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Welcome to the World of Free Fall

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step toward experiencing the pure – well… the excitement of skydiving. Millions of people every year get to enjoy one of the most unique thrills on earth. What better way is there to describe it? Taking a ride through the open air is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes you could ever have. And doing it together with some of your best friends makes it an unforgettable thrill that no theme park will ever be able to compete with. It’s no surprise why skydiving can be a life-changing experience. Haven’t you always wanted to fly? We’ve all wanted to feel what it would be like to glide through the air and see the world from a towering view. Well, skydiving gives you that exact sensation of floating and the incredible feeling of air rushing past you. It’s true that humans really can fly: It’s called skydiving!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Omaha, Nebraska Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Want to experience the thrill of free fall for the first time? Tandem skydiving gives you the rush you’re seeking plus safety and security, as well as great company! Our expert instructors are FAA certified and have given that unforgettable thrill to hundreds of customers in the past. Recommended for beginners, tandem skydiving packs in a 30-second free fall and does not lack in the adrenaline department. Your first dive will be done safely and with the intent to maximize your experience!

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Solo Parachuting in Omaha, Nebraska

Skydiving Academy

So you want to take your experience to the next level? Perhaps for solo flight or professional skydiving? There is no better classroom than the one at Omaha. The academy is taught by FAA certified and experienced skydivers, a group you might be a part of one day! Through our course, you can learn how to perform Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), or be certified for different types of jumps out of the aircraft. You could even be certified to dive like Superman from the plane!

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Omaha, Nebraska Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Is there a better gift to give than the thrill of a lifetime? Probably not. You can easily call to purchase a gift certificate for any holiday, milestone, or special occasion. Any acquaintance or loved one who would love to experience tandem skydiving would be the perfect person to buy for, and our certificates are valid for up to two years after purchase. Every Gift Certificate is guaranteed to make someone’s day.

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Jump for Fun!

We believe that skydiving is always fun. That being said, perhaps you are an experienced skydiver, or you want to jump just because? No reason needed, we’ve got you covered, whether it be tandem jumps, AFF, instructional classes, or imagery packages. Our services have always been for you to have the most exhilarating experience imaginable! Skydiving with us can even take you into other paths of excitement, including skysurfing, BASE jumping, freeflying, and so much more! Omaha has a friendly staff to help make it happen for you. If you’re looking for fun, you can find it here!

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Skydive in Omaha For an Incredible View!

With 212 days of sun per year in Omaha, there are countless times that are perfect for skydiving! See the Henry Doorly Zoo dome from high above, or see the NCAA world series at thousands of feet in the air! The beautiful downtown and lush landscape of Omaha provides unique views at every angle. Just imagine yourself soaring above the waves of crops and coming down to some of the most beautiful countrysides in America!

The dozens of state parks around Omaha offer up gorgeous scenery that becomes even more breathtaking from the air! You have a chance to take it all in – sparkling downtown attractions, beautiful state parks, lush terrain – in one of the most dynamic cities in the country!

Omaha, Nebraska Parachuting

Omaha, Nebraska Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps for Maximum Fun

At 10,000 feet or more in the air, you and your instructor will jump and experience a free fall for about 30 seconds, reaching speeds up to 120 miles an hour! From the very start, our experts ensure that you are safe, secure, and learn the most about the pure rush you will be experiencing.

What you can expect:
Come to the drop zone early and get acquainted with your instructor, who will be with you on the ground, in the air, and back to the ground again. They will show you how to position yourself and make sure your gear is in check so that you’re ready to jump!
We provide you with an informational video and make sure you are familiar with the facility where friends and family will wait for you while you jump.
At around 5500 feet, the parachute will deploy and you’ll descend for about 6 minutes before returning to the drop zone. Then it’s time to celebrate – you just made your first flight!

What you’ll be wearing:
First of all, your flight will require goggles and a harness, both provided by the skydiving team. Then, we make sure that you are properly fastened to your instructor in four places: two novices on your shoulders and two on the hips.

Because it is a tandem skydive, you and the instructor will have a drogue chute, which is a small chute that will allow two people to free fall at the same speed that a single person would, giving you the same thrill and same amount of time to take it all in!

Aside from the main parachute, there will be a reserve chute equipped with an Automatic Activation Device, which watches the diver’s’ speed and altitude and will automatically deploy if needed.

Why Skydive to’s Drop Zones?

On of the greatest parts of skydiving is the feeling you get after landing and trying hard to process the experience you just had. When you come to land after free fall, our drop zone facilities are waiting to help you and your friends and family celebrate and bask in your achievement! What better way to share your adventure than relaxing and spending time with people you care about?

The facilities your guests will have access to have comfy seating both indoors and out, where they can wait while you jump. Some locations have picnic areas, food for sale, and allow your guests to bring their own food while they wait.

Certain amenities vary from location to location, and we are happy to answer any questions you have about the drop zone you plan to land in!

Still Not Satisfied?

You’re certainly here for the skydiving part, but there is so much more that can go into your ultimate experience. If you’re jumping from an airplane into the open sky, you might want something to remember it by, or maybe you want to take your experiences a step further and learn about more opportunities.

Encourage your friends and family or any spectators to bring cameras and recording equipment. The experience is something you will never forget, but a souvenir of it will only make the memory better. We offer exceptional video packages, done by professional videographers, including GoPro options, and the most breathtaking shots that you’ll have with you forever.

If you’re already experienced or feel psyched up about skydiving, our Skydiving Academy offers expert classes on professional skydiving, taught by experienced FAA certified skydiving instructors. Explore our site further to find out more!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Omaha, Nebraska

Skydiving Academy – The Road to Becoming Professional

If skydiving is your passion, or you want it to be, our Skydiving Academy allows each customer the availability of FAA certification. As you now know, the world of skydiving and free falls involves a whole lot of different experiences as well as professional paths.

Gaining an ‘A’ license through us allows you to jump from anywhere that is mandated by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). The academy is your pass into the incredible realm of skydiving!

Why take our classes?

Our Skydiving Academy offers you a 7-step path to certification, through the experience of Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). The instructors with are well-experienced, each one is an FAA certified skydiver, and they are accredited through the USPA.

Unlike Static Line Progression courses, AFF is accelerated to give you your certification quicker. Your first jump in the AFF course will be accompanied by two instructors, and involve almost a minute of free fall.

AFF is not the only course we offer, and there is a range of options available. Explore our site further or call today to see what else you can do!

7 steps of AFF
Steps 1 through 3 involves you learning body position and stability within skydiving, as well as altitude awareness, and the sequence of deploying the parachute. Throughout the first few processes, your falls will be assisted by two instructors who will hold your harness.

The first couple of steps are simply to instruct you on how and what to do during a solo free fall. Then in step 3, you will skydive on your own for the very first time!

Steps 4 through 7 involve instruction on in-air maneuvers and skills that are vital for you to have the best possible experience. In these steps, you’ll learn how to do all kinds of turns in the air, how to make forward movements, and even how to dock onto other divers.

In the last few steps, you’ll learn the full range of solo free fall options, and how to truly fall with grace. You can learn how to “Superman” from the plane, and skydive just like the Man of Steel!

What Makes a Skydiving Professional

Professional skydivers come from all different backgrounds and walks of life; they have different personalities, passions, and stories. Yet each professional is one part courageous, and three parts bodacious. Beyond our academy, you might want to become professional, but it does take time and commitment to be one.

There are plenty of professions within skydiving that you could go into; from competitive divers to instructors, to Army paratroopers. Each has undergone serious training and has to have comparable experience.

Smokejumpers are another brand of professionals who skydive into remote locations in order to put blazes out before they turn into wildfires. When the forests are not catching fire, they can perform other tasks similar to that of pararescuers, who provide relief services and emergency rescue from the air.

Not only does professional skydiving give you the opportunity for success in diving, but also in the various skills you’ll obtain along the way. Skydivers are often courageous and fun-loving individuals. Going through AFF, Static Line Progression Courses, and your experiential training will teach you how to become committed and budget both time and finances. The training is necessary for you to see your journey through to the end when it all becomes worth it!

No matter what you get into, skydiving professionally will be a life-changing journey, teaching you about courage and mastery, commitment and most of all, exhilaration.

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Skydiving Gift Certificates For All!

Have a milestone event coming up? Need to get the perfect birthday gift for that adventurous friend? Want a loved one to finally experience the rush of free fall?

Gift Certificates offered through are a dynamic and wonderful gift to give. They can be used for both Tandem Skydives and AFF Level 1 jumps – perfect for people ready to start their adventure or take it to the next level. Nothing shows your affection or thoughtfulness quite like the gift of a skydiving experience!

Certificates are valid for two years after purchase, and can be transferred between locations, (sometimes with a small fee). Just one call away, they are available from our customer service representatives 7 days a week. We are happy to provide you with friendly service and the best gift certificates you will ever give.

Skydiving gift certificates are perfect for:

  • Birthdays
  • An anniversary with your adventurous spouse
  • Graduations
  • Unusual retirement gifts
  • Vacation activities
  • Or a starting point for a future professional!

There’s no more exciting present to give than a Gift Certificate for a Tandem Skydive. Imagine the priceless look of happiness on their face when they know they’ll soon be going on the adventure of a lifetime! Recipients of our gift certificates soon find out that their gift is one of the greatest they’ve ever received, ever!

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Omaha, Nebraska Parachuting Video Packages

GoPro, Video and Imagery Packages

Don’t know how to properly document your experience? We’ve got you covered, in every aspect with our imagery packages. There’s no better way to remember a skydiving experience than an up-close and thrilling video of you, freefalling through the sky!

What we offer:
GoPro Video – Our instructor will be equipped with a GoPro camera as they fall next to you, for a personal and thrilling video of your every action! GoPro recordings are the most affordable option, and they offer a unique point-of-view of your experience.

Professional Video – A camera flyer will jump slightly ahead of you to record your every action and reaction during the fall, as well as your initial jump, and your landing! From the start to the end, the videographer will record your initial thoughts before jumping, the free fall, landing, and your final thoughts on the skydiving experience.

A videographer will be able to capture a high-quality recording of your screams and facial expressions as you experience the thrill of a lifetime. Your images and video will be available to you to use for any memento, collage, album, or poster!

Videos will be edited at the drop zone and made into a CD for you within an hour, and will include music as well as still photos of unforgettable moments. With the CD, you can transfer the video and photos to your personal computer and share your incredible experience with friends and family on social media!

The Art of Camera Flying

As if skydiving was not enough, with the sensation of free fall and the rush of adrenaline, try it while taking exceptional photographs and videos at the same time! A Camera Flyer must be able to maneuver through the sky in order to find the best light and best angles, and at the same time make sure that their free fall is going as planned.

But maybe that’s something you want to do? Maybe you’d love to capture those moments of pure exhilaration and see the look on the faces of first-time skydivers?

Although it is an extremely rewarding job, becoming a Camera Flyer takes time and money. Sometimes you will have to jump dozens of times to finally make money from your job. In addition, the proper equipment can be a big expense. For instance, a 3-chip camcorder does well for projects done for fun, but higher quality cameras may be required for professional work. And don’t forget the camera helmet.

Jobs of a videographer might involve Tandem skydives, freeflying, AFF, group skydives, editing.

All in all, if being a camera flyer interests you, then the time and effort required are more than worth it. New flyers will take courses that involve wind tunnel equipment testing, break off and movement strategies, emergency protocol, and how to exit the aircraft.

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Omaha, NE

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When it comes to extreme sports, particularly the one where people jump into the open sky, gives you more than just the experience of a lifetime. We provide comprehensive classes and adept instructors. We provide well-trained staff and trusted equipment. We provide skydiving Gift Certificates that are the greatest gift you could give. And most importantly, we provide every detail and tool you need for your first Tandem Skydive, the best adventure you will ever experience. If you’ve made it to this point, thank you for looking over the website. Our customer service representatives are helpful and friendly. They’re here and want to help you in taking the next step toward a purely natural thrill! Omaha serves the below cities within the Omaha, NE area:
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