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Tired of feeling indecisive about what to get that special someone for that special occasion?
Thinking of something cool and unique takes time and energy. Sure, it’s fairly simple to get something fairly decent, but going the extra mile to make a hugely awesome impression on them is definitely priceless. Check out what has to offer (and it goes beyond parachuting)! Tandem skydiving allows you to Free Fall with a certified instructor for 30-60 seconds. Or you can try an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) where you or that lucky other person gets to be attached to two trained instructors will be with you to make sure you’re safe and ready to have an awesome experience! Last but certainly not, least are the video packages, which are available for both Tandem and Accelerated Free Falls. There are no limits to what you can do! Dazzle your friends and capture it all on video!

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Atlanta, Georgia Tandem Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Tandem skydiving is perfect for pretty much anyone, for any occasion. Highly recommended for first timers, you’re connected to a highly trained instructor who is there to ensure your safety and to help encourage you the whole time. The best part is that you can experience an incredible rush like nothing else before in such a short time. Why not try something totally different and new? Who knows, you might find a new hobby!

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Solo Parachuting in Atlanta, Georgia

Skydiving Academy

Skydiving school just got a lot cooler! In just a few short hours, you’ll be able to achieve the ultimate in trying out radical new things from new heights. Our training will get you on the right path to be solo skydiving in no time. You’ll be going from “That’s Accelerated Free Fall?!” to counting off and then screaming with tons of awesome emotions while you go down. Maybe you’ll even get it filmed on video!

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Atlanta, Georgia Parachuting Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Buying something can be hard. Getting someone the gift of a lifetime that they’ll really remember is difficult, and it takes a bit of time and focus to figure out how to turn it into reality. Atlanta makes it simple for you. Our Gift Certificates are valid for two years, so there’s no rush – we get it, you don’t just decide to jump out of a plane without some deep thought first.

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Jump for Fun!

Jumps for Fun are exactly just as they sound! Jumping for Fun means you, a certified solo jumper, get to skydive whenever you want, jumping at the same altitude as Tandem skydiving. You don’t even have to have taken your training with us. How awesome is that? Free Falling on a whim. What a perfect way to get a burst of a thrilling and exciting adventure!

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Skydive over the Cajun aesthetic of Red Stick’s swagger!

Atlanta, capital and most populous city of Georgia, is a fantastic place to visit for any purpose, for any length of time, and no matter the season. Year round, there’s always plenty to see, whether by car, by boat, plane. Going in that similar direction, activities such as skydiving are an awesome activity idea. Naturally, you’d want to take in a lot of beautiful landmarks Atlanta has to offer. You’d be likely to see several stadiums and arenas, including Turner Field, Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia Dome, along with historic ones such as The King Center, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Center for Civil and Human Rights.

Atlanta, Georgia Parachuting

Atlanta, Georgia Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving – Calling All Skydiving Novices! Overdose on Excitement!

Don’t ever feel like you can’t put your mind to something that’s seemingly too scary or dangerous.

The Federal Aviation Administration-certified professionals at Atlanta make sure you’re suited up, mentally prepared, and ready to have a thrill of a lifetime.

Tandem jumps are awesome for those wanting to get a feel of what it’s like to soar through the skies – in total safety, attached to an instructor. After 30-26 seconds of Free Falling at up to 120 miles per hour, you’ll begin the gentle trip down with your chute out, for around 6 minutes. Think of all the incredible views! You’ve never seen anything quite like this before – aside from photos, movies, TV and books – but now you’re the one creating this amazing experience!

Since it’s such a rush, it can be quite addicting. Many things in life don’t get your blood rushing and give you the lust for life like skydiving can. If you’re over 18 with a valid photo ID, you’re in! There is so much to gain in such a relatively short time span.

What you’ll be wearing

Here’s some of the things you will be outfitted with before you begin. You’ll definitely need goggles, a passenger harness, a main parachute, and a drogue chute. Your friends and family can be there to excitedly greet you upon landing, so you can celebrate you fantastic achievement. Trying new stuff has never been cooler before! Pat yourself on the back for undertaking a not so typical (but super wild and fun) day out adventure!

Drop Zones – Why You Need to Use Ours

Drop zones could be possibly the next thing to a place of celebration. Think of it: you just did the seemingly unthinkable. Now that you’ve done it and you’ve brushed yourself off, you’re hugging all your friends and family. Your heart is still pounding inside your chest, and your loved ones are commending you on your bravery and fearlessness. Our drop zones provide amenities for those supporters waiting for you to come down. The drop zones provide a comfortable, relaxing environment, inside and outside, for all your supporters. Your loved ones may buy food and drink for a picnic while you are screaming with joy on the way down. Upon landing, your friends, family, and loved ones are hanging out outside, ready to party with you. They’ll be lounging comfortably ready to meet you. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Atlanta’s skydiving is seriously the best you can get in Georgia!’s Services are the Best in Atlanta, Georgia!

On top of your already rad check off the bucket list, the only cool way to add to that is by filming it! A videographer will be there in the plane before you descend. Imagine having that on film, and it’s not too difficult by any stretch of the imagination to figure out what kind of reactions you will most likely receive! You can do this for your first time as well as for anybody else willing to dare to be brave.

Another great way to capture it all forever and ever is getting your loved ones and friends to bring their phones and cameras with them. Rewind that cool part over and over again! Remember, gift certificates are valid for two years. If you or someone you know are thinking about having the most incredible rush you can imagine, we suggest you check out’s Atlanta’s gift certificates!

Indoor Skydiving and Why it’s Awesome For You

Dream about skydiving but are a little apprehensive? Does the thought of feeling like you’re flying and being in mid-air intrigue you but you’re still unsure if it’s for you? Try indoor skydiving! It’s the total best of both worlds – you get a similar sensation that can’t be beat but you don’t actually have to jump out of an airplane. How cool is that? It’s sometimes also called a wind tunnel Free Fall. This is also considered a sport, people, so next time someone asks you what kind of sport you’re into, casually toss an “indoor skydiving” their way and watch their face change.

Did you know there are actually competitions for this sport? Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon be exhibiting awesome tricks and air acrobatics. Basically, it’s a wind tunnel with a torrent of air pressurized up towards you, so you need total control of what your body is doing – hence the sport part. Another super cool part? Anyone over the age of two can try it!

Simply put, it’s not like anything else you’ve experienced before. It’s not falling. It’s kind of like a weird sensation of the feeling that you are in mid-air and challenging yourself to be balanced. It is a total mind- and body-combining activity that is not to be missed. Feeling weightless is such an incredible sensation and the fact that anyone can try it so amazing! Why not do something new? No plane ride necessary!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Atlanta, Georgia

You’ll Appreciate our Light-hearted Approach to Skydiving Training!

Accelerated Free Fall Training

Whether you’re considering pursuing solo skydiving, or you want to turn your hobby into a career (good on you!), taking a Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course at Atlanta will teach you what you need to know. The basics in AFF teach you how to position your body in the air and what to expect during your dive. It also teach you to be confident and comfortable.

You start learning immediately. You watch a video going over the basic essentials and what to expect. You will be learning hand signals as well, and also deploying your chute. Soon, you’ll be ready to actually go out and do it! Your typical first jump will be from 14,000 feet with two instructors, so don’t worry, they are there to help you and ensure your safety.

After your instructors help teach you to refine your positions, you will be able to move on and your instructors will be able to be hands off on your next Free Fall – they won’t be holding onto you. How exciting! The rest of the Free Fall levels include more practice of your turns (90 degree and 360 degree) – then, things get really awesome when you start learning to incorporate somersaults.

In short, there are 8 levels of training. However, boiling down the essence of each level is not all that involved, and it is sure to be exhilarating while you learn. In a relatively short time, you went from inexperienced newbie to doing 360 degree turns in the air and somersaults!

Static Line Progression Training
Our second training method is Static Line Progression. Picture this: you, safely suited up, ready to go. A chord is attached to your deployment bag and you’re in the plane and ready to jump. When you make the leap out of the plane, your parachute is automatically deployed by the static line. You don’t have to worry about when and how to release it. You’ll float gently down to earth without too many worries.

Skydiving training is essential and perfect for anybody who wants to get involved in this sport (yes, it’s a sport)!

Skydiving Instructors Make Skydiving Look So Very Easy

Thinking of becoming a skydiving instructor? Good news is, here’s a career you don’t need formal education for. You do however need a certification as well as completing an instructor ratings course. If you’re the kind of person who gets fed up with boring, mundane activities, and you catch yourself dreaming about being in a friendly, fun, exciting environment where you can help people try new thrilling adventures, maybe becoming a skydiving instructor is up your alley!

The United States Parachute Association offers licenses and the instructor ratings course to get you started on your new career. Remember, it’s important to have fun on the job, but safety is always priority number one. Are you a people person? Do you love engaging with them in a not so typical style and enjoy the thought of including teaching in there? It’s so crazy to think that before anybody gets ready to try their own Free Falls, they have to start with you. Completing that certification and instructor ratings course is the thing to do to start as a skydiving instructor. Imagine all of the feedback you’ll receive. It’s incredible to think of the impact and responsibility you have just by assisting people on a plane and getting them ready to take to new heights! Atlanta’s Got You Covered! Start today, Call 1-800-672-8942! Atlanta, Georgia

Gift Skydiving Thrills Forever!

Gift Certificates are an easy way to ensure you’re giving that special someone, well, something special. When the run of the mill presents become boring, as they usually do, there’s always more possibilities to check into.’s Skydiving gift certificates are the perfect way to give something they’ll never forget!

Whether it’s for someone’s birthday, your anniversary, a unique Christmas gift, a significant milestone, or just a “why not?”, your recipient will reach new heights, as well as discover the surreal, Zen-like sensation of being weightless. We’re sure even some first dates have started with skydiving lessons. How priceless is that?

Our representatives can provide you seven days a week with all you need to get you what’s really important. Our gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase, so there’s plenty of time! Remember, the first time is always the most special. No matter the occasion, that gift skydive is sure to be inspiring, thrilling, amazing, and a total rush to say the least.

You can purchase the gift certificate for either a Tandem skydive or for the Accelerated Free Fall level 1 jumps. Create new memories by getting a gift certificate so that friend or loved one can go, “hey, remember that time I went skydiving?”

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Atlanta, Georgia Parachuting Video Packages

Skydive into a Video You’ll Treasure Forever!

You know you’re going to want to record your awesome skydiving adventure. Thinking of Tandem skydiving? Wanna try Static Line Progression training? Thinking of going solo? Whatever you decide, it’s almost impossible to think of not bragging about it right after constantly to everybody you know. That’s why Imagery Packages are an essential part of your skydiving experiences. You skydiving and doing your thing while a professional films it all, from start to finish. They’ll jump shortly before you so it’s all on you – capturing the essence of everything from your “Oh my God I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” to the “Oh my God this is actually really kind of amazing!”

You can also choose the GoPro camera option for getting those up close, intimate angles. The GoPro option is slightly less money and your instructor will wear the camera to capture the view that you’re both seeing. And yes, you’ll be given your CD of the magic that happened in a little less than an hour after you land, so you can upload it all on your social media networks and commence the incessant bragging to all that you know. Because you did it! And what’s cooler than that? Setting your skydiving to “Eye of the Tiger” during the editing, maybe.

Experiencing Flying Through the Eyes of a Camera Flyer

Drifting through the skies, the clouds seem more real than they’ve ever been. Is that the curvature of the earth? Being so high up, it’s not like anything that would be felt, thought of or experienced, and those who are looking for more than a rush and aren’t necessarily adrenaline junkies may be soon into trying such an activity. With your camera ready and your safety ensured (locked in, suited up, parachute attached and ready to deploy), you can certainly take in all the sights you want, at once in your entire life. While that may sound a bit hyperbolic, imagine… you’re flying through the skies; you have an ever-wide, blue ocean of atmosphere around you. No walls of anything surrounding you, and you are limitless. You pass clouds and at some point, green and bits of brown and maybe even some water finally make themselves seen. Taking in such sights makes getting it on film for others to enjoy imperative because you know how vital it is to capture it all. The blue of the sky never looked bluer. The clouds never had such beautiful textures before. The green and brown bits never seemed so earthy and wonderful. This is real living. In a way, it’s sort of like exploring a part of the world that we all share in some new perspective.

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Atlanta, GA

Explore the Vast Potential of Skydiving with Us!

We offer a safe approach to skydiving. Our goal is to maximize public safety in the air thereby encouraging the perception of skydiving as an exciting, physical activity that our customers can engage in with minimal risk. We also provide superb customer service so we can offer our customers exciting flight experiences at reasonable prices. So, whether a customer purchases a Tandem skydive to see what it’s like, or a customer has skydived previously and decides the time has come to become more accomplished and so enroll in our AFF training course, we’ll make sure that customer understands all the elements of our available choices before they make a final decision. We want our customers to not only feel completely safe in the air, but to fully enjoy their every swizzle and swerve so they can become one more excited, satisfied customer. Atlanta serves the below cities within the Atlanta, Georgia area:
Druid Hills, GA – Gresham Park, GA – North Decatur, GA – Decatur, GA – East Point, GA – North Druid Hills, GA – Belvedere Park, GA – Panthersville, GA – College Park, GA – North Atlanta, GA – Forest Park, GA – Chamblee, GA – Smyrna, GA – Doraville, GA – Sandy Springs, GA

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