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Swizzle Zydeco, eat blackened catfish, and Skydive Louisiana!

Skydive into the unspeakable complexity of Cajun beauty. The elation of excitement. The tempting spice of land. The beauty of Baton Rouge bursting out of its panorama, the lush greenery like raw paint gushing out of a tube. Not one color green, but ten, twenty shades blending into an experimental study. Perhaps had the famed California landscape artist, Richard Diebenkorn painted it, he would have called it, Red Stick 14, one in a series of green panoramas exploring the beauty of Red Stick, like Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park series which explored northern California. And you, as skydiver, as photographer, could capture images of not only your return to terra firma, but the muddy Mississippi snaking through the meat of the city.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tandem Parachuting - Baton Rouge Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

New to skydiving? Choose the SAFEST, easiest way to skydive. Tandem skydiving. A dive tethered to a Tandem Master who does all the work. You follow. They guide you every step of the fall. Relax and feel the exhilaration of a high velocity fall, under control, as you revel in the sheer rapture of it, focused on the unparalleled beauty of the vista unfolding before your eyes.

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Solo Parachuting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Baton Rouge Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

You’ve tandem dived before and decided you love skydiving because you feel freest when dipsy-doodling in the air. That’s why you’re driven to go back up, alone, and that means specialized training at a reputable facility. The goal being to be a USPA certified skydiver.

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana Parachuting Gift Certificates - Baton Rouge Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Love skydiving? Gift that love to all those you care about. Those who will benefit from a passionate persuasion that they can build into a career. As a drop zone instructor. A photographer in the sky. A stunt diver. The choices are endless. And it can all start with YOUR GIFT of the open skies to someone you care about!

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Jump for Fun!

Some of us love skydiving because we believe in the raw, unadulterated joy of maximum velocity. The elation of cutting through the wind like a hot knife through butter, only as compounded by falling out of an airplane, solo. This thrill of augmented speed. Especially after you’ve mastered the specialized techniques to control your body darting across gusty winds. Then you’re free to believe whatever you want in the aether.

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Skydive over the Cajun aesthetic of Red Stick’s swagger!

You’re up 14,000 feet about to leap into the grandeur of Red Stick. Feel the thrill of high velocity. Look at the patchwork of avocados and limes and moss greens cobbled together to form the Atchafalaya Basin south of Baton Rouge, the largest system in the country. Seeing it from the air not only startles, but seems as if someone has deliberately painted the tableau. Then turn slightly north and there’s Tiger Stadium, home of LSU’s football team. Just seeing the place sends shivers up your spine and then you notice the Capitol Building sitting astride the Mississippi River, this muddy brown snake coiling its way through the city, which seethes with the history of America. And it’s all there to marvel at, even before you’ve pulled the cord at 5,000 feet.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Parachuting

Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Calling All Skydiving Novices! Overdose on Excitement!

Skydiving novices come to our Drop zone. Dive safely out of an aircraft at 14,000 feet and touchdown on terra firma without a scratch. That’s because we value safety from beginning to end. So, jump with a USPA certified Tandem Master who’ll help you relax when the moment to jump comes, so you can enjoy the euphoria of your plummet to Earth.

Tandem dives are the safest choice for first-time divers. Beginners must observe pre-jump rituals, such as arriving earlier than their scheduled jump to acclimate themselves to the facilities and learn how to properly position themselves aboard the aircraft. Videos about important safety features—such as how the Tandem Master bolts his/her flight harness to them, readying them for the jump, once in the aircraft—are shown.

Once aboard you’ll prepare to dive at 14,000 feet. Your Tandem Master will tether you to his harness, make sure the bolts are tight, so that when the aircraft door opens, you’re one unit, freefalling together.

You’ll also be glad to know that Tandem dives require a smaller Drogue parachute attached to the main chute so it is deployed soon after jumping out of the aircraft to reduce velocity, allowing two people to fall at the same 120 miles per hour as a single diver. Additionally, the main tandem parachute is slightly larger to support two passengers, per USPA regulations.

All of which should reassure you that your first skydive will be as safe as you expect it to be.

Red Stick Drop Zones. Experience the Cajun Difference!

You start at a Drop Zone in Cajun country. Red Stick hospitality. Many shades of green. All the accouterments of skydiving at your disposal. And smells of blackened catfish. Boiled craw fish and blue crabs, and oh that aroma! You almost don’t want to leave the ground.

But you know at the Drop Zone you’ll find answers to all your questions, from the proper gear (goggles, harnesses, parachutes), to snack stands and picnic tables outside our facility to enjoy the warm summer weather in Baton Rouge. Do they have crawfish boil?

It’s what separates us from our competitors. How we treat our customers. The way we care about their complete experience. From ground into the air and back to the ground. Your comfort, your safety, and your pleasure makes us different.

Skydiving is Excitement and Euphoria! Capture its Secrets.

Bring your imagination to the Drop Zone. Sure, you’re about to travel up to 14,000 feet, but there’s a lot you can bring along. If you’re an experienced skydiver, strap a GoPro video camera to your wrist or helmet, or bring a camera. Record your own experience. Create your own memories to enjoy at home and then post on the Web to social media. You can also use the powerful GoPro microphone to create poems of the panoramic vista unfolding before your eyes, playback it back, relive your words, and gloat!

Skydive Like a Whirling Dervish! Call 1-800-672-8942! Improvise Your Dreams!

Solo Skydiving Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You’ll Appreciate our Light-hearted Approach to Skydiving Training!

If you believe in your future in the air, enroll in our AFF program. Learn the SAFE way to jump and you’ll never fear diving again. Be confident every time you step out of an aircraft at 14,000. Because you’re in control of your body, and emotions. If you want to improvise in the air, or skysurf, or freefly, training is an absolute necessity. Let our USPA certified instructors show you how to do it the right way, no matter your preference.

Skydive solo!

We offer the more thorough and accelerated AFF training regimen that leads to a skydiving certification, as well as Static Line Progression (S/L), which involves jumping attached to a fixed cord attached at the other end to the aircraft. Once out of the aircraft the Static Line deploys at the parachute automatically at 5,000 for paratroopers and novice parachutists—those without prior training. Therefore, Static Line Progression is not a training methodology like AFF, for it does not teach skydivers to independently deploy their parachute.

Those who chose AFF training work closely with USPA certified coaches who will teach them to jump properly over three separate dives. Skydivers are expected to familiarize themselves physically and mentally with movements in the air that must be mastered, and are essential, for future dives. Instructors are not strapped to the skydiver, but fall alongside and grasp their harness until divers learn when to deploy their chute at 5,000 feet. No skydiver dives alone until both diver and instructor believe they’re ready to move ahead to the next level.

After completing all seven levels of AFF training, you’ll be a USPA certified solo skydiver. At which point you can try any of the more exotic dives on the menu and if you’re so inclined, pursue professional careers around those styles. Either as stunt divers, or photographers, or even a career in the military, if that’s your bent. Because you’re now among the best divers in the world. So, freeflying or skysurfing should be a breeze.

Learn with the Best, Skydive Anywhere, Anytime!

Remember, your first skydive could also be your first step in a new direction. A career as a professional skydiver. There are many stories of men and women who have passed their USPA certifications and gone on to exciting roles. So, don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

Did you know that there are professional skydivers in Hollywood? Men and women skydiving out of planes in action movies who earn an excellent living doing what they love to do.

Or skydivers who have gone beyond stunt diving to using super 35mm cameras and video cams as they spin around through the air and film a wide variety of subjects.

Or go further, like the skydiver who dove out of a hot air balloon at 120,000 feet. Almost ten times as high as the 14,000-foot skydiving threshold. Or, for those who really thrive on fast-paced excitement, how about a jump from 25,000 feet without a parachute only to land safely into a net. Now that’s determination! So, don’t be afraid take your USPA certification to new heights of achievement. Highly skilled roles like Pararescuers or Smokejumpers are also possibilities for others. While for some, a position as a staff instructor at a parachuting company may be plenty risky enough.

So, certified skydiving skills can lead adherents into unusual roles that glitter compared to the thousands of weekend skydivers who enjoy the robust moment of stepping out of a plane.

Call 1-800-672-8942 to Learn Skydiving. Fall into an Exciting Career Baton Rouge, Louisiana Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Skydiving Thrills Forever!

Give the gift of skydiving excitement that will last forever! Just dial 1-800-672-8942 and speak to an experienced skydiving specialist who will walk you through all our options until you’ve chosen the perfect gift. Most importantly, they’ll tell you our Gift Certificates can only be gifted to recipients who are at least 18 years old and weigh less than 250 pounds.

Our Gift Certificates are good for a Tandem skydive or AFF Training for up to two years from the time of purchase and they can be used at any of our locations. Furthermore, should bad weather threaten the day you’ve selected, we’ll help you reschedule.

Our specialists will also explain that if there’s any conflict in scheduling, the certificate will be honored and rescheduled. Additionally, the certificate is fully transferrable from one person to another. How much easier can we make this?

There’s only one caveat. Should you decide to change your skydiving location, say from Baton Rouge to Lake Tahoe, we will charge you a one-time processing fee. That’s it. Other than that, we’ll schedule your jump and you’re all set.

So, give a lifetime in a memory that they’ll thank you for many times over.

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana Parachuting Video Packages

Skydive into a Video You’ll Treasure Forever!

This time you’re skydiving exquisite Red Stick. You’ll want to remember the euphoria of this freefall surge for many years to come. That’s why you chose one of our staff videographers to follow your dive out at 14,000 feet. A professional who’ll capture the sounds, animations, and contortions of your every movement during the dive. Whether it’s a solo dive or you’re tethered to a Tandem Master, your memories will essentially be the same.
An unforgivably exciting experience.

Whether you choose your Tandem Master to wear a GoPro video camera on a helmet or wrist, or you select a staff videographer to record your experience, the difference is that a videographer costs slightly more.

Either way, your video will begin at the Drop Zone with pre-jump comments, and end-up back at the Drop Zone, after your safe landing, with your relatives and friends. So, those family and friends will be bookends in your video.

We recommend that you add this video option to your skydive before your skydiving date. This will guarantee you a professional recording you can watch over and over because the beauty of the moment is professionally captured. And it’s all yours, this Red Stick experience.

The Expertise of Skydiving Artistry. Cajun Style!

You’ve worked your ass off in AFF training. Enjoyed every moment of the Red Stick tapestry. Completed all seven levels of training and seen more shades of green than you knew were found in nature. Now you hold a valid USPA certification and can jump solo out of any aircraft, but most important, you’ve mastered all the physical movements necessary to react to unpredictable hurricane force winds that coil around you like the Mississippi River that snakes through the state of Louisiana. Awed as you are by the sheer beauty of the panorama as you glide across the sky, you’re now so comfortable moving through these winds, that they’re almost second thoughts. So, because your body movement and control is so refined, you’re able to frame optimal shots against Tiger Stadium, or against the gorgeous greens of southern Louisiana, or looking down at the Mississippi River, even as fierce winds try to influence the shot. Such body control means that seasoned skydiving photographers/videographers do not allow elements of the dive to affect their handling of camera equipment. Because you are now a professional, an experienced presence in the sky, you know you can always get that shot, whenever you need it.

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We offer a safe approach to skydiving. Our goal is to maximize public safety in the air thereby encouraging the perception of skydiving as an exciting, physical activity that our customers can engage in with minimal risk. We also provide superb customer service so we can offer our customers exciting flight experiences at reasonable prices. So, whether a customer purchases a Tandem skydive to see what it’s like, or a customer has skydived previously and decides the time has come to become more accomplished and so enroll in our AFF training course, we’ll make sure that customer understands all the elements of our available choices before they make a final decision. We want our customers to not only feel completely safe in the air, but to fully enjoy their every swizzle and swerve so they can become one more excited, satisfied customer. Baton Rouge serves the below cities within the Baton Rouge, LA area:
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