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“Those who don’t jump will never fly.”

Why Take the Plunge?

Skydiving is an experience that many people hope to scratch off of their bucket lists . There’s an aspect of this activity that is intoxicating. There is a paradox of high octane thrill and elegant grace that comes with falling from such a great height. The insanity of letting go of control accompanied with the strict safety of the event is where the thrill of skydiving begins. Dropping onto this blue marble of ours creates new insight into the world. As you fall, you realize the true beauty of humanity: The ability to progress, to master, and to explore territory unknown. Skydiving stands at the peak of this ability. The full culmination of what seemed impossible yesterday will be remembered for the rest of your life. Taking a step off the plane realizes your potential as a human being. Just a century ago people never thought they would ever be able to fly.

Find a Place Among the Denver Clouds

Denver, Colorado Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem dives are the perfect way to experience the thrill of skydiving within the careful hands of a seasoned jumper. Connected to the instructor at four points, you’ll drop off the plane and into the rush of freefall. As you glide through the air, you can feel the true sensation of the dive without the worry of having to pull the chord. Come introduce yourself to the dive.

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Solo Parachuting in Denver, Colorado

Skydiving Academy

Interested in learning how to dive? Parachuting.com Denver Skydiving Academy will put you in the capable hands of the most qualified instructors. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to in order to safely dive. Let our amazing instructors get you ready for your first jump and your first step into the world of skydiving.

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Denver, Colorado Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the avid thrill seeker the perfect gift with one of our Gift Certificate options. We provide a variety of options when it comes to purchasing a dive for a loved one, a best friend, or a neighborhood adrenaline junkie, with imagery packages available to save the moment to reminisce at your leisure. Let our expert customer service representatives help guide you to the perfect gift option.

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy

Jump for Fun!

Well-crafted for experienced divers, Parachuting.com Denver offers a variety of jumps for pure entertainment. Various jumping sites over the Rocky Mountains and complex Denver architecture provide a unique experience to every dive. Explore the skies and the peaceful free fall; soar over the forests and plains of the city from high above with a single session; feel the rush of plunge and take the dive.

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Skydive over the Cajun aesthetic of Red Stick’s swagger!

Set in the jade green forests and snowy white mountains of Colorado, Denver stands as the fastest growing major city of the United States. Home to impressive architecture and glorious natural views, the city has crafted a perfect harmony between the organic and inorganic. From the spearheaded complex structure of the Denver Art Museum to the magnificent display of the Rocky Mountains, the city has an interesting aura about it. The best example of this is the Learning Cube, a simple framed structure built of iron, wood, and stone. It stands alongside a collection of urban farm buildings made by students from the University of Colorado, Denver. The city also acts a merger of varying landscapes. Centered between the High Plains, Rocky Mountains, and dense forest, Denver is a sight to behold from above. A Skydiving experience will give you a full scope of the gorgeous melody of this city.

Denver, Colorado Parachuting

Denver, Colorado Tandem Skydiving

Experience the Heart Pumping Thrill of Skydiving

Perfect for beginners, Tandem Jumps involve leaping from the plane while strapped to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor. You’ll dive from 14,000 feet and fully experience the adrenaline-fueled peacefulness that comes with jumping into the sky.

From Take Off to Landing:

You’ll arrive at the drop zone prior to your scheduled jump. From here, you’ll have time to get accustomed to the facilities. At this point, you’ll meet your skydive instructor who will brief you on proper body position and general preparation. A short video will be played explaining what’s to be expected on a Tandem jump. After the video, you’ll gear up and board the plane alongside your instructor. The plane will ascend to the jump elevation and the instructor will attach him/herself to you on four different points. Together, you and the instructor will move toward the doorway and jump from 10,000 plus feet. You will experience about 30 seconds of freefall. At 6,000 feet, the instructor will deploy the parachute and you will begin your tranquil descent to the drop zone. After a perfect and epic landing, you’ll celebrate your crowning achievement with friends and family.

Gearing up:

Goggles will be given to you to protect your eyes from the wind. You will wear a passenger harness so that an instructor can connect to you via 4 points. These points are located with two on the shoulders and two on the hips. You will also be provided with a container that houses the main parachute, Drogue chute, reserve chute, and an Automatic Activation Device.

Landing Amidst the High Plains

Skydiving is just as much about the destination as it is the journey. The drop zone sets the course of your scenic high-velocity trip back to earth. Hidden amongst the snowy mountain tops and the wide open plains, you’re guaranteed to drop into a gorgeous landscape. Gently floating over evergreen treetops, your extreme free fall will end with an epic landing amidst a beautiful scenic view. The drop zones are located within a reasonable distance from the city, making your return a simple venture. We choose landing areas that are open and easy to access, making them superb meeting places for friends and family. Upon landing, our crew will help celebrate your successful dive. Enough hesitation. Experience the beauty that only Parachuting.com Denver has to offer when it comes to the jump. From takeoff to landing, our seasoned instructors will help guide you.

Conquering the Eternal Blue

It’s one thing to leap off the plane, diving into the deep blue of the sky, it’s another to conquer it. With the invention of the Wingsuit, human beings have gained the ability to glide freely through the air. By increasing the surface area of the human body, Wingsuits grant a steep increase to lift, allowing the diver to have complete control over their descent. This technology allows for people to not only dive, but to soar through the air. Wingsuit divers can utilize straight arrow dives to increase velocity. With a simple spreading of the limbs, this downward momentum shifts into an ascension-decreasing velocity. With these simple mechanics, Wingsuit divers have mastery over their dive. Swooping and shifting seamlessly through the air, these divers move with such smoothness and grace that you would swear they were capable of flight. This technique is being researched by Parachuting.com for the possibility of being added to our Skydiving Academy. Professional divers utilize this technique, among others, to further the extreme sport’s popularity, while perfecting its art. These demonstrations are captured through sky videography and photography, the kind of packages offered in our Imagery Packages.

Our Skydiving Academy uses two main methods of skydive training. The first is Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training which progresses students at a suitable pace. The second is Static Line Progression (S/L) which eases new divers into the process little by little. Both types of training are mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration to certify divers into being able to handle solo dives.

Solo Skydiving Academy in Denver, Colorado

You’ll Appreciate our Light-hearted Approach to Skydiving Training!

If you believe in your future in the air, enroll in our AFF program. Learn the SAFE way to jump and you’ll never fear diving again. Be confident every time you step out of an aircraft at 14,000. Because you’re in control of your body, and emotions. If you want to improvise in the air, or skysurf, or freefly, training is an absolute necessity. Let our USPA certified instructors show you how to do it the right way, no matter your preference.


AFF training is facilitated by two instructors and involves seven levels of education. Levels 1-3 focus on altitude awareness, body position, stability, pull sequence and effective chute deployment. This is all done while being harnessed to an instructor who will prompt the student during the fall on practicing these skills. At level 3 of instruction, the student will be released to fall on their own. Levels 4-7 focus on “in air skills” such as turns, forward movement, docking with others, and performing “superman” exits from the aircraft. By level 7, students enter qualification, where they will be expected to perform 25 safe and secure jumps at which point they will be allowed to apply for their “A” license.


Through this method of training, students perform dives with a static line fixed to the aircraft which deploys the main parachute at a set time. This allows for roughly two to three minutes of free fall. Each jump will involve 15 minutes of ground instruction. During these jumps, students will train by pulling a “dummy” ripcord. After full clearance of being able to perform this ability, students will demonstrate their ability to free fall. During the first jump, students facilitate the pull sequence upon immediate exit of the aircraft. During the second jump, there’s a 10 second delay given to chute deployment. This delay will increase along with a heightening elevation. By the 25th jump, students are able to apply for their skydiving license.

Diving Headfirst into the Smoke

The invention of skydiving has made an impact on various fields of society. The largest of these impacts is to the field of fire and rescue. Smokejumpers are wildland firefighters who parachute into far off and hard to reach areas in order to contain wildfires. These brave men and women work as First Responders in the event of a forest fire. These rescuers arrive shortly after ignition and extinguish the blaze before it becomes harmful to the public. This specialized training allows the prevention of immense disaster before it can even get off the ground. Smokejumpers stand as the first defense against inferno. Through effective skydiving and parachuting, smokejumpers are able to maneuver through the evergreen pines and blazes to proficiently land on the ground below and begin flame suppression. The training is extensive, but since the establishment of this section of rescuers, wildfire prevention has seen a significant increase. Along with many other positions, skydiving certification is a great mark to have in different fields and can help many to survive any disasters in the future. Smokejumpers, paratroopers and pararescuers have greatly improved our ability to prevent danger. Join this endeavor and help protect those in need by signing up with the Skydiving Academy today!

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Parachuting.com Denver Colorado Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give Someone the Thrill of a Lifetime!

Transferable between locations and individuals, our gift certificates have a two-year validity. We provide two great options for first time divers. The first is for Tandem jumps which allow people to experience the adrenaline-fueled excitement that comes with the dive. The second is for our AFF Level 1 jumps which act as an introduction to our Skydiving Academy. Either of these options is a perfect entrance into the world of skydiving. So if you have a thrill seeker within your circle of loved ones, give them the chance to scratch skydiving off their bucket list. Give them the opportunity of feeling the high-octane grace that comes with diving off a plane set high above the city of Denver. The sheer wonder and excitement that comes with a gift certificate can mean the start of a brand new lifestyle. With perfect options meant to ease the introduction of jumping from an airplane, these certificates can change a person’s view. Experience the adrenaline pumping joy of letting go for just a moment and see the world for its true beauty. Change someone’s life by putting them on a daredevil path of thrill and wonder. Give someone the gift of flight.

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Denver Colorado Parachuting Video Packages

Skydive into a Video You’ll Treasure Forever!

Parachuting.com Denver offers two options when it comes to documenting the adventure of the dive. These are a videography service and a GoPro service. With the GoPro option, your instructor will be equipped with a camera fixed to their helmet, providing an extreme perspective to all the heart-pounding action of your first dive.


This service involves a professional camera flyer who will join your dive. The camera flyer will record your thoughts from ground to takeoff. While on board, they’ll record your thoughts seconds before the drop. The camera flyer drops slightly before you to get the best vantage point in recording your journey back to the ground. With this method, every second of your blood rushing adventure will be captured. After filming your superb landing, the camera flyer will record your final thoughts before heading to the editing bay. Here, your video will be given a soundtrack and carefully edited to ensure a flawless display of your entire experience. You’ll be given a copy within the hour which will also include various stills of the event that you can share with your family and friends. Sign up for one of our Imagery Packages to capture the magic of your skydiving experience!

Filming the Action

Skydiving’s extreme action is perfect for the world of film. Millions of skydiving compilations have hit the web since the invention of GoPro cameras. The Camera Flyer’s world is intense and involves the unique skill of being able to separate your attention. Camera Flyers fly close to the diver, backs to the ground and divide their focus between recording the dive and their diving instruments so they can perfectly time when to set their chutes and land. This requires them to be fully familiar with their equipment. Actions are instinctual as they capture the madness of the dive on film. This familiarity for their equipment extends further, depending on the dive. Different dives require different forms of recording equipment, due to the difference in velocity and elevation. This also means that Camera Flyers are required to be comfortable with all forms of skydiving in order to flawlessly follow in front of the diver and get all of the magic on film. So the next time you dive with a certified camera flyer, remember, they have to go through everything you do and then do it backwards! Camera divers are some of the most courageous within the world of skydiving.

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Denver, Colorado

Skydiving, the Mastery of Flight

From beginners signing up for a Tandem Jump with a seasoned professional, to the certified who stand ready for their next dive, Parachuting.com Denver can facilitate all of your skydiving needs and will guide you through the most thrilling experiences. We offer Gift Certificates to help start the experience and have an expert staff of customer service representatives that stand at the ready to assist you in finding the right service. Thank you for your consideration and we hope to see you at the drop zone

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