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From work to school, life seems as though it is really just one commitment after another. There are usually only a precious few moments that we can commit to ourselves. Do yourself a favor and start to actively participate in your own life. Take the leap today. Without being overly cliched, skydiving is an opportunity to truly discover yourself. Alone in the sky, you will have the opportunity to be truly unbound from the constraints of life on the ground. There is nothing quite as liberating as your first Free Fall. More and more people are discovering just how incredible that feeling is. The number of new skydivers continues to rise every year. Join the movement and the more than 10 million people across the US who have soared through the air. There is no better place to do it than with Minneapolis.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota Tandem Parachuting - Minneapolis Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Interested in skydiving as soon as possible? Minneapolis has what you’re looking for. Tandem skydiving offers new and uncertified divers the best way to get a feel for the true skydiving experience without added training and certification. When you are strapped up to one of our skydiving experts, there is nothing to fear. This is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the true thrills of a skydive.

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Solo Parachuting in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Minneapolis Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

There is nothing like your first solo Free Fall. The only way to enjoy something as wicked as this, though, is to go through the proper training. Minneapolis has the best Academy in the area. Throughout our courses, you will be learning by experiencing. Yes, that means you will literally be learning on the fly! Don’t worry too much, as your personal skydiving instructor will be by your side through it all.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota Parachuting Gift Certificates - Minneapolis Parachuting

Gift Certificates

We all want to give great gifts, but the honest truth is that most of us are awful at it. Not that it is really our fault. Between birthdays and graduations, there are so many ‘holidays’ now–who can be expected to come up with a perfect gift for everybody? Luckily Minneapolis has the solution. A skydiving gift certificate is perfect for anybody looking for a new experience, and really, who isn’t?

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Jump for Fun!

Have you jumped before and are ready for another thrill? There is no better drop zone in the Midwest than the one we have set up in the Twin Cities. From our state of the art facilities to our welcoming attitude, you will definitely want to stop in time and time again. There is no better way to see this amazing city than from above. We’ll get you up so you can drop into Minneapolis.

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The Twin Cities – Driven To New Discovery

Much of the culture of Minneapolis lies in the eclectic nature of its residents and communities throughout. Inside Minneapolis, you can find Uptown–a district that hosts a funky and diverse selection of shopping and dining establishments. It’s also home to the Uptown Theatre, one of the few places in the nation that consistently plays some of the best international and independent shows. The Walker Art Center displays a collection of various 20th and 21st century American and European art. Those searching for a bit of the Great Lakes lifestyle don’t have to look far, as there are ample parks located inside the city limits.

Life in this city revolves around the happenings at the University of Minnesota. The students are largely responsible for driving the city as a whole to never settle. Invigorating as they are wayward, the young people are a part of the heartbeat of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, Minnesota Parachuting

Minneapolis, Minnesota Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Want To Get Into the Sky Today?

While skydiving is definitely a sport that takes some time to truly master, that does not mean that everybody can’t join in. By strapping up with an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)- certified skydiving instructor, anybody can feel the rush of the skies. Tandem skydiving makes this one of the most accessible sports around–even rookies can get into the sky in no time.

As soon as you step foot on our campus in Minneapolis, your tandem partner has got your back. They are right there with you as you go through a quick informational session that will walk you through proper body positions and some safety protocols to follow in the sky. Aside from that, there is really no more preparation that you have to go through. Like we said, your Tandem partner has got all the technical stuff covered, leaving you to enjoy the ride.

While there is nothing truly as amazing as skydiving solo, there is something to be said about a Tandem introduction. Having a certified skydiving literally strapped to you, at four different points, means two things. First–you are going to be taken care of in terms of process and safety. Second–you are going to love the experience. Our instructors live to skydive.

You don’t have to worry about a thing on your Tandem dive as you jump from around 10,000 feet above the ground. Your partner pulls the larger-than-usual chute after about a 30-second Free Fall, and you both have a peaceful descent to the ground.

Why Choose to Dive in Minneapolis?

Aside from the fact that the Twin Cities is the greatest place in the world, at least in summer, there are a ton of reasons to choose Minneapolis. While you will get to experience it all, we want to invite you to bring friends and family along.

We have a designated green space reserved for your whole viewing party. While you are prepping for the ride of your life, they are free to relax and enjoy a picnic in our park. Make sure everybody has front row seats to your landing!

Friends Not Able To Make It?

We are proud to offer every person who takes flight with Minneapolis the chance to enjoy their skydive over and over again. Trust us; everybody who didn’t see you jump is going to be skeptical. You can turn everyone into a believer with a professional video.

We have a team of videographers who are ready to dive right next to you in order to capture the full experience. The videos that they are able to capture are already amazing, but they only get better when turned over to our editing team. The end product is something that looks like it is straight out of a Hollywood studio.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Skydiving Training – Sky High Training Academy

If you have had a taste of skydiving through Tandem jumps, you know just how incredible this sport is. The next step is to go solo. Sky High training Academy is all that stands in your way. Through the Free Fall and Static Line Progression training programs, students are able to learn the sport by actually skydiving.

Whatever reason you choose, the fact is that there is nothing like Minneapolis’ skydiving school. Through every lesson, students are able to literally learn on the fly. With a personal skydiving instructor by your side throughout the entire program, you are sure to learn the ins and outs of skydiving quickly. The fact that you have the same instructor the entire time allows you to build a solid relationship with that person. You receive individualized instruction with Minneapolis.

Accelerated Free Fall Training

Enrolling in the Accelerated Free Fall training course is the quickest path to solo skydiving that any student can take. Through the course of only seven levels, a student can gain all the experience necessary to go from an amateur to a certified and licensed skydiver. On the very first post-ground school dive, Accelerated Free Fall students are able to experience an independent Free Fall. There is no better way to learn than on the fly, right?

Static Line Progression Training

Static Line Progression training is a more traditional means of obtaining skydiving licensure. After only one full day of ground training, a student will be able to move forward with their first solo parachute jump. Unlike Accelerated Free Fall, there is actually no Free Fall involved in the first few dives of static line training. Instead, a student’s parachute will be opened automatically a static line that has been attached to the aircraft. After a few jumps, a student can begin to venture into the world of Free Fall and eventually earn their A license.

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Gift Skydiving – Give Someone Their Wings

To be perfectly blunt, most of the gifts that we give and receive are pretty bad. For one reason or another, it has become acceptable to give the people closest to you something absolutely atrocious.

You have the chance to actually show the people you love just how much you mean to them. Don’t throw this opportunity away by giving another pair of socks that are probably going to be thrown away. Give a loved one the chance to experience something they have never done before. Skydiving is an experience to say the least. Whoever receives a gift certificate for an afternoon of thrills with Minneapolis will be sure to remember who gave it to them.

A gift certificate with us can be wholly redeemed for any one of our experiences. If the recipient has never been skydiving, they can experience the rush of adrenaline through a Tandem jump. Maybe they have already done so and are looking to gain some independence. No worries, they can use the gift certificate towards enrolling in the Minneapolis Skydiving Academy.

Our excellent customer service is all part of the package. We have partnered with drop zones across the nation in order to make this gift certificate fully transferable between locations. Forgetful recipients will enjoy the fact that these gifts are valid for two years post purchase. Of course, if they have any questions regarding the gift certificate, our customer service representatives are available seven days a week to answer anything that comes up.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Package – Remember it all with a video

What good is an outstanding experience if you don’t even remember it? No need to worry, we have created some amazing video packages. The videographers at Minneapolis are ready to capture your yelps and hollers at 10,000 feet. Then, our editors will take the already amazing footage and turn it into a Hollywood-like production, along with a music background, for you to show off to all of your friends and family. Looking for something a little more raw? We can strap a GoPro camera onto your instructor for an up close and personal shot of the action. Whichever package you choose, you are going to want to make sure that you have some video evidence to remember your sky-high experience.

While we have ample space available for you to invite all of your friends and family to watch your feats in the sky, we know not everyone is going to make it to your viewing party. For those who are unable to see what you did first hand, a video is the next best thing. Even the people who were witnesses will want to check out what you looked like in the sky. People tend to be a touch more calm after landing than they are at 9,000 feet.

Unless you work at Minneapolis, chances are you can’t go skydiving on a whim. With a professional video and a decent home theater, anybody will be able to feel as though they are soaring through the Minnesota clouds all over again.

Skydiving Videographers – A True Dual Threat

If you thought that becoming a licensed skydiver was inspiring, just wait until you hear about the amount of training and certification it takes to take photos in the air. Part of the reason that we have such ample video offerings is because there are very restrictive rules placed on skydivers. The Federal Aviation Administration has deemed that taking any recording equipment on a jump requires the operator to have a separate certification.

After they obtain their license to jump with a camera, aerial photographers still actually have to learn how to do it. The fact is that taking pictures and videos at 10,000 feet is a tad different from doing it on the ground. If capturing a sporting event on camera is difficult, doing it in the air is doubly so – both the object of the video or photo and the camera itself is moving at all times. In the air, there is not a second to spare lining up the perfect angle because Free Falls only last so long. Getting the perfect shot amongst all that chaos is definitely nothing to be scoffed at.

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Minneapolis, MN

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At Minneapolis, we know how important quality is. That is why we offer students and customers the ultimate in skydiving experiences. We love this sport and we want to see it continue to grow. The only way that is going to happen is if we always provide the utmost of experiences to everybody who steps foot on our campus. By signing up for a skydiving session or enrolling into our training programs, you are becoming a part of our community. We value everybody, and will work to make sure that you feel comfortable at Minneapolis. With state of the art facilities and a laid-back atmosphere, we have the perfect setup for a wicked good time. It all starts with excellent communication. We are available seven days a week to answer all of your questions and concerns. Minneapolis serves the below cities within the Minneapolis, MN area:
Columbia Heights, MN | Golden Valley, MN | Saint Louis Park, MN | Robbinsdale, MN | Roseville, MN | Crystal, MN | New Brighton, MN | Richfield, MN | New Hope, MN | Fridley, MN | Brooklyn Center, MN | Edina, MN | Saint Paul, MN | Shoreview, MN | Mounds View, MN

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