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The Rush Between the Ascent and the Landing

Attention landlubbers! If you could give up just a few minutes of having your feet on the ground, you could be skydiving in Chattanooga, TN. After your first jump in tandem with an instructor, you’ll wonder why you’ve not slipped into a jumpsuit and taken the leap before. Was it the jumpsuit? Don’t worry – we’ve heard they’re making a fashion comeback. Chattanooga will find you the right drop zone for your skydiving experience, whether it’s the first or one hundred first time for you. All you have to do is go with the good vibes and feel a short but glorious liberation from your earthly cares.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Chattanooga, Tennessee Tandem Parachuting - Chattanooga Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Have you always thought skydiving was something you’d never be brave enough to do? Maybe you start to shake with your stomach flip-flopping just thinking about it. What if you had a skydiving buddy on your descent? It’s possible! In fact, it’s recommended! In a Tandem Jump, an instructor will be physically connected to you the whole way. Bam! Problem solved!

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Solo Parachuting in Chattanooga, Tennessee - Chattanooga Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

The butterflies are gone, and now you’ve been bitten by the adrenaline bug. The buzz around the parachuting world is Skydiving Academy! You can learn to free fall without a partner at the academy and become an experienced jumper. Now you’re ready to go pro? The Skydiving Academy provides training to become an instructor or a professional skydiver, complete with required certifications.

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Gift Certificates

If you can’t contain that feeling inside that comes from skydiving, share it with the world, or at least with a friend or family member. You can buy gift certificates for a Tandem Jump. You’ll have someone to go to the drop zone with, to shoot the bull with about your skydives, and to bring along the path to parachuting nirvana.

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Jump for Fun!

Do you remember the song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Well, jumpers just “wanna have fun,” too, by skydiving as often as they can. They’re free fallers, free flyers, and formation jumpers. Fun jumpers aren’t pros that are trying to be competitive. They’re more casual about skydiving. While safety is always taken seriously, fun jumpers want new challenges and group camaraderie.

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Superior Skydiving in the Scenic City known as Chattanooga, TN!

In Chattanooga, there’s a little bit of everything for people to see and do. In the 2000s, the reinvigorated city of Chattanooga benefitted from riverfront revitalization and progressive technology projects. Festivals and races fill the calendar throughout the year. Chattanooga is a growing city that’s held on to its small town spirit, and outdoor activities are popular with residents and visitors. It’s known as the Scenic City because of these outdoor activities and great views from locations between ridges, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Cumberland Plateau. Whether you live in Chattanooga or are dropping in for a visit, why not drop in on a skydiving landing target?

Chattanooga, Tennessee Parachuting

Chattanooga, Tennessee Tandem Skydiving

Get Hooked on Skydiving With Your First Tandem Jump

Who knows the best way to get into skydiving? We do! We do! We recommend that all first-time skydivers schedule a Tandem Jump where the student and instructor are connected by a harness for the dive. Having an experienced skydiver and instructor in the air with you helps you to stay safe and to continue learning. Also, it’s not bad for calming some of those first-time jitters.

Every drop zone available to book with through Chattanooga has a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor who’s completed hundreds of jumps and extensive training. The instructor will take you through the process step by step: preparation, outfitting, boarding the aircraft, falling, pulling the chute, and landing. The fall takes about a minute, but what a glorious minute it is!

Gear it up and show it off
You may think that your skydiving suit is cool, but to complete a Tandem Jump, you’ll be outfitted with all the equipment necessary for a safe fall and landing, not just for looking good. The instructor will choose the proper harness for you. Your pack will include the usual parachute plus a special Drogue Chute designed to control the speed of two people. All Tandem Jumpers also wear a reserve chute plus an Automatic Activation Device, or AAD, for precautionary measures. The AAD monitors your fall and signals the release of a reserve chute if needed. Now, you really are cool-looking, and prepared!

The Action Happens in the Drop Zone

Besides getting jumpers feet safely back on the ground, drop zone operators have an important job: to stay in business! While skydiving IS their business, some offer more comforts and conveniences than others. If you plan to bring guests or spend time hanging out with other jumpers, look for a drop zone that has comfortable seating both indoors and out. Time to get your grub on? Find out, in advance, if they allow visitors to bring in food, or if they serve any at the site. Our customer service agents at Chattanooga can help with your questions. Give us a call at 1-800-672-8942.

You ought to be in pictures

You made your first jump. You kept your cool pretty well, and the instructor said your body position was good. You were scared and then excited, letting out a resounding “WOO HOO” that, if you weren’t in the air, could have been heard from miles around. You remember, but you wish you could see it for yourself. Pause. Reverse it. Before you go skydiving, make an appointment to have your jump video recorded or shot in still photographs. If there is an available camera flyer in the drop zone, you’re set, and you’ll be a star in your own skydiving movie!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jumpers are Certifiable at the Skydivers Academy

Skydiving certification is the key to happiness. Just ask any fun jumper hanging around the drop zone. It’s definitely the key to safer, more knowledgeable parachuting when taught by FAA-certified instructors.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training

If you like the idea of a Free Fall as your first training jump, then AFF is for you. Of course, your instructor won’t just push you off the plane and wave good-bye to you. Not unless you’ve been very naughty.

Falling for you
With AFF training, you begin your dives with an actual free fall. One or possibly two certified instructors will be near your side with one of them holding onto your harness until your parachute has been deployed.

Leveling up
Along with some ground instruction, you’ll complete the free fall jump with instructors in Levels 1–3 of the training. The focus is on successfully pulling the ripcord. From there, you’ll learn skills in moving forward, turning, docking onto others, and exiting in Levels 4–7.

Integrated Student Program (ISP)
When you’ve made it through the seven levels, you must complete the qualifying number of jumps for certification: 25. These jumps are made with instructor coaching. This is called the Integrated Student Program, or ISP. After you’ve achieved this certification you can jump from wherever you want, when you want, based on the United States Parachute Association’s Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs).

Static Line Progression (S/L):

Hey, what’s a nice skydiver like you doing in a place like this? Nobody likes a line, unless it’s a static line that’s attached from an aircraft to a jumper for use during the S/L training method.

The S/L Process
Once you’ve received ground instruction, you can make your first jump while attached to the line that is also attached to the airplane. The jump is at a lower altitude than a full jump. More instructions and S/L jumps occur until you can deploy the chute alone.

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Gift Certificates Spend Like Money, Satisfy Like a Golden Opportunity

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations. We continually need to come up with gift ideas for people that are special to us. But sometimes it’s really difficult to think of truly unique items. At Chattanooga, we have the perfect idea for your gift-buying woes: a gift certificate for a Tandem Jump or for a skydiving videography package!

Once you give a gift certificate, the recipient can purchase a Tandem Jump. Maybe you can even jump with them, making the day more fun for both of you. In any case, our experienced instructors will take care of the jumper while any non-jumping guests enjoy the drop zone amenities. From then on, you will be known as the Most Amazing Gift Giver of All Time.

Remember that both new skydivers and those who are repeat jumpers would love to see their skydives on video and in photos. What can you, the Most Amazing Gift Giver, do about that? The answer is waiting at 1-800-672-8942, where you can order a videography package gift certificate. Hmm… then you might become King or Queen of the Most Amazing Gift Givers!

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Chattanooga, Tennessee Parachuting Video Packages

Order Your Headshots for the Newest Hairstyling Trend: Windstyling

Do you know how awesome your hair looks while skydiving? Yeah, let’s go with that. If you want to see your hair in all its windblown glory, you need a video or some photos from your jump. Sure, you can ask your guests to use their cameras from below. That’s a great perspective. But if you want images in which you look like more than an insect, purchase an Imagery Package from Chattanooga.

Not only will a camera flying videographer or photographer get those great hair shots, but you’ll also get images taken starting from prep time on the ground until the jump is complete. We’d like to interrupt this paragraph with an important message: Be sure to check on availability of a camera flyer with your drop zone operator so that you aren’t disappointed when you get there and one isn’t available to fly with you.

Camera Flyers: Film Producers of the Sky

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Super Camera Flyer! While you are trying your best to keep yourself belly to the ground, or, for the long-time jumpers, doing free flying and aerobatics, your camera flyer will move and turn and position around you for the best shots of you during the drop. Camera flyers take into account weather conditions and location of the sun. They also accompany you during your flight prep, on the plane, and right after the landing to catch your facial expressions and words of wonder.

Camera flyers are some of the most skilled skydivers around. They know the perfect type of equipment to choose for capturing the best shots and for safe flying for both you and them. Specialized training, available through the Skydiving Academy, requires that the camera flyer has made at least 200 jumps, 50 of them with the camera equipment that will be used.

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