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What if we told you that skydiving is what normal people do? Jumping out of a plane isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Yes, it’s scary. But the amazing rush you feel in that sky beats the iffy feelings about it any day! Skydiving symbolizes stepping into a new chapter, celebrations, or even all around fun exposing that adventurous side hiding inside of you. Here, you will find information on the different styles of jumps, our experts, and how we give you a grand view of Charlotte, North Carolina. A wise person once said, “Feel the fear, and do it anyway. “

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Charlotte, North Carolina Tandem Parachuting - Charlotte Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Skydiving for the first time has never been this easy – going up into the air then diving with a certified professional attached to you. Receive the same action packed ride along with the security of a highly trained diver guiding you throughout the ride! Tandem jumps are popular for first time divers AND returning divers getting heart-pounding excitement.

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Solo Parachuting in Charlotte, North Carolina - Charlotte Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Get the full experience of skydiving by learning how to be a solo diver, from our professionals. You will be shown detailed techniques while understanding the procedures for staying safe. We have various courses to fit your personal goals in skydiving and at your desired pace. Our Skydiving academy is ready to equip you for the dreamy skies of Charlotte.

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Charlotte, North Carolina Parachuting Gift Certificates - Charlotte Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Keeping the fun of skydiving to yourself should be a crime! We offer gift certificates to share the wealth of diving in the skies of Charlotte, NC. Soaring during a Free Fall is a “must do” activity that should be experienced by all! Our gift certificates guarantee a great time for the receiver, along with perks to take advantage of.

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Jump for Fun!

You don’t have to be a professional to relish skydiving. We encourage visitors who have their solo jump certification to take a leap and enjoy the aerial views of Charlotte! Get rejuvenated in ways spa days can’t offer. Come and just jump out of a plane at the Tandem jump altitude, as many times as you like. Feel the rush.

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Booming City with Extreme Views in Charlotte, NC

The ongoing evolution of Charlotte, NC is one that many are catching on to. Friends and families are packing up and taking their vacations in the Queen City (QC). Arts, culture, and the famous Charlotte skyline are just a few reasons why we HAD to set up shop here offering skydiving activities. Diving over the “QC” may show the magnetic view of the South Park neighborhood housing the Morrocroft Mansion, the Rotunda Building and its great architectural splendor, along with the Symphony Park Amphitheater where you can find the BEST year round events.

In Charlotte, you get a feel of all four seasons, loving the snow in the winter to adorn the Christmas Tree lighting at South Park Mall and the blazing summers for your favorite outdoor activities.

Charlotte, North Carolina Parachuting

Charlotte, North Carolina Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Newcomers Welcome

Skydiving can make you anxious, looking from the ground up. However, Tandem jumps with Charlotte transform anxiety into delight. This service is popular for our visitors because it entails the thrill of skydiving while having the security of being strapped to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified professional.

What Happens During A Tandem Jump?
Arrive at your drop zone before your scheduled time. Your certified instructor will brief you on what to do during your dive, and you’ll also watch a detailed video. After learning about the basics and body postures, you will get suited up in top-quality gear. The instructor will then lead you to board the plane, and you’ll take off and fly to around 10,000 feet Above Ground Level. Getting harnessed to the instructor will put you at ease as your time to jump gets closer. As you move towards the door, your position will be almost above the back wheel of the aircraft. Your Free Fall will last 25-30 seconds going about 120 mph. Descending to around 6,000 feet, the canopy will deploy, slowing your speed for landing. Then, it’s time to celebrate because guess what? You’ve completed the skydive!

Getting Equipped
Remember the top quality gear we mentioned? Here are the details:

  • Goggles
  • Harness
  • Four attachment hooks (two on the shoulders & two on the hips)
  • Container that includes:
    • Main Parachute
    • Drogue Chute
    • Reserve Chute
    • Automatic Activation Device (ADD), speed measurement tool deploying parachute at a certain altitude

These items within your personal “safety packet” prevent major emergencies while skydiving.

Get Comfy in Our Drop Zones!

Free falling, taking in cityscapes, and feeling the wind hit your body at 14,000 feet opens up a new door in extreme sporting. Before you take this big leap, you can prepare at our drop zones. Your friends and family can relax in comfort here while they wait for you to make your big entrance from above. Drop zones amenities vary so please call ahead to inquire. Many have snacks and beverages for purchase, inside and outside seating, and picnic tables.

We want to keep you comfortable within our waiting areas to get you pumped about skydiving!

Get it Filmed and Share It!

Your first jump will leave you feeling like a champion who just took on the sky! Skydiving, for many, is not a one-time thing. This extreme sporting activity will leave you wanting more! Charlotte can give you more!

Rewind your first skydive with a video package purchase. Don’t just leave it in your memory box; book a video to share with your friends, family, and your online followers! Encourage your guests to bring cameras to capture before/after shots, along with their view of you in the sky. Hashtag Goodtimes!

More is in store to pursue skydiving at our Academy!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Skydiving Training – An Academy for the Divers! Charlotte not only gives first time skydiving adventures – we also offer lessons for everyday people who want to learn how to skydive on a professional level! All our courses are conducted by FAA-certified skydivers affording you the chance to become certified. With our two styles of training, you can learn at your preferred pace.

Fast Learner? This is for YOU!
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training allows you to train within seven levels of skydiving, advancing at a faster pace. Once you’ve mastered one level, you move on to the next stage. Throughout your training, you will be instructed by one or more certified trainers providing you with full detailed information on skydiving.

On the first jump, you will be alongside two instructors coaching you with Harness Hold Training and remaining in close connection. After this level is complete, you will move on to the next stages where you will cover body positions, understanding altitude levels, maintaining your balance, deployment, and more. Once you’ve reached the final three, you will be introduced to maneuvers to perform during Free Falling, docking, and skills you see on TV conducted by professional skydivers.

Qualifying for Skydiving Certification

In preparation for certification, you will move forward to our Integrated Student Program (ISP). Throughout ISP, you will continue to practice the necessary exercises gaining the qualifying 25 jumps to apply for certification. Once completed, you will be able to skydive within the United States Parachute Association guidelines.

Static Line Progression Training (S/L)

In Static Line progression training, you will move at a gradual pace. This ensures that you are catching on each lesson in skydiving with instructional guidance on the ground that will last around 4-5 hours. For the first few jumps, your parachute is deployed for you by the static line. After each jump at 3,000 feet, you will participate in ground instructions for the next level.

Enroll in the Coolest School to Ever Exist by calling 1-800-672-8942! Charlotte, North Carolina Gift Certificates

Special Gifts That Are Only in the Sky Charlotte’s gift certificates are a certified adventure. Present a gift that will add spice in someone’s life by sending them on a trip they will never forget. Skydiving over Charlotte is something that you have to experience yourself to feel the indescribable emotions of the sky and joining the clouds. After you’ve taken on the dive, you just have to encourage someone else by gifting a skydive.

We offer certificates for our Tandem jumps and AFF Level 1 skydiving sessions. These are great for birthdays, holidays, or even a surprise gift for a close friend to show appreciation.

Not only are our gift certificates the perfect present, but they also come with awesome benefits. Recipients can transfer the gift certificate between locations and people if needed (a small fee may apply). The gift certificates are valid for up to two years from the purchase date. Buying them is fast and easy! Speak to one of our customer service reps, seven days a week.

Whether gifting a first skydive or an AFF Level 1 session for an aspiring professional diver, these gifts will be well received before and after the dive. The recipient will forever be grateful to you for motivating them to take that big leap!

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Charlotte, North Carolina Parachuting Video Packages

Skydiving Videos for Show and Tell!

Free Falling over Charlotte is a journey to be captured on film. We couldn’t give you a skydiving experience without offering the option to do so. Show everyone the thrills of skydiving and they too can join in on feeling the winds in mid-air. At Charlotte, we have two options for video packages for you to choose from in recording your skydive to take home and share with everyone!

Filming Options Available
While skydiving, you have the option of using a GoPro camera attached to your instructor. Take your viewers on the Free Fall with you with this option, as they will gain a closer view of you and what you’re seeing throughout the dive.

Another option to capture your skydive is to have a professional videographer dive with you to record this extreme activity. Get a full body view of you flying in midair, dashing with the wind.

All videos will be edited when you’ve returned to the drop zone, and uploaded onto a CD for you to take home, complete with soundtrack. You may even get a few still shots to print and post on your wall or set as your new profile pic.

Filming and Flying?! How Do They Do It?

We always say that skydiving can open doors to new opportunities. Our camera flyers are very important to us as they allow our visitors to keep a moment in time that is cherished for decades. Imagine skydiving for the first time, Free Falling with a camera in hand. Pretty scary, right?

Becoming a camera flyer is not easy. With the time and money investments, along with the enormous number of jumps it takes to qualify, (usually 200), you’d be surprised at how these guys make it look so simple. Showing up at the drop zone, greeting customers and following the team around to capture each moment of a visitor’s dive is their task, and they carry it out proudly.
Camera flyers must be well versed in video equipment to know which types are useful in capturing skydiving on a top professional level. In addition, understanding the techniques of skydiving while operating equipment takes a person with major multitasking abilities. Let’s give these guys a big round of applause because so much work, skill, and effort goes into capturing skydiving on camera. Creating memories for divers to enjoy takes a lot of work behind the scenes.

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Parachuting in Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte Reservations
Charlotte, NC

Skydiving is a Lifestyle for All!

Now that you know everything that Charlotte has to offer, it’s time to make that call! Hopefully we’ve changed your outlook on skydiving. It’s safe, fun, and will open doors for you to enjoy the beloved city of Charlotte. Our certified instructors will walk, well, fly you through the process. Tandem jumps are a breeze for your first time jumping! We have friendly representatives to answer any questions and book your session. Don’t forget to pick up a gift certificate for a friend to get in on the fun! Thanks for visiting Charlotte. We can’t wait to help you take flight! Charlotte serves the below cities within the Charlotte, NC area:
Matthews, NC | Mount Holly, NC | Mint Hill, NC | Huntersville, NC | Indian Trail, NC | Cornelius, NC | Concord, NC | Gastonia, NC | Kannapolis, NC | Rock Hill, SC | Monroe, NC | Mooresville, NC | Kings Mountain, NC | Lincolnton, NC | Lancaster, SC

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