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Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Want to know what it feels like to conquer your fears and feel the pulsing joy of an epic adrenaline rush? Then you’re ready to go skydiving. Few thrills in life can match those felt when you throw yourself out of a perfectly functional airplane. Let’s face it, it takes a special kind of person to plunge toward the ground at 120 miles per hour and love every second of it. If you’ve got what it takes, we’ve got the ultimate adventure waiting for you. Come make the leap with us.

Our Skydiving Menu of Thrills

Miami, Florida Tandem Parachuting - Miami Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Experience the epic thrills of skydiving while attached to a friendly expert instructor who is ensuring your safety and doing almost all the work. And the best part is the instructor is riding on your back, so there’s nothing to block the amazing views of the Miami skyline. You’re riding in the front seat. It’s the perfect way for a first-timer looking to jump their fears and take the plunge into crazy thrills of skydiving.

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Solo Parachuting in Miami, Florida - Miami Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Got the skydiving bug and want to take it for a ride? Skydiving Academy will take your jumps to the next level. Whether you want to get certified to be able to jump solo or even start on a path toward professional skydiving, the academy is the first step. Our certified instructors will expertly guide you toward your goal through advanced level courses that will teach you new tricks while moving you toward your goal.

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Miami, Florida Parachuting Gift Certificates - Miami Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Need a show-stopping gift guaranteed to knock the socks off a friend, loved one or top client? We’ve got one. Give them the gift of skydiving. Generally, you can’t wrap pulsing adrenaline, thumping hearts, and screams of joy and exhilaration in a box, but with a Parachuting.com gift certificate, you can. Stop giving ordinary, everyday gifts that end up in a closet or forgotten. Give the gift they’ll cherish and remember forever. They’ll thank you for it.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Miami Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

Experienced jumpers are always looking to spice up their skydiving experience, and fun jumps are the answer. These jumps are really only limited by skill level and imagination. Jump solo and work on different tricks, or jump in a group and work out crazy formations, or play a variety of games that are both fun and build skills. Improve your talents and have a blast, what can be better than that? Come fun jump with us.

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Skydiving Treats For Anybody!
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Enjoy Miami’s fun and sun in the sky!

Nobody ever went to Miami for a gloomy time. With its high-rise towers, art deco-splashed buildings, and sandy shoreline along the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay, Miami screams fun. The only way to improve Miami is seeing it while plunging through the sky at 120 miles per hour.

Soak in the sights of the white sands and crashing surf of Miami and South beaches, the colors and culture of Coconut Grove, and the hulking cruise ships in the Port of Miami. It’s the perfect city to enjoy the thrills and sights of skydiving. We promise an experience you’ll never forget.

Miami, Florida Parachuting - Miami Parachuting

Miami, Florida Tandem Skydiving

First-timer? Tandem Jumps Are Perfect For You

If you’re ready to chuck your fear and regrets out the window and finally go skydiving, there’s no better way than with a Tandem Jump. You’ll get all the tingling thrills, mind-blowing sensations, and eye-bulging views of skydiving, and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re wearing an experienced, certified instructor on your back.

Your Skydiving Adventure
In a nutshell, you’ll arrive at the drop zone, meet the friendly instructor you’ll be wearing as a human backpack, and get fitted for your dive suit. You’ll then do some basic training by watching a video and going over body positioning techniques.

Gearing up
Your equipment is likely to consist of goggles and a four-point harness to attach you to your instructor, as well as your parachute pack that has a main and reserve chute. As an additional precaution, it also has a safety device designed to automatically deploy the parachute if you reach a certain minimum altitude and are still in free fall.

It’s go time
Board the plane. Ascend to jump altitude. Your instructor moves you to the door. Jump. Hopefully, you’ve been remembering to breathe. Your jump will be roughly a half minute of free fall at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Your instructor will deploy the parachute at roughly 6,000 feet and you’ll ride the winds for about six minutes. You’ll slowly float toward the ground, and then you land. Much back-slapping, chest-thumping, high-fiving, and celebratory dancing commences. Your epic journey is complete.

Dropping the Dime on Drop Zones

While you’re certainly not going skydiving for the amenities on the ground, they do influence your overall experience. Since we want it to be epically unforgettable, we take pride in having comfortable drop zones. Our sites offer seating inside and out, and we often have room for any family or friends who want to witness your bravery and awesomeness in person. While every drop site is different, many have food and drinks available and picnic tables. Call our friendly experts at Parachuting.com Miami and ask about site specifics so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Mind-blowing Gifts and Video Services Available

Speaking of your eyewitness guests (who probably don’t show up for your birthday parties but are knocking themselves over to see you jump from an airplane), remind them to bring their cameras and phones for some epic shots of your daring adventure. But don’t rely on just those.

Capture it on Film
If you’re going to jump out of an airplane, make sure you get a video package so you can show all your friends on and off social media your feat of superhuman courage. We also offer gift certificates for skydives, if those friends are inspired by your awesomeness.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Miami, Florida

Skydiving Academy is in Session!

Our instructors are friendly, highly experienced experts all certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This not only gives you top notch instruction, but also allows you to be eligible to receive FAA certification after completing a minimum of 25 jumps.

Accelerated Free Fall

This is the fastest-paced training method offered. You’ll jump with your own parachute and be accompanied by an instructor (or two), who will initially hold your harness and coach you on the way down.

Your First Jump
From roughly 10,000 to 12,000 feet, you’ll jump alongside two instructors who will hold your harness all the way until you deploy your parachute.

The Next Steps
During the first three levels of training, you’ll work on body positioning, altitude awareness, stability, and parachute deployment. The final four levels will focus on turns, forward movement, docking with others, and proper exits from the plane.

After Level 7
Now you’ll enter the Integrated Student Program where you’ll practice maneuvers and build your jump count to the 25 necessary to obtain an A-License that will allow you to jump solo.

Static Line Progression

This training course will have you taking your initial jumps with a line attached to the airplane that will deploy your parachute for you when you reach a certain altitude.

The Process
The bulk of the ground instruction time is up front with four to five hours of it prior to your first jump at roughly 3,000 feet. Each successive jump will require only about 15 minutes of ground instruction time. After two solid jumps, you’ll start to simulate parachute deployment on the next three jumps, after which you’ll begin pulling your own parachute for real. Once you hit the magic 25 jumps, you may apply for your A-License that will allow you to jump solo.

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Parachuting.com Miami, Florida Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate – Gifts of Greatness

So, when’s the last time you can remember giving an awesomely memorable gift to a friend or loved one? If you’re like many people, you’re struggling for an answer. Well, fear not, your gift problems are solved. A Parachuting.com Gift Certificate is the ultimate gift for the thrill-seeker in your life. Give them the incredible, indescribable joys of skydiving through the blue Miami sky. We guarantee it won’t be a gift soon forgotten. Include a video package and you’ll get to see first-hand the awesomeness of your gift – just be careful not to dislocate a shoulder patting yourself on the back for your incredible gift-giving prowess. And hey, it doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday to give an epic gift. It could be for:

  • Graduation
  • An Anniversary
  • A Wedding present
  • A Bucket list check mark
  • No particular reason whatsoever

Our gift certificates are also worry-free

They’re valid for two years, transferable between people or locations, and our customer service representatives are available seven days a week. It couldn’t be any easier. It’s the ultimate gift. Your gift recipient will love every minute of it, and love you for making it possible. Make this the year you take your gift-giving to the next level.

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Miami, Florida Parachuting Video Packages

Video packages – Video Stars Made Here

Jumping out of a serviceable airplane is not something you do everyday, so you better be darn sure you record it. Besides, just picture the looks on the faces of your friends and family when you show them how incredibly awesomely brave you were. We offer two options: a GoPro package in which a portable camera is mounted on your instructor, and a videographer, who will expertly capture all the key moments of your incredible day.

How the Videographer rolls
Your camera person will take the plane ride with you, recording your thoughts and facial expressions as the plane gains altitude and the moment of reckoning draws near. The videographer will then jump slightly ahead of you so he or she can record your epic leap from the plane and hear your primal screams of exhilaration. The videographer will also land slightly ahead of you to be able to record your touch-down and ensuing gleeful celebration. And your epic video will be:

  • Edited and set to music on-site.
  • Typically ready in less than an hour
  • Put on a compact disc enabling you to upload it social media or computer

Skydiving is a singularly incredible experience, and your video will capture it perfectly.

Videographers Have Mad Skills

If you choose our videographer package for your epic skydive, you’re going to jump with an incredibly talented person. Although being a “camera flyer” looks easy – strap a camera to your head, point it at your subject, and viola – it’s anything but easy. For starters, camera flyers have to be experienced skydivers. The United States Parachute Association recommends they hold at least a C-License and a minimum of 200 jumps, 50 of which were with the equipment they will be using.

The Art of Camera Flying
Aside from being first-class skydivers, videographers also have to be adept at moving around a skydiving subject to get the best possible angles. Nobody wants to pay for a video of a shadowy skydiver outlined against the sun. A videographer has to work to get awesome footage that captures the essence of the experience, not to mention the exhilarating joy and beaming smile etched on the diver’s face. Plus, they have to be skilled enough to properly capture their subject’s story – the build-up, anticipation, emotions, and the big ending – and be able to edit it all in a package that will delight their subject. Amazingly, they have the skills to pull it off every time.

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Parachuting in Miami, Florida

Parachuting.com Miami Reservations
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Whether you’re looking for an incredible first-time skydiving experience, or you want to improve your skills or obtain new licenses, Parachuting.com Miami is here to help. We’ve got the expert instructors for advanced courses or first-time Tandem Jumps, and our video services will ensure your skydiving experience is preserved forever. We offer gift certificates you can give a thrill-seeking friend, and our friendly customer service representatives are available seven days a week. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to turning your skydiving dreams into reality.

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