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Skydiving is an experience unlike anything you have felt before in your life. The excitement and anticipation of your upcoming adventure builds up as the plane ascends into the air. Then, in a flash, you jump. Instantly, your body fills up with a rush of adrenaline, and a wave of euphoria passes over you. The land below is stunning as the sunlight reflects across the rolling hills and fields. You feel a sense of calm and bliss as you float above the earth, away from the pinging of work emails or demanding phone calls of bosses. Here, there is only sky.

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Madison, Wisconsin Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Enjoy the thrill of skydiving without any of the pressure, with Tandem Skydiving. You will be attached to a professional instructor, who will handle all of the details of the jump (like pulling the parachute). All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride and the best adrenaline rush of your life.

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Solo Parachuting in Madison, Wisconsin

Skydiving Academy

If you are ready to take your skydiving to the next level, the skydiving academy is for you! You can learn all you will need to skydive on your own. Enthusiastic instructors will teach you a variety of skills and help you with hands-on learning and application. When you complete the course, you will be certified!

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Madison, Wisconsin Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give your loved one a gift they will never forget with a skydiving gift certificate! You can surprise them on their birthday, graduation, or anniversary. The gift certificate entitles them to a Tandem jump in the Madison area (though if they want to jump somewhere else, they can change it with a small fee).

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Jump for Fun!

It is hard to beat the thrill of skydiving for fun! It makes a great afternoon outing to go up into the sky only to fall back down with record speed. If you have your license, you can jump solo, just for fun, out of the plane in the Madison area.

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See Madison Like Never Before!

Madison, Wisconsin offers so much for a visitor to experience! Take in history as you tour the Wisconsin State Capitol, built in the early 1900s. Walk through nature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum or the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Visit some of the many lakes in the area, like Lake Monona, or wander through some state parks. Gaze upon the stunning skyline at night as the lights from the buildings reflect onto the river. One you get your fill of the sights by land, enjoy seeing the city from the sky. The towering skyscrapers will become small dots when you exit the plane. The beautiful city makes a great view for skydiving.

Madison, Wisconsin Parachuting

Madison, Wisconsin Tandem Skydiving

Jump with a Professional Through Tandem Jump Services

First time jumpers can take advantage of Tandem skydiving. These jumps allow you to sit back and enjoy your experience, while letting an instructor certified by the Federal Aviation Administration control the entire experience.

How the Jump Works
You will arrive to the drop zone before your scheduled jump and meet your skydive instructor. He or she will guide you through what to expect and how to jump properly with the right positioning of your body. You will suit up and adjust your equipment before heading into the plane.

When it is time to jump, you and your instructor will make your way to the edge of the plane. With a small push, you will enjoy around 30 seconds of free fall, reaching up to 120 miles per hour. Then the parachute will deploy, slowing down your fall. You’ll then land and celebrate your epic experience with your friends and family that have been waiting below.

The Equipment Used
Each jump requires some equipment. You will wear goggles to protect your eyes and get adjusted into a passenger harness, which attaches you to the instructor. Within the instructor’s container is a main parachute and a drogue chute (which is a supplement chute allowing two people to free fall at the same speed as only one skydiver). There is also a reserve chute and an Automatic Activation Device for safety backup.

Enjoy a Comfortable Drop Zone

Many of our drop zones are created to be comfortable for guests. We know that not everyone who comes to our locations will want to skydive, they may just be there for moral support. Or maybe your group is so large that not everyone can jump at the same time. This means inevitably some of your family or friends will be waiting. Our drop zones provide comfortable seating inside and outside to make the wait more enjoyable. Some locations even provide other benefits, like food for sale, drinks available to buy, or even picnic tables to eat your own packed lunch.

Capture Every Moment of Your Jump

You can show your jumping experience to family and friends waiting below when you purchase videography of your jump. You can capture the entire journey with professional quality videography services. This will allow you to relive your epic adventure over and over again. Our videographers will be able to capture the stunning views of Madison from the air, in a way that no handheld camera or cell phone could. The image quality is far superior and professional, giving you amazing shots to share on social media. You can also purchase video options when you redeem a Tandem skydiving gift certificate.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Madison, Wisconsin

Skydive Solo or Professionally with The Skydiving Academy

Our instruction is: Always led by Federal Aviation Administration certified skydivers who are highly trained. Because they are FAA, you can become eligible to get your certification from the FAA. There are two types of training at the Skydiving academy: Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression.

Accelerated Free Fall

This training is more accelerated compared to the Static Line Progression, with a course lasting through seven progressive steps. The students will go through different degrees of solo jumps. The jumps will be accompanied by certified instructors alongside you, ready to facilitate and assist as needed.

The first free fall in AFF:
This happens at 10,000 feet and you will have two instructors jumping alongside you, who will hold onto you. They will maintain physical contact until you deploy your chute. If you are unable to open your chute, the instructor will do it for you.

The Seven Steps in the United States Parachute Association Mandated AFF Instruction:
There are seven steps required for you to go through. The first three levels will involve assistance by the two instructors jumping with you. Levels four through seven will involve learning how to do turns, “Superman” exits from the aircraft, and forward movement.

Integrated Student Program:
This allows you to continue practicing until you reach the required 25 jumps.

Static Line Progression

This occurs at 3,000 feet and involves a main canopy deployed by a static line connected to the plane, giving you three minutes of fall time.

Process for SL Progression Instruction
You will enjoy four hours of ground instruction, with fifteen minutes of instruction after each new jump. You’ll then go up in the air and demonstrate the ability to pull your chute. Then you go on a few free falls with higher elevation each time. This continues until you’ve reached the required 25 jumps.

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Give Memorable Gifts with Our Skydiving Gift Certificates

Surprise your loved one with an adventure they will remember forever! A gift certificate to go skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience, which makes a pretty great present. You can use it for a birthday present, Christmas present, anniversary present, or even a honeymoon surprise. Or use it to celebrate a new milestone or achievement, like graduating high school or college. Or simply give a gift “just because,” and really surprise the recipient. Whatever the motivation, the gift will be adored.

These can be used within two years after the purchase, giving the recipient plenty of time to plan the perfect jump. If for some reason you need to change the recipient or location, you can do so with a small fee.

It is easy to buy a Tandem jump gift certificate. Just call our friendly customer service representatives. They are available seven days a week and are happy to assist you.

Give your loved one an unforgettable adventure. Imagine how big their smile will be when they meet back up with you on the earth’s surface after they have just conquered the skies.

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Madison, Wisconsin Parachuting Video Packages

Capture the Adventure on Video Recording

Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience that you can relive over and over again! Just buy the imagery package alongside your skydiving package. One option is for a camera flyer to jump alongside you and film the experience from the first moment stepping out of the plane to the last moment hugging your friends after you land. The other option is a GoPro/Handycam alternative, which attaches a camera to your skydiving instructor that you jump with. This gives a more up-close shot for the footage.

What the Cameras Capture
Record every precious moment of your experience, even how you look right before you jump out of the plane. Your videographer will leave before you to make sure they capture the look on your face right as you leap out of the plane. Preserve every excited whoop and smile and laugh of your journey back onto the earth’s surface.

Video Editing
The video will be edited to showcase the most thrilling parts of your experience and it will have background music added in to make it even more exciting to watch. Usually this takes an hour or less to edit. You then get a CD with the digital files to upload however you like.

The Dream Job of a Camera Flyer

Imagine getting paid to jump out of planes every day. Well, that is the life of a camera flyer! A camera flyer is an important part of many people’s skydiving experience. They record every moment on their videos, capturing each person’s jump. Usually, they’re recording first-time jumps out of an airplane and the camera flyer gets to observe every stunned look, every exhilarated yell, every happy chuckle. They get to relive their first jump as they watch others enjoy the experience, every day.

A camera flyer needs to be experienced at skydiving (and hold their certification allowing for solo jumps, of course). They need to know how to adjust their body and maneuver around in the sky to get the best camera angles for the video recording. Camera flyers get to combine their love of videography and their love of skydiving into one epic job.

Of course, a camera flyer needs jumps to video which is why you should add it to your package today.

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Madison, WI

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When you go through Madison, you get access to the best skydiving options around. If you are embarking on your first journey, we will help you find friendly Tandem instructors. If you are hoping to enter the world of certified jumpers, we will help you find the right Skydiving Academy. If you want to surprise a loved one with a skydiving jump, we will help you get the certificate. Our customer service staff is friendly and ready to assist you however you need it. We appreciate you visiting our website and considering us for your epic adventure. Madison serves the below cities within the Madison, WI area:
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