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Why try skydiving? Because it’s an experience you will never forget! The anticipation of the jump, the thrill of the flight, and the wonder of floating safely to the ground below; they all come together to create the most memorable experience of your life. Get your adrenaline pumping by taking a flying leap – literally! So often, our lives prevent us from seeking out the adventures we yearn for, keeping us stuck in our cubicles, sedans, and stiff business suits as we work to pay the bills. What better way to leave behind your humdrum, cookie-cutter responsibilities for an afternoon than to go skydiving above the beautiful city of Long Beach? Take in the gorgeous views and experience the thrilling free fall you can only find by skydiving!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Long Beach, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Want to try skydiving but scared your inexperience would make it too dangerous? Then Tandem skydiving is for you! Experience the ecstasy of diving while safely harnessed to a qualified instructor, knowing that you’ve put your well-being in the hands of an expert. You’ll be confident you’ve taken the right steps with the help of a talented professional, while you develop the skills and confidence necessary to try a solo dive in the future.

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Solo Parachuting in Long Beach, California

Skydiving Academy

Once you’ve experienced the rush of that Tandem jump, you’ll want to get back in the sky immediately, maybe even thinking about a solo jump in the future. Our Skydiving Academy will help you become a skilled skydiver, capable of that solo jump. Our safety training instructors are ready to teach you everything you need to know, from the ground to the sky and back again, before you’ll pull that ripcord all on your own!

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Long Beach, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Know someone adventurous who’d love nothing more than to free fall through the sky? Then what could be better than one of our gift certificates? Show your friends and loved ones just how much you care by giving them the most awesome experience ever! There’s no better gift than the thrill of a lifetime, so when you are looking for something for the person who has everything, get them the gift you know they’ll love!

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

If you’re looking for fun and adventure, you can trust our team to provide it! Instead of spending another afternoon sitting in a freezing movie theater or laying around the house, you can experience the excitement of skydiving. Everyone wants to do something a little different or crazy every now and again, so don’t wait to take the jump. Your coworkers will be so impressed when they hear what you did this weekend!

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Enjoy breathtaking views while skydiving in Long Beach, California

California is known the world over for its gorgeous Mediterranean climate, and Long Beach is no exception. With mostly sunny skies and less rainfall than towns to the north or south, Long Beach is the perfect location for skydivers.

For those people hoping to see some cool sights on their way down, Long Beach has plenty. There’s the lovely ocean view, the Queen Mary– ocean liner turned floating hotel, some incredible street art, including the longest mural in the world, and more. So keep an eye out! You might catch a glimpse of some amazing things while you’re diving!

Long Beach, California Parachuting

Long Beach, California Tandem Skydiving

Tandem jumps are perfect for beginning skydivers!

Want to experience the thrill of skydiving but nervous about taking the jump? Then a Tandem jump is the perfect way to go! You’ll feel the wonder and excitement of skydiving while secure in the knowledge that an FAA-certified instructor is in control. You get to kick back and relax while a professional does the work, making a Tandem jump the perfect combination of adventure and security. Look around, take in the gorgeous scenery, and focus on the dive while our instructor does all of the important stuff! If you can’t wait to experience that 120 mile per hour free fall but you are still new to the game, Tandem skydiving is the only way to go.

On the day of your jump you will want to arrive early to get familiar with the facility and find out where your friends and family should wait for your return to tell them all about your awesome jump. You will get to meet your instructor, so they can tell you what to expect and get you prepped for your very first skydive. You will get to watch a video that explains the basics of Tandem jumping and get fitted in your gear. You can expect to be fitted with goggles, a passenger harness, main parachute, and several other pieces.

Then you’ll get to board the aircraft and attach yourself to your instructor because this is it! Securely harnessed to a fully-qualified diving instructor, you will jump from more than 10,000 feet, feeling a sensation that only birds, other skydivers, and Superman have ever experienced before! You’ll definitely want pictures of this!

Comfortable drop zones for the whole family

After your jump, you and your instructor will gently descend into our drop zone, where your family and friends can relax as they wait to celebrate your adventure with you. Our professional staff, including drop zone operators, instructors, and others will be there to make sure everything is perfect for you and your crew. You will be able to ask questions, rent gear, and discover all of the ins and outs of skydiving.

Our drop zones have comfortable seating both inside and out for your loved ones while they wait; many locations even have picnic tables, along with beverages for sale for those who want to chill out or even bring a picnic lunch to really savor the moment. Each of our locations is different, so please feel free to contact us ahead of time to plan your drop zone experience.

There is more to skydiving than Tandem jumps!

For people enjoying a Tandem skydiving experience, it may seem like the experience couldn’t get any better, but Parachuting.com Long Beach offers a number of services to enhance an already-awesome jump. You can take advantage of our videography services and relive the experience of skydiving, over and over again at home! You can also ask your friends and family to bring their cameras to capture your jump from a totally different vantage point. We also offer gift certificates, so if you land and decide you need to share that amazing feeling with your friends and family, you can give them the gift of a lifetime! Celebrate those special moments by sharing your enthusiasm for skydiving. And if you land at our drop zone and find yourself motivated to try skydiving professionally right here in Long Beach, you will want to keep reading for information on how to pursue your newfound passion!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Long Beach, California

Learn the ropes at our Skydiving Academy!

Skydiving Academy will teach you everything you need to know to skydive solo or even professionally. If you want to jump without an instructor harnessed to your body or get certified to train other skydivers, Skydiving Academy is here to make your dreams come true! Our instructors are FAA-certified skydivers, which means training with our team makes you eligible to receive certification from the FAA as well. While you will have a lot to learn at our Skydiving Academy, you will never have a class that is more fun or exciting than this one!

We offer both AFF and Static Line Progression instruction
AFF, or Accelerated Free Fall, is the fast-tracked training program to help students get certified as quickly as possible.

First free fall in AFF

Your first free fall takes place at 10,000-12,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL), accompanied by two AFF instructors jumping alongside you to keep you safe during your 50 second free fall.

United States Parachute Association AFF instruction requirements include:
The assistance of two certified instructors to jump alongside you while teaching you about altitude awareness, body position, stability, pull sequence, chute deployment, etc.
Once you’ve learned these things you get to free fall on your own! Next you’re required to receive instruction for ‘in-air skills’, turns, forward movement, docking onto others, and performing ‘Superman’ exits from the aircraft.

Integrated Student Program
Next, you’ll enter the Integrated Student Program (ISP) where you’ll continue to practice for the 25 jumps required to receive your A license, allowing you to jump anywhere, as long as it meets basic safety requirements.

Static Line Progression

The second form of instruction is Static Line Progression, done at 3,000 feet AGL. You execute a suspended exit from the plane while attached by a “static line.” This style of instruction gives you a two to three minute fall.

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Parachuting.com Long Beach, California Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving gift certificates make an awesome gift!

There is no better gift than a gift certificate for Parachuting.com! They can be used at any location, so whether they want to jump here in Long Beach or all the way across the country, they can still experience the thrill of the jump. The certificates are good for two years, so they have plenty of time to schedule their appointment, and the certificates are transferable in case they aren’t able to find the time to make the jump. Skydiving is popular among men and women of almost all ages; everyone from teens to senior citizens can enjoy skydiving! Don’t worry about whether or not your gift will be remembered – a skydiving gift certificate is a gift they will never forget! A gift certificate makes a truly remarkable gift for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas and Hanukkah
  • Milestone celebrations of all kinds

You can call to purchase a gift certificate from our professional customer service representatives 7 days a week! There is only one way to truly share the exhilarating experience you have while skydiving, so don’t wait to give the gift of excitement and adventure to your friends and family. Buy a gift certificate for a Tandem jump today!

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Long Beach, California Parachuting Video Packages

Capture your skydiving experience up close and personal!

Every skydiving experience is a remarkable one, but nothing will ever match the exhilaration you feel when you take your first jump. Because of this we offer two imagery packages designed to help capture your moment on video, so you can share your experience.

We have a videography service available where a camera flyer jumps with you to film your experience from beginning to end. We also have a GoPro/Handycam service, where your instructor is given the equipment to record your jump from an (almost) first-person view. If this is a special jump celebrating a big moment in your life, or simply your first time skydiving, you want to make sure you have it recorded!

Videography Service
While having another jumper film your experience is slightly more expensive than our GoPro option, it does provide a very different view of your jump. With this option, not only will they record your thoughts and experiences as you board the aircraft and get ready for your jump, but they will jump before you so they can get an epic shot of your leap into the air. Your videographer will also be landing before you, so he or she can film the moment your feet come back in contact with the earth below you.

Camera flyers help add excitement to a jump

Camera flyers are the professional videographers who jump with you to record your skydiving experience. Photographers and videographers who’ve been bitten by the skydiving bug are able to combine their two loves into one thrilling career! Recording the most important moments in someone’s life is already a wonderful experience, but adding the thrill of the jump to your career can catapult your work from great to awesome! Camera flyers allow us to offer you a video recording of your jump, making it possible for you to relive the magic of skydiving over and over again. You can also share your jump with everyone on social media. These amazing videographers provide an awesome service that really adds a “wow” factor to your already incredible skydiving experience.

Camera flyers can do much more than record your personal skydiving experience; there are a number of career paths available for camera flyers. Often, military skydiving maneuvers are recorded, not to mention movies such as Point Break and Last Holiday need camera flyers to shoot their skydiving scenes, making camera flyers necessary in a number of industries. When it comes to bravery, talent, and a sense of adventure, camera flyers have it all! If you decide to sign up for our Skydiving Academy, be sure to let us know if you want to pursue a career as a camera flyer so we can help set you up for success!

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Whether you’re a novice scheduling your first Tandem jump or someone looking to get certified so you can make a career in the air, we can help make your dreams come true! Call our customer service representatives to schedule an appointment right away. While you are scheduling your own jump, don’t forget to purchase a gift certificate to bring a friend or family member with you! We appreciate you taking the leap with us here at Parachuting.com!

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