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Skydiving is an experience that people of all levels of expertise can try. While skydiving is an extreme sport, it is accessible for beginners, too. You can have adventure that gives you thrills and amazing views right away. You won’t need tons of prior training – you can get started on a Tandem skydive as a beginner. We know you have always wanted to take on the wild side, and this is your chance! At Hialeah, we give you the chance to skydive in a safe, exciting environment.

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Hialeah, Florida Tandem Parachuting - Hialeah Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Are you looking to be a skydiving superstar? Have you always wanted to go skydiving but never had the chance to do so? If so, you could make your ideas of being a skydiver come true. At Hialeah, we offer Tandem skydives that will get you started whether you have previous experience or not.

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Solo Parachuting in Hialeah, Florida - Hialeah Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Did you love going on a Tandem skydive? Did you have the time of your life and want more? If this sounds like your experience, you don’t have to end there! You can become a licensed solo skydiver with us. We offer training programs in the Accelerated Free Fall method and the Static Line Progression method.

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Hialeah, Florida Parachuting Gift Certificates - Hialeah Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Do you have someone in your life who craves adventure and new experiences? Do you know someone who is a bit of an adrenaline junkie? At Hialeah, we have gift certificates that make the perfect gift for this person you know. These certificates will blow their mind and top almost any other present they’ve ever received.

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Jump for Fun!

Skydiving sure is amazing isn’t it? There are few activities like it. It offers the chance to participate in an extreme sport while also enjoying flight and amazing views. If you just can’t get enough of skydiving and you;re certified, come take up space in our planes, and jump whenever you want. Adrenaline rush on demand!

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Take the leap in Hialeah, Florida!

Hialeah is a beautiful, lush town in Miami-Dade County. If you love palm trees, warm weather, and the beach, then this is a place you will want to visit, or even live. If you live in the area, you know that it has access to many larger metro areas while still offering some exciting activities.

The Hialeah Park Race Track is the perfect place to enjoy the excitement of horse racing and have a nice meal. You could also check out North Bay if you want to get out and enjoy the water.

Seeing the area from the sky on an exciting skydiving adventure is sure to take your breath away, too! You might see the Atlantic Ocean or Hialeah Park from the air. The view from the sky will change the way your view your town. You will be glad you gave this adventure a try!

Hialeah, Florida Parachuting

Hialeah, Florida Tandem Skydiving

Tandem jumps will get you started!

Have you ever wanted to go skydiving? It is simple to do so with a Tandem skydive. With Hialeah, we have skydives in which you will be harnessed to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor.

Thing to know about a Tandem skydive:

  • The day of your Tandem skydive might be a bit of a mystery. So, here is an overview of, generally, what you can expect.
  • You should arrive at the drop zone a bit early to prepare and get your friends/supporters settled in the facilities.
  • You will meet your skydiving instructor who will give you all the info you need
  • You will then watch a video about the jump.
  • Finally, you’ll get your gear on.
  • The plane will then go up in the sky with you and your instructor.
  • You will take a deep breath and move to the doorway.

This is how the jump goes:

  • You will jump from 10,000 feet or more above the ground.
  • You will free fall for 30 seconds or more and could reach speeds of up to 120 mph.
  • Your instructor will be the one to pull the parachute at around 6,000 feet.
  • You’ll land softly and gracefully

What to know about the Tandem skydiving equipment:
We supply everything you need. You will have googles, a passenger harness that has four points at which the instructor will attach to you, a container with a main parachute and a Drogue chute that is there for extra resistance, a reserve chute, and an Automatic Activation Device that will automatically deploy in an emergency.

Your posse can chill at our comfy drop zone…

We have seating and amenities for your friends and family

We have comfortable amenities that are provided for you and the people you bring with you. These drop zone facilities are a great place for everyone to hang out during your jump. Every drop zone is a little different, but they alll have comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors.

This means that your family and friends can chill while they wait for you to go up in the plane. Some of our drop zones even have things like picnic tables for your family to have lunch, and they could possibly even buy food on site. Phone us for more details about the drop zones at Hialeah.

Get pictures of your adventure to remember it forever!

Your family and friends can totally come with you for your skydiving adventure. They will be chilling out at the drop zone and having a great time watching you do something totally adventurous. You should totally make sure that the people you bring with you have their phones and cameras out to take pictures and videos of you skydiving.

You should also consider adding an imagery package to your jump. We offer these exciting add-ons to your jump that give you a high quality video that you can easily share on social media.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Hialeah, Florida

You’ll Appreciate our Light-hearted Approach to Skydiving Training!

If you are a resident of the Hialeah area, or just visiting, you can be a part of’s Skydiving Academy! We have training courses in the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) method and the Static Line Progression (S/L) method.

Accelerated Free Fall Training

Accelerated Free Fall is the faster training method and gets you certified more quickly. It refers to the accelerated nature of the program, as you will begin jumping solo more quickly with AFF.

The AFF Training Program:

  • You will be jumping from a height of around 10,000-12,000 feet.
  • You will have two AFF instructors with you who will keep hold of you with Harness Hold Training with a grip on your harness.
  • They will maintain their hold until you pull the canopy. They will pull the parachute if you are not able to for any reason.
  • You will probably Free Fall for around 50 seconds.
  • There are seven levels of AFF training.
  • Levels 1-3 include jumping with the instructors.
  • Levels 4-7 are when you free fall on your own and learn more advanced skills.

Integrated Student Program
You’ll move onto the Integrated Student Program after level 7 to refine your skills and to perform ore jumps. After 25 jumps, you’re eligible to being certified with your class A solo license.

Static Line Progression Method

The Static Line Progression method gets people certified a little more slowly. Some people prefer this as it eases them into solo jumps. You will be attached to the airplane by a static line to deploy your parachute for the first few jumps.

How Training Goes:

  • You will go through 4-5 hours of ground instruction.
  • You will complete two static line jumps, and then complete jumps while attached to the static line but pulling your own chute.
  • You will then jump and pull the parachute on your own in regular Free Fall jumps.

You can become a certified solo skydiver by calling 1-800-672-8942! Hialeah, Florida Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give a gift they will never forget!

Is there someone in your life who has expressed an interest in going skydiving? Do you know someone who loves adventure and is always looking to try something new? If you have a person like this in your life, maybe a friend or family member, we offer gift certificates that give them the chance they have been looking for. Hialeah offers certificates that can be used for our Tandem jumps or for our Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 training jumps. They will love the chance to try something exciting and have the adventures they are looking for.

Our gift certificates are easily redeemed and come with these features:

  • They can be transferred between people.
  • They can be transferred between locations. (This might require a small fee).
  • They make a great gift for all kinds of occasions including holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or just to surprise someone you care about.
  • They are easily purchased by calling one of our customer service representatives who are available by phone seven days a week.
  • They are perfect to be redeemed for our Tandem jumps that are the ideal start for beginners.

Why not give someone this unusual gift that they will always love?

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Hialeah, Florida Parachuting Video Packages

Add an imagery package to relive your adventure!

At Hialeah, we have imagery packages that can be added onto your jumps. These packages are an amazing way to relive your adventure. They also allow you to share your exciting jump with people in your life. Plus, they are shareable on social media so everyone you know can see how awesome you were.

We offer two imagery packages. The first is a videographer option that is very high quality. A professional videographer will jump with you and film the whole process.

The second is a GoPro option that has your instructor filming the jump by a GoPro camera on their helmet. This gives a unique, exciting perspective.

Imagery Package Info:

  • These options have competitive pricing; the videographer option is more expensive.
  • The videographer option include a videographer jumping with you. They will also record the pre-flight and post-flight portions of the jump.
  • Your video is edited professionally at the drop zone, and you can take it home with you that day.
  • You will get a CD that has the video as well as still images.
  • The CD can be uploaded to your computer where you can share the video or images on social media.
  • You can use the images to make prints if you want.

What’s it like as a skydiving videographer?

Being a skydiving photographer combines my love of two different things. First, I can practice my creative craft of photography/videography. Second, I can enjoy my passion for skydiving and the thrills it brings. With skydiving photography, I have to be at the top of my game in both areas to make sure I give the person skydiving an amazing experience and a great memory they can view for years after the fact.

I love being able to see the excitement and nervousness of first time skydivers. Also, I love seeing the skill and athleticism of more experienced skydivers. I definitely have to take into account things like angles and making sure I capture the dives in a way that will be easy to watch. Often, I conduct interviews for the skydivers, so I try to make sure I am friendly and approachable and comfortable talking with strangers.

Overall, I love being able to combine my love of skydiving with my creative eye. It gives me the chance to continual hone my craft in both areas.

Add an imagery package to your skydiving by contacting us at 1-800-672-8942!

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To start skydiving, Parachuting. Com Hialeah offers you exciting Tandem jumps. These jumps give you amazing views of Florida and will take your breath away. They are a safe way to start while still experiencing all the thrill of an extreme sport. We also have gift certificates so you can gives someone you know the chance to skydive. Our customer service representatives can be reached by phone seven days a week. They are friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have. Hialeah thanks you for visiting us, and we hope to help you get started skydiving! Hialeah serves the below cities within the Hialeah, FL area:
Miami Springs, FL | West Little River, FL | Westview, FL | Gladeview, FL | Hialeah Gardens, FL | Opa-locka, FL | Pinewood, FL | Miami Lakes, FL | Miami Shores, FL | Carol City, FL | North Miami, FL | Golden Glades, FL | Scott Lake, FL | Country Club, FL | Norland, FL

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