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Do You Want to dare and skydive?

Skydiving makes you feel really high and we are not just talking in the literal sense! At some point in our childhood, we have all dreamt of making a cool and fancy formation in the sky with other skydivers. Admit it that you have too! Well, if what stops you is the feeling that you might just have a heart attack jumping from a plane thousands of feet up, don’t worry. It doesn’t feel like that. In fact, you can actually think of it as similar to floating. Plus, you have support from air resistance, so this experience will just feel like you are taking a flight. Oh, and remember that saying “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”? In this case, change it to cooler! Whether you want to Jump for Fun, experience our Tandem skydiving, or wish to get a gift certificate for your loved one, you will get everything here – yes, under one parachute.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

To nail it the first time, Tandem jumping is the way to go. Can you imagine yourself 14,000 feet above the ground with a certified instructor attached to you? There’s no reason to say ‘No!’ Your instructor looks after everything; you’re along to enjoy the ride of your first skydiving experience. Free Falling is fun.

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Solo Parachuting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Skydiving Academy

Our Federal Aviation Administration certified skydivers train you so that you too become a master of skydiving. With two instructors facilitating, you will be given all the knowledge to enable you to skydive solo at your place of choice. Get ready to receive all the attention in your social circle after being called a certified skydiver!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

No, it’s not food! It’s our skydiving gift certificate! Well, of course, you can throw in some food too – along with the skydiving gift certificate, because this one right here sets the bar totally high! To celebrate any birthday, anniversary or really just anything at all, what better way to rejoice than making a jump right from clouds!

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Jump for Fun!

A certified solo skydiver? Then Jumping for Fun would be something that is made ‘solely’ for you! If you are a certified skydiver, having completed advanced training, you can jump solo and you can skydive from any of our multiple drop zones. Ride in our planes to Tandem jump height as many times as you want.

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See the beauty of Philadelphia, PA as never seen before

Ever visited a city that has the best of year-round festivals and city landmarks? Philadelphia is it! The Barnes Foundation and Eastern State Penitentiary are two famous museums the city boasts of. Some other interesting places here are the Rodin Museum and the Please Touch Museum, an exciting venue for our younger visitors. Philly’s South Street Spring Festival brings all and sundry together. If you are more into sports, then the Broad Street Run sounds like just the thing for you.

From its International Children’s Festival to 9th Street Italian Market Festival, there is something for everyone in the wondrous city. And what if you are given a chance to see all this from up above in the sky? Philadelphia has it all for you!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Parachuting

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps – Ride it out with an expert in Philadelphia

Are you a first-time skydiver and at a loss what to do? It is your first time and (definitely!) not your last one. Okay, we will quit making morbid jokes, but honestly, if you take our advice, Tandem Jumps are the way to go for novice skydivers. They are as much fun packed into one ride as is possible.

And well, it is not just us rooting for these. At Philadelphia, we strongly recommend Tandem jumps for first-time skydivers. Do you want to know why? Because throughout your ride, you are facilitated by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor so you don’t have to fret the small stuff (like opening your parachute), and you can actually concentrate on enjoying the ride!

Oh, in your excitement, though, don’t forget to take the following things with ya! (We do supply them for you)

Your superman gear:

  • Goggles
  • Passenger Harness with 4 points at which the instructor attaches to the you
  • Container with:
    • Main Parachute
    • Drogue Chute
    • Reserve Chute
    • Automatic Activation Device to deploy the reserve chute is anything goes wrong

We are not done, yet! – Things to do

You have to:

  • Be earlier than your jump time
  • Meet your Skydiving instructor for briefing
  • Watch an informative skydiving video on what to expect when jumping in Tandem
  • Get kitted up in the appropriate gear
  • Fly up, up, and up with your instructor
  • Jump and fall at exhilarating speeds of up to 120 mph
  • Land gracefully
  • Shout “boo-yaa!”, and celebrate your great time skydiving!

Drop zones that make your jaws drop

The aircraft is not the only place you will encounter. Your first ‘pit spot’ on this ride will be our drop zone. At our drop zones, we makes things as comfortable for you as possible.

The place has relaxed comfy setting (so you can calm your jittery nerves down!) Having some friends and family over? Maybe they are there to see you off or even to accompany you! We have seating arrangements, inside and outside, for them too.

Some of the drop zones even have the facilities such as food for sale and picnic tables. (Of course, you can eat all you want if you don’t have your stomach in a knot at the thought of skydiving.) At the picnic tables, you can bring your own lunches or even purchase drinks.
Before dropping by the drop zone, do inquire for all the details.

Skydiving for all occasions

As a certified skydiver, you might find skydiving solo to be your thing, but skydiving with friends or loved ones is just as amazing or exhilarating! By becoming a certified skydiver from the Skydiving Academy, why don’t you book a ride for you and your bestie and give a new meaning to ‘hanging out’ fearlessly?

First-time? Then roll in slowly with our Tandem Jumps and enjoy it while the instructor does the hard work. Want to capture those first adventurous moments in the sky? You can record all the fun with the videography packages offered by Philadelphia. It is mind-boggling how a hurtling skydiving ride from the sky to the Earth, with around 30 seconds of Free Fall, seems so long and memorable. And in a good way, of course!

We are sure the ride will just blow you away and you will want more of it. Want to make it even more memorable? Take someone else with you too and give them a surprise by presenting them skydiving as a gift! Heck, use our Gift Certificates for a Tandem jump. Get someone else as addicted about skydiving as you are!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Skydiving Training – Learn from the pros

Skydiving is fun but even more adventurous is learning how to skydive and do it anytime!

After certification, you can skydive solo, train others, or skydive professionally. The Skydiving Academy at Philadelphia has all the training you need to accomplish all of this.

After this training, you receive certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The detailed and comprehensive training will go at a pace suited to you (within the FAA-mandated timeframes).

The two main training programs are Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

As compared to Static Line Progression (S/L) training, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is more fast-track in terms of earning the skydiving certification. Going through seven progressive steps, student skydivers are assisted by a certified skydiving instructor jumping with them.

AFF students make Free Fall jumps much sooner compared to S/L training; namely, just seven hours into the training while S/L training requires you to perform three or more other jumps before Free Falling.

Your first free fall in AFF

You will:

  • Be at 10,000-12,000 feet above the ground with two AFF instructors
  • Have the instructor’s guidance in case you can’t deploy your own chute

The seven levels (as outlined by the United States Parachute Association):

Levels 1-3:
You will receive assistance from two certified Instructors related to your body position, stability, and will Free Fall to fall entirely on your own in Level 3.

Levels 4-7:
You will learn various skydiving skills related to trying forward movement, turns, and advanced exists from the aircraft.

Integrated Student Program (ISP):
After level 7, you will continue on your own or with your instructors until you have achieved the qualifying number of jumps (25) to apply for your A license to solo skydive.

Static Line Progression (S/L):

The first few jumps are from 3,000 feet Above Ground Level after extensive ground instruction. Your parachute is pulled for you by the static line you’re attached to. After a few static line jumps, you move to Free fall jumps, each from progressively higher altitudes. After 25 jumps, you may apply for your A license to solo skydive.

Want to try your hand at skydiving too? Call at 1-800-672-8942! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Skydiving Gift Certificates

The best gift for your loved ones ­- skydiving!

You have been searching for the perfect gift but just can’t think of any! Don’t worry, as now you can get them something that will give them a memorable experience. You can buy gift certificates for Tandem Skydives or AFF Level 1 jumps from Philadelphia.

The good thing is that these gift certificates are totally transferable! Booked some other location but now wish to change the location to Philadelphia, PA, for its scenic views and recreation? We can change it, albeit for a small fee.

You can also transfer the gift certificate to someone else, so if the recipient can’t do the skydive, no problem! Have the time of your lives and take your friends along.

Also, the gift certificates are valid for two years, starting from the date of purchase, so no need for your recipient to panic once you’ve given them the gift certificate. They can literally come whenever they want. Oh, the certificates are easy to purchase by phoning our customer service team any day of the week.

Skydiving doesn’t need any occasion. But if you are giving gift certificates for a holiday vacation or some milestone celebration, then those moments will become all the more special!
So, when are you booking your gift certificates to give the coolest gift ever?

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Parachuting Video Packages

Because it’s time to record your breathtaking experience!

Give some thought to the idea that a video package enhances the overall experience of your skydiving, especially if it is your first time jumping. You will have the chance to relive your incredible experience over again (and again), as well as demonstrate to loved ones just how brave and daring you are.

Besides making the most of skydiving services offered by Philadelphia, you can purchase one of our two imagery packages: The first one is a videography service in which our camera flyer will jump with you to record your skydiving experience from the beginning until the end. This will be an interesting video in which the camera flyer will also record your thoughts before you step into the plane! Not only this, as you start off the jump, your yells, screams, and even facial expressions will be preserved by our imagery package so you can show this epic video to your friends and family and prove how courageous you have always been!

The second one is the GoPro/HandyCam option. Your skydiving instructor wears the GoPro camera to record your daring experiences and actions from a first-person viewpoint while you enjoy the thrill in the air!

At the end of your skydiving experience, we will provide you the CD containing your edited video, sometimes along with still images of your overall skydiving experience. As you go home, you will be able to upload your images to your social media on the same day.

What could be better than that! Philadelphia ensures you relive your skydiving memories for a lifetime.

Go and capture the adventure of the sky

As a camera flyer, you will be flying and skydiving AND capturing the best of moments. You will be capturing all that the skydiver feels during skydiving. Are you moved by the adrenaline-rushing trip of skydiving? Does the mere thought of jumping from the aircraft and soaring through the wind make you jump up and down with excitement?

From capturing the scenic views of the sky to the bird’s-eye view of how Earth looks like from high up there, you will be capturing the real adventure on the reel.

As a camera flyer, you need to have a C-license and 200 jumps, according to the U.S. Parachute Association. Fifty of the jumps performed should be with the equipment that you will use with your camera. Some people are interested in capturing video and wingsuiting it. Keep in mind that both will be difficult to handle at the same time. You can train for both of them individually and then see how to go about it.

If you are jumping and want to capture just the point of view, then you can get by with a basic camcorder and an ultra-wide-angle lens. Both Sony and JVC make good models to consider.

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Philadelphia, PA

Time to fly freely!

So, all packed and decked out for your next skydiving trip? You might be weak in the knees (we know!), but once you jump from the aircraft, you will know you have made the right decision. So liberating and free! From your first ever Tandem jump to getting someone a gift certificate, the ride is an adventurous one. We are so glad you visited us and you will be too after checking out our deals. Any questions? Call us now at 1-800-672-8942 and our customer service reps will be ready to help you. Philadelphia serves the below cities within the Philadelphia, PA area:
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