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Skydiving: The most extreme rush for adrenaline junkies

Many skydivers are thrill-seekers involved in various risky activities. They are likely to take part in other extreme sports. Even so, they can’t match the thrill of jumping out of an airplane, free falling to the earth, and hoping that their parachute to will open. They’ll tell you it’s not just the fall that’s unmatchable, but also the breathtaking views during the descent. Newcomers may be too anxious to appreciate each aspect of skydiving in detail. Repeat skydivers soak up every awe-inspiring moment.

Beginning skydivers count on and cling to certified instructors during tandem jumps, while all jumpers rely on licensed, experienced pilots and quality equipment. Accelerated Free Fall jumping and professional certification programs meet the needs of more advanced skydivers.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Columbus, Ohio Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

The Rookie. First-time skydivers and those who prefer more security can jump in tandem with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor. The passenger wears a harness with points that attach to the instructor’s harness. A special chute can carry the weight of two people and regulate the speed of the fall. A reserve chute and special deployment device provide extra safety in an emergency. Tandem jumps provide skydiving excitement with less anxiety for a win-win!

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Solo Parachuting in Columbus, Ohio

Skydiving Academy

The Expert. Do you want to go solo? To become a pro? To teach others? Skydiving Academy is for you. After completing Tandem jumps, many skydivers want to skydive alone. Professional skydiving as a sport appeals to the competitive type of person. A select group of jumpers might enjoy sharing their knowledge by working as skydiving instructors. If any of these descriptions fits you, the training at the Skydiving Academy will help you to achieve your goal.

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Columbus, Ohio Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

The Giver. Do you know someone who has wanted to go skydiving but always has an excuse to avoid it? Buy a gift certificate! With a gift certificate, the burden of paying for that first jump is not an obstacle. Gift certificates can also help a passenger to pay for one of our video offerings. When you can experience the adventure again through video, it becomes even more meaningful and allows you to share it with others.

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Jump for Fun!

The Partier. Skydiving is not just for serious athletes. It’s also not only for one-time jumpers. For those who want to jump regularly and hang out in the atmosphere with other jumpers, it’s a party. They’re jumping for fun. That’s alright because if you aren’t having fun, then why jump? If you want to be a regular jumper and experience maximum enjoyment, we can get you to the best place for the right price.

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Skydivers Can Find Buckeyes, Books and Beauty in Columbus, OH

Ohio is famously known as The Buckeye State because of a distinctive tree that sheds large, brown nuts called (you guessed it) buckeyes. Columbus houses another species of Buckeye, the college student! 60,000 students attend The Ohio State University. Columbus, the state’s capital city, boasts many distinctive features from neighborhoods with historic homes to downtown streets filled with shops, galleries, eateries, and places to get a cold brew. Maybe beer goes well with a certain large brown nut.

Did you know that much of Ohio was covered by glacier during the Wisconsin Ice Age? Did you know that there was a Wisconsin Ice Age? The glacier made Columbus mostly flat, which is helpful when landing! While you’re in the air, look for the rivers, tributaries, and ravines that provide interest to the landscape surrounding the city.

Columbus, Ohio Parachuting

Columbus, Ohio Tandem Skydiving

Don’t go it alone: Tandem Jumps with instructors

Anyone can sign up for a Tandem Jump that involves skydiving while hooked to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor. For first-time jumpers, the tandem jump is the ideal way to go. “Why?”, you might ask. Hey, we’re getting to that! The instructor will provide information on what to expect, show an instructional video, and outfit you with appropriate gear. You’ll wear a harness, goggles, your main parachute, plus a smaller drogue chute that accommodates two skydivers. Also, you’ll wear an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that deploys a reserve chute if a problem is indicated.

Once you are outfitted, your instructor will board the aircraft and hook up with you; hook the two parachutes together, that is! At around 10,000 feet, the instructor will guide you toward the doorway and jump with you. No, you’re not crazy; you’re a skydiver! You’ll freefall for about 30 seconds. When you reach 5,500-6,000 feet, the parachute will deploy, and you’ll fall more slowly. Enjoy the show for about six minutes and you will land on your target. If you are concerned about the landing, remember, that’s why you have someone attached to you, invading your personal space.

Ta-Da! You made it! The crowd will cheer, unless you are a loner. In that case, you’ll have your own personal jubilant moment. Can we hear a “Woo Hoo”? Or, if you prefer, an “I’m still alive”. You’ll be so happy you’ll want to call us at 1-800-672-8942 to schedule another jump!

Getting cozy in the drop zone

Many drop zones are set up to help your friends and family enjoy their sky-watching experience. Most drop zones have comfy seating both indoors and outdoors for those who wait and watch. At some locations, food and drink are sold, and picnic tables are available. It’s as fun as a football game tailgating experience. Don’t tell The Ohio State Buckeye fans. They might rush the drop zone!

Since each drop zone site is different, ask for information as you make your reservation. When you get there, familiarize yourself with the setup. Check out their rental gear. Get a briefing. Meet the nice folks who work there. We hope you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy now.

But wait! There’s more with in Columbus, OH!

Whew! There’s a lot to know about skydiving. Ask your guests to bring cameras and take photos of you before, during and after skydiving. To recall and to share the experience to the limit, consider one of our videography packages. If you have a gift certificate from, you can purchase videography services as well as a Tandem Jump. Later, you can share your love for skydiving by buying gift certificates for others.

Maybe some day you’ll want to become a professional skydiver. We offer training services to that end. When you are a rich and famous skydiver, remember us fondly as the ones who got you into this crazy thrill-seeking lifestyle!

An extreme sport on the air stream

You may think you know everything about skydiving, but think again. Skydiving involves more than one discipline, each with a distinct spin on the sport. Two examples of skydiving disciplines include Atmo Body Piloting and Wingsuiting.

Atmo Body Piloting is a technique for human flight. You treat your body like it’s an aircraft. Isn’t this what humans have been trying to do for thousands of years: fly? If you are good enough and dedicated to your sport, atmo body piloting allows you to do the unthinkable. It’s all in learning to fly diagonally and to keep the right angle and speed, taking advantage of an air stream that allows the flyer lift and control. This control is fundamental to performing aerial stunts and acrobatics and looking pretty badxxx. (You know the rest.)

Still looking for another way to fly? Try Wingsuiting. We all know that Rocky the Flying Squirrel could fly with a cartoonist’s help, but you’ll have to wear a specially-built wingsuit. The suit enables the air stream to lift the body, allowing it to glide more slowly while free falling. Fabric that’s strategically placed under the arms and between the legs achieves this goal. You can look like Rocky and glide like him, but you’ll never be as awesome. We’re sorry, but it’s true.

Need we say it? These extreme skydiving methods are for experienced professionals only. Do not try this at home.

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Columbus, Ohio

Bitten by the skydiving bug? Visit Skydiving Academy!

Your first jump makes every hair on your head stand up and each nerve tingle with fear and excitement. After you’ve combed through that tangled mess of hair and emotions, you may find yourself saying, “Again! Again!” Now you can choose to schedule another tandem jump or to learn to jump alone through our Skydiving Academy.

Learn from the best

The academy provides two main types of training to those who want to jump alone as well as to skydivers who want to become trainers or professionals. Both types of instruction are facilitated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), resulting in FAA certification.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training:

Do you see the word accelerated? It’s there for a reason. The AFF training certifies a skydiver using a faster method than the S/L approach. The instructor takes the skydiver through seven progressive steps that can result in a solo jump, following seven or so hours of ground instruction. In levels 1-3, students receive instruction as two certified instructors jump alongside. At level 3, the student will be released to fall on their own during a jump. Levels 4-7 call for “in air skills” instructions. Each level involves a jump and student demonstration of identified skills.

Integrated Student Program (ISP)

The magic number in ISP is 25 dives. The student applies the principles learned and practices various maneuvers. Afterward, the ‘certification fairy’ poofs a license into existence! That would be cool. Instead, the FAA grants the license upon application approval.

Static Line Progression (S/L):

We love to watch movies with actors hanging from airplanes by a rope, waiting to see if they’ll climb up or fall off. In S/L training, students are attached to a static line connected to the aircraft. Don’t worry, this line won’t detach! After several hours of ground instruction, students exit the aircraft, fall for two to three minutes, and demonstrate skills identified by the FAA instructor. During the next three jumps, the students must show the capability to pull a ripcord. Following 25 successful jumps, students may apply for an FAA license. No fairies were hurt during this process.

More than jumping for fun: Professional Skydiving!

Wanted: A dose of daily courage to become a professional skydiver. Are you aware that skydivers can become professionals beyond becoming instructors? Several types of career opportunities exist. All require a high skill level, sometimes practiced in extremely dangerous conditions. Two professions are highlighted here: Smokejumping and Competitive Skydiving.

SmokeJumpers fight fires in remote areas that can’t be reached in other ways, skydiving into the danger zone. They are employed by either the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management and are based in wildfire prone areas. Smokejumpers are equipped with highly padded clothing to protect them during landing. Although they skydive into dangerous situations, deaths are infrequent. Smokejumpers provide a valuable service that can’t be offered otherwise.

Competitive Skydiving involves individuals or groups facing off against one another by completing complex and daring maneuvers. Many people are familiar with formation skydiving that involves teams that create shapes by holding each other’s hands or legs. Freestyle, freeflying and style skydiving are more artistic and gymnastic, requiring great skill. Skysurfers use a board to do rolls and moves similar to surfers and snowboarders. Other types of competitive skydiving include swooping, accuracy landing, and canopy formations.

Learn to drop and roll at Skydiving Academy by calling 1-800-672-8942! Columbus, Ohio Skydiving Gift Certificates

The gift certificates top ten list

Here are ten good reasons to purchase a gift certificate for friends, family members, acquaintances, colleagues, and employees:

1. For their birthday or any other holiday
2. As a work reward for a goal met, an anniversary, or plain old effort
3. To invite them to join you as a friend or on an exciting date
4. To say “Thank you” for something they did
5. As payback (our personal favorite!)
6. To share the love of the jump
7. To help them build confidence, or scare the wits out of them
8. As a dare, especially if they think they are great at everything
9. As part of a bet – would it be for winning or losing? You decide.
10. For an original reason that we haven’t heard yet!

In case you aren’t convinced, several key features of our gift certificates in Columbus, OH may help. For a small fee, the vouchers are transferable between locations and people and are good for two years. You can go to New Jersey and skydive. That is, if you actually want to go to New Jersey! Consider buying one for a Tandem Jump or an AFF by calling customer service on any day of the week.

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Columbus, Ohio Parachuting Video Packages

Amaze your friends and loved ones on video

Blank stares and eye blinking may be what you get when you try to describe your skydiving experience to ground-lovers. The magic of skydiving is hard to put into words. Your loved ones may have a desire for a glimpse of what your journey was like. Show them in video format! in Columbus, OH has two videography services. A camera flyer can join you on your jump, filming your dive as you go. Alternatively, In a Tandem jump, your attached instructor can wear a GoPro/Handycam for a bird’s-eye view of the jump from start to the landing.

It’s all in the details

Both videography options are very competitively priced. The camera flyer choice costs a bit more because you are hiring an extra professional called a camera flyer. Your comments and actions during preparation will be recorded, as well as your last minute thoughts right before you jump. The camera flyer will jump first to capture your initial expressions. Were you scared out of your mind? Filled with joy? Crying like a baby? It will be available for later viewing, colorful language included! They will record your landing and your closing comments on the trip down. About an hour later, the video will be edited, set to music and provided in CD format for easy sharing.

Camera Flyers tell the real stories

The benefits of skydiving videography extend to the professional camera flyer photographer as well. Some skydivers fall in love with the filming aspect of the sport and decide to become a camera flyer. It’s an art form that enables you to capture experiences unlike any others. You may be hired to shoot first-time Tandem jumps, aerial acrobatics, competitive skydiving and more. Each personal reaction, every twist and turn, and all of the chute releases and landings are the photographers canvasses to capture, edit, and enhance for customers.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a camera flyer must be an experienced skydiver at least a C level license and 200 jumps. Equipment includes the cameras that are most appropriate for the targeted skydiving specialties. A strong helmet is necessary, too. For safety, take into consideration of the size and weight of the equipment. Consult an experienced camera flyer for tips on the job.

To create a more dynamic skydiving story, you’ll learn how to move in the air to capture your subjects from various angles. You want to make yours subjects look good! You’ll have a job that you enjoy and that brings others more satisfaction with their skydiving experiences.

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