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Take Your Dreams to New Heights Through Skydiving Pittsburgh

Have you dreamt of flying like the birds and bees? Without wings, it’s a no-go. We have a better option: Skydiving in Pittsburgh, PA. Start off by jumping with an instructor. You’ll feel the power of flight, just like the birds and the bees. No, we’re not having THAT talk. Your aircraft takes you up over 10,000 feet. You choose to fall as if your spirit has wings! You drop rapidly, trying to control your balance. Your chute opens for a slower descent. When you land, your heart has earned its wings. Contact Pittsburgh to make it happen.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tandem Parachuting

The Instructor Connection

Take this literally. In a Tandem Jump, you’ll be connected to your instructor during the jump and landing. You’ll receive instruction and will be fitted with safety equipment. What could be a better to way to start skydiving? Just winging it? Nah, you’ll love having company on the way down. We recommend the Tandem Jump for all first-time skydivers.

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Solo Parachuting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Lots to Learn

Maybe you’ve taken the plunge once or twice in a Tandem Jump and have decided to go it alone. We applaud your ambition! Are you ready? Bye! It’s not that easy, but we have an awesome solution: Skydiving Academy! You’ll be taught how to solo jump by pros, and you can some day learn to be one yourself!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Parachuting Gift Certificates

Giving Them Sky

If the best things in life are free, the most wonderful free things are gifts. Giving a truly meaningful gift to someone else satisfies the soul even more than receiving one. What could be more meaningful than a Tandem Jump gift certificate? Or the ability to get a video of their jump to keep forever?

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Skydiving for Kicks

Once you get the hang of skydiving, you may want to do it over and over again. We call this Jumping for Fun. Makes sense, right? You’ll need the right drop zone and the most incredible group of people around. We bet you can guess who can match you up with the spot you need. Why,, of course!

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Over the Rivers and Through the Steel City!

Pittsburgh, PA has been called the Steel City, City of Champions, and the City of Bridges, famous for its industry, the success of its sports teams, and the historic and numerous bridges over the three rivers that come to a confluence in the city. The Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers flow together to form the Ohio River at Point State Park (a.k.a. “the Point”), home of many celebrations for all. Pittsburgh is also known for its beautiful skyline, especially impressive at night, as well as its cultural offerings. How many people know Pittsburgh for its amazing skydiving opportunities? The surrounding area has gorgeous green landscape from spring through fall. Rolling hills fill the Pittsburgh area, yet there is plenty of flat ground for a fantastic drop zone. Admire it all while skydiving and having the time of your life!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Parachuting

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Attachment Parachuting for the New and Inexperienced Jumper

Does the early bird really get the worm? We’re not sure about that, but we know that you should arrive early to your skydiving session to familiarize yourself with the setup of the drop zone. You’ll meet your instructor and learn some information. Next, it will be time to outfit you in the appropriate tandem skydiving gear. Ready, set, go—whoops, not quite yet.

The instructor will board the aircraft with you, and you’ll rise to over 10,000 feet. Your gear includes a harness that has hooks. The instructor will attach to you with these hooks. Time to move toward the doorway and start your free fall! Really, you’re too far in to back out now. The fall will last about 30 seconds until the chutes deploy. You’ll be halfway there! Now you can take a gradual gloat to the landing, absorbing the beauty of the scenery and the experience.

Tie One On

Tie on a parachute, that is! In reality, the tandem jumper will wear a harness with two parachutes. A smaller parachute, called a Drogue Chute, is attached to your main parachute to handle the stress of two people’s weight with the same wind resistance. For you science-y types, it has something to do with how the force/mass ratio affects acceleration. Translation: you fall more slowly! If your speed and altitude aren’t at an acceptable level, a small monitor called an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) triggers the deployment of your Reserve Chute. It’s like a miniature hero, there to save the day.

Drop Zone: Be in the Know about Your Landing Site!

What goes up must come down. You need a good place to take off and to land, called a drop zone. Some zones have only the basics you need for skydiving while others have amenities for you and for visitors, including seating and refreshments. Most importantly, in Pittsburgh, PA guarantees that FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified instructors will conduct the training.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feed the Need to Keep Jumping at Skydiving Academy!

School’s out for the summer and Skydiving Academy is in, providing the ultimate skydiving training. The Academy uses two methods and guarantees FAA instructors at all locations for Free Fall, instructor, and professional training.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training

If you like the idea of a Free Fall as your first training jump, then AFF is for you. Of course, your instructor won’t just push you off the plane and wave good-bye. Not unless you’ve been very naughty. In AFF training, you take your first dive from about 10,000 feet with two instructors. One of them will hold you by your harness until you successfully deploy your chute. This allows for a free fall of around 50 seconds.

In AFF levels 1-3 include jumping alongside the two instructors to learn effective chute deployment. In levels 1-4, the focus is on movement. You’ll be taught the Superman exit to prove that all skydivers are truly superheroes! Once you have completed your levels, you get to jump 25 times to qualify for a license to jump solo. You’ll practice maneuvers with an instructor or on your own to complete the jumps.

Give Thought to the Serious Side of Skydiving!

Beyond the world of recreational skydiving exists a universe made of risk-taking, adrenaline loving, and extremely courageous adults called professional skydivers. They can also be seen as a little bit out-there. But really, they are “up-there”! As out-of-the-box as they may seem, professional skydivers work hard to learn their craft.

For many, thoughts of skydiving may connect to images of military paratroopers. Most of us have seen video footage of paratroopers. A military career as a paratrooper ranks high on the list of dangerous professions. When paratroopers are ordered into combat areas, they are expected to complete their missions. Paratrooper training is very difficult and performance standards are critical to success. The rewards of serving the country are extremely gratifying.

Next time you have a successful skydive, whisper a little “Thank You” to the packer/rigger who set up your chute. Skydivers rely on properly operating equipment. Packers/riggers, trained at Skydiving Academy, are the people responsible for maintaining, packing, and repairing skydiving gear. The standards to become certified as a packer/rigger are high because of their critical role in safe jumping and landing. You’re welcome.

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Don’t Buy Something Boring, Purchase High-Flying Excitement

Everybody loves money. Sometimes, when you have money, you spend it on boring things like bills and food. Wouldn’t it be nice to give someone a gift certificate that could only be used on a Tandem Jump or videography of the jump? We have those very gift certificates available through Pittsburgh.

You have a loved one that isn’t in Pittsburgh, you say? Good news ahead. For a small fee, our gift certificates are transferrable between locations. They’re valid for two years. You know that your loved one can’t be busy every day for two years. An unforgettable skydiving experience makes a perfect birthday or holiday gift. They’re wonderful to give as an invitation for the recipient to skydive with you. Tea for two is boring. Free falling for two is not.

Call 1-800-672-8942 and tell the customer service representative that you want to purchase a Tandem Jump or photography package gift certificate. Do this on Monday or on Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are good, too. Let’s not leave out Saturday and Sunday. Come on, now, just call!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Parachuting Video Packages

How to Become a Social Media Skydiving Superstar!

“Why you want to go skydiving? How do you feel as you are boarding the plane? Are you anxious about stepping out the door?” A camera flyer might ask these questions before you jump. If you flash a smile, the camera flyer will catch it on video. Thumbs up? That’s captured, too.

Now, you’re in the air. The camera flyer is in front of you, recording, and then moves to beside you, continuing to catch each move you make, each facial expression. If you can’t help but grimace or scream, it will be preserved forever. If you laugh hysterically, the camera flyer will get that, too. Whether it’s a smooth or bumpy landing, it doesn’t matter. The photographer is right there with you.

After it’s all over, you’d like to see that jump again and to show it to your family and friends. Good thing you ordered the camera flyer. You can take your CD and share your video all over social media. Soon, you’ll be a social media superstar. Well, we can’t guarantee it, but it’s a nice thought! Call at 1-800-672-8942 to ask about scheduling a camera flyer for your next jump.

Camera Flying: More than Point, Shoot, and Fly

You’ve jumped a few times, and you’re ready to fly with a camera. You show up at the drop zone excitedly, expecting to film your skydive. The instructor laughs and says, “No.” Why can’t you just strap on the camera and go?

Camera flyers add to the excitement of skydiving by taking video and still shots of jumps of all kinds. Professional camera flyers know how to safely maneuver to get the best image. Experienced fun jumpers can record their own voluntary plunges to earth. In either case, there is a 200-jump minimum with at least 50 jumps taken in the skydiving equipment that they will use while camera flying. And you thought skydiving was just for fun!

For the camera flyer, exceptional flying skills are required. The skydiver that has good reactions in both quality camerawork and safety makes the best camera flyer. Professionals often shoot individual jumpers, but they can be hired to skydive with formation teams, wingsuit flyers, and free fall aerobatics skydivers. Each one has its own thrills and dangers. Camera flyers must have knowledge of safety procedures and have proven ability to get out of any emergency.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Easy, Peasy, Floating on a Breezy: Skydiving Has it All

Skydiving is such an activity that takes you up, up, and away from your stresses and into a fantasy world where you can fly like a bird. Once you’ve learned to skydive, it’s easy to get hooked and to want to go further with training, jumping for fun, and, for some, skydiving professionally. We hope that you’ve learned from the information on our website. Call our customer service department to book or to ask questions. Don’t call for food delivery, to ask which movies are playing, or to report problems with your cat. Parachuting calls only, please. Pittsburgh serves the below cities within the Pittsburgh,PA area:
Dormont, PA / Brentwood, PA / Wilkinsburg, PA / Munhall, PA / Swissvale, PA / Mount Lebanon, PA
Baldwin, PA / Neville Township, PA / Bethel Park, PA / West Mifflin, PA / North Versailles, PA / Franklin Park, PA

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