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For big adventure and bigger moments, skydiving brings it all

Whether you’re an adventure seeker, you’re looking to try something new, or you want to see the world in a brand-new way, there’s no good reason not to try skydiving.’s skilled group of certified instructors will take you every step of the way, from the ground to the sky and back, making sure you’re safe at every stage. That little leap in your throat as you jump from the plane, the wind rushing against your face, the air resistance pushing against you—it’s as close to flying as you’ll ever get. It’s time for big thrills, adventure, and fun!

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Fort Worth, Texas Tandem Parachuting - Fort Worth Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem jumps are the best way to get introduced to the sport of skydiving. With our Federal Aviation Authority-certified instructors, your first jump will be a breeze. From the moment you arrive at the airport, to when you’re nearly three miles above ground, we’ll have your back—literally! You can be sure your first jump will be thrilling and safe.

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Solo Parachuting in Fort Worth, Texas - Fort Worth Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

You’ve made a few tandem jumps, and now you’re ready to go solo. We have you covered! Our seven-stage process will teach you everything you need to know, from body positioning, to effective chute deployment, to in-air maneuvers, and more. If you want to enjoy all the thrills of solo jumping, there’s no safer or better way than skydiving academy.

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Fort Worth, Texas Parachuting Gift Certificates - Fort Worth Parachuting

Gift Certificates

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, you can stop reading—because you’ve just found it. gift certificates will put a smile on the face of the thrill seeker in your life. Our gift certificates are valid for two years, they’re transferable between all our locations, and they’re easily purchased! Seriously, you can call us seven days a week.

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Jump for Fun!

When you’ve gone through the seven steps of skydiving academy and received your A license, you’re free to make solo jumps and explore the sport of skydiving in depth. Come with us and let our skilled pilots take you high above it all, where you can jump all you want! You’ve earned your status, now enjoy it with solo jumps.

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America’s best thrill in America’s best metro area!

Everything’s bigger in Texas. But you don’t realize that until you see it from the air. Sure, Dallas/Fort Worth is one of America’s biggest metro areas, but those are just words on a page until you’re miles up, looking down, thinking, “Holy shit, it’s huge.” You’re about to gain a new appreciation for Texas, both for its size and its beauty. From the shores of Lake Worth, to Fort Worth’s historic downtown, to Dallas to the east and miles of rugged plains to the west, Texas is truly awe-inspiring. Skydivers already know there’s no better way to feel a part of something than to see it as you’re hurtling towards the ground! You’re going to love your dive, and your city and state, even more when you’re finished.

Fort Worth, Texas Parachuting

Fort Worth, Texas Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Jumping with two is twice as much fun!

Tandem jumps are the best way for newbies to experience skydiving. Relax and let us handle the responsibilities, as our FAA-certified instructors help you every step of the way. All you have to do is take in the amazing views and feel the adrenaline rush.

The Process
You get to the drop zone earlier than scheduled because this dive is all you’ve been thinking about the whole week, and because you want to get acclimated to the area. Your instructor meets you and tells you what to expect, then you get into your flight gear, get on the plane, and get in the air. As the instructor attaches the safety harness, you think, “This is really happening.” Just before you exit, you look down and swallow hard. And then…you jump.

Nothing compares to the rush of wind as you jump from over 10,000 feet. Everything’s a blur as you hit speeds of 120 miles per hour. Then the chute deploys. What happens after that is the closest thing to flying that humans can imagine, and the best view of your life. Back at the drop zone, your friends are waiting to celebrate. You’ve done it! And as you look back at where you’ve just been, you know you’ll do it again.

The Equipment
Skydiving has specialized equipment to keep you safe on your tandem jump. Besides goggles, we use passenger harnesses with four secure points of contact, three chutes, and an Automatic Activation Device in case of an issue.

Our drop zones are the place to celebrate!

Your family and friends will want to see you make your epic landing, and after that free fall and eye-opening descent, you’ll want to see them, too. Before the celebration, everyone will be waiting in one of our drop zones, which all have comfortable inside and outside areas with plenty of seating. Our drop zones also usually have picnic space for lunches you choose to bring, and many of them have food and drink available for sale. Not all of our drop zones offer the same amenities, so make sure to find out what yours has to offer when you make your reservation.

Videography and other services

As your family waits at the drop zone, they’ll want to remember the occasion. They’re welcome to bring their cameras! If you don’t want to settle for long-distance shots, get closer with awesome videography services that will mark your adventure forever.

While we’re talking about adventures, why not share skydiving with others? Gift certificates are possibly—probably—the best gift you can give.

If after your first tandem dive you realize that skydiving is what you’ve been missing all your life, don’t worry—we can help you pursue a solo jumping career. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Fort Worth, Texas

Skydiving Training – Become a solo jumping legend

If you want to jump solo, jump professionally, or even if you want to train others, you’re going to have to get certified. Skydiving academy is the best way to do that. Our academies use FAA-certified instructors who teach both Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression skydiving techniques.

Accelerated Free Fall

If you’re itching to get jumping by yourself faster, you might want to try AFF. In AFF training, you go through seven stages. The first of these touch on altitude awareness, stability, body position, pull sequence, and chute deployment. By stage three, you’re ready for your first solo jump. Don’t worry—you’ll have two instructors beside you the whole time. In the last stages, you learn how to maneuver in the air, dock with others, turn, move forward, and how to exit the plane “Superman” style. At the end of each level, you’ll have to make a jump to demonstrate your mastery. We’ll also have instructors filming you in each jump, to show you later which techniques you should be working on.

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
Once you’ve reached level seven, you’re still not quite there yet. During this time, you continue to practice, either alone or with instructors, and you work up to your A license, which you can apply for after 25 jumps.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

S/L is your other basic method of training. It’s very thorough and process oriented. You’ll learn a lot, and then you’ll demonstrate that you’ve mastered the skills by performing a Static Line jump (one in which your parachute is pulled immediately after you exit the plane. After three of these jumps, you’ll be ready for your first solo jump. After you’ve finished your training, you’ll have to go through 25 jumps before you can apply for your A license and get rid of that student status for good.

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Gift Skydiving – The best gift in the universe

You might think we’re going a bit overboard when we see that gift certificates are the best gift you could possibly ever give. We think we’re kind of understating it, actually. The point is, for the right person, a gift certificate for a tandem jump is going to let them know that you’re behind them one hundred percent. Whether they’re already into skydiving, or you know that they’re the type who just needs a reason to get into the air, your special someone is going to love it.

Here are just some of the awesome things about a gift certificate:

  • It’s transferable! Both to our other locations, and to other individuals. (There might be a small fee if you’re transferring it to a different location.)
  • It has a two-year lifespan! Two years! That’s longer than some animals!
  • It’s simple to purchase! Seriously—we have representatives available seven days a week.

Birthday, holiday, any day—gift certificates are the perfect year-round gift. Whether for an anniversary or for a “just because,” there is no possible way you can go wrong with a gift certificate.

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Fort Worth, Texas Parachuting Video Packages

Imagery Package – Get your adventure on the record!

When it comes to filming your skydive so you can stop hearing those “Pics or it didn’t happen” comments from your friends, you have options. We have a Go Pro/Handycam option, in which the skydive instructor is equipped with a camera, or we have the ultimate—videography services from trained camera flyers.

Videography Services
Your skydiving adventure consists of a lot more than just jumping from the plane—it also includes those nervous moments beforehand, and those jubilant moments when you’ve just landed and you’re freaking out with the rush of it. Camera flyers get all of those moments on tape, getting your thoughts, your excitement, your experience out there forever.

Not only that, but they’ll also make sure to get the perfect shots of your dive, with the best equipment for the job so they don’t miss a thing. Your edited video is usually finished about an hour after landing, and you’re then free to upload it anywhere you want. You’ll be surprised, too, at how competitive the price is for a professional camera flyer to document your adventure.

The Pros Who Go with You

Camera flyers—who are they? They’re people who combine two glorious passions—photography and jumping out of airplanes. You might think it’s simple to hold an iPhone and record your descent, but before you go off and try it, remember how many times you’ve dropped your iPhone just as you’ve been walking down the street. Now imagine that happening at 14,000 feet, and…well, you get the picture.

Camera flying takes a lot of experience and practice—over 200 jumps (a C License). You need an experienced person at your side, one who has been on enough jumps that he or she won’t focus on anything but you and on getting the perfect shot of your dive. Camera flyers are extraordinary because they’re not only experts at skydiving, but they also have the poise to deliver a great product to you, every time.

Camera flying also takes specialized equipment—equipment that is lightweight-yet-sturdy, with a wide-angle lens that can capture both you and your environment, and that can be easily mounted. Ultimately, your camera flyer is going to give you the best footage of your experience, and you’ll be so happy you didn’t lose your phone.

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Remember, if it’s not on video it probably never happened!

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Get out there and jump!

Now that you’ve decided that skydiving is going to be a big part of your life, you should choose to help you every step of the way. We’ve got your back (literally and figuratively) in tandem jumps. When it comes to training to move beyond those first basic leaps, our skydiving academies can help you, too. For gift certificates, locations across the country, and reachability, we’re convenient. And did we mention that our prices are competitive? You’ll love your experience with us, and we’ll love working with you. Fort Worth serves the below cities within the Fort Worth, TX area:
Forest Hill, TX | Haltom City, TX | Richland Hills, TX | White Settlement, TX | Benbrook, TX | North Richland Hills, TX | Saginaw, TX | Watauga, TX | Crowley, TX | Hurst, TX | Arlington, TX | Burleson, TX | Bedford, TX | Colleyville, TX | Keller, TX

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