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Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Conquer fear and swim the skies with Skydiving

You only live once. Why not inject adventure into your life story?
Skydiving is not just about stepping off a plane into the airspace. It is about you summoning courage to try what many call the unthinkable.It’s about you looking fear in the eye and leaping into the arms of the wind which welcomes you as you float in mid-air, absolutely surrendered to its currents.It whips past your face shaping it in beautiful ways as you defeat fear and realize that you can do just about anything.Nothing conquers fear more than embracing it.

Dare to overcome your fear as you plunge over 10,000 feet toward the earth and get ready to experience the exhilaration of Skydiving!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Fort Wayne, Indiana Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Are you a first time skydiver in need of adventure and excitement? Then a Tandem Jump is your answer.With this jump, you hand the reins of flight over to our FAA certified instructor who controls the functional responsibilities of the dive, allowing you to enjoy the experience of sailing on the wings of the wind. You can enjoy the feeling of excitement as you cruise the skies while absorbing the beauty of Fort Wayne.

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Solo Parachuting in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Skydiving Academy

Do you love the thrills of assisted skydiving but want more from this sport? If your dream is to skydive solo or turn jumping into a career,Parachuting.com is your best bet for achieving it. We offer you the best skydiving training out there to prepare you for solo skydives and a profession training others. Our FAA certified skydivers will take you through comprehensive training in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) or Static Line Progression.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

When you give someone one of our gift certificates,you give them the experience of a lifetime that can never be forgotten. Our Gift Certificates are the perfect surprise to give to your loved ones for special occasions. Or use as appreciation gifts to a colleague or boss.The moment they realize the awesome opportunity of adventure that stares them in the face with your thoughtful gift,they may just give you a choking hug.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

Have you ever thought of living life on the edge even if it’s just once?Like throwing caution to the wind and having uninhibited fun? Did you just say yes?Then go for it!Jump for fun.Jump for adventure. Nothing else beats jumping off a plane in a skydive and riding on the caressing currents of the wind, knowing you are moving at a jaw-dropping speed per second and enjoying every bit of it!

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Experience the gripping beauty of Fort Wayne from the skies

The city of Fort Wayne will feed your eyes and your senses when you plunge toward it from the skies.This Summit City, set close to three rivers and located at the highest elevation along the Wabash and Erie Canal’s route, is a beehive of fun and activities. You not only experience the allure of nature, you also get to marvel at the expanse of parks and museums that are strategically spread out through the city.Do you love sports?The scores of sporting activities that generously infuse the city will greet your eyes from the air during a Skydiving session.

Fort Wayne, Indiana Parachuting

Fort Wayne, Indiana Tandem Skydiving

Begin the courageous experience of Skydiving in Indiana

Your desire for adventure in the air just became a reality with Tandem Jumps. As a first time skydiver, this is your exciting initiation into a sport for the courageous.It is also the most recommended step for you as a newbie skydiver,allowing you to be strapped by a harness to our FAA certified instructor, who guides you through the entire jump. From exit to Free-Fall, piloting the canopy and landing, all you do is spread your wings and enjoy the 14, 000 foot experience while perusing the rivers,ball courts and sights of Fort Wayne.

The thrilling process of a Tandem Skydive

– The Tandem Jump session begins with your early arrival at the drop zone.This avails you the chance to get used to the facilities.
– You meet your Skydive instructor who tells you all you need to know to prepare you for the skydive.
– You watch an informative video on what to expect in Tandem Skydive.
– You’ll be clad in the appropriate gear
– You’ll board the aircraft with your instructor
– You’ll ascend to jump elevation in the plane
– The instructor will attach him/herself to you and you move toward the doorway
– You’ll jump from over 10,000 feet in about 26-30 seconds of free fall before deployment of the parachute by your instructor
– You make an epic landing

Requisite equipment

You’ll use the following equipment for this kind of jump.
· Goggles
· Passenger Harness
· 4 points (at which the instructor can attach to you.)
· Container which accommodates main chute, drogue chute (allows for two people to free fall at the same speed as a single skydiver), reserve chute and Automatic Activation Device.

A peek inside the Dropzones of Parachuting.com

Skydiving is an incredible experience.It becomes more enthralling when you have people that care about you on the ground to share that priceless moment with. We know that you may wish to have family or loved ones or even friends on the ground when you perform your epic skydive.For this purpose,we have made our drop zones an arena of comfort. Our Drop Zones have comfortable seating inside and out to accommodate the people you bring along.Some may have other enticing amenities like food for sale;picnic tables where you can enjoy the lunches you and your family bring or drinks you can buy. While you prepare for the plunge of a lifetime,you can rest assured knowing that your family and friends are being accommodated in the most comfortable manner possible.

Preserve your heroic skydiving memories in Indiana forever

What is an epic moment if you don’t have a documented evidence of it?Have your guests bring cameras to take awesome shots of you as you own the skies and get a lasting memory of your courageous skydive moment. Our videography alternatives also offer you a couple of options to document your ‘graceful’ jump. Are you thrilled to get started on the amazing adventure that many only dream about?Then purchase our Tandem services by redeeming a Gift Certificate.You can also share your love for Skydiving with loved ones by purchasing our Gift Certificates for them. Interested in professional skydiving?Parachuting.com is packed full with certified and highly equipped skydive instructors who will give you the requisite knowledge and skills to own this profession and thrive at it.

The sheer audaciousness and creativity of Formation Skydiving

The art of Skydiving is one defined by courage and the willingness to experience record-breaking aerial maneuvers while suspended in midair. It’s more than just human beings jumping off a plane: Skydiving has been used to promote causes, launch jewelry collections case in point being H’Art Design Ltd.jewelry Company for their “Man’s on Air” collection.It has also been used by the military to stealthily drop into enemy zones unnoticed.

Formation Skydiving brings out the absolute creativity in this sport.

In Formation Skydiving, multiple skydivers attach themselves to one another by either grabbing each other’s limbs or by using “grippers” on their jumpsuit while free falling through the sky.This skydiving discipline ends in a formation of multiple divers arranged in a geometric pattern. Various patterns are formed and can include as many skydivers as possible in what can only be described as a beautiful sight to behold.

On February 8, 2006, the record for the largest free fall formation of a 400-way set was done in Udon Thani, Thailand by World Team.In this breathtaking sporting adventure, five C-130 Hercules airplanes were used and the skydivers, who had exited from an altitude of 25, 000 feet, held the formation for 4.25 seconds.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Fort Wayne, Indiana

How to become a professional skydiver with Parachuting.com

If your desire is to skydive solo or get certified to train others or to pursue skydiving professionally,then you need skydiving training. Parachuting.com is equipped with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers who give you comprehensive training that prepares you to skydive either solo or professionally.Our curriculum and training progresses at the most suitable pace for a skydiver within the FAA mandated timeframes. You will be trained in one of two main methods of Skydiving: The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training or the Static Line Progression.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF):

This is a more accelerated version of instruction toward getting the skydiving certification than traditional methods like Static Line Progression.The course, with 7 progressive steps instructs student skydivers on varying degrees of solo skydives. The first free fall in AFF may be performed after about seven hours of ground instruction,compared to Static Line Progression where a student can only execute an actual free fall after 3 or more jumps that demonstrate a requisite technique.

First free fall in AFF

This fall commences at 10,000- 12,000 feet above ground level and will be facilitated by two AFF instructors jumping alongside the student skydiver. Instructors will maintain physical contact by gripping the student by their harness until the instructors assist in prompting the student to deploy their chute.If the student does not deploy, the instructor will facilitate deployment.The student may experience 50 seconds or more of free fall.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

This jump which commences at 3, 000 feet above ground level, sees the student skydiver perform a balanced or suspended exit from the plane.As the student skydiver falls away from the aircraft, the main canopy is deployed by a ‘Static Line’ fastened to the aircraft.The student will experience between a 2 to 3 minute fall.

Pararescuers: Skydiving to save the life of others

Who else puts their lives on the line, flying through the sky over dangerous territories to rescue his fellow man but a Pararescuer?

The Pararescue motto “These things we do, that others may live” shows the extent these individuals go to ensure the safety of others. These Air Commandos wearing maroon berets are armed with courage and fearlessness. These individuals use their professional skydiving training to save the life of others. As United States Special Operations Command and Air Combat Command operatives charged with a mandate to rescue people, they dive from aircrafts to rescue people from war zones, earthquakes, collapsed buildings and NASA launches.

Their role in saving lives at the detriment of their own is evidence of selflessness and bravery. In many war situations decades ago, soldiers would crash-land into enemy territories and emerge alive.The tragedy kicks in when these soldiers struggle to find their way out of these danger zones, only to end up dead in the process. A solution emerged to deal with this tragedy and presented itself in the form of the pararescue team.Soldiers no longer have to get stranded over enemy lines often and die.

No more do wounded soldiers run out of life waiting for rescue. No more do individuals breathe their last, while trapped underneath shattered rocks of earthquakes. Now, like knights in shining armor, the pararescue teams swoop in from the skies to airlift victims of casualties to safety. They indeed take huge risks that others may live.

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Parachuting.com Fort Wayne, Indiana Skydiving Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for those who love adventure

Some gifts are forgettable, but there are unforgettable gifts. Like the unforgettable gift of a skydive!

No one forgets the rush of flying through the skies suspended in the arms of the winds in free fall and the thrill of the beautiful sights of Fort Wayne from over 10,000 feet above ground level. Nobody forgets the moment that they defied fear and adapted bravery to soar the skies and live a little bit on edge. This makes Parachuting.com’s Gift Certificates of Tandem Skydives or Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 jumps perfect to give your loved ones and friends on special occasions or ‘just because.’

Not only will they appreciate it, but you will be etched in their memory whenever they reflect on the experience of skydiving you gave to them.

Not only that,our Gift Certificates:

· Are transferable between locations and individuals for small fees.
· Have a two year validity following purchase.
· Are easily purchased by contacting us. Our customer service representatives are available 7 days a week.

Now that you know all this,why not go ahead and call us.Give your loved ones the gift of flying the skies in total surrender to the wind currents and seeing the beauty of a well-endowed city. Become unforgettable with our Gift certificates today!

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Fort Wayne, Indiana Parachuting Video Packages

Be a skydive reality star for a day

A picture speaks a thousand words but a video speaks millions. With our imagery packages,which you can purchase alongside our skydive services,you don’t have to tell of your epic story of skydiving.Why tell it when you can show it?

Our videography service has a camera flyer available to jump with you and film your awesome experience from start to finish.The other option is our GoPro/Handycam alternative wherein your skydiving Instructor who you’re jumping with will have a GoPro camera attached to record your actions and experience from a personal perspective.

Making of your skydive reality show

Our videography service,which is competitively priced,lets you star for one day in your own daring skydive reality show. They’ll be on board the plane to get your thoughts just before your fearless jump commences. We know you’ll be screaming in excitement with hilarious facial contortions as the wind plays with your face; they’ll capture that too. They will land before you to capture your amazing landing. The videos which will be edited and set to music at the drop zone will be available to you in less than an hour.You’ll be given a CD with the final version of your jump alongside still images that were captured throughout your jump. Go ahead and share with the world via social media, postcards or printed paraphernalia! It is recommended that you reserve this option ahead of time to ensure that a camera flyer/videographer is available to jump with you.

Videographers help you relive your skydiving moments forever

Skydiving is an art reserved for those who love fun, adventure and the thought of living life to the fullest.Aside from skydiving for fun, are the professionals whose sole purpose is to make sure that your skydive experience lives through the ages. The videographer/camera flyer is quick, fearless, creative and intuitive.He sticks with you like a shadow from the very moment you enter the plane, capturing your thoughts and excitement. Before you take the downward plunge,he has already toppled over with expert speed to capture your exit from the plane.His camera is focused on you as he clicks and whirrs at every yell, scream, facial contortion and ‘hell yeahs’ you let out.

His only thought as he falls through the sky between 14,000 feet and the earth is to make you the star of your own skydive reality show.He knows just the right moments to click his camera to help you show off your daring feat to the entire world. Just when you’re nearing the end of your amazing aeronautic encounter,he’s already on the ground to capture your epic landing.His creativity emerges once more in the swift editing of your video as he merges the right music to your video to give you the finished edited version complete with still images.He hands you the digital evidence of your bravery.All this he captures while suspended in midair without a single care or fear. This is a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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Parachuting.com Fort Wayne Reservations
Fort Wayne, IN

Parachuting.com and Fort Wayne will make your skydiving experience incredible

Take to the skies in fearless surrender with Parachuting.com.We are your number one choice for all skydiving services.Whether you want to experience the exhilaration of skydive for the first time with our Tandem Jump or give those you love a gift they will cherish forever with our Gift Certificates; we are ever ready to make your skydiving an experience to remember. If you’re interested in getting certified in skydiving to launch a professional skydiving career, we are your most beneficial option.Our capable teams of FAA certified skydiving instructors are equipped to give you the best training obtainable. Geared up for this exciting feat?Then contact our well informed and courteous customer service representatives who are available to speak with you anytime. We appreciate your visit to our website and for considering us as your best choice for skydiving services.

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