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Have you ever wanted to try skydiving? Are you an adventurous soul? Well, you might not realize that skydiving is at your fingertips, right here in Cincinnati. You don’t have to have previous training or experience to get going! Beginners can skydive right away with a Tandem jump. All you need is the drive to take the leap and to be a little daring! We also have our Skydiving Academy for those who want to be able to skydive on their own. At Parachuting.com Cincinnati, we have many skydiving options. You will be jumping out of a plane and getting a real headrush. Plus, skydiving gives you amazing views of Cincinnati and the surrounding area. You will leave with a totally new perspective and excitement for life. All your friends and family will be talking about how brave you are once you take the leap. Call 1-800-672-8942 to begin your skydive!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Cincinnati, Ohio Tandem Parachuting - Cincinnati Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Are you ready to have a skydiving adventure? Are you new to the sport? Well, don’t worry. You can get started on a Tandem jump! These dives are perfect for beginners, as you will be harnessed to a certified skydiving instructor throughout the jump. You will have the full skydiving experience with only on-site training! If you’ve always wanted to skydive, this is the ideal way to get started and have the adventure.

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Solo Parachuting in Cincinnati, Ohio - Cincinnati Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Have you been skydiving before? Did you love the rush that it gave you and want to do it again and again? If this is you, then taking courses with our Skydiving Academy will get you certified as a solo skydiver. We offer training courses in the Accelerated Free Fall method and the Static Line Progression method. Once you’re done, you’ll be skydiving whenever you want! Are you ready to take skydiving up a notch?

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Cincinnati, Ohio Parachuting Gift Certificates - Cincinnati Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Is there someone in your life who needs a little adventure? Do you know someone who has always wanted to try skydiving? We have the perfect way for you to make this person’s day! We offer gift certificates that make an ideal present for the adventure-seeker in your life. These certificates are a great gift for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or just to show you care. Give them the gift they really want and will enjoy!

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Parachuting.com : Tandem Skydiving and Skydiving Academy - Cincinnati Parachuting

Jump for Fun!

If you just can’t get enough of skydiving, you could become one of the people who can skydive whenever they want, Just for Fun! After you’re certified as a solo skydiver, spend your weekends skydiving adventures all the time. You don’t have to just skydive once or twice and have that be the end. The more you skydive for fun, the more skilled you will become at the sport and be able to enjoy it

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Start skydiving in Cincinnati!

Sitting on the Ohio River, Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and has a rich history as a boomtown in the 19th century. As you enter the city, you’ll notice the striking skyline of downtown and the large John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge that crosses the Ohio River.

The many attractions here suit a wide variety of tastes and interests. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center focuses on the history of slavery and is an important look into the history of our country.

For animal lovers or those looking for something for the kids, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is sure to please. You could also check out the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union that has interactive exhibits for kids.

For art lovers, the Cincinnati Art Museum is free and features over 67,000 art works.

And, for some thrilling fun, consider a skydive over Cincinnati, and you might even see the suspension bridge from the air!

Cincinnati, Ohio Parachuting

Cincinnati, Ohio Tandem Skydiving

Go on a Tandem jump to get started!

A Tandem jump is perfect for beginners. You won’t need any experience to start skydiving with Parachuting.com Cincinnati. These dives have you harnessed to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor. Once you complete all of the requirements of the training program, you will be a FAA-certified solo skydiver yourself! This gives you the ability to skydive when you want and enjoy skydiving as a hobby. You will have amazing views of the world below, too!

How it Works – Preparation
On the day of the Tandem jump, this is what will (generally) happen:

  • You should arrive at the dropzone a little before your scheduled appointment to settle in.
  • You will then meet with your skydiving instructor.
  • You’ll watch a video.
  • You’ll put on your gear.
  • You’ll fly up in the plane along with your instructor.
  • You’ll move to the door of the plane with your instructor harnessed with you.

The Jump!
You will jump from 10,000 feet or more in the air and Free Fall for around 30 seconds. You might even reach speeds of up to 120 mph! Your instructor will pull the parachute at about 6000 feet. Then, upon landing, you will celebrate your triumphant return!

Skydiving Equipment
You can expect to have this equipment during the Tandem jump:

  • Googles
  • A harness with four points where the instructor attached to you.
  • A container with a main parachute and a Drogue Chute that is used for extra resistance.
  • A reserve shoot
  • An Automatic Activation Device that will deploy the parachute if needed.

Your posse can chill at the drop zone.

You are welcome to bring family and friends along with you to watch your awesome bravery in the skies. We totally welcome and encourage skydivers to bring people with them. We provide comfortable drop zone facilities where they can relax and watch you dive. Some drop zones have picnic tables or areas to buy food on site. Ask us about which amenities your drop zone facility has.

At Parachuting.com Cincinnati, we have comfortable places for your crew to wait, both inside and outside. They’ll have front row seats of your bravery (and perhaps screams!), and will want to record it all for you.

Have your group take pictures and video!

Another great idea is that we encourage your friends and family bring phones and cameras with them. You can give them your phone and camera, too. This way they can take kickbutt videos of your skydive, so you can remember it forever. This also gives you a completely different view of the jump that you wouldn’t see otherwise. You’ll get a great perspective on how high up you were. Also, for some high quality, shareable videos, we offer imagery packages. These packages are the perfect way to get an up-close view of you skydiving!

If your family and friends are jealous of your adventure, you could make their whole year by giving them a gift certificate to a skydive. That way they can experience the adventure, too! These gift certificates are a perfect present for many different occasions. Why not share the love with the people you care about?

Take the leap and reach us at 1-800-672-8942 to start skydiving!

Solo Skydiving Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio

Learn to skydive on your own! Skydiving Training!

Parachuting.com Cincinnati has Skydiving Academy courses that will prepare you to be a certified solo skydiver. Our courses are in the Accelerated Free Fall method and the Static Line Progression method.

The different courses:
All our courses are taught by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers. Upon completing the training, you will be able to get own your FAA certification.

Accelerated Free Fall Method

The Accelerated Free Fall training has you certified as a solo skydiver quickly. The Accelerated part of the training refers to the fact that you will begin skydiving solo more quickly than with the Static Line Progression method.

AFF Training:
During this training, you will jump with two instructors who will be there to guide you through training. They will keep hold of your with Harness Hold Training. Once you pull the parachute, they will let go of you. The Free Fall part of your descent will last for around 50 seconds.

Seven Steps of AFF Training:
Levels 1-3: You will jump with the instructors and learn body position, pulling the parachute, etc.
Levels 4-7: You will learn to Free Fall on your own and learn more advanced movements in the air.

Integrated Student Program:
After level seven, you will begin the Integrated Training Program. You will use what you learned in training as you perform the required 25 jumps to become certified.

The Static Line Progression Method

You will do a series of static line jumps from a lower height of 3,000 feet. You are attached to a static line that hooks up to the plane and that pulls your parachute for you. The first few jumps will be done with the student being attached to the plane by the static line.

Steps during Static Line Progression:

  • There will be 4-5 hours of ground instruction.
  • The first two jumps are static line jumps.
  • Then the student pulls the parachute on jumps but is still attached to the plane.
  • Next, the student pulls their own parachute and does a regular Free Fall jump.
  • The student will need to perform 25 jumps to become eligible for certification.

Carry on the skydiving tradition by calling 1-800-672-8942!

Parachuting.com Cincinnati, Ohio Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving is the perfect gift!

Is there someone in your life who is super excited about the idea of skydiving? Are they always mentioning in casual conversation how much they want to try? If you know someone like this, you can be the cool person who gives them the chance to live out their dream! Parachuting.com Cincinnati offers gift certificates. These certificates can be redeemed for our Tandem jumps or AFF Level 1 training jumps.

Gift certificate features:

  • They can be transferred between individuals.
  • They can be transferred between locations for a small fee.
  • They are available to be redeemed for two years after the day they are purchased.
  • They make a perfect gift for many occasions including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, and much more. You could also give this gift just for fun!
  • We have customer service representatives that can be reached by phone seven days a week. They are professional and friendly, and will answer your questions.
  • These gift certificates make the perfect way to get someone you know on a Tandem jump!

These features make it simple for your loved one to redeem the gift certificate whenever is best for them. They will have lots of time to schedule and pick a perfect date to live their adventure!

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Cincinnati, Ohio Parachuting Video Packages

The perfect way to remember your dive!

At Parachuting.com Cincinnati, we have imagery packages that you can add to your skydive. These videos make for an amazing souvenir that you can share with everyone you know. You can also relive the day over and over again while you view how brave you were!

We have two options:

  • A videographer package where a professional videographer dives with you and films the skydiving process from beginning to end.
  • A GoPro package where your skydiving instructor wears the camera and films the jump.

Info about our imagery packages:

  • These options are competitively priced; the GoPro option is a little more affordable.
  • The videographer option includes interviews with you before the jump and after the jump.
  • Both options include a professional edit with music that is prepared at the drop zone. You can pick up the video and take it home with you the day of the jump.
  • You will be given the video on a CD that usually includes still images.
  • You can upload the video and images to your computer and your social media accounts.
  • You can to print the images on the CD.

An imagery package is the ideal way to commemorate your skydive and share it with everyone you know!

Skydiving Videographers

Skydiving videographers have to have skills in quite a few areas. Obviously, this isn’t just something you can decide to do one day and be an expert the next. It requires skill and dedication, as well as a fair amount of talent.

First, these individuals have to be dang good skydivers. They go through the process of being certified as solo skydivers and get to a point where they can control their dives very well. They need good control in order to jump alongside other skydivers and film their jumps.

Second, they need to have skills with video equipment, especially learning about the equipment and how it works. Also, they need an eye for visual composition and how to get great shots.

Third, they need to be able to make people feel at ease. Part of the process involves interviewing skydivers before and after their jump. They need to feel comfortable talking to people and asking them questions.

Becoming a great skydiving videographer takes time and skill, but it’s also a pretty fun job. It allows people to combine thrilling adventure with creativity. So, if you love those two things, it might be something for you to look into!

Call 1-800-672-8942 to add an imagery package and forever remember your skydive!

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With Parachuting.com Cincinnati, you can skydive over Ohio! We offer Tandem jumps that are great for beginners and provide stunning views of the world below. We also have Skydiving Academy training courses that will get you certified as a solo skydiver. If you know someone who wants to try skydiving, we offer gift certificates that make an ideal gift. We have customer service agents who can be reached by phone seven days a week. They are happy to answer questions and give more information. We thank you for visiting us. Now, come and take the leap with us!

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