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The One Way Ticket to Freedom

I’m often asked, “Why would you jump out of a perfectly functional plane to experience the skies? Isn’t looking out the window in your comfortable 747 passenger seat enough?” The answer would have to be “No!” Words don’t do justice to the exhilarating sensation of defying human instincts to jump out of a plane. Skydiving is the perfect emotional brew of fear, excitement, and extreme happiness. That spike in your heart rate as you approach the door is incomparable as you view Mother Earth below your feet. The best part about it is you don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to do it! Skydiving isn’t just a sport, it’s an experience people from all age groups and backgrounds can have as they take that great leap towards true liberation. If 101-year-old Verdun Hayes can do it, so can you!

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New Orleans, Louisiana Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Want to skydive, but don’t know where to begin? We recommend Tandem jumps for those just beginning their skydiving adventures. They allow people of all ages and backgrounds to soak in the full benefits of skydiving without prior experience. You will be strapped onto one of our certified Federal Aviation Administration instructors as you fall through the skies at speeds going over 100mph. You only have one task. Relax and live in the moment!

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Solo Parachuting in New Orleans, Louisiana

Skydiving Academy

Want to enjoy skydiving on your own without a helping hand? Maybe your love for skydiving has given you the desire to spread that passion. Fortunately, New Orleans has the tools to take your skydiving skills to the next level. Our Federal Aviation Administration certified skydivers will train you using either the Accelerated Freefall and Static Line Progression method. Completion of this program will give you the certification to skydive solo or professionally!

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New Orleans, Louisiana Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Now that you’ve experienced the thrill of skydiving yourself, perhaps it is time to share that experience with others. New Orleans makes it our mission to pass the skydiving experience along to your friends and loved ones with our gift certificates. Rather than just give them the same old generic present that will collect dust in their attic, surprise them with an everlasting and memorable gift that stands the test of time!

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Jump for Fun!

Some of us love skydiving because we believe in the raw, unadulterated joy of maximum velocity. The elation of cutting through the wind like a hot knife through butter, only as compounded by falling out of an airplane, solo. This thrill of augmented speed. Especially after you’ve mastered the specialized techniques to control your body darting across gusty winds. Then you’re free to believe whatever you want in the aether.

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Flying High Above “The Big Easy”

New Orleans is home to a flavorful culture that attracts people from around the world like a magnet. From its delicious Cajun cuisine to the soothing melody of jazz emanating from Bourbon Street, New Orleans is home to all! It gives tourists the opportunities a big city has to offer, but with the laid-back and relaxing vibe of a country town. Newcomers can walk the streets of the French Quarter and marvel at the colorful storefronts lined with balconies, or experience the exotic by visiting the famous Voodoo museum. The city’s subtropical climate gives off vibes of a Caribbean coastal city while embracing newcomers with that warm southern hospitality.

New Orleans, Louisiana Parachuting

New Orleans, Louisiana Tandem Skydiving

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Tandem Skydiving Experience

Tandem jumps are the entry way into the world of skydiving and are recommended for beginners with no prior experience in skydiving. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructors will guide you through the sky as they are latched on to your back for ultimate safety. They will watch your back so you can view “The Big Easy from 10,000 feet above ground level!

Preparation and What to Expect

We make safety and memorable moments our top priority. This is why we want our newcomers to be fully prepared on what to expect for their very first skydiving adventure. It’s important you arrive earlier than your scheduled jump so you can become accustomed to our facilities and plan where your family and friends can wait for you. Once you’re acclimated to our facilities, an FAA instructor will brief you with pertinent information on the details of the skydive. After you’re thoroughly informed, you will be outfitted with safety equipment such as goggles, a passenger harness, and three types of parachutes all designed for your safety. Once you’re equipped, the real fun begins!

You will look like a skydiving professional in all your equipment’s glory as you board the plane with your instructor and ascend to jump elevation at 10,000 feet. Your skydiving instructor will be attached to you as you peer out the door and tell yourself “What have I gotten myself into!” Well you made it this far and make that leap into the skies. Your Free falling experience will seem like forever even though your body will be flying down at possible speeds of 120mph for up to 30 seconds. Once the parachute is deployed, you will gracefully float down for about six minutes to the drop zone where your loved ones will be there to greet you with open arms.

Accommodative Drop Zones

While skydiving can be an intense experience for the actual person partaking in the jump, loved ones and friends are just as revved up with anticipation to see you land safely. Our drop zones not only guarantee this for your loved ones, but we also have suitable arrangements for a relaxed environment. They include comfortable seating both inside and out of the drop zones, so your family and friends will be there to greet you upon landing. Besides seating arrangements, some of our drop zones also offer picnic tables, food, and beverages. Our team understands this is an experience of a lifetime and we want everyone involved to be a part of it. It’s our mission to provide excellent service for all parties involved and your satisfaction both on and off the plane is a top priority! Additional information on amenities offered can be found at our specific drop zones.

Videography and Additional Services

We all know those types of people who would never believe you went on such an adventure as skydiving. “Yea buddy, sure you did.” That’s why we urge your guests to bring cameras to showcase the evidence that you did have the courage! However, if you want to guarantee that you have a more personalized capture of this epic moment in your life, we offer professional videography! That’s right, up close videos that you can share for years to come. Our videographer will capture the heart-pounding moment of you exiting the plane, flying like a birdie through the air, and then your heroic landing.
The buck doesn’t stop here! New Orleans also offers an opportunity to purchase Gift Certificates for loved ones looking for the perfect thrilling escape from the mundane. Our gift certificates are also redeemable for more Tandem jumps.

Speed Skydiving- The Need for Speed

Skydiving, like any extreme sport, is made up of enthusiasts who test the limits in a competitive environment. Speed Skydiving is a relatively new skydiving competition that is hosted by the International Speed Skydiving Association, and is currently the fastest sport on the planet! The competition isn’t for the faint of heart, and each typically lasts between three and four days with six rounds. The winners are decided by averaging their best three rounds, which is known as the meet result. The fastest speed skydiver so far is Henrik Raimer of Sweden who set a Guinness World Record by Free Falling at 373.6 mph in 2016! And you thought 120 mph was extreme.
Speed skydiving isn’t just about jumping out of a plane and hoping for the best in regards to your speed. It involves careful technique, with the skydiver using his or her body in a controlled position to reach and obtain the fastest Free Fall or terminal velocity speed possible. So what’s one of the number one tips to achieve this speed and control in the sky? Relaxation is vital for the speed skydiver when they are jumping from heights of 13,000 feet. Talk about mind over matter!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in New Orleans, Louisiana

Skydive to the Next Level Through Our Skydiving Academy

Accelerated Free Fall

Did that first tandem jump have you hooked, but now you are looking to acquire more skills? The Skydiving Academy at New Orleans gives you the opportunity to skydive alone as a certified skydiver with an A license. We have two training methods conducted by our team of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), certified skydivers that can accommodate individuals with different paces of learning.

The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training allows you to obtain your certification at a quicker pace compared to the Static Line Progression training, (S/L). It involves seven levels and the completion of the Integrated Student Program (ISP). The first three levels of AFF involve seven hours of ground instruction on techniques such as altitude awareness, body position, stability, pull sequence, and effective chute deployment. Once you are have finished instruction on the ground, your first Free Fall will begin with two of our FAA instructors holding your harness until your chute is deployed. The real fun begins at level three when you finally have the freedom to Free fall alone!

The final four levels focus on more complex techniques while you are skydiving, such as docking on to others and performing ‘Superman’ exits from the aircraft. After the completion of AFF, you are required to enter ISP in which you must perform 25 jumps before you can apply for an A license. This gives you the freedom to skydive alone based on guidelines set by the United States Parachute Association’s Basic Safety requirements.

Static Line Progression

If you prefer to take a more traditional route of learning how to skydive we recommend S/L training. This course spans a longer period of time and will help spread out the financial costs if money is a concern. Compared to AFF, your first jump will be done by yourself at lower altitudes of 3,000 feet AGL and your parachute will be deployed for you for the first few jumps.You’ll move to Free Fall training gradually, but you’ll still have to perform the 25 jumps to be eligible for certification.

Paratroopers- Flying in the Heat of Battle

While skydiving is often seen as a recreational activity or sport, its elements can be found in military parachutists known as paratroopers. These badass dudes not only have to parachute through the sky, but also do it while coming under fire. Talk about bravery and concentration! Perhaps the most famous example of paratroopers dates back to D-Day when the pathfinders of the 101st Airborne Division parachuted over Normandy on June 5, 1944. Many of the paratroopers missed their landing zones and landed behind enemy lines. You thought just jumping out of an airplane was tough enough, try doing it under a barrage of flak artillery!

Modern paratroopers still remain a necessity in today’s world and they must go through rigorous mental and physical training. In order to be a paratrooper in the U.S. military, an individual must complete a three-week course known as Basic Airborne Course. The final test comes when they are required to jump unassisted to test their knowledge on deploying their parachute and safely landing. The U.S. military continues to deploy these courageous daredevils and they played significant roles in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently, they are active in Iraq and Afghanistan against the Taliban and ISIS.

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A Gift That Will Last!

We’ve all been down that road, when the time came to choose that perfect gift for that best friend or loved one. The anxiety of searching for something out of the ordinary to suit their tastes for a birthday or anniversary can be a challenge. Have no Fear! New Orleans has you covered with the perfect gift to surprise the people in your life that matter most. We offer gift certificates for Tandem skydives that are just perfect for those closest to you looking for that escape from reality. That’s not all though! We also have gift certificates for our AFF Level 1 jumps if you want that special someone to pursue that dream of skydiving with you.

Our gift certificates can be easily purchased by contacting us seven days a week! What’s more? They also have a two-year validity in case your lucky skydiver wants to wait for that perfect time to go. Our gift certificates are also transferable between locations and individuals. Small fees may be assessed for transfer to another locale. New Orleans makes it our job to help you give the gift that will never collect dust in some attic!

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New Orleans, Louisiana Parachuting Video Packages

The Evidence to Impress

Wouldn’t it be great to showcase one of the most exciting adventures of your life? Just imagine going out on a date and that person you’re trying to impress thinks you’re full of it when you told them about your skydiving escapade. New Orleans has the high quality evidence for you! We have two fantastic imagery options to showcase your experience and make you the talk of the town.

Our first option is the GoPro/Handycam that is attached to your skydiver instructor to record the jump from your perspective. We know, though, that you already experienced that perspective on your skydive. Why not get another angle of you on this epic adventure through the skies?

That’s why we offer the videography option. This option costs slightly more due to a professional camera flyer recording every aspect of your jump from an outside perspective. They will record all your thoughts and actions from the moment before you board the plane, to your heroic landing back on Mother Earth. Of course, that yell from the top of your lungs will make it on there too. If you’re excited about getting your hands on the evidence after the landing, we can hand that to you in less than an hour! What’s more? All our videos and images can be downloaded onto a CD from where they can be transferred to items such as pillows, coffee mugs, and, of course, on your social media sites. Get those likes rolling!

The Art of Thrill Capturing in the Sky

The art of being a camera flyer has its challenges and rewards for those wishing to capture the human experience in the sky. Handling the equipment that comes with skydiving is enough of a task, but staying focused with state of the art camera equipment is ever harder. The camera flyer must be well trained on how the camera equipment interacts with the parachute and have wind tunnel training before their first jump with the camera, or potential problems may arise. This is why some skydiving schools, such as Axis Flight School, require camera flyers to jump at least 50 times with their equipment before passing the course.

Still, the profession is rewarding. Camera flyers are often present in competitive skydiving where their services are in high demand to capture skydivers breaking records. In one sense, they are the primary sources for evidence, whether it’s just a beginner making their first jump or a professional who has made over a thousand. Of course, to record those perfect captures in the sky, the camera flyer must understand the technique. Maneuvering through the skies with ease is essential to capturing all aspects of the individual’s jump. This includes making sure the sun is behind their back in order to get high quality footage and including perspectives of the dive from complicated angles.

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New Orleans, LA

Skydive with New Orleans Best at New Orleans guarantees our skydiving experience will be one that is filled with liberation, excitement, and unforgettable memories. We welcome and accommodate people from all ages, backgrounds, and skillsets. Everyone deserves a chance to experience the thrill of skydiving. Our services have the tools to make that first Tandem jump a moment of a lifetime or turn your dreams into becoming a certified skydiver a reality. Please feel free to call us to pick up gift certificates or make reservations for a Tandem jump. Our customer representatives look forward to speaking with you and are available seven days a week. We appreciate your consideration for us and we are just one call away! New Orleans serves the below cities within the New Orleans, LA area:
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