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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to free fall 14,000 feet from the sky? Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline rush that one can experience in life, and one of the safest as well. There’s no feeling that exists that’s quite like the one you get when you plummet towards the ground for minutes on end. Skydiving takes you on a ride to the edge and back in a way that no other sport or activity can quite do. You feel what it’s like to be weightless while at the same time traveling at over 90 miles an hour through the clouds. It’s a beautiful experience that everybody should try at least once. Once you try it, we guarantee it won’t be your last! Read more to find out how you can discover the world at 14,000 feet with Parachuting.com New York!

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New York, New York Tandem Parachuting - New York Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

If you’ve been aching to explore the skydiving experience, then tandem skydiving is the best way to get up in the air, quickly and safely! Let Parachuting.com’s experienced team of skydiving professionals take you soaring through the skies and then freefall all the way back down in style! Learn how you can get on the next flight…

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Solo Parachuting in New York, New York - New York Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Have you ever desired to learn how to skydive on your own, but never knew how to get started? Here, our team of experienced skydiving professionals shows you the ropes of skydiving and gives you the tools and experience that you need in order to feel confident in the sky! Learn how to throw yourself from a plane…

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New York, New York Parachuting Gift Certificates - New York Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Do you have a loved one, friend or family member in your life who is interested in skydiving? Believe us when we say that a skydiving adventure is just as good in gift form as it is being experienced first-hand! Brighten your loved one’s day and give a gift that shines above the rest with a free ticket to soar the airways in style and safety! Send them on their first ride…

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Jump for Fun!

Are you an experienced skydiver who simply is aching to get some more time in the air? We offer fun jumps for those who have already experienced the thrills of tandem skydiving and are wishing to go for another jump! Get back into the sky in style with our incredible “jumps for fun” package. Hop and pop with us today….

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No place is as incredible to see from above as New York City!

Have you ever wanted to experience the awe of the fabulous New York City skyline from the absolute best viewpoint imaginable–the sky itself? Well, now you can. Don’t wait any longer to witness the magnificent Empire State Building, The Chevron building and the Statue of Liberty from the most unique and attractive angle possible. We guarantee that your time spent over the bustling city will cement a whole arrangement of different memories in your mind for you to revel in for a lifetime.

Not only is New York city one of the most amazing places to experience a skydiving adventure, but the very act of skydiving itself will forever remain with you. After all, nothing is quite like the experience of free-falling down towards the city from the upper-atmosphere itself!

New York, New York Parachuting

New York, New York Tandem Skydiving

Get your time in the sky with Tandem Jumps!

Are you interested in experiencing the adrenaline and jam-packed adventure of skydiving, but not sure how to get started? If so, then tandem skydiving jumps with Parachuting.com are the way to go! With tandem skydiving, you’re comfortably strapped onto one of our experienced skydiving professionals so that all you have to worry about, while plummeting to the ground from 14,000 feet up, is having the time of your life.

First, you will arrive a bit early to meet with your instructors and find the right spot for your friends and family to wait for you after your jump. Next, you will watch a short video which will explain exactly what to expect from your tandem skydiving jump.

Once the video is done, you will be whisked away to the plane to begin ascent into the air, and ultimately, back down to the ground below! All equipment, such as goggles, passenger harness, main and drogue parachutes, reserve chute an Automatic Automation device will be provided of course.

Tandem skydiving is the safest way to jump and offers a worry free, comfortable and exciting environment for first time jumpers to enjoy all the wonder and splendor of the rush and the incredible views of the city below! And after all, there is no better city to experience the magic of skydiving in than the marvelous modern metropolis of New York. Combine that with the sheer excitement of skydiving, and you get a recipe for purely awesome adventure and a great story to tell your friends!

If you’re looking for your next adrenaline rush, to experience the New York city skyline from a unique and amazing perspective, or simply to check another adventure off your bucket list, then tandem skydiving is the perfect activity for you!

We allow your friends to wait in comfort!

We manage convenient and safe dropzone areas for your friends and family to wait in while you live out your skydiving experience. Our dropzone areas are clean and safe and provide chairs and benches (both inside and outside) for family and friends to wait comfortably. Some of our dropzone areas even have refreshment and snack stands so your loved ones can eat and relax while they wait.

Just because they didn’t decide to go for the ride too doesn’t mean that they can’t still enjoy their time with us while they wait. If you have friends or family members that wish to sit on the sidelines, you can rest easy knowing that they will be well taken care of while they wait to meet you back on the ground! That way, you can enjoy your experience to the fullest without feeling guilty for the people who decided to remain on the ground!

Capture your experience on camera!

When you sign up for your Parachuting.com skydiving adventure, make sure you capture your fall with one of our incredible videography packages. We offer a variety of high quality video options, including Go-Pro, for you to capture the magic in a way that you will always be able to look back on, as well as show to friends and family!

All of our video packages include social media friendly digital footage so you can share your amazing experience with everybody you know. Additionally, if you’re looking to learn how to skydive solo, you can keep on reading to learn about our top-notch skydiving classes that teach you everything you need to know in order to finally make that jump on your own! Also, if you aren’t interested in skydiving but someone you love is, then giving the mesmerizing experience of skydiving over New York city as a gift is sure to make their brighten their day, month, or even year!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in New York, New York

Learn to skydive solo through our FAA certified Courses!

Have you ever desired to learn how to skydive so that you can take the jump either solo or professionally? Here at Parachuting.com, we offer top-quality skydiving courses that have been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) so that you can skydive like the pros, or even become one yourself! We offer a variety of courses that will get you your time in the sky and have you walking away feeling confident about taking your first solo jump. Our courses include Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Static Line Progression (SLP), two of the most common types of jumping and two of the most fun and exciting as well.

Accelerated Freefall is a much more accelerated program than the more traditional method of Static Line Progression

This course is taught through 7 separate steps and will ultimately guide the student to performing solo jumps as fast and safely as possible. Following 7 hours of preliminary ground instruction, students will take off on their first supervised jump aided by 2 of our skydiving professionals from around 10,000 feet.

Our professionals will utilize harness hold Training (HHT) on the student until the time of chute release. Upon which, if the student has not released their parachute, our professionals will do it for them in order to ensure maximum safety. These classes are extremely thorough and are intended to provide students with all the knowledge, training and experience necessary to feel completely confident managing every aspect of a solo skydive. Additionally, if you wish to learn Static Line Progression, our classes are equally intensive.

These jumps commence around 3,000 feet and incorporate a somewhat suspended fall away from the plane. As the student falls away from the plane, the parachute is pulled via a “static” line that is attached to the plane. Once the parachute is pulled, the student will experience a 2 to 3 minute fall.

Do you have what it takes to skydive professionally?

Contrary to what some people may think, becoming a certified or professional skydiver is no easy feat. To reach the ranks of the pros (or even the competent) is something that not many people can or ever do. Skydivers are a diverse group of people consisting of everyone to the mohawk wearing, tattoo laden extremists most of us probably envision to the down-to-earth moms and dads who just love to experience the rush. You might even meet someone who is quite girly but who still lives to plummet 14,000 feet at 120 miles an hour.

Once the skill of skydiving is under your belt, there are a multitude of different ventures that you can pursue as well. Some of which include becoming a professional skydiving instructor, skydiving competitively, becoming a professional parachute packer or rigger, joining the paratroopers or pararescuers, or even becoming a smokejumper to help fight fires from the sky. If you stop to think about it, there’s no telling what you might be able to accomplish with a certification in skydiving!

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Parachuting.com New York, New York Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving is the the gift of a lifetime!

Not only is skydiving amazing, but it also makes an amazing gift. Your loved ones, friends and family are sure to love recieving the chance to soar through the skies and feel what it’s like to freefall from the atmosphere above. By giving someone you know the gift of skydiving, you are giving them the experience of a lifetime!

Not only are they affordable, but through Parachuting.com or any of our affiliate networks, they are 100% transferable from city to city and have a two year validity following purchase. Not only are they the perfect gift for that risk-taker, adventurer or all-around life-lover that you know, but they are ideal for any occasion. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, an anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah or even Valentine’s day are all perfect occasions to give your special someone a ticket to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Give the gift that will brighten up their day, week, month or year for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion; skydiving is always a relevant and exciting experience that will enrich their life and give them a mind full of positive memories. Lastly, they are extremely easy to purchase, as our customer representatives at Parachuting.com are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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New York, New York Parachuting Video Packages

Capture your skydiving adventure on HD video!

If you’re thinking of embarking on your very first skydiving excursion, then there’s no better souvenir than taking your freefall home with you on video to relive whenever you want!

We offer two competitively priced and incredibly affordable video options so that you can get the shot you want and show friends and family just how incredible the experience of skydiving really is. For those who wish to relive your adventure whenever you like and give others a first-hand look at just how crazy your experience was, we offer a Gopro package to capture your free fall exactly how you lived it–through your eyes.

If you’re looking to truly and thoroughly document your experience, we offer a full videography package. This includes a camera flyer who will actually jump with you and record your entire jump as it’s happening–from start to finish. They will exit the plane seconds before you do to capture your jump. Then they will videotape all of the screams, facial expressions and “hell yeahs” through your fall. They will then land seconds before you so as to capture your triumphant landing on camera.

Additionally, our skydiving professionals will be interviewing your before and after your jump so as to capture all of your thoughts and feelings leading and preceding your epic experience. There’s no better way to remember and share your experience than by capturing on timeless video!

Camera Fliers are incredible people who do incredible jobs!

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to plummet 14,000 feet next to somebody and literally have all your attention wrapped in getting the perfect shot? It sounds like something out of an indiana jones movie, but these people actually do exist, and they actually do the incredible stunts and maneuvers necessary to make your skydiving video great.

These are some extraordinary people whose entire job is to capture magic–all while falling at speeds of over 120 miles per hour! First, they exit the airplane. They immediately turn around and aim their camera at you while you fall directly above them to capture your initial jump. They might then use the wind currents to traverse around you as you fall in order to capture your excitement and exhilaration from a multitude of different angles.

This is all while they are falling right beside you ladies and gentlemen. Then, while still managing to film you, they make their landing and without wasting any time at all, instantly turn to camera back on you for your legendary arrival back to Earth. These are amazing people!

Get the ultimate souvenir and capture your experience on video!
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