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“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”
-Leena Ahmad Almashat-

What makes skydiving great, a singular, breathtaking experience?
Most people think it’s the idea of letting go, giving in to the laws of nature, but it’s more than that. It starts with the anticipation! If you’re thinking about skydiving, you already know what I’m talking about. You probably feel it right now as you’re reading this. It’s the longing for more, and it grows more powerful as you get closer to your jump. When you’re on the way up in the airplane it’s breathtaking, so much like fear, but not, something more primal than that. It’s not an immediate fear, but years of taboos built up into one moment when you’re standing at the door, it reaches a pinnacle, a burning peak within your chest, and then, you fly. The jump is exhilarating. You feel weightless, all those fears shed into the wind, and when you thump to the ground, the weightless feeling follows you for weeks afterward.

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Phoenix, Arizona Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem jumping is the recommended starting point for any future skydiver. A tandem jump begins with a conversation with one of our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructors. During a tandem jump you will be attached to your instructor by at least four points of attachment, and during the descent, he or she will be responsible for all the mechanical and safety aspects of skydiving, allowing you a safe and observational first time experience.

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Solo Parachuting in Phoenix, Arizona

Skydiving Academy

If you’ve already had a few jumps under your harness and want to learn more, then Phoenix, AZ may be perfect for you! The Skydiving Academy offers two course paths. The first, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), is an accelerated instruction toward a skydiving certification that focuses on rapid progression through the skydiving basics. Static Line Progression (S/L) requires more jumps, but both are taught under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

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Phoenix, Arizona Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Phoenix AZ, offers a variety of gift certificate packages available to encourage all your friends and family to partake in their own aviation adventure. A skydiving gift certificate is perfect for any special occasion! These packages vary from payment for a single drop all the way to payment for an entire course at the Skydiving Academy, and they are available for purchase seven days a week by calling 1-855-532-6495.

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Jump for Fun!

If a structured academy isn’t quite your style, and you’ve already experienced a tandem jump, you’re probably ready for your own solo parachuting adventure. It’s time to take to the sky, to live the skydiving dream to its fullest potential! While these Fun Jumps are recommended for experienced skydivers, and a tandem jump is always recommended, Fun Jumps are available for purchase anytime at Phoenix, AZ, or by calling 1-855-532-6495.

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Parachuting Over Picturesque Phoenix, Az

Anyone from Phoenix knows that there’s much more to see than just desert and cacti. From a grand ten thousand feet, depending on the selected drop zone, there are a variety of landmarks that might be seen. For start, the Camelback mountain, the red behemoth named for its unique shape, a camel laying down on its stomach, and the surrounding luscious forest. There’s the South Mountain Park, the Phoenix Zoo, Pueblo Grande Ruin, and the unique archaic Ro Ho En Japanese stroll garden. No matter what natural monuments you’ve seen, or all those still on your list, seeing them descending rapidly from ten thousand feet will be a unique, treasured memory

Phoenix, Arizona Parachuting

Phoenix, Arizona Tandem Skydiving

The Parachuter’s Perfect Starting Point

For all first time divers, a tandem jump is the best place to start. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructors here at offer the safest and most exclusive package in the Phoenix Arizona area. A tandem jump begins with a series of release forms, and afterward, you arrive and are promptly introduced to your FAA instructor. It’s important to arrive a few minutes ahead of time when skydiving, to give yourself time to establish a rapport with your instructor, to become acclimated and acquainted with the equipment and surrounding area, and to give your friends and family time to find the designated watch areas.

While you put on the proper equipment, the instructor will talk you through the proper technique for tandem jumping, and what each piece of equipment is used for. Afterward, you and your instructor will board the aircraft and ascend to the proper jump elevation, somewhere between 14,000 and 10,000 feet! When you arrive at the desired altitude, the instructor will attach himself to you at at least four points, two on the shoulder and two on the hips, and you will make your way toward the doorway where you will make your jump.

The initial feeling of free fall, once the fear dissipates, is euphoric. From an excess of ten thousand feet, you will feel free fall for roughly thirty seconds, at which point you will achieve speeds of up to 120 mph, at which point, around six thousand feet, the instructor will deploy a series of parachutes that guarantee a clean coasting end to an epic flight. As you drift, you will observe the beautiful landscape of Phoenix, and eventually coast into the designated landing zone to be greeted by your friends and family.

Watch Your Loved Ones With a Personal Touch
What makes our drop zones appealing? Here at Phoenix, our exclusive drop zones make the flight an exhilarating experience for both you and your loved ones. Instead of the drab, picture of an open field with a brilliant red X in the center, we like to offer a more personalized experience. After all, it’s all about the customer, so our goal, is your comfort in the air or on the ground. Our drop zones feature a variety of amenities such as a food shack offering a variety of lunches, picnic tables for a dining pleasure, and drink machines to keep our guests refreshed and enjoying their time in the sun. We’ve even had people come watch on dates! While you face your fears two miles up in the clouds, your loved ones will enjoy a nice day awaiting your safe and exhilarated return, a sometimes tense adventure within itself.

Relive the Epic Adventure with Our Videography Packages:
Sometimes it’s not enough to experience your first jump only once. Think of the big moment, you’re sitting on the plane, the green light shines, and finally, it’s time to face the ultimate adversary; gravity. While you walk to the back of the plane your heart thumps wildly, and for a moment you think you might turn back, but you summon your courage, and then, you’re falling. The greatest triumph is painted across your awestruck face, and in Phoenix, AZ offers two different videography packages to immortalize that moment.
Home cameras are encouraged, but offers two packages, a GoPro/Handycam for you to wear during free fall, and a camera flyer package, where another experienced skydiver will jump along side you, filming your reaction on the way down. Either of these packages may be purchased upon arrival, or over the phone at 1-855-532-6495.

Boldest of the Bold: The B.A.S.E Jumpers:

Skydiving isn’t just about recreation, you know? There’s a vast world of thrill seekers who partook in the activity and reveled in it so much they transformed it into a sport with numerous variations and techniques. These select styles include Free flying, Indoor Skydiving, Speed Skydiving, Formation Diving, and perhaps the most bold of the entire field, B.A.S.E jumping.

As you can probably guess from looking at it, B.A.S.E. is an acronym, a pneumonic device describing the different types of platforms these daredevils leap from. Respectively, it stands for Buildings, Antennas, Spans (meaning bridges), and Earth. This sport entails jumping from one of these respective landmarks, and within the first seconds of the dive, pulling a chute and coasting to safety, leaving little to no time for correct any errors or mistakes. This sect of the sport has gathered quite a following, and hosts several days designated to bridge jumping, like the annual jump from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. It is estimated that this year, over 800 people will jump, and eighty thousand will show up to spectate. Most of these daredevils began as skydivers, and moved on to this new age, thrilling spectacle.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Phoenix, Arizona

Come Join Our Skydiving Academy:

If you’ve always been interested in skydiving, but not quite ready to jump, or if you’ve been in the drop zone a dozen times and are ready to take the sport to the next level, then the Skydiving Academy is for you. At’s skydiving academy, there are two different courses of study; Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression (S/L). Both types of courses are taught by FAA certified instructors, and both have the goal of an FAA skydiving certificate.

While everyone enrolled in the Skydiving Academy courses at, both instructor and student, want to become better skydivers, the different course speeds accommodate all types of learners. Both courses, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression have the same objective, to give an interested individual the tools and knowledge to become FAA certified skydivers. They only vary in the speed at which they are taught. Accelerated Free Fall for example refers to an accelerated type of class, getting you in the harness faster with less ground time, rather than a specific type of jump. Accelerated Free Fall insists of a series of seven levels and a series of jumps and a designated number of ground hours. As previously stated, Accelerated Free Fall takes you to the sky faster.

Static Line Progression (S/L) is suggested for those who want to learn more about the jump through ground instruction before actually taking to the sky. S/L begins with four to five hours of instruction followed by a series of jumps with ground instruction after each one. Upon completion of either of the courses, Accelerated Free Fall or Static Line Progression, you will receive an FAA Skydiving Certification. Whichever direction you choose, our Skydiving Academy will prepare you to soar through the sky!

The Fearsome Angels

America has a proud history of military experience, a country founded on wartime bravery, and following the creation of the airplane, aviation units became a pinnacle part of the service. It’s a scary thing to be a wounded soldier behind enemy lines, stranded and left to die, but even more terrifying is jumping from the sky to save them. These are the Pararescue, a special force of the air force trained in physical combat, hand to hand and firearms, but specialized in lifesaving techniques. They are the cream of the crop, the elite, selected from the enlisted officers through a rigorous training process. Not only must they be strong, they must be fearless.

The unit was created in the aftermath of the first World War, a unit developed to retrieve soldiers where the ambulances could not reach. They became essential during the aeronautic battles of World War II, and they have maintained that statues throughout modern day conflicts. These men are the elite, the brave, trained to parachute from a plane into an enemy battle field to retrieve a man and bring him back safe. There expertise have been noted in the recent wars in the Middle East. A noble pursuit for a military skydiving enthusiast.

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Give the Gift of Flight:

If you have a passion for adrenaline rushing situations, and the gall to face your fears, odds are, you have someone else in your life you’d like to share this with. Skydiving isn’t a sport for the meek, the feint of heart, and usually those who are brave enough to take the leap, to brave the sky, tend to group together. Perhaps it’s a friend, a family member, or maybe that one coworker who doesn’t quite get it. It might be a date, that one person you’ve been wanting to take out for months, to show how exciting and daring you are. Whoever it is, has got you covered! offers skydiving gift cards available any time by calling 1-855-532-6495 or by visiting one of our Phoenix locations. These gift certificates are transferable between locations and individuals, and they have a two year validity following purchase. If you have a passion for skydiving, odds are, you know someone who would fall in love with it too. Our gift certificates are the perfect expression of admiration or love for a holiday or milestone celebration. Whatever the occasion, a gift certificate from is the answer. Call 1-855-532-6495 today!

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Phoenix, Arizona Parachuting Video Packages

Experience the Adventure Over and Over:

A first jump is a near magical experience. Some people have referred to it as euphoric, life changing, and chain snapping, a true adventure and test of character. A moment as epic as that will replay over and over in your mind, thrilling you each time you think of it, and making you want more. Why not satisfy that urge? Sometimes feeling the exhilaration of a first jump isn’t enough. At we offer a variety of videography packages designed to capture all the thrills and euphoria of your first encounter with freefall. There are two main packages, GoPro/Handycam, and the Camera Flyer package. The GoPro package is exactly that, a self recording of your activities during flight, and afterward, your thrill during the jump. However, the second package, Camera Flyer, is a little more exclusive.

With the Camera Flyer package, another of our FAA certified instructors will board the plane with you as a separate jumper. On the walk to the plane he’ll record your thoughts, on the plane he’ll seal your last minute jitters, and during free fall he’ll capture all the exhilaration that you’ll yell into the wind. Additionally, he’ll land before you do, capturing your drop zone descent in all its style and glory.

Making Parachuting a Profitable Profession:

If skydiving excites you, the thrill of the jump, the euphoria of the freefall, imagine the experience of the camera man. What skill and expertise, not to mention guts, goes into boarding a plane, leaping out, and instead of focusing on the impending drop, he or she invests the freefall time into recording another’s most exciting moment.

The camera flyers at are FAA certified, although that is not a requirement to partake in the activity. Surprisingly, the only real requirements are a high level of comfort in the sky, and an expensive helmet camera. Those camera’s are no joke, most professionals do not pay off the investment until a hundred and fifty recordings. The set up can be broken down into two parts, the helmet, which averages between two hundred and seven hundred dollars, and the camera, usually a GoPro, that costs another hundred and fifty. While this is a lofty investment, there are benefits, the paramount of which, all expense trips into the sky. Most skydiving companies will cover the cost for their camera men and women. Besides the cost of the gear, the intrinsic rewards are enormous. Not only does a camera flyer get to capture an individual’s most gleeful moments, they get to live and work in the sky, a terrifying and mesmerizing possibility.

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Phoenix, AZ

It’s Time for You to Fly:

You’ve done the research, you’ve watched the videos, you’ve cherished the dream, and finally, it’s your time to fly. Here at, we offer the most expansive and professional skydiving service in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If you’re a beginner, come join us on one of our unique tandem jumps, and if you’re already experienced and ready to learn more, enroll in our Skydiving Academy. Whatever your desires, we can’t wait to fly with you. Phoenix serves the below cities within the Phoenix, AZ area:
Glendale, AZ | Paradise Valley, AZ | Tempe, AZ | Scottsdale, AZ | Peoria, AZ Mesa, AZ | Sun City, AZ | Avondale, AZ | Goodyear, AZ | Chandler, AZ | Gilbert, AZ | El Mirage, AZ | Surprise, AZ | Sun City West, AZ | Fountain Hills, AZ

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