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Shouldn’t the decision to experience life at unparalleled angles be an easy one? With Parachuting.com Des Moines, you can call yourself a rare witness to the world from a perspective few will ever surpass. Shred your comfort zone in favor of the world’s finest skydiving packages offered anywhere! The moment the glory of free fall overtakes you is a beautiful one; leave your worries on the ground when you cut through clear Des Moines skies! Welcome to aerial excellence. Welcome to security-backed thrill. Welcome to fun as you’ve never known it. Welcome to skydiving with Parachuting.com Des Moines!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Des Moines, Iowa Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Ideal for first-time skydivers, Tandem Skydiving gives you all of the freedom to enjoy the privilege of the skies, with none of the responsibility which could otherwise compromise the experience! Let the instructor riding tandem handle the details; your only job is to take in every glorious second of sustained free fall! Safe skydiving meets uninterrupted adrenaline with Tandem Skydiving!

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Solo Parachuting in Des Moines, Iowa

Skydiving Academy

Take the next step toward solo and professional skydiving when you elect to benefit from the services of the Parachuting.com Des Moines Skydiving Academy! Master Advanced Free fall, Static Line Progression, and other techniques, the likes of which will put you fully in control of your skydive, from takeoff to feet-first landing! Streamline your learning process with the Skydiving Academy!

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Des Moines, Iowa Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of a Parachuting.com Des Moines experience, with gift certificates that are now easier than ever to acquire! Visit us onsite or check us out online today, to purchase your gift certificate, good for 24 months and fully transferable! It’s a gift everyone will be talking about, when it’s a certificate to skydive the crisp Iowa skies!

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

To skydive is to experience the world from unprecedented perspectives, to which few can ever compare. The freedom of free fall is liberating in nature, and after your jump, the feeling of sheer achievement is unlike anything you’ve experienced. It’s time you widened your boundaries, and responded to adrenaline’s invitation! We provide hop and pops and seats up to drop off at Parachuting.com Des Moines!

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Parachuting.com Des Moines: enviable climate, crystal blue skies, ideal skydiving!

The highest populated city in Iowa is also the go-to destination for the nation’s finest skydiving services! With Parachuting.com Des Moines, you’ll enjoy skies characterized by a breezy continental climate, especially during summer months!

Boasting average high temperatures above 60°, Des Moines plays host to a landscape decorated by enough sights to entertain even skydivers native to the area! Spot a testament to local Victorian architecture, Terrace Hill, a recognized National Historic Landmark. Catch sight of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, home to indigenous and exotic plants and a three-story Chinese pavilion! Locate the beautiful tropical rainforest of 22-acre Blank Park Zoo!

Whether you’re looking to locate Living History Farms from thousands of feet above, or you’re aiming to expand your boundaries, we guarantee that when you skydive with Parachuting.com Des Moines, you’ll find luxury as easy as the thrill between takeoff and landing!

Des Moines, Iowa Parachuting

Des Moines, Iowa Tandem Skydiving

All fun, no extra hassle with Tandem Skydiving!

The best skydive for first-timers
Skydiving is as intense as it is exciting. Here at Parachuting.com Des Moines, we understand that guests may experience hesitation before making one of the best decisions of their lives. As a result, we offer Tandem Skydiving, the easy, secure method by which individuals can skydive while a skydiving expert, trained by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), dives tandem to you. All the logistical responsibility is accounted for by your tandem, certified authority!

Secure excitement from the very beginning
We suggest you arrive earlier than your scheduled jump. Meet your instructor, who will help you into your passenger harness. View a short educational video, then with family and friends watching, board our specialized skydiving aircraft, and take off into Des Moines skies!

When your plane approaches apex height, your instructor will ensure the security of your harness attach points, and you will move together toward the doorway. Suddenly, you’re airborne, an endeavor guaranteed to surpass anything you’ve before experienced! You can expect your free fall to last about thirty seconds. From 6,000 feet above the ground, your controlled, parachute-assisted descent will allow you to witness to the best of Des Moines panoramic landscape below. Your drop from the clouds will conclude with an epic landing, and once your feet return to earth, join friends and family and celebrate your accomplishment!

The ideal equipment makes for the ideal skydive
Parachuting.com Des Moines provides you with all of the professional-grade equipment you need to facilitate a safe, scintillating dive, from takeoff to landing! Your passenger harness secures you to your tandem instructor at four secure points, and through flight goggles you can spot the drogue parachute (specifically designed to slow the descent of two skydivers in unison), your main parachute, and your reserve parachute. In the event of any unforeseen complications, our state-of-the-art Automatic Activation Device (AAD), present at each jump, can automatically deploy your reserve parachute when you reach a specified, predetermined altitude.

Comfort while you wait: top-notch drop zones!

If you’re planning on taking advantage of the best skydiving services in the state of Iowa, you’ll love our industry-leading amenities! Even if you’re attending our Des Moines site to support a friend or family member, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort while you wait! With comfortable table indoor and outdoor waiting areas, as well as food and drink for sale at select locations, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to enjoy Des Moines, no matter your reason for visiting us! Picnic tables, diversified seating, and friendly staff ensure that you can take full advantage of our drop zones!

Skydiving packages more diverse than any found elsewhere!

Ensure that this massive accomplishment is documented and recorded in all of its vivid detail: don’t forget to bring a means of photography! Or, trust the footage staff at Parachuting.com Des Moines with that undertaking, and leave the high-definition memory capturing to the experts! Our affordable photography and videography rates and our unprecedented in-dive angles make us the industry’s finest footage acquisition option. Tandem skydives can be purchased onsite, online, or with one of our valuable gift certificates! Call today or check online for date availability!

Experience Tandem Skydiving, the dynamically authentic free fall lifestyle: 1-855-532-6495!

Solo Skydiving Academy in Des Moines, Iowa

Tricks of the trade at the Skydiving Academy!

The quickest distance between you and complete skydiving mastery is the Skydiving Academy! To take the next step toward your solo or professional skydiving enterprises, you’ll want to trust the Skydiving Academy to impart skydive-particular knowledge, including the details of Accelerated Free fall (AFF) and Static Line Progression.

Here at Parachuting.com Des Moines, we understand that skydiving is nothing without safety. Our USPA-certified staff upholds professional, industry-wide standards.

Accelerated Free fall (AFF)

Accelerated Free fall (AFF) is a complete course consisting of seven distinctive steps, where students are progressively trusted with increasing skydiving responsibility.

At roughly 12,000 feet above ground, students will jump alongside two instructors, practicing Harness Hold Training before parachute deployment. Instructors will maintain solid grips on students’ packs until deployment. Students may experience 50 seconds of free fall.

Levels 1-3 necessitate the assistance of two instructors, and students will learn altitude awareness, body position, stability, and effective canopy deployment, among other essential skills.Levels 4-7 are characterized by continued skydives, which teach students more advanced maneuvers, including turns, forward movement, docking onto others, and “Superman” exits.

Static Line Progression (S/L)

Static Line Progression (S/L) entails an abbreviated jump from 3,000 feet, where students participate in exits while suspended from the aircraft.

4-5 hours of ground instruction precede the first jump, one made from 3,000 feet. Students are soon instructed to deploy their own chutes, and pull “dummy” ripcords to simulate in-air capacity. A “Clear and pull” jump is followed by a “10-second delay” jump, after which time successive jumps launch from respectively higher altitudes. After 25 jumps, students apply for A Licenses.

Enjoy skydiving training and join the dynamic ranks, call 1-855-532-6495!

Parachuting.com Des Moines, Iowa Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give Parachuting.com Des Moines gift certificates, for life-changing experiences!

The best gifts are memories. Now, with the opportunities to purchase Parachuting.com Des Moines gift certificates, you can gift the chance to experience what, for most individuals, will only remain a dream! Turn an exclusive skydiving endeavor into the gift of a lifetime, with one of our gift certificates.

Fully transferable among any one of our Parachuting.com locations nationwide, valid for up to two full years after your initial date of purchase, our gift certificates are the perfect gift to commemorate any birthday, holiday, personal milestone, or other social recognition! Visit us onsite at any Parachuting.com location, or online, to get your hands on the gift that everyone is sure to be talking about!

With a Parachuting.com Des Moines skydiving gift certificate, you’ll give the gift of a memory sure to last a lifetime. What would otherwise remain a dream is now a reality for family and friends, courtesy of a skydiving gift certificate!

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Des Moines, Iowa Parachuting Video Packages

Take home the Parachuting.com Des Moines experience today with video packages

Today, with our various imagery packages, high-definition footage of the entire day could be yours! It’s easy as industry-leading equipment, dedicated photographers and videographers, and an adrenaline-filled enterprise!

Professional-grade videography
From the beginning of the day to its conclusion, our state-of-the-art videographers will capture each and every uninterrupted moment of your life-changing day! Your pre-jump thoughts are recorded, then the videographer boards with you, will stay with you through your exit, and will capture each and every facial expression and fist pump on the way down! They’ll capture your canopy descent and the subsequent majesty of your landing celebration! Video synthesizers will edit the footage, and within the hour, you’ll have a CD representative of your experience! Footage is always conducive to social media!

Intensive GoPro/Handycam option
Looking for an option that captures each and every authentic in-dive detail? This affordable package allows your instructor to skydive with a GoPro camera, to provide you with the “up close and personal” reactions in the entirety, from jump to exuberant landing!

Camera Flyers: The Artistry, The Skill, They’re The Ones Who Call The Shots

You think it’s impressive to skydive through 14,000 feet of clear Des Moines skies? Try doing it with a body full of videography equipment! Our dedicated camera flyers routinely make the jump with us, to ensure that each and every high-definition detail of your jump is caught on camera!

If you have a quality camcorder, a steady hand, and a love for the skydiving profession, you might want to try your hand at camera flying! You’re going to want to find a camera with a wide-angled lens. You’ll need to discover the techniques by which you can not only capture steady, uninterrupted footage of others participating in dives, but also the manner by which you can keep your cool from ungodly angles.

It’s skydiving like you’ve never before experienced it! Earn money on the side, and give others the footage of their own dives!

To perfect your skydive with the videography element, call 1-855-532-6495!

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Des Moines, IA

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Whether you’re looking to spend less or love life more, each second you spend with Parachuting.com Des Moines is guaranteed time well spent. Our FAA-certified skydive instructors, dedicated videographers, dynamic gift certificate options, and choice Iowa setting more than establish us as your premium, go-to skydive option. Luxury has never been more affordable! Our customer service representatives are always available, to answer any of your questions, and to help you book your next visit! Keep Parachuting.com Des Moines at the front of your skydiving preferences, for a dive well done!

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