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Go Skydiving! It Changes How You Think about Yourself

Skydiving is a rapidly growing sport. It’s a skilled activity that not only opens you up to a vast new world, it changes who you are, and—even more importantly—it changes how you think of yourself. At Laredo, you’ll soon learn that everything is done in a very big way. That’s simply Texas style, and fits perfectly into the region’s attitude. Your introduction to both skydiving as an activity as well as a culture will change your life in incredibly positive ways. You’ll be part of something way bigger than yourself when you share in this exhilarating sport. Start by booking a tandem jump with one of our seasoned professionals and prepare to be hooked from the start. Even though some folks skydive to cross it off their bucket lists, even more discover the start of a new way of life when they experience that inaugural jump.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Laredo, Texas Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Beginner skydivers will have a blast when experiencing their first—as well as subsequent—tandem jumps. You’ll be securely tethered to a professional tandem master via Federal Aviation Administration approved equipment. You’re jump will start after you’ve had some basic training on the ground. You’ll learn about everything thing you’ll experience, from the aircraft from which you’ll jump, to your instructor, and every step you’ll take from boarding the plane until you return safely back on the ground.

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Solo Parachuting in Laredo, Texas

Skydiving Academy

That inaugural tandem jump will no doubt spark a passion to move forward in your skydiving training. This means Skydiving Academy is the perfect next step. Led by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers, this training can lead to your own FAA certification. FAA timeframes must be observed, but Skydiving Academy allows students to progress at a comfortable pace. Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression are included in Skydiving Academy. It’s comprehensive and fun.

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Laredo, Texas Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Laredo, Texas sells gift certificates good for every step of your skydiving experience. A gift certificate for a tandem jump will certainly instill a love for this exciting sport in a novice. Skydiving Academy gift certificates allow the tandem jumper to move forward in his or her skydiving training. High school or college grads will love Laredo, Texas gift certificates. They’re perfect for wedding, bridal shower, birthday, and holiday gifts, too.

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Jump for Fun!

Maybe you’ve completed some skydiving training through Skydiving Academy, but you’re not really interested in training to become a professional skydiver. In that case, join us at Laredo, Texas and indulge in jumps for fun. Skydivers who are licensed or are accredited to jump solo may schedule these fun jumps. Come hang with the skydivers—both the guests and the pros—at our drop zone and watch the laid-back but amazing skydiving culture rub off on you!

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See the Rio Grande from 10,000 Feet Above!

Located on the northern bank of the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas is home to rich Spanish-American history and is the tenth largest city in the Lone Star State. Nationally known for flying seven flags—the Six Flags of Texas as well as the Flag of the Republic of the Rio Grande—its location across from Mexico means culture and trade are in full swing.

Four international bridges separate Laredo from cities in Mexico, and the city itself is replete with historical Christian architecture. Although predominantly Catholic, the intricate churches of several denominations grace the skyline.

Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is a must-see for everyone who visits Laredo. Camping, swimming, boating, picnicking and fishing are just some of the activities enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings.

Laredo, Texas Parachuting

Laredo, Texas Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Jumps: Let Laredo Introduce the Fun

Tandem jumps are the way all skydivers begin. As a beginner skydiver, you’ll be securely tethered to your professional tandem master by way of a harness that meets all Federal Aviation Administration safety guidelines.

Drogue Parachutes
When skydiving in tandem, you’ll use a drogue parachute. The drogue deploys shortly after you jump and lengthens the time between jumping and landing.

Tandem parachute rigs are comprised of a main and a reserve parachute. This is mandated by the FAA, as is the AAD—automatic activation device—that’s included in your rig. This device deploys the canopy when it senses that skydivers are still free falling when they should have deployed their canopies already.

Tandem Professionals: Training and Licensing
Tandem professionals must adhere to some strict guidelines when skydiving in the U.S. They require Federal Aviation Administration certification that validates he or she has undergone three years of skydiving, jumped a minimum of 500 times, and holds a master parachute license. Tandem professionals must have passed a certification course from the manufacturer of their parachute system.

First Tandem Jump-Here’s What Will Happen
When you arrive at our drop zone for your tandem jump, expect to meet your tandem master, who will explain everything you’ll soon experience. You’ll don skydiving gear and will board the aircraft with your tandem master.

While ascending to your jump elevation, your tandem master will attach you to him or her via a harness. As jump time arrives, you’ll approach the doorway. At about 10,000 feet above ground you’ll jump from the aircraft and start your descent.

Our Drop Zones Afford Modern, Comfortable Conveniences

When you visit our drop zone at Laredo, you’ll find a warm, inviting atmosphere with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating for your friends and family members to wait and watch you skydive. Speak with a professional at 1-855-532-6495 to learn exactly what amenities are at our location.

Some of the drop zones have picnic tables, so pack your lunch and enjoy the day. Most drop zones feature snack bars where you can purchase lunch, dinner or a snack and plenty of cold drinks.

Encourage your friends to bring their cameras to Laredo, so they can take a lot of photos of you as you get ready to go skydiving and as your parachute back to the drop zone. Since skydiving facilities are located in rural areas, they’ll catch some beautiful nature shots while awaiting sight of your canopy as you float down from the sky.

Capture Your Skydiving Experience Forever With Our Videography

Most people purchase a professional videography package of their inaugural jump so that, in addition to their friend’s and family’s photos, they have a video of the entire experience to forever remind them of their introduction to skydiving. If adding one of our videography packages to your skydiving experience is important to you, we offer two options. A professional videography will jump with you and capture everything on video, or your tandem master will wear a Go-Pro Camera strapped to his or her helmet and capture the experience up close and personal.

If—as a spectator at Laredo, Texas—you decide you might want to follow your friend’s lead and engage in a tandem jump, speak with a professional on site and sign up. If you’ve been on a couple of tandem flights and think more skydiving training is in your future, check out the options that are available.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Laredo, Texas

Skydiving Academy: Laredo Teaches You Mad Skills!

For training in all levels of skydiving, Skydiving Academy is the way to go. You’ll learn to jump solo and can train to be a professional skydiver, too.

Skydiving Academy Instructors Laredo skydiving instructors are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Once our students complete their training, they will receive their FAA certification as well. Our students are instructed in two main skydiving styles.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

All initial skydiving training is via the Accelerated Free Fall method. Our students exit the aircraft accompanied by two certified trainers. The trainers hold onto the student’s harness during free fall. Shortly thereafter, the student deploys his own parachute with prompting via radio contact with the instructors.

First Training Jump AFF
Here’s what you’ll experience during your first free fall with Accelerated Free Fall Training:

You’ll train at a height of 10,000 to 12,000 feet above ground level with the aforementioned two instructors. They will maintain physical contact via Harness Hold Training (HHT), which is in place until you deploy your canopy. You’ll experience up to 50 awe-inspiring seconds of free fall.

Seven Levels of USPA AFF Instruction
During the seven levels of USPA AFF Instruction, levels one through three will learn altitude awareness, practice proper body position and perfect stability. Pull sequence, chute deployment, and falling solo will be achieved.

Levels four through seven will perfect “in air skills.” You will work on turns, forward movement and docking with fellow skydivers. You’ll get to perform “Superman” exits from the aircraft.

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
When you’ve completed levels one through seven, you are eligible for ISP. This is comprised of solo maneuvers with an instructor until achieving those 25 jumps required to apply for your A license. This license allows you to jump whenever and wherever your heart desires!

Static Line (S/L) Progression Instruction

Students jump at 3,000 feet above ground level during S/L instruction. The canopy is deployed via a static line attached to the plane.

Pursue Professional Skydiving Training. Call Laredo at 1-855-532-6495 Laredo, Texas Skydiving Gift Certificates Laredo, Texas Gift Certificates Make Perfect Gifts

If you’re tired of giving ho-hum gifts to your friends and family members, give Laredo, Texas gift certificates instead. They not only promote excitement, but offer the opportunity to develop lifelong skills. From experiencing a tandem jump to training to become a pro, these gift certificates can be life changing.

A gift certificate for a tandem jump shows the beginner skydiver that the sport is safe and fun. It helps them decide how far within the sport they’d like to go. A gift certificate for Accelerated Free Fall training results in the newbie transforming over time into a professional skydiver. From there, the sky’s the limit. gift certificates are transferable between our locations and from person to person, so buying them is risk free. They’re good for use within two years of the purchase date. gift certificates make excellent holiday, birthday, wedding, and graduation presents. They’re perfect for that person who has everything!

Buy your Laredo gift certificates by calling one of our customer service representatives. They’re available seven days a week to take your call.

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Laredo, Texas Parachuting Video Packages

Forever Hold Skydiving Close With Our Imagery Packages

We don’t want you to simply go skydiving at Laredo, Texas. We want you to remember every tiny detail of your first jump or two. That’s why we have imagery packages that capture it all on video.

Our videography package is our best option. A professional videographer jumps from the plane a second or two before you and your tandem master jump and records every second of your jump, from free fall to landing. Prior to the jump, they will take video as you board the plane and shoot video inside the plane as you contemplate the step you’re about to take. While this is the more expensive of our two options, it is by far the better one.

Go-Pro Footage
Our second option costs less, but doesn’t afford professional videography. Your tandem master can strap a GoPro Camera to his helmet and record the skydiving experience from an up close and personal perspective.

Both of our options capture your excitement as you enjoy your skydiving experience, and both result in an edited CD of your Laredo fun.

Is It Hard to Film Someone Skydiving?

Camera flyers take video footage of skydivers in action. And while the title sounds glamorous, there’s lots of hard work involved.

Prior to becoming a camera flyer, the skydiver—who must already be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)—must purchase all of his or her own professional video equipment. As you can imagine, that’s quite a hefty investment.

In addition, camera flyers must pay out of pocket for every practice jump taken to perfect shooting video during free fall and once their canopy is deployed. It is estimated that most camera flyers pay for 50-100 such jumps before they have the skills needed to work professionally.

In addition to perfecting their videography skills, camera flyers must learn to balance their equipment while skydiving. This means successfully executing two sets of completely different skills while jumping from an aircraft at between 10,000 and 12,000 above ground level.

Is it hard to film someone skydiving? It’s not easy. There’s a lot more than goes into learning this skill than meets the eye.

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