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We are here on earth to go through all sorts of experiences. Some of the best memories can be made when you have the courage to take yourself higher. If you book a skydive through, you get a chance to travel to the sky and back! First, we take you from the drop zone into the clouds. There aren’t many more breathtaking experiences than rising above the hustle and bustle of Detroit for an adrenaline rush! Once you’re in the skies, you get to take in the wonderful views of the city. But There’s More! The most fun happens next, when you jump straight out of the aircraft. As you swiftly pass through the air, your level of excitement will go through the roof! And then, you get to chill out when the parachute opens and you soar from the Michigan clouds back to the ground.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Detroit, Michigan Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

If you’re new to skydiving, but you can’t wait to try it, then a Tandem Jump is the perfect choice! No worries if you don’t know much about what to do yet. We’ll give you a detailed crash course about every aspect of skydiving a beginner should know. And then, off to the clouds you go with your personal instructor!

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Solo Parachuting in Detroit, Michigan

Skydiving Academy

If you’ve had a taste of the sky and you can’t get enough, this is the option for you! With just a few skydives behind you, you’re qualified to attend’s Skydiving Academy, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of this incredible sport, and then you get to practice your new tricks until you get them just right!

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Detroit, Michigan Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Anything as fun as skydiving deserves to be shared. If you want to spice up the life of someone you know, go ahead and get them a gift certificate from! They’ll never forget such an amazing present that takes them to the skies and back. You’ll always be remembered as that friend who gives the most incredible gifts!

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Jump for Fun!

Do you want to skydive for fun, without an agenda? can help with that! We organize all kinds of jumps for adrenaline addicts. Even if you’re traveling to a new place in the US, contact us to see if we offer skydives there! With a wide network of partners, we can organize a jump for you almost anywhere, anytime!

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Detroit, with its population of around 680,000 people, is the largest city in Michigan. It’s known as the busiest inland port in the U.S. – the St. Lawrence Seaway serves as the outbound port for many shipping vessels heading across the ocean. The city itself is located on Lake St. Clair and the bank of Detroit River, so if you enjoy being surrounded by charming nature views with plenty of water, this is where you want to travel!

Of course, when you’re just walking around in such a populated place, you may not feel like you are in touch with its real natural beauty so much. That’s why Detroit offers a unique opportunity to go above ground and enjoy the spectacular views from hundreds of feet up in the air! Don’t miss this chance to see Detroit at its most beautiful!

Detroit, Michigan Parachuting

Detroit, Michigan Tandem Skydiving

The Most Exciting Tandem Jumps by

Tandem Jumps in Detroit, Michigan are a breathtaking experience for first-time skydivers. There are no prerequisites for this activity, other than age – you can’t be younger than 18 at the time of the skydive. It’s okay if you have no idea what skydiving is all about and how it’s done. When you choose the tandem option, you get an instructor jumping with you, taking care of the technicalities! And not just any instructor – all of them are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified professionals who jump from 14,000 feet down to the ground for a living. So, you know you’re in good hands!

The Tandem Skydiving Process for First-Timers
First off, we recommend you arrive at the chosen drop zone at least 15-30 minutes in advance. Once you meet the trainer, you get a brief course on what to expect during the experience and what you should be doing. After the lesson, you’ll suit up in skydiving gear, and off you go! You’ll feel the excitement building while you ascend to 10,000+ feet above the ground, then the big moment has come! Your instructor, attached to you via a harness, will lead you through the jump. After landing, our drop zone team will help you and any guests celebrate to acknowledge your awesome achievement!

Tandem Skydiving Equipment
The drop zone will provide all the equipment you need. For one jump you will be given a pair of goggles, a passenger harness, the main parachute, and the drogue chute used to ensure free fall for two people jumping simultaneously, as well as a reserve chute with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will activate at a preset altitude if your main chute does not.

Our Drop Zones are the Best Around

Even though each drop zone is unique and the facilities may differ depending on the location, offers very comfortable sites for your jumps. They have comfortable seating for you and your guests, and at most locations, while waiting for you to return, your friends and relatives can enjoy some food and drinks sold on-site. In addition, some drop zones offer picnic tables, where your party can set up a celebration feast with delicious goodies brought from home.

Regarding the locations, jumps may start out a short distance away from the city. So, if you purchase a skydive from Detroit, or any other location in our network, it’s possible you’ll have to go outside the urban area to embark on your skydiving experience. Regardless, you’ll be able to reach your drop zone conveniently in any city.

Extra Services by in Detroit, Michigan

Guests are allowed to bring their cameras and take shots of you conquering the skies. But not everyone has suitable equipment to capture your unique adventure, so if you want to get quality shots of your jump, has video packages for you! You’ll receive a recording of the whole experience, shot by the instructor’s GoPro or by a professional videographer. The high-quality videos you’ll get to keep and share are certainly worth it!

Another service we provide is making you look good with our gift certificates. Impress your friends and family members with an unforgettable gift of diving with us. And if you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of the skydiving world, continue reading to learn about our Skydiving Academy!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Detroit, Michigan

Skydiving Academy for Committed Aficionados in Detroit, Michigan

At the Skydiving Academy in Detroit, you can deepen your knowledge of the sport and develop your skills further. The Academy is an ideal choice for those who have tried skydiving and are looking to earn a professional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) license to practice the sport on their own. There are two general approaches to the studies, which we will expand on below.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training by

This is the express route towards becoming a real skydiving pro in Detroit, Michigan. With AFF training, you get to learn the sport in seven consecutive stages, each of which complements the previous knowledge you have acquired. You cannot proceed to the next step before you pass the one before it – that’s how the instructor ensures you are ready to take your skill even further. The training starts off by jumping with one or possibly two FAA-certified instructors, receiving advice as you go. The studies culminate in your examination, where you show off your newly acquired skills to an instructor and become eligible for an FAA certificate yourself!

Static Line Progression (S/L) Training by

This approach is a bit slower but just as effective as AFF. The difference is that in S/L Training, you rise to 3,000 feet above the ground. The main parachute is deployed by a Static Line fastened to the aircraft. Gradually, you learn to deploy your own canopy and jump independently, following the safety procedures. Don’t worry – the ground training you receive before skydiving is comprehensive enough to introduce you to the ins and outs of the sport. Not only do you get 4 to 5 hours of instruction before your first jump, but you also go through 15 minutes of prep talk with the instructor before each subsequent experience.

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Our Gift Certificates Will Blow Your Mind

By giving someone a gift certificate from, you give them a chance to learn more about skydiving or try it for the first time. The recipient is free to choose between a Tandem Jump and Level 1 of Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training. The flexibility doesn’t end there because they can also select any location from a wide network of our available drop zones. Please note, however, there might be a small fee incurred by the recipient for transferring their gift certificate to a different location. Still, this wonderful gift is worth every penny and can be used up to two years from the date of purchase. You won’t find such a convenient yet exciting present anywhere else.

Whether you want to surprise your beloved partner, a co-worker, or the whole family, a gift certificate from Detroit is an ideal option. When you call our customer service agents at 1-800-672-8942, you can tailor your order to the recipient, making our gift certificate a step above other gifts they’ll receive.

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Detroit, Michigan Parachuting Video Packages

Complete Your Experience With An Imagery Package not only specializes in organizing awesome skydiving experiences through our partners, but we also offer outstanding additional services. A great example is our Imagery Package, which can be added to your jump. The great thing about it is that our pricing is flexible. If you’d like a more budget-friendly version, you can order a recording of your skydive made on your instructor’s GoPro camera.

However, if you’re ready to splurge a little on a high-quality video, there’s the awesome option of having your jump filmed by a professional aerial videographer who will jump alongside you. The camera flyer will record your thoughts as you prepare for your jump prior to boarding the plane and will capture the best moments of your epic jump, from start to finish.

To add an Imagery Package to your skydive from, all you need to do is call us at 1-800-672-8942 and tell us what kind of a video recording you’d like to have. Whether you’re looking for a professional quality video or a hip GoPro recording taken from mid-air, we can accommodate your needs!

You Can Learn to Be an Aerial Videographer

As you’ve already learned, skydiving is a skill that opens many doors. Besides offering a career in the military or public sectors, you can become a professional aerial videographer. Get in touch with Detroit to find out more about local opportunities. We’re guessing this career prospect is the most exciting you’ve had so far. Imagine yourself jumping out of an airplane with other skydivers carrying professional video equipment and filming the whole experience in the air. Sound exciting? That’s because it is!

If you’re interested in this career opportunity, you’ll first need to become a professional skydiver. It’s difficult enough to confidently jump out of an airplane into the open skies and land safely – but doing so while wearing a videographer “hat” is even harder! So, you need to be thoroughly prepared. You must be comfortable with parachuting to such an extent that it seems as easy for you as going for a walk. And we can help you get to that skill level at our Skydiving Academy. After you’ve completed the training and become certified, you’ll be eligible to try your hand at being an aerial videographer!

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Detroit, MI

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We’re not exaggerating when we say that we have the best skydiving offers around. Just think about it – with Detroit, you can jump in tandem or by yourself after training and with guidance from our professional instructors. What’s more, with our additional services, your heroic experience can be captured on camera from beginning to end to relive and share on social media. We don’t particularly like bragging, but our partner drop zone network is one of the most extensive in the United States. For you, this means that you can enjoy high-quality skydiving services not only in Detroit, Michigan, but when you are traveling anywhere else in the country. Detroit serves the below cities within the Detroit, MI area:
Windsor, Canada | Hamtramck, MI | Highland Park, MI | River Rouge, MI | Grosse Pointe Park, MI | Dearborn, MI | Melvindale, MI | Ecorse, MI | Lincoln Park, MI | Harper Woods, MI | Grosse Pointe Farms, MI | Hazel Park, MI | Wyandotte, MI | Allen Park, MI | Ferndale, MI

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