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Open Yourself Up To The Thrill Of Skydiving: Come Alive

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to Free Fall from 10,000 feet? There’s nothing else like it that you can experience in the realm of extreme sports. Getting into a propeller plane and climbing up to your jump height comes with an incredible mixture of peace as well as excitement. The anticipation will build as the time comes for you to step out of the plane, as the air becomes cooler and your heart begins to race.

Take your first step out into the abyss and feel yourself reach terminal velocity! That sort of feeling isn’t a far off dream; it’s something that you can take hold of for yourself. How about full training for solo jumps? We have that covered too! Don’t wait another minute to book your jump with us, whether it’s your 1st or 100th. Mesa has everything you need to make your time with us the time of your life!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Mesa, Arizona Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Whether it’s your first time or you’re coming back for more, the easiest and quickest way to get into the sky is with our Tandem jump package. We’ll attach you to one of our expert skydive instructors and you can let us do the rest. If you want to find out all about skydiving and get the full extent of the thrill with a low introductory cost, this is the ticket for you!

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Solo Parachuting in Mesa, Arizona

Skydiving Academy

Once you’re ready to take things to the next level and embark on a career or hobby in skydiving, the Skydiving Academy is where you start. We can take the most novice jumper and turn them into an expert in no time. Just relax and trust in our accomplished instructors, and we will help you do the rest. We offer the full spectrum of certifications, and there is a spot open for you!

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Mesa, Arizona Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of skydiving to that special someone is probably the most exciting present out there. There are always people who are afraid to take the plunge and need that extra little push to get out there and live their dreams. Help someone enter the skydiving academy or test the waters with a Tandem jump. Whatever the occasion, this is the way to go if you want to please the thrill seeker in your life.

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Jump for Fun!

For the adrenaline junkies out there, come and jump for a full day with us. Whether you need to rent equipment or have your own, we can get you up and out the door for an amazing day of Free Fall with your friends or by yourself. There is no better way to unwind after a stressful week than jumping out of a plane with your buddies. And we can keep bringing you back for more.

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Why Is Mesa Your Place To Start Skydiving?

When you are searching for the perfect place to jump into the skydiving scene, don’t think twice about starting in Mesa, Arizona. There is a surprisingly large skydiving community here that is welcoming and passionate about what they do. At Mesa, it’s our goal to show you the desert and mountains like you’ve never seen them before when you take to the skies with us.

Along with the beautiful scenery that you’ll see, we will give you the peace of mind that comes with our expert training and high quality equipment. And hey, we won’t let you land in a cactus either so don’t get too stressed before the jump. The weather conditions are almost always perfect out here, which makes everyday a good day to skydive in Mesa!

Mesa, Arizona Parachuting

Mesa, Arizona Tandem Skydiving

Make Your First Time Perfect With Tandem Jumps

Tandem Jumps with Mesa are the easiest way to determine if the world of skydiving is for you. Tandem jumps are a very secure way to have the thrill of a jump with minimal instruction, getting straight down to business. We really recommended this jump for first time skydivers because all of the functional responsibilities of the jump are handled by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor.

What To Expect

Please arrive at the drop zone early before your jump so that you can get familiar with the area, and rendezvous with your instructor. Your instructor will brief you on what to expect and you will watch a quick video that lets you know what goes on during the jump. From there, it’s time to gear up and get on the plane.

In the air and ready to go, once you exit the airplane, you will experience between 26-30 seconds of absolute Free Fall.

The Gear

You’ll be outfitted with gear that’s standard for the industry and consists of goggles and passenger harness with 4 points of attachment. In the container, attached to the instructor, will be a main parachute and a drogue chute that’s able to handle two people. There’s also a reserve chute outfitted with an Automatic Activation Device that deploys the reserve chute in the case of an issue.

The Most Comfortable Drop Zones Around

What makes our drop zones special, compared to anyone else’s, is that we offer the most comfortable seating around for your friends and family to wait for you. Some of our facilities even have food for sale, picnic tables, and more. Make sure to inquire about the specific landing zone for your jump to find out exactly what is offered there, as each location varies.

These amenities have an especially attractive appeal because you aren’t just landing in the middle of nowhere and looking at a cactus while you celebrate your amazing jump. You can have all of your closest friends and family there with you during your epic moment of success.

More Services To Complete Your Experience

Not everyone is looking for comfort, some are looking for memories as well. There is nothing holding you back from having your buddies bring cameras to capture the moment at the drop zone. If you’re more inclined to have others take care of that sort of thing for you, we offer some amazing videography packages that you can take advantage of. You don’t have to worry about anything, just sit back and relax as our cameras capture everything so you won’t forget a moment.

If this amazing experience isn’t enough for you and you choose to pursue a more involved certification with us, read further to discover all of the options that we offer. There are several options for you to further your dreams and pursue advanced jumping skillsets, from solo jumps to wingsuit flying! Mesa provides the most comfortable adrenaline rush in the business. Just let us take care of everything, and enjoy!

Take It to The Edge With Wingsuit Jumps

Putting on a full wingsuit is not for everyone; it is for the most elite of all skydivers who want to take things to the next level. Often used by B.A.S.E. jumpers around the world, there are many skydivers who are transitioning into this realm for various reasons, mostly for the sheer excitement of what you can do in the suit.

Developed mainly in the 1990s as far as the modern wingsuit is concerned, the wingsuit’s popularity has taken off with the skydiving community. Some of the current manufacturers of wingsuits offer training programs for those interested in flying with a wingsuit – the minimum requirement is about 200 jumps before putting on a wingsuit.

The stats of the newest wingsuits on the market are pretty incredible. The sustained glide ratio that a wingsuit pilot can sustain is about 2.5:1 or sometimes more. This means that you can see more, jump a much longer distance from your landing zone, and experience a longer flight than with a traditional jump. Wingsuits are an awesome development in an already exciting industry, and it’s only thanks to brave and hardcore enthusiasts that we are seeing this technology become more and more accessible.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Mesa, Arizona

Get Your Career Going With Our Skydiving Academy

If you’ve made it here, than it is apparent that you’re interested in seeing what it takes to earn a certification in skydiving. There are different levels, and some are easier than others. We offer two main programs for your certification: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression (S/L). With these two paths to certification, there is likely to be one with which you are most comfortable.

Federal Aviation Administration Sanctioned

All of the instruction with Mesa is carried out by FAA-certified skydivers. This allows you to reach FAA certification levels for skydiving. Our instructors use a comprehensive and progressive method to take students through the program at a suitable pace within FAA timeframes.

Accelerated Free Fall Training (AFF)

This is the program for someone who is confident in their abilities and has a desire to get things moving quickly. There are seven progressive steps to certification in the AFF training, with jumps broken up by classroom instruction. This is the fastest way to obtain your certification as you jump into it, quite literally.

AFF: First Free Fall

Your first jump will take place between 10,000-12,000 feet Above Ground Level, and you will be joined by two instructors. These instructors will hold onto you during the jump to ensure your safety, but aside from the physical contact, you will not be attached to them. This is called Harness Hold Training (HHT).

The instructors will maintain the HHT until you deploy your chute. If you do not respond to prompts to deploy the chute, the instructors will place your hand on the chute. If you still can’t pull the cord, the instructor will pull the chute cord for you.

Static Line Progression Training (S/L)

For those who want to take a more measured route to completing their certification, the S/L Progression method is perfect. The initial jumps are accompanied by 4-5 hours of ground instruction and an automatically deployed chute at 3,000 ft. The Free Fall jumps that follow will be at progressively higher altitudes.

Paratroopers Saving The Day

There are so many things that you can do with your skills as a skydiver. There is almost no end to the utility available to people who possess this skill, and there’s a very intense application that’s used in extreme circumstances. What we’re talking about here is paratroopers and their incredible occupation.

Being a paratrooper allows the military to drop infantry into very hard to reach places and often times in silence. The advantage that this gives to the offensive position is priceless. Frequently taking place during the hours of twilight or darkness, these brave men and women keep our country safe, all while getting to do what they love.

Can you imagine jumping out of a plane into hostile territory in the middle of the night over the desert with 20 of your closest brothers and sisters by your side? That’s what paratroopers do, and they love every minute of it.

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Skydiving Gift Certificates Are The Perfect Gift

If you have an adrenaline junkie on your gift list, Mesa is the perfect place to shop. If they’re someone who has expressed interest in skydiving and you think that they need a little extra push out of the door to chase their dreams, this is the way to get them to do it. It’s very hard to say no to a free jump from a plane.

Maybe they’re not a first timer, but someone who wants to pursue certification and doesn’t know where to start. This is the place for people who want to jumpstart their career in the skydiving industry.

Some great things about our gift certificates is that they are transferable between locations and individuals, so no worries there. They are also valid for two years after the date of purchase so there’s no rush to get things moving immediately, we can work with whatever schedule may be present. Along with all of that, we have customer service representatives available seven days a week to answer all of your, or the recipient’s, questions.

A gift certificate is the perfect way to introduce someone to a Tandem jump that will get your thrill seeker Free Falling in no time. There’s no better time than now for someone to take part in their first jump. You only live once, and we believe that everyone should experience Free fall at least once. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, as our customer service representatives are waiting to speak to you.

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Mesa, Arizona Parachuting Video Packages

Capture Your Experience With An Imagery Package

If you travel all the way up into the sky to jump out of a plane for the first time, you’re going to want a record of it. Not only that, you’re going to want a professionally shot and high-quality record of the entire experience. This is where our imagery packages come into play. Mesa offers two imagery packages, so you have whatever level of video coverage you want for your jump. The first service we offer is the videography service where a professional videographer jumps with you to film your entire jump from a third-party view. This is a very comprehensive filming package as the videographer is dedicated to capturing every moment of your jump. They will exit the plane first so that they can get a perfect shot of you the instant you’re in Free Fall.

If you’re worried about the budget, our second imagery option involves a GoPro camera that will be worn by the instructor to whom you are attached in your Tandem jump. They will film the entire experience as well, but from a different angle than an external videographer. Our instructors have taken many of these videos and the quality is very high. This up-close-and-personal angle is preferred by some of our clients. The important thing to remember is that you should save the memories forever if you have the chance, and video is the best way to do that.

It’s Just As Exciting To Film The Jump

When people consider filming skydiving jumps, they rarely think about what it’s like for the videographer. It’s actually a wild job to have. Can you imagine jumping out of planes for a living and operating a camera? We all know how unaware we normally are when we’re taking a selfie or recording a video of our dogs, so imagine how insane it is to do that in freefall.

Not only is filming in that environment extremely difficult, but the cinematographer has to focus on all of the same variables that everyone else in the jump does. They are doing all of this while being distracted! This makes it necessary for anyone who films skydiving jumps to be a very experienced skydiver themselves and able to focus on many things at once.

A skydiving videographer has to maintain perfect stability to get the shot just right. This is an incredibly difficult job to do and requires extensive experience as well as the focus to get the shots required to complete the perfect videographic sequence. Anyone who can complete this task while also executing a clean jump has the respect of everyone in the skydiving community.

Any number of employment opportunities open up to those who possess these skills. It is encouraging that some among the crowd choose to employ their expertise to capture the memories of others during their first skydives.

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If you are considering your first jump and don’t know where to start, we are your place to commence greatness. Mesa is the best and preferred location to embark on your Tandem jump or your career in skydiving. Don’t hesitate for another minute, because there is an entire world of adrenaline and wonder that awaits those who seek it.

If you’re not ready for a complete commitment to a skydiving career, then that’s OK. You can get a gift certificate for someone who you know will love and cherish the experience of Free Fall. They will never forget what an amazing gift it was to jump out of a plane and see the world from a new perspective.

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