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I know you have flown in a plane before. But you are missing so much while sitting there in business class! Why aren’t you out there experiencing the sky? Don’t tell me you’re afraid. You could just as easily experience it while strapped to a professional in a Tandem Dive. Okay, so you want to jump on your own. Try a Static Line Jump. Your parachute is employed automatically so you are good to go. Alright, so you want to go completely solo. Fine, freefall if you want to! Get trained and we will do it up right! Okay, so your significant other banned you from skydiving. You can always buy a gift certificate and give yourself the perfect excuse to experience your dream!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Houston, Texas Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

If you are just starting out, you can get connected with a certified instructor, literally. You will be tethered to the instructor and they will control the descent to get you both safely to the ground. Basically, you can let the professional do the hard part while you bask in the general awesomeness that is free falling.

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Solo Parachuting in Houston, Texas

Skydiving Academy

Two popular solo jump training programs are Accelerated Freefall Training and Static Line Progression. We can help you choose what would work best for you. It is especially important to learn how to jump from our certified FAA instructors if you plan to jump solo or become a certified instructor yourself!

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Houston, Texas Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

If you know someone who is looking for a bit of skydiving goodness, you can help them out with a gift certificate! I doubt that anyone would ever turn down a birthday skydive. Skydiving can also make for an epic date. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even propose on the plane! Take the plunge, get it?

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Jump for Fun!

Sometimes you just want to jump out of a plane. Jumps for Fun are exactly what they sound like. If you are already a certified skydiver and are just looking for a way to get up there, this is the way to go! Diving in Houston will also let you see some new stuff on your way to the ground.

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Why Skydive in Houston, TX?

There is rarely a bad time of year to go skydiving in Houston. The weather averages between 53 degrees at the coldest to around 85 at the warmest. But you won’t be thinking about the weather right before you jump out of a plane. As you fly over Houston, you might catch a glimpse of the Space Center, the infamous Astrodome, the Houston Zoo, the Kemah Boardwalk, or any number of parks and attractions.

While you fly by, you can plot out which of these sights you might want to see up close and personal. There is no shortage of things to do before and after you dive!

Houston, Texas Parachuting

Houston, Texas Tandem Skydiving

Jump in Tandem with a Certified Instructor

Tandem Jumps are great for first time Skydivers. You might want to get to the drop zone a little early to get your bearings. The drop zone is where you are set up with the right gear, learn important safety information, and generally get your head in the game.

After learning the essentials from your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor, you will board the plane with the instructor and fly over 10,000 feet above ground level. Before you know it, it will be time to take the plunge.

Get Equipped
But let’s back up a bit. Safety first. You will be geared up with goggles and a passenger harness that connects you to the instructor in four different places. The Main Parachute is supplemented by the Drogue Chute which allows two people to jump at the same speed as a single jumper. Just in case, there is also a Reserve Chute and an Automatic Activation Device which monitors speed and altitude, and will deploy the Reserve Chute on the off-chance that there is a problem. Long story short, it is safe to skydive with us.

An Epic Adventure
This is where it gets epic. When you and the instructor jump from the plane, you will freefall for about 30 seconds! When the time is right, the instructor will deploy the shoot and you can catch the scenery while you float back to your friends and family down at the drop zone.

Drop Zones are a Great Place to Hang

Your friends and family are going to spend a little chunk of time at the drop zone while you are having the time of your life. Every drop zone is different, but there are usually some nice places to relax. Some have places to grab food or you can just brown bag it. Each location is designed to help you stay chill.

Remind your friends to get some good pics of your epic descent. You might want to have us take pictures for you too. You will want photographic evidence of the awesomeness you radiated while they were stuck on the ground.

We Offer More than Just a Good Jump

Feel free to have your friends and family take pictures of you as you near the drop zone, but nothing can beat having a photo from a mile high! Houston offers several videography options for your jump.

When you land at the drop zone and your friends are overcome by jealousy, you can appease the green-eyed monster with a gift certificate for a Tandem jump. But, I must warn you, skydiving is like potato chips: you can’t stop at just one jump. In fact, you may as well just keep reading to find out how you can become a professional skydiver. Yes, it is a thing.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Houston, Texas

Skydiving Academy is the Best Kind of Schooling

Skydiving training is vital if you want to dive solo or become a professional skydiver. Our most popular training styles are Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Static Line Progression. After successful completion of either course, you will be eligible to complete the 25 jump requirement to apply for your A License. This license will allow you to jump when you want! This is how training works:

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

AFF will allow you to perform a solo jump sooner than you would through Static Line Progression. This method progresses through seven steps to get you ready for your license.

Your first free fall will happen with two instructors who will keep a hold on to your harness then prompt you to deploy your shoot. During the first few steps of AFF training, you will learn altitude awareness, body position, stability, pull sequence and effective chute deployment. To successfully complete the course, you will need to demonstrate your skill in turns, forward movement, docking onto others, jumping like Superman.

Static Line Progression

Static Line Progression is the more traditional approach to training that gives you more ground instruction before you perform your first free fall. During the first jump, you will start at 3,000 ft. above ground level and the chute will deploy automatically since it is connected to the plane by a ‘static line’. After you successfully complete two static line jumps, you will learn how to deploy your own chute. Practice makes perfect!

When the instructor determines that you are ready for a free fall, you will deploy your chute immediately when you jump out of the plane. The second jump will have a 10-second delay before deploying the chute. Each jump after that will start at a progressively higher elevation, with a longer deployment delay, until you are ready for a solo jump.

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Dive Into the Perfect Gift!

Everyone has a potential skydiver in their lives. You probably have a name coming to mind right now. So when is their birthday?

You could also set up the anniversary of a lifetime for your significant other by arranging for a first time skydiving trip! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like jumping out of a plane!

If one of your friends just saw James Bond and vowed to go skydiving, a gift certificate is a great excuse for them to take the leap!

There really is no bad time for a gift certificate!

If your skydiver travels a lot, you’ll appreciate that gift certificates are transferable between different locations. Just as a heads up, there may be a small fee to transfer to some locations. In the rare occurrence that somebody says no to skydiving, you can also transfer gift certificates between individuals.

Gift certificates can be used for a few different purposes. Tandem Skydives are good for fledgling skydivers who want to be hooked up to a certified instructor during their jump. Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Jumps are for people who might be interested in solo jumps or professional skydiving. Houston can help you pick the right one.

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Houston, Texas Parachuting Video Packages

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a video say? There is only one way to find out!

We have two options for video packages. The first option is to have a camera operator fly with you to take pictures. The other is to have your flight instructor wear a GoPro/Handycam to record your jump from a first-person perspective.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you decide:

  • Your instructor is focused on getting you ready for the jump, so the camera attached to them will likely not go on until right before the jump.
  • A camera flyer would capture your thoughts on camera before and after your jump.
  • The camera flyer would jump a bit before you to get the best shots of you as you fall. They also land first to capture your descent.
  • A camera flyer costs a bit more just because there is an extra person flying.
  • All videos will be edited and music will be added at the drop zone.
  • Try to let us know you want a camera flyer ahead of time so we have one available.
  • You will receive the video on CD so you can upload it wherever you see fit.
  • Videos are undeniable proof.

Camera Flyers Make it Look Easy

You might be just starting out as a skydiver, but camera flyers make it look easy. A good camera flyer must be able to jump out of the plane, get turned around to get a clear photo, and properly time their own shoot deployment. They also have to be steady enough throughout the trip down to get quality images.

So what does it take to become a camera flyer? It is not just a matter of getting a good camera and knowing how to jump. You can have 50 jumps under your belt, but it still takes a lot of practice before you will be steady enough to be worth the cost of your camera.

To be a good camera flyer you also have to have a decent eye for what makes an engaging video. You can’t just take a few snapshots of the jumper and call it a day. Learn how to capture pertinent background information along with the jumper and every part of their journey.

Camera flying is an underappreciated art. When you go on your next jump, remember to thank the person behind the camera.

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Houston, TX

Why Skydive with in Houston?

Our instructors are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. They are light-years past their first jump by the time they get to us. Everyone from our instructors to the camera flyer to our customer service people are ready and willing to dive in to help! You can find out for yourself by reserving a Tandem Jump in Houston. It is always better to experience your first jump with a professional. We are also well-equipped to help you get your first skydiving license. If nothing else, feel free to grab a gift certificate so you can send someone else our way! Houston serves the below cities within the Houston, TX area:
West University Place, TX | Bellaire, TX | Jacinto City, TX | Galena Park, TX | South Houston, TX | Pasadena, TX | Cloverleaf, TX | Aldine, TX | Missouri City, TX | Pearland, TX | Deer Park, TX | Channelview, TX | Stafford, TX | Humble, TX | Mission Bend, TX

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