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There are certain thrills that just can’t be replicated. One of those thrills is the thrill of skydiving. There’s an amazing rush that comes with stepping off of an airplane and feeling the world rushing at you. Although equipped with a parachute strapped to your back, there’s a few minutes of freefall that really get your blood rushing. If you enjoy challenging yourself and taking on new adventures, then skydiving might need to be your next move. Parachuting is the kind of experience you can tell your friends and family about. It will create memories that last a lifetime. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much to get going on your adventure. There are affordable ways to get started, and a range of activities you can perform. You’ll even be able to record your adventure by requesting a skydiving videographer or GoPro package. Flydar offers all the fun you need.

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Lancaster, California Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

The first time you step out of an airplane can be a slightly frightening experience. Most people aren’t fully prepared for what it feels like to plunge through the air from thousands of feet in the sky, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you are ready to feel what it’s like to fly through the skies, you will be able to do so while strapped to an instructor during a Tandem Skydive.

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Solo Parachuting in Lancaster, California

Skydiving Academy

Do you feel like challenging yourself? Are you prepared for the thrilling experience of flying through the air? Then it is time to learn all the ins and outs of skydiving. Guided by the best and most amazing instructors in the business, your time in our Skydiving Academy will show you everything to know about parachuting. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be ready to get you ‘A’ license. Become a skydiving expert today.

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Lancaster, California Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

If you are not the kind of person who wants to go skydiving, but you know someone who does, then you always have the option of buying them a gift certificate. While you stay grounded, you can send your friends or family flying through the air. These amazing gift certificates are completely transferable and are good for two years, making them the perfect gift. Take advantage of these affordable gifts and amaze the people you care about.

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Jump for Fun!

Are you an experienced skydiver who knows the business? Do you have parachuting experience under your belt? Are you looking for a new company to go skydiving with? You will always be able to enjoy a thrilling skydiving adventure with Countless people go jumping every year, so take advantage of an amazing photography package and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your next thrilling adventure is just one phone call away from happening.

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Enjoy the sights over Lancaster, California!

Lancaster, California is a gorgeous location from which to go skydiving. At 3,000 feet above sea level, it’s part of the Mojave Desert area. Throughout the year, temperatures are warm with summertime temperatures peaking at about 95 degrees. During the winter, these temperatures rarely dip below the upper 50s in the wintertime, meaning the climate is always great for skydiving.

If you’re skydiving in the region, you’ll find there’s plenty of things to do whenever you’re not in the air. The Lancaster Performing Arts Center is a popular location where shows and concerts are regularly performed. This makes for a wildly entertaining time. You’ll also find the Museum of Art and History in the region, where you can see all sorts of amazing modern art. The local staff is highly knowledgeable and will be happy to talk about the many local exhibits.

Lancaster, California Parachuting

Lancaster, California Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Take an adventure that’s built for two!

There are few ways of going on an amazing but safe skydive than with a Tandem Skydive. A tandem skydive is a fun adventure that will take up most of your day. Your journey will start by your arrival at the drop zone, where you’ll meet with your instructor for that day. You’ll want to stay engaged and attentive as your instructor briefs you on what to expect during your dive. Importantly, you’ll want to listen to your instructor and learn how to position yourself during your dive. Don’t worry though. You’ll also be given time to review an informative video that will take you through the steps of a freefall dive.

Plus, you’ll be safe during your fall. Included with your dive will be all the equipment that you need to make the perfect jump. Your equipment will include your goggles and the passenger harness that keeps you safely attached to your instructor. He or she will go over all the rest of your gear as well, including your main parachute, reserve chute, and more. During your 10,000-foot drop, you’ll be falling for up to 30 seconds in an incredible freefall during which you reach 120 miles per hour. This makes it that much more important to learn all the details of your equipment.

Tandem skydiving is really the ultimate way of getting used to the ins and outs of skydiving. You will be able to experience the thrills of freefall while under a trained professional’s close supervision.

What makes the drop zone appealing?

Not all drop zones are made alike. When you head out on your skydiving adventure, you won’t just be landing in the wilderness when you come back to earth. The skydives you takes through will include a drop zone that helps meet the creature comforts of your family and friends. Included at the drop zone will be the company’s facility that includes comfortable seating and a great view of the surrounding area.

Your friends and family will be well taken care of while you’re soaring thousands of feet through the air. Some drop zone locations even include a few additional amenities. These might include food and drinks for purchase. Outdoor picnic tables always make for a pleasant afternoon, and your guests will be able to enjoy the day almost as much as you do. With all the options available, they will be well cared for.

Opt for a GoPro package or videographer

It’s hard for most people to really visualize just what it’s like to plunge through the air for thousands of feet. After all, it is an experience most people have never had. If you want to share what this amazing adventure feels like, then you will want to choose a GoPro package or videography package when you decide to go skydiving. These packages are the best way of sharing your experience with both your friends and family.

With these packages, you’ll be able to share, firsthand, the thrill of flying through the air. A GoPro package can capture in the moment you’re rushing through the skies and soaring toward the earth. Meanwhile, a videography package can capture every amazing moment, from the second you’re on the airplane to the instant that you’re flying through the skies. Regardless of what type of package you purchase, you’ll have a way of sharing your amazing experience.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Lancaster, California

Get your training with the professionals at our Skydiving Academy!

Not just anyone can go skydiving alone. In fact, you actually need to get certified to go on a solo skydive. Fortunately, that certification is just a phone call away when you contact Our Skydiving Academy works with only the most highly trained skydiving professionals. These individuals are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers with a wealth of experience beneath their belts. The training they provide prepares individuals to become fully certified through one of two training methods.

Skydiving Academy with!

The first type of training is Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), which is an accelerated program created to help skydivers become certified in seven steps. This program helps people get into the air more quickly, and each step in the process will prepare you for your next step up. At first, you’ll undergo direct assistance beneath the watchful eyes of two certified flight instructors. After you’ve gotten enough experience, you’ll progress to the Integrated Student Program. During the program, you will have extended time to practice individually and with the help of instructors.

Oh the other hand, you could choose Static Line Progression (S/L). This training is designed to help novice skydivers become fully certified through the use of lines that stay attached to an airplane. A student falls for two or three minutes before their chute deploys. This type of training takes a little longer than AFF. You’ll typically spend up to five hours on the ground receiving basic instruction. Afterward, you’ll be taken 3,000 feet above the ground to undergo a static line jump. After a few of these jumps, you’ll be ready to go into a full freefall. Just remember that both types of skydiving training require you to make 25 jumps before you can receive your ‘A’ license. However, the effort is definitely worth it.

The Profession of Paratrooping

Not all skydivers go diving just for fun. In fact, skydiving can take on many professional forms. One of the most noble and respectable professions that includes skydiving is the profession of paratrooping. Paratroopers are specially trained members of the military who are given specific instructions that help them take their talents skyward. Although they’re trained with special skills, they actually begin their careers as normal members of the army. Before they can begin skydiving, they have to show they are able to finish basic training.

That accomplished, they can then progress to jump school. The training requirements for jump school are far more rigorous than those of basic training. Trainees must show they can pass additional physical requirements and show that they meet higher standards for physical excellence. Most training takes place until the third week of school, when trainees are finally given a chance to fly through the air. During this week of training, recruits must demonstrate the ability to complete multiple successful jumps before they can be completely certified.Once fully trained, paratroopers make a valuable addition to the military. They are able to deliver support to troops who have already gone deep behind enemy lines.

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Gift certificates can take a friend soaring!

It is true that before a person can take a solo skydive, they need to be certified. People also need to be able to demonstrate they can meet certain physical requirements. But a Tandem Jump is easy! And with a gift certificate, you can send your friends or family soaring through the skies! Our certificates are good for tandem jumps or an Accelerated Free Fall level 1 skydive. These skydives are designed specifically to support novice skydivers and include oversight by two certified skydiving instructors. During the dive, your instructors are with you every second during freefall. They’ll make sure that all safety requirements are met and that your loved ones are safe and sound.

These gift certificates make for an amazing gift, partly because they’re so flexible. A gift certificate is completely transferable, so your guests will be able to take it to any location. Just be aware that there may be a nominal fee involved when using a gift certificate at a different location than where it was purchased. Otherwise, there aren’t many limits on the certificates. They’re good for up to two years, so your friends and family will have plenty of time to use them. They can save them for any special occasion that might come up. If you’re hoping to purchase one of these amazing gifts, you can contact customer service any day of the week.

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Lancaster, California Parachuting Video Packages

Make memories that last a lifetime with video!

Your skydiving journey will be the kind of experience you’ll never forget. However, if you really want to wow your friends and family, you might want to consider getting some evidence of your trip. An easy way to do so is by having your descent captured with one of our video packages. These make the perfect way of showing your guests that a skydive is like.

Fortunately, there are two types of imagery packages available. The first type of package is a videography service. During your jump, you’ll be accompanied with a camera flyer who will fall with you as you dive. The second type of package available includes the use of a GoPro or Handycam. During these jumps, your instructor will wear the camera and record you throughout your descent. The second package tends to be a little more up close and personal.

Best of all, these packages come with incredibly competitive prices. The Videographer package is slightly more expensive since it involves the use of certified instructor who falls alongside you during your jump. However, the rest of your trip will be relatively normal. Just like during a typical dive, you’ll board your plane, go through your standard gear check, and take your dive. The only major difference will be the presence of your cameraman. After you’ve landed, your video will be given to you on a CD. You’ll be able to share it with anyone you know as you upload it to your social media.

The road to becoming a camera flyer

For those hoping to go professional in the area of skydiving, there are many options. For anyone who likes to take photos or record video, the job of camera flyer may be the ideal position. These fun-loving thrill seekers combine their passion for skydiving with their love of videography. The job of camera flyer requires training both with cameras as well as in the area of skydiving.

There are also rigorous demands for anyone who wants to be a camera flyer. Before they can begin recording the skydives of others, a camera flyer has to successfully complete anywhere between 50 and 100 jumps. A camera flyer has to show that they can safely dive while handling all of the additional equipment they carry. However, camera flyers also have to make significant investments into their profession. Camera flyers have to invest in their own training. They also have to provide their own equipment.

Camera flyers need to be able to meet the needs of the company they contract with, which is why they have to bring different kinds of equipment to a job. This equipment can range from professional cameras that have ultra wide-angle lenses, to smaller mini-DV cameras.

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Lancaster, CA

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Skydiving with is an amazing experience that both novice and experienced divers can enjoy. For those who have no prior experience in the area of skydiving, a tandem skydive is the perfect way of enjoying this amazing adventure. More experienced divers are able to go on solo dives. Regardless of your level of experience, is ready and willing to share your adventure with you. If you need additional training, they’ll be able to provide it. Of course, you’ll also be able to buy gift certificates if you have friend you want to surprise. Regardless of what you need, thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you in the skies! Lancaster serves the below cities within the Lancaster, CA area:
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