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Are you sitting around in El Paso, dreaming of doing something crazy? Is it time to challenge yourself and step out of your shell? You’ve come to the right place for all your skydiving needs in The Sun City. Our experts offer all types of jumps. New to the adrenaline rush? We have tandem dives that allow you to experience skydiving first-hand with the help of our certified instructors. Our skydiving academy offers all the courses you need to get certified yourself. Are you certified and need your weekly adrenaline fix? We offer access to planes and pilots so you can leap for fun. Get a Gift Certificate; you can finally make your loved one’s dream come true. We’re the top option for all your skydiving needs in El Paso and we can answer any question you have.

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El Paso, Texas Tandem Parachuting - El Paso Parachuting

Tandem Skydiving – Your First Jump

For the first-time skydiver, Tandem Jumps are the best way to learn. Skydiving is a thrill, but it also involves a lot of steps. Our FAA certified instructors handle all functional responsibilities of the dive; they attach themselves to you, control the jump and operate the parachute. They allow you to fully enjoy the jump while they ensure your safety. It’s perfect for beginners!

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Solo Parachuting in El Paso, Texas - El Paso Parachuting

Hone Your Craft with Our Skydiving Academy

Our skydiving academy is the perfect place to advance your training. Our instructors will teach you all the steps and techniques needed to earn your certification and be able to jump on your own. Our main areas of focus are Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression. We offer the necessary instruction and jump time to complete each level and perfect your skills. Instructors will film your jumps to help you break down every step of the process. Get on your way to skydiving solo with the best instructors available.

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El Paso, Texas Parachuting Gift Certificates - El Paso Parachuting

Parachuting Gift Certificates – The Ultimate Gift

Skydiving is such a unique activity; it’s on many people’s bucket lists. If your loved one has talked about skydiving before, but isn’t willing to take the leap and buy their own jump, do it for them. Surprise them with a Gift Certificate from Make their dream a reality. If they have gone before and want to see what it’s like to pursue certification to jump solo, help out and get a Gift Certificate for our Skydiving Academy. All our experiences can be given as gifts, so get them out on the weekend to take to the skies!

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Jump for Fun!

If you’re already certified, and need to get your adrenaline fix for the week, El Paso offers Fun Jumps. Book your plane and pilot, get in the air and jump. You’ve gone through all the training and put in the requisite hours – now it’s time to let all that pay off. Go solo, or with a group of friends; we have all the options and packages you need to pursue your passion. We’ll set up everything you need, and let you have fun. It’s a fun jump, and will help keep it that way.

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Skydive over Mountains, Plains, and Two Countries

On the banks of the Rio Grande and nestled at the base of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso is the perfect place to skydive with With almost 300 days of sunshine a year, and only 23 days with measured precipitation, you can take to the skies almost year-round. Fly above two countries at once; it’s a view unlike anything else in the United States. Gorgeous scenery brings together an urban setting with the natural beauty of Texas and it’s Chihuahuan Desert. Countless ecosystems and landscapes collide around El Paso, and the best way to see it is skydiving from 10,000 feet or above!

El Paso, Texas Parachuting

El Paso, Texas Tandem Skydiving

Experience Your First Jump with El Paso

For those new to skydiving, we recommend taking a tandem jump. Our certified instructors attach themselves to you and jump out of a plane. They handle all the responsibilities, like opening the parachute so you land safely.

What To Expect

There are three elements to a tandem skydive. First, you arrive at the drop zone before your scheduled jump so you can get acclimated to the facilities and see where your family or friends will meet you. Then, after meeting your instructor, learning proper body technique, watching a video about the upcoming jump, you’re outfitted with gear. Time to board the aircraft. Once you reach the right altitude, the instructor will attach him/herself to you, and move towards the door. It’s time to jump. You’re altitude is about 10,000 feet, so you’ll free fall for 26 to 30 seconds, reaching speeds of almost 120 mph. Your instructor will deploy the parachute around 5,500-6,000 feet; you descend for about 6 minutes while the instructor lines up the landing. Your instructor will guide both of you into the landing zone where you can celebrate with your friends and family and regale them with the experience of your jump.


Our instructors will provide the equipment needed: goggles, the passenger harness, and the container. The harness connects the instructor to you at four different points: two on the shoulder and two at the hips. The container consists of your parachutes: the main chute, the drogue chute which provides extra resistance to the main chute so the fall isn’t out of control, the reserve chute, and the Automatic Activation Device which monitors the speed and altitude and releases the reserve chute in case of any problems.

The Best Place To Watch

All our jumps end up in a drop zone. This the area where you meet your instructor, go over the jump and then have your friends and family wait for you to land. It can take some time for our planes to load up, take off and get to the necessary altitude, so we’ve made sure your friends and family are taken care of.

The zones have seating inside and outside so everyone can wait for you in comfort and be ready to take pictures and video your landing. Most drop zones will have food and drinks for sale, and some have picnic areas. Location specifics can vary, so be sure to ask our team beforehand what the drop zone has and what you can bring with you to help make the day memorable for everyone involved.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in El Paso, Texas

The Next Jump – Get Certified to Skydive Solo!

As in flying, there are professional certifications that skydivers can pursue which allow them to skydive solo, train others or skydive professionally. The most common, and offered by El Paso, are Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression. El Paso’s courses are facilitated by FAA certified skydivers. The training is comprehensive and progresses with the right pace for the skydiver, within FAA timeframes.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF):

AFF is a more accelerated version of instruction, and it allows the skydiver their first free fall within seven hours of ground instruction. The first jump is called Harness Hold Training (HHT), where two instructors jump with you and hold onto the student by their harness and then prompt the student to deploy their chute. The instructors then let go. It’s the first jump in a seven level program mandated by the United States Parachute Association.

Levels 1-3 mandate the assistance of two certified instructors to jump alongside the student. Instruction is given in altitude awareness, body position, and chute deployment. Level 3 sees the student do their own free fall, no HHT. Once it’s time for the student to move to levels 4-7, there is advanced instruction in air skills, turns, forward movement, docking onto others and “Superman” exits from aircraft.

To complete each level, the student has to demonstrate an understanding of what they just learned in a jump. It’s a lot of instruction and a good amount of jumps, and it prepares students very well.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

Starting at 3,000 feet above ground level, the student jumps from the airplane and as they fall away, the main canopy chute is deployed by a “Static Line” fixed to the aircraft. The student is never is free fall; instead they work their way up to jumps to learn how to control the chute and the second part of traditional skydiving. After working their way up through all the types of S/L jumps, the students then work through the concept of free fall with 3 jumps of delayed chute pulls. Then after 25 jumps, they can apply for their “A” license and be cleared of student status.

SmokeJumpers – Extreme Firefighters

Remote wildfires can be difficult to fight and get equipment to – that is where Smokejumpers come in. In mountains or desolate areas, wildfires can spread rapidly if not contained. Smokejumpers are deployed shortly after the ignition to help contain and extinguish the fire before it becomes a problem.

Russia and the US lead the world in Smokejumper employment, and both countries were the first to start experimenting with them in the 1940s. The first US-based smokejumper camp was in Montana. This training eventually lead the US military to create the 101st Airborne Division, the division made famous is WWII.

Currently, the United States employs 9 different smokejumper crews, stationed around the country including Boise, Alaska, and Yellowstone. Since a fire devastated Yellowstone National Park in 1988, smokejumpers are needed in areas like that to keep national parks from suffering a similar fate. Seven of the crews are operated by the US Forest Service and two by the Bureau of Land Management.

Smokejumpers often recruit Hotshots since they are trained in wildfire suppression and have the experience and knowledge on how to deal with wildfires. Their physical conditioning is also top notch, so they are prepared for the rigours of fighting wildfires. EL Paso Will Get You Certified!
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Give The Ultimate Gift – Skydiving with El Paso skydives are the perfect gift to give for any occasion. Whether your loved one has always dreamed of skydiving or has just started thinking about it, a Gift Certificate will help make their dream a reality. They are also a great way to share your love of skydiving with your friends! What better way to take in El Paso’s unique mountainous and desert landscape than from the air during one of the nearly 300 sunny days year round. It’s perfect for any time. El Paso offers skydiving gift certificates for tandem jumps as well as Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level 1 jumps. Tandem jumps are for the beginners, and AFF Level 1 is the first step towards becoming certified and is the perfect gift idea for those who are hooked on the feeling and want to continue their training.

Gift certificates are good for two years following the purchase date, and are transferable between individuals and locations (a small fee might apply). You can contact our customer service representatives 7 days a week.

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El Paso, Texas Parachuting Video Packages

Take the Memories Home

Alongside El Paso’s skydiving services, we offer two types of imagery packages to help take the memories home and show off to your friends on social media. The first package includes a separate camera flyer, who will jump out of the plane before you, and will film your jump from start to finish. They’ll even include the build up to the jump.

The other option is a more personal, up-close video. Your attached instructor will have a GoPro/Handycam to record your emotions and reactions, and they’ll record the action the whole way down.

The Process

Our competitively priced options will allow you to relive the entirety of your jump. The camera flyer will interview you during the build up to your jump, capturing your thoughts and emotions. When it’s time, they will jump out right before you as to get the best vantage point and perspective for the exhilarating jump. They’ll record all your yells and expressions. They’ll land before you, and record your amazing landing and then your immediate reaction to your skydive. After an hour, you’ll get an edited version complete with music. You’ll take home a CD, and can upload your experience to make all your friends jealous!

These packages are ideal for the first time skydiver because of all the raw emotions. You’ll be able to share it with everyone and help inspire them to try it too. Make sure to reserve a camera flyer ahead of time as they are in high demand.

Lights, Camera, Action, Jump!

The dynamics of filming a skydive are complex and can be tricky. First, the camera operator has to be certified for solo jumps, and be able to operate a camera and pay attention to their altitude so they can properly deploy their chute.

Since the free fall only lasts 26-30 seconds, there are multiple shots the camera flyer needs to get in a short amount of time. They’ll record some footage in the lead up to the jump to help build anticipation. This gives a raw look at the emotions before a jump. When it’s time, the flyer needs to jump before the subject, but not too far away or they won’t catch the emotion of the initial leap. While in free fall, the flyer needs to make sure the camera is steady, which is tough but doable through special stabilizers.

In the limited jump time, the flyer is getting a close up shot of the thrill you’re experiencing and shots of you against the landscape. The best skydive photographers are able to get the shots, capture the emotion and make sure you will remember every second of your skydive for years.

Remember your jumps forever!
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El Paso, TX

El Paso’s Best Option for Skydives – El Paso is the top option in The Sun City for all your skydiving needs. From beginner Tandem Jumps to Accelerated Free Fall certification, our team of instructors and customer representatives will answer all your questions and book the right package for you. We offer Gift Certificates for all our experiences.

Thank you for taking the time to consider for you skydiving needs. Our representatives are awaiting your call. El Paso serves the below cities within the El Paso, TX area:
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