from person to person and between locations. They’re valid for two years. Portland, Oregon gift certificates are perfect as holiday or birthday gifts. They make excellent gifts for those “hard to buy for” friends and family members.

You may purchase our gift certificates by calling 1-800-672-8942 seven days a week.

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Portland, Oregon Parachuting Video Packages

Our Imagery Packages Capture Your Skydiving Experiences Forever

At Portland, we offer more than just skydiving. We feature two types of imagery packages to forever capture the excitement of your first or subsequent skydiving adventures. Our videographers are also called camera flyers. See which of our options works best for you.

Our videography service is the best option available. A professional videographer jumps a second or two prior to you leaving the aircraft and records every moment of your chosen jump. Prior to the jump, he or she takes a video of you boarding the aircraft and gets a bit of footage as the plane is gaining altitude and as you anticipate your skydive.

This is the more expensive of our two options. The extra cost is due to a separate skydiver taking part in your adventure.

We offer a less expensive option for those not interested or unable to invest in our videography. This option involves your tandem master or a skydiving instructor—depending on what kind of jump you’re embarking on—wearing a GoPro camera on his or her helmet and recording your skydiving experience from an up close and personal vantage point.

Both of these options will capture the excitement of your skydiving adventure. Both include an edited CD of all the fun you had at Portland, Oregon.

Skydiving Careers: How to Become a Camera Flyer

There are several careers available to those who are trained and certified as professional skydivers. One such option is a camera flyer.

You’ve likely seen them if you frequent drop zones. Armed with camera gear, they accompany tandem masters and skydiving trainers onto the aircraft and up into the sky. Camera flyers jump with or just ahead of skydivers, capturing their adventures on video for a priceless memento of their big day.

How does one become a camera flyer? First of all, you must have the appropriate training and certification required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Then, you must be willing to invest some of your hard-earned cash into this new facet of skydiving on which you’re about to embark. You must also have some experience in photography and/or videography.

Camera jumpers purchase videography equipment. After making this investment, you must then invest in many jumps in order to practice your craft.

During the training jumps, camera jumpers learn to juggle skydiving with the equipment they’ll use. Practice makes perfect, and after 50 to 100 such jumps, the camera jumpers are ready to work professionally.

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