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Try Skydiving to Get the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

There are quite a few activities in this world which will get your adrenaline pumping, but none of these activities come close to skydiving. Skydiving is the ultimate adrenaline rush. You may be wondering, isn’t jumping from a plane sort of crazy? Well, sure, it’s a little crazy. But it’s the right kind of crazy. It’s the kind of crazy that opens up your mind and lets your truly experience the world around you. But that’s not to say that skydiving is unsafe. Here at Chandler, we have all of the experience and resources necessary to make your dive a safe, fun, and fulfilling one. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert diver, we have everything needed to accommodate you. Don’t miss out on the rush of a lifetime. Call us, and we’ll turn you on to an activity that will change your view of the world forever.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Chandler, Arizona Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Perhaps you’re familiar with skydiving and are interested in trying, but just haven’t quite worked up the guts to give it a go. If so, we’ve got just the thing to get you started! One of our Tandem Jumps will allow you to skydive while attached to an experienced instructor, ensuring that your dive is as safe and controlled as possible. Don’t let intimidation and fear rule your world. Schedule a tandem jump and start experiencing life!

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Solo Parachuting in Chandler, Arizona

Skydiving Academy

Perhaps you’ve already tried a tandem dive and want to take skydiving to the next level? If so, our Skydiving Academy has all of the resources needed to help you do so. Whether you’re looking to become a professional or to just dive solo, we have the necessary training to accommodate you. Our experienced instructors know exactly what must be done in order to turn new students into seasoned experts. Don’t hesitate. Make the leap!

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Chandler, Arizona Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Maybe you, yourself aren’t interested in skydiving. Or perhaps you are, but would like to help a friend get into the activity? In either case, you want to open someone’s eyes to the life-changing power of freefall. By purchasing one of our Tandem Jump Gift Certificates, you can do this! Our Gift Certificates make excellent presents for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and much, much more. Celebrate special occasions the unique way by giving the gift of skydiving.

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Jump for Fun!

Of course, we don’t offer skydiving services to newbies only. We also have everything needed to accommodate seasoned divers. If you’re a certified skydiver and would like to go for a fun dive, we can help you! Whether you’re looking to practice diving techniques or just experience the intense rush of freefall, we can take you high enough to do so. It’s certainly much better than spending the weekends in front of the tv, right?

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Cascade Through the Chandler, Arizona Skies!

Calm winds. Warm air. Clear, open skies. These are all things which describe Chandler, Arizona. Chandler is the ultimate skydiving location, allowing you to freefall in a safe, controlled, and satisfying manner. There are tons of sites to see as you fall from the Chandler skies.

Image how enthralling it would be to fall from 10,000 feet, all the while gazing down upon Chandler’s expansive, open sprawls of land. Think of how it would feel to free fall toward one of its many lakes, the wind pouring over your body as your adrenaline is pumping uncontrollably. If you’re looking to skydive, there’s no better place to do it than in Chandler. has all of the resources necessary to make your skydiving dream possible.

Chandler, Arizona Parachuting

Chandler, Arizona Tandem Skydiving

Start by Taking Part in a Tandem Jump

Perhaps you’re interested in getting into skydiving, but are shaking like a leaf at the thought of jumping from a plane. Don’t worry. That’s a completely normal reaction. However, there’s no reason to be intimidated by skydiving. When done correctly, it’s as safe and controlled as any activity you’ll ever partake in. What’s the most safe and controlled way to go skydiving? By participating in a Tandem Jump.

So, what exactly goes into a Tandem Jump?
For the most part, participating in a tandem jump is a fairly simple process. Your primary responsibility is to show up ready and willing to dive. Your Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified instructor is capable of handling just about everything else. After you’ve gotten familiar with your landing zone, you and your instructor will take off in the plane and ascend to around 14,000 feet. Your instructor will then attach himself to you. When you’re ready, you’ll both jump from the plane under the complete control of your instructor. When the right time comes, your instructor will engage the parachute, letting you both land slowly and softly into your landing zone. Once you’ve landed, you will be free to converse and celebrate with your friends and family!

Necessary equipment for Tandem Jumps
There is some necessary equipment when it comes to tandem jumping. However, all of it will be provided by your instructor at your designated landing zone. He or she is beyond experienced in the art of skydiving, and will know exactly what is needed to ensure a safe, fun, and fulfilling fall.

Clean and Comfortable Drop Zones for Your Friends

Plan on bringing friends and family along for your fall? We recommend it! Not only will you want other people to view your dive, but you’ll also want someone to greet you and celebrate when you land. To accommodate the friends and family of our divers, we have established clean inviting drop zones. These zones have everything needed to make your loved ones feel cozy and comfortable while you freefall.

While each zone is a little different, the majority of our drop zones possess both indoor and outdoor seating, including picnic tables which can be used to share a nice meal. Some of our zones even sell food, beverages, and other precious amenities. You can call one of our customer service representatives for information on your specific drop zone. They will also be able to answer any other questions that may come up about your drop zone or scheduled dive.

We Offer Skydiving Services of All Kinds

While our Tandem Jumps are a great option for newbie skydivers, they are far from the only service we offer. Regardless of your experience level, Chandler has a service to accommodate you. Looking to gain more knowledge and earn necessary certifications? Our Skydiving Academy has you covered. Perhaps you have a friend who’s looking to dive and you would like to help get him or her started? One of our Tandem Dive Gift Certificates would help to set your friend on the right track.

And don’t forget our videography services. While your friends and family will almost certainly take ground level photos of your dive, our Videography Services will provide you with up close and personal video views of your entire diving experience! You’ve got the desire and we’ve got the necessary equipment. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Make use of our skydiving services today!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Chandler, Arizona

Become a Professional by Attending Our Skydiving Academy

While a Tandem Dive is certainly fun at first, the appeal often starts to fade after a while. Perhaps you’ve already participated in a Tandem Jump and would like to take the next step on the skydiving hierarchy. If so, you’re going to have to get some additional training. In order to dive solo or as a professional, there are important aspects of diving you must learn, and important licenses you must earn. At Chandler, we offer two different types of training courses: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training and Static Line Progression Training. Each different training style offers its own benefits and drawbacks, with each suiting different goals.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)Training

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training is the quicker and more rapid of the two different training styles we offer. This training style involves a 7-step process in which students will learn a different aspect of skydiving every step of the way. Following each step of instruction, students will apply what they learned, jumping from a plane and attached to their instructor. The instructor will monitor each student’s progress, ensuring that he or she is performing tasks in the correct manner. In this training course, students will learn everything from in-flight skills, to body position, to altitude awareness, and more. Training will be completed in around 7 or so hours.

Static Line Progression Training

While Static Line Progression Training (S/L) takes a little more time than AFF, it might be more appropriate for some divers. This method of training involves diving from a plane with a safety cord attached to both you and the plane itself. Starting at 3,000 feet and working your way up, you will learn different techniques which must be used to successfully complete your training. In all, this style of training requires about 5 hours of ground instruction. Once you’ve completed 25 jumps in (S/L), you can apply for your A license.

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Celebrate by Giving the Gift of Free Fall

Perhaps you’ve experienced the life-changing feeling of freefall and would like to pass it on to one of your close friends or family members? If so, you might consider giving him or her one of our Gift Certificates. Our certificates are a terrific way to get first-time divers into the exciting world of skydiving.

Good for one Tandem Jump or AFF Level 1 Jump and available for very reasonable prices, our certificates can be used interchangeably at all facilities (transfer fees may apply if you use a Gift Certificate at a facility other than the one where it was purchased). These certificates make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, sporting event victories, and more. There’s no better way to celebrate a special occasion than with an exhilarating freefall.

To purchase one of our Gift Certificates, you can call one of our friendly, informative customer service representatives at 1-855-532-6495. Our representatives have all the information and resources necessary to let you know whether or not a skydiving Gift Certificate is right for your loved one. Available 7 days a week, they can be contacted at any time. Help ease your close friend or loved one into skydiving with a Tandem Jump Gift Certificate!

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Chandler, Arizona Parachuting Video Packages

Don’t Let Your Dive Become Just a Memory – Record it!

You’re excited to participate in your first skydive. It’s sure to be a memory that you’ll never lose. But wouldn’t it be nice if it was more than just a memory? Wouldn’t it be awesome to relive your skydiving experience over and over again? With one of our video packages, you can! We offer two different video options: one of which involves a fellow diver recording your experience from a slight distance, and the other of which involves recording your dive with a GoPro from an up close and personal point of view.

Let a Camera Flyer do the Job
Our first video package involves having a fellow skydiver, known as a camera flyer, record your flight from a few feet away. This method of recording is a little more expensive, but is sure to capture clean, clear, and focused video footage of you and your near surroundings during the entirety of your dive. The flyer will also ask you questions on camera before and after your dive, allowing you to truly capture the atmosphere of your dive.

Make Use of a GoPro
Maybe you’d like to record your entire dive but don’t want to spend a lot of money? If so, we can accommodate you with our GoPro video package. This package involves having a GoPro strapped to your flight instructor who will be attached to you during the entirety of your Tandem Jump. It provides a sort of first-person view of your entire skydiving experience.

What it’s Like to Actually Film Someone’s Skydive

While almost all divers are nervous on their first go-round, most of them typically settle down after a few jumps. Some divers get so comfortable falling at 120 miles per hour that they take on more complex skydiving disciplines, such as competitive diving, B.A.S.E. Jumping, and more. One of the most complex skydiving disciplines is camera flying.

Camera flying involves taking photos and video of fellow skydivers while you, yourself, are falling right beside them. This is an undoubtedly difficult endeavour which requires a steady hand, cool head, and brave heart. It also, of course, requires a great deal of training. People who become camera flyers have a deep passion for what they do. Becoming a camera flyer is not an overnight process. It takes patience, diligence, and repetition to become a successful camera flyer.

Camera flyers must think about a number of things as they’re falling through the sky. In order to capture clear, focused video, they must position their bodies correctly, hold their cameras steadily, and maintain consistency throughout the entirety of the jump; no easy task. It’s a camera flyer’s job to always be a step ahead of the diver he or she is recording, constantly ready to make any necessary adjustments in order to capture that awe-inspiring shot.

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