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So, you’re interested in skydiving (why else would you be on this page, right?). Well, congratulations on taking the first step to making your life complete. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced life falling from a few thousand feet in the air. It’s not about the wind, the adrenaline or the rush — although those things are pretty awesome. It’s the feeling of peace you get when you see the world from up there. It’s like meditation and caffeine got together and had a beautiful love child. There’s nothing else like it in the world, and it’s completely unique to skydiving. So, why use in Greensboro, North Carolina? We offer the perfect mix of excitement and safety for both Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall jumps. From interest to experience, we can make it happen! Don’t want to go alone? Share the experience with one of our gift certificates.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Greensboro, North Carolina Tandem Parachuting - Greensboro Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

This is the best jump for anyone who may be new to skydiving. You will actually be attached to an instructor, who can take you safely through the entire process. No stress, just excitement while you learn to skydive. This is like having your own personal tour guide for the sky! Our instructors know how to make every moment a teaching experience. Build your confidence and prepare for a solo jump in your future.

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Solo Parachuting in Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

If you love skydiving as much as we do, then you’ll definitely be interested in taking it to the next level! Our Skydiving Academy offers a student-centered program that will progress at a pace that you’re comfortable with. We can help you to become ready for Federal Aviation Administration certification, with the most up-to-date curriculum available. Want to jump solo? Ask about our Accelerated Free Fall program and get there faster!

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Greensboro, North Carolina Parachuting Gift Certificates - Greensboro Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Have you ever tried to explain to someone how life-changing skydiving can be? It can be next to impossible! Next time, skip the explanation and go straight for the experience with a Gift Certificate! Share your passion while igniting someone else’s. This is a great gift for any occasion. Bring out the inner thrill-seeker in your friends and loved ones. If you just don’t want to jump alone, a gift certificate can fix that, too!

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Jump for Fun!

All of the fun with none of the commitment! Our Fun Jumps offer a one-time Tandem jump that’s done purely for the fun of it. Our skilled instructors will still walk you through the process, and you can experience skydiving for the pure joy of doing it! This can also be an introductory experience for those who aren’t completely sure that skydiving is for them. Test the air, so to speak.

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Greensboro, North Carolina: Beautiful from Any Altitude

Come for the skydiving, stay for the city! Greensboro, North Carolina, offers the best of both worlds, combining diverse scenery and world-class cultural attractions. Take advantage of its’ unique infrastructure, and walk around downtown Greensboro. This pedestrian-friendly area offers access to the beautiful Greensboro Center City Park, neighboring the City Cultural Center, and so much more! Experience the nightlife as the city transforms into an exciting hub of social opportunities.

Now imagine seeing all of this from 13,000 feet in the air! It’s always fun to see how many of your favorite landmarks you can identify before you reach the ground. You really won’t find better scenery for your first (or 50th) skydive!

Greensboro, North Carolina Parachuting

Greensboro, North Carolina Tandem Skydiving

Experience Safety and Instruction with Our Tandem Jumps

Tandem Jumps are the first jumps that most skydivers experience. in Greensboro, North Carolina, gets this. We are totally committed to making this experience as awesome for you as it is for us! Our FAA-certified instructors love skydiving and they want to make sure that you love it, too. Skydives are like potato chips — you can’t have just one!

Our Process

  • Always get there early. Familiarize yourself with the facilities and make plans for after the jump.
  • Meet up with your instructor. They can explain the process and answer any questions you may have.
  • Watch an informative video that will explain the basics of your Tandem skydive experience.
  • Wardrobe! Get outfitted in the appropriate gear for your jump.
  • Now it’s time to board the aircraft and fly to the appropriate height, usually 13,000 feet. You and your instructor will both move towards the doorway.
  • This is where you jump with the help of your instructor. You can expect to fall for a little over 30 seconds.
  • Now you will float gracefully for the remaining distance to your designated landing area.
  • Take a deep breath and immediately start planning your next jump!

Necessary Equipment

  • You will be outfitted with goggles to protect your eyes.
  • A passenger harness will be properly fitted to you. This allows your instructor to attach to you.
  • The parachute container carries both the main chute and the drogue parachute. The drogue parachute acts as extra resistance to make sure that you both fall at the appropriate speed.
  • An Automatic Activation Device will also be in the parachute container. This awesome gadget monitors air speed and can deploy a backup
  • parachute in the event of an emergency.

Relax Before and After a Jump at Our Dropzones

We’ve worked very hard to keep the customer in mind when designing our dropzones. Our staff may be very relaxed about most things, but we take safety and customer comfort very seriously. This translates into comfortable seating for friends and family while they wait (and feel a little jealous). It’s also a good idea to come early in order to show them where they can get the best camera shots. You’ll need all the proof you can get for those naysayers back home!

Many of our dropzones have a wide variety of other amenities, including things like outdoor seating, dining areas and food vendors. Let’s be honest, this won’t be as exciting for the people who come with you to watch as it will be for you. But, this doesn’t mean that is has to be uncomfortable for them either! Call our Greensboro facility to get the most up-to-date information on what we can do for you!

Don’t Forget to Preserve the Experience

While you’re on the phone inquiring about our dropzone, don’t forget to ask about our other services. Your friends and family can only capture a fraction of the action from the ground. We offer a full-service videography that puts other cameras to shame! can actually provide you with a personal videographer who is also a licensed skydiver. This means that you’ll have a complete video, from a pre-jump interview, to your landing! We also provide a DVD compilation of your entire jump experience. This will be set to music and turned into an extremely professional way to relive your dive experience (which we both know you’re going to want to do, a lot).

This is also a good time to ask about our gift certificates. Surprise someone for a special occasion or bring someone with you. It’s a lot easier to convince someone to go skydiving with you if you’ve already gotten them a gift certificate for it!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina

Experience Superior Instruction at Our Skydiving Academy

Don’t let just anybody teach you to skydive! of Greensboro, North Carolina, has fully FAA-certified instructors who have years of experience teaching people to skydive on the ground and in the air. We have a primary focus on both the Accelerated Free Fall and the Static Line Progression. This is more than just a job to them and they take your success pretty personally.

Our Training Philosophy
Our goal is to provide you with the best curriculum delivered at the right pace to fit your needs. The Skydiving Academy can completely prepare you to become eligible to receive your FAA certification! Whether this is just something to check off of your bucket list or the beginning of a lifelong career, our instructors want you to get the most out of every experience.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

With the Accelerated Free Fall, you’ll be ready for your first solo jump after about seven hours of ground instruction. The course, itself, is made up of seven progressive steps that completely prepare you to jump without the training wheels!

What to Expect

  • Your first Free Fall will be a jump from 10,000 feet or more.
  • For your first time, you will have two instructors with you who will hold onto your harness.
  • This is referred to as HHT, or Harness Hold Training.

The Seven Step Approach

Levels 1-3

  • This involves two instructors who will jump with the student.
  • This gives them one-on-one instruction in: altitude awareness, appropriate body position, Stability, pull sequence, and effective chute deployment.

Levels 4-7

  • This allows the student to jump independently without instructor contact.
  • This focuses on in-air skills including: turns, forward movement, docking on to others and the famed “superman” aircraft exit.
  • Students can receive the certification after 25 successful solo jumps.

Static Line Progression (SLP)

This involves a jump at 3,000 feet, from a line that is attached to the aircraft and the student’s parachute. This teaches deployment at the appropriate time. SLP requires around five hours of on-ground training. After 25 successful jumps, the student will be able to receive their certification.

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Take Special Occasions to New Heights with a Gift Certificate

You know at least one person who loves all things extreme. Extremes sports, clothing, movies — you name it, they love it. Imagine the look on this person’s face when you present them with a gift certificate from of Greensboro, North Carolina. That’s the kind of excitement that can’t be wrapped up in some box! This is the kind of gift that can start a personal tradition. One trip can become an annual holiday!

This isn’t just a gift for the over-the-top personality, though. People from all walks of life discover a love of skydiving after having the opportunity to experience it even once. This experience doesn’t discriminate. Liven up Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and every holiday in between with one of our gift certificates. Graduation? Celebrate with skydiving. Drop out? Commensurate with skydiving. It’s a nice day outside? Let’s go skydiving! Mix in a mini vacation to Greensboro and you’ve got the complete package!

Our gift certificates for our Tandem skydives and Level One Accelerated Free Falls are good at any one of our locations for a period of two years. This gives people plenty of time to run out of excuses and to embrace the gift of a lifetime!

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Greensboro, North Carolina Parachuting Video Packages

Capture Every Moment of Your Skydive with Video Packages

Regular cameras and video recorders are fine, but they hardly capture the entirety of your skydiving adventure. We can provide you with a more professional option (aka, proof for your friends that you didn’t chicken out). Consider preserving your entire dive from start to finish with one of our GoPro cameras, or work with our professional videographer (skydiving paparazzi).

The GoPro Option
This is a small camera that can be attached to your instructor. It records things from a very real first-person perspective. The resulting video will be set to music and available to you before you leave.

Our Professional Videography Package
This is an actual licensed skydiver who follows you throughout your entire jump while videotaping every moment. The videographer will interview you before and after your jump. These interviews will be included in your final video. The videographer will jump alongside you and focus on every aspect of your dive. They will make sure to land slightly before you, in order to capture your actual contact with the ground. This is a slightly pricier option, but completely worth it for the finished product! If you are considering using one of our videographers, please try to let us know in advance. This gives us the time we need to set everything up to capture your skydive.

Parachutes and Cameras: The Art of Videography

Not just anyone can skydive, let alone do it while actively filming and framing camera shots! This is one of the tougher professions in skydiving and one that deserves a lot of respect. Skydiving videographers combine a love of jumping with a love of filming and they are a really unique profession.

There are no real regulations that dictate the type of training involved in skydiving videography. To be successful, a potential videographer must go through multiple levels of trial and error. But not the kind of error that ends in a person-shaped impact crater.

Those ambitious enough to consider filming while jumping will need to have access to indoor jump facilities. This allows them to simulate the feeling of skydiving, while practicing with the weight and angles of cameras. There is no prescribed equipment and videographers often use more than one while jumping.

The weight of the equipment can cause a discrepancy in the usual time it takes someone to reach the correct height to pull the ripcord. They have to practice and make very precise calculations in order to have the time that they need to get the shots that you want!

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What are You Waiting For? of Greensboro, North Carolina, has everything you need to plan the perfect skydiving experience. Whether it’s a spontaneous Tandem fun jump or a certification that you’re aiming for, we’ve got you covered! Our instructors pass their enthusiasm on to their students on both the ground and in the air. Do you have questions? Call and speak to one of our expert customer service representatives right now! They’re here to make sure that you get exactly what you want and that you go into this feeling confident in your knowledge of the process. of Greensboro, North Carolina really does appreciate you taking the time to learn about our services. Thanks for considering us and we hope that you have years of awesome jumps ahead for you! Greensboro serves the below cities within the Greensboro, NC area:
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