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Skydiving Is An Amazing Sport And Our Passion!

You would have a difficult time thinking of something more fun to do on a normal Saturday than jumping out of a plane. That’s exactly why we, at Jackson, have a different outlook on life; we don’t wait for things to happen, we make them happen. Did you know that you can pass all of your certification levels in seven steps with us? Becoming skydiving certified might not be as impossible as you think. We have an amazing love of this sport, and are excited to share it with anyone who will open up and let us show them how great it is. There isn’t anything quite like what you feel when you jump out of a plane from 12,000 feet, and we’re ready to help you experience it! Once you engage in an incredible sport like skydiving, there’s a good chance you’ll never look back again. It all starts with your first jump.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Jackson, Mississippi Tandem Parachuting - Jackson Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

If you want to experience skydiving and don’t want to go through all of the time involved with certifications and classes, Tandem skydiving is perfect for you. You can show up at the jump site, meet your instructor, and, after a brief overview, get into the plane. There’s no bad time to decide to Tandem skydive for the first time. Our friendly instructors are waiting to take you through the thrill and experience of a lifetime.

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Solo Parachuting in Jackson, Mississippi  - Jackson Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

When you have decided that this sport is something that you want to be in your life for a while, you should consider becoming certified through our Skydiving Academy. We will take you through every step and give you get the best training in the business to ensure that you become a world-class skydiver. There are different options to become certified and we are sure that there is an option that will fit all your needs.

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Gift Certificates

Giving a gift this season? A gift certificate for skydiving is an impressive way to show that special someone that you’ve been thinking about them or to congratulate them on any achievement. Giving someone that little extra push to do something they’ve always dreamed of is a rewarding experience for everyone. The recipient of this gift will remember how you gave them the experience of a lifetime by allowing them to do something amazing!

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Jump for Fun!

Once you’re already certified and want to spend a weekend jumping with us, we can provide you the means to do so. We have equipment rentals as well as empty spots on our planes that are waiting for you to hop on. Share your passion with us and we’ll make sure you have a smooth and carefree experience while you jump. We want to share the love of skydiving with fellow enthusiasts who chase their passion.

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Make The Most Epic Memories In Jackson, MS!

Something makes every city special and provides a unique opportunity to experience something different when skydiving there, and Jackson is no different. It’s no secret that people who get their excitement from jumping out of planes go to areas all over the country to have the thrill in a new location, sometimes even around the world.

Jackson is a great place to jump because there’s nothing quite like the view of the Ross R. Barnett Reservoir from 10,000 feet in the sky. Along with that, the weather is generally mild so the jumping season is especially long in Jackson, making it an ideal place to skydive. Aside from looking at natural wonders from the sky, the city itself is absolutely beautiful from above. All of these views are available if you can calm your heart rate enough to enjoy them on the way down!

Jackson, Mississippi Parachuting

Jackson, Mississippi Tandem Skydiving

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping With A Tandem Jump

There’s no better way to get into the skydiving scene than with a Tandem jump with Jackson. This is the quickest way to get into the air and out of a plane. For anyone who has been waiting for the right time to take part in skydiving, now is that perfect time. Don’t wait another minute and get over to one of our jump sites.

When you arrive for your Tandem jump, you will be greeted by one of our instructors at the drop zone. After that, you will be briefed on what you should expect during the jump and you’ll watch a quick video. In a Tandem jump, you’re attached securely to your instructor the entire time, so you don’t have to worry about doing a thing. Then you’ll be geared up and get into the plane where you’ll climb your way to the jump height which is usually around 10,000 feet plus.

When it’s time to jump, you will exit the plane and experience approximately 26 to 30 seconds of Free Fall depending on variables like wind resistance and weather conditions. Then your instructor will deploy the parachute at about 5,500-6,000 feet and you will have around a 6 minute descent down to the ground. Once you land, you’ll have the celebration of a lifetime because you just jumped out of a plane!

The Gear
The normal outfitting that you’ll have for the jump will consist of goggles to protect your eyes from the wind, and a passenger harness. The harness will connect to your instructor at four points, two at the hip and two at the shoulders. Aside from the harness and goggles, your instructor will have a special drogue chute attached to the parachute so that it can handle the extra weight of two people when descending.

We Have The Best Drop Zones Around

When your friends and family are waiting for you to land, you don’t want them to be standing in the middle of a field waiting with nothing to do. We’ve thought about this extensively at Jackson, and that’s why our drop zones are different.

We have indoor and outdoor seating and many of our drop zones sell food and drinks as well. Not only that but you can bring your own lunches and drinks if you choose, so your crew can have some comfort as they wait to celebrate with you. Please phone us to ask about the facilities that we have.

We Offer Videography And More

You’ll want to remind anyone waiting for you at the drop zone to bring their cameras as well. We encourage people to take as many pictures as possible to document this epic experience. You won’t be upset that people took too many pictures when you have the memories immortalized.

If you want to document the entire experience, we offer incredible deals on videography packages that you can take advantage of during your jump. Every moment of your time skydiving will be recorded and edited professionally, and you won’t miss a thing. If you want to share the skydiving love, consider buying our gift certificates for your adventurous friends and family!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Jackson, Mississippi

Start Your Skydiving Journey WIth Our Skydiving Academy

If you’re in this section, then you might be considering taking your skydiving game a bit more seriously and thinking about the Skydiving Academy at Jackson. This is a great choice for people who want to make skydiving a permanent hobby and push themselves a bit further. Or perhaps even become professional skydivers!

We have full Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant programs and instructors who will be waiting to take you through every step necessary to complete our programs and obtain your A license for skydiving.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

The fastest way to obtain your skydiving certification is through the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program. This will allow you to complete all of the necessary steps with the shortest time of ground instruction and the quickest path to solo Free Fall. Even though it is the quickest way to get certified, there are still seven progressive steps that you will need to successfully complete before you are able to jump solo.

First AFF Free Fall
When you’re up in the sky for your first AFF jump, you will be exiting the plane at about 10,000 feet above ground level. After that, the instructors will use Harness Hold Training and hold onto you for the duration of the jump to ensure your safety. Only after you have successfully deployed your parachute will they then release you. If you don’t deploy your parachute after multiple prompts from the instructor, they will deploy it for you and you will fail your first level. But you can do it again.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

The second way you can get certified is through Static Line Progression training. For these, you will be attached to a line that will automatically deploy your parachute for you. After a few static line jumps, you move forward to Free Fall jumps, and each successive jump will take you higher and you will have more Free Fall time. This is the longer method of certification, but still requires the standard 25 jumps for A license that AFF does.

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Gift Certificates For Free Fall

Are you thinking about giving the best gift possible this season? It doesn’t matter what season it is because it’s always a great idea to give a skydiving gift certificate. Your gift won’t be forgotten when you give something as epic as a Tandem skydive or an AFF Level 1 jump from Jackson.

Sometimes people talk about doing things like skydiving for years but never push themselves to do it. That’s when you can step in and give them that little extra bit of confidence with a gift certificate. Our gift certificates are fully transferable from person to person as well as to different locations. Not only that, but they are valid for two-years from the date of purchase, so you can be sure that whoever receives them will be able to make the time to get out there on a perfect day and jump.

If you have any questions about any of our gift certificates or other services, please don’t hesitate to call. Our customer service representatives are available seven days a week. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with as much information as possible. A Tandem jump could be the perfect gift for that special someone.

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Jackson, Mississippi Parachuting Video Packages

Record Every Aspect Of Your Jump With Video

You won’t want to forget a second of your incredible Free Fall through the sky with us. How else will you show your friends what an amazing experience you had flying above Jackson? We offer imagery packages for those who want a video record of their jumps.

There are two main choices when it comes to videography. The first is where one of our trained camera flyers will jump out of the plane, separate from you, and record all of the jump. They will record your thoughts before the jump, as you go up into the sky, and when you land. Along with that, they will exit the plane before you, so they have a perfect record of your exit as well as the full duration of the skydive.

The second option is for your instructor to wear a GoPro camera and record a first-person view while you jump. You’ll still have the entire video log but from a different angle than you would have with a separate videographer.

Whenever you purchase one of our Jackson imagery packages, you will receive a CD with the edited video on it as well as still shots of the jump. You can use these for anything you want, whether it be a mousepad, mug, or poster. It’s all up to you.

The Challenges For Camera Flyers

Jumping out of a plane for a living is difficult enough, but how about having an entire separate job to do once you’re falling? This is exactly what happens if you are a professional camera flyer. You have to be a veteran of the sport and maintain complete confidence in your abilities as well as awareness while you’re in the air.

To film a skydive is a difficult task; you have to cope with air currents, weather conditions, the variables of other people. It becomes an epic battle to capture the perfect shot. Though it’s extremely rewarding to record the memories of so many amazing jumps, working from 14,000 feet above the earth for your 9-5 job is an impressive way to pay the bills. The next time you think about what you could be doing for a living, keep these men and women in mind, because you could be the next one they’re aiming the lens at.

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There’s a reason that we’re number one in the skydiving business. We will handle every need you have, whether you’re with us for one day doing a Tandem jump or for weeks and even months getting your skydiving certifications. Jackson will facilitate your every skydiving need, and we’ll do it with a smile on our faces. If you have any questions about our Tandem jumps, Skydiving Academy, or gift certificates, please give our customer service representatives a call. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope to hear from you soon. Jackson serves the below cities within the Jackson, MS area:
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