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Live for the moments you can’t put into words. Anaheim is the place to embrace your inner wild child. Skydiving opens up a world of exhilaration like no other, and it’s a world we welcome you to join on fun tandem flights, or awesome training to take it to the next level.

We’ll even video your achievements so you can share your big moment with your ground-loving friends. You can also share the love and get them a gift certificate for a tandem dive, so they can be cool like you. Did you know skydiving with us is one of the safest ways to get your rush on? Just ask someone who’s done it before. Our safety record speaks for itself. Our gear and airplanes are top-notch and we keep our prices competitive so our customers keep coming back for more.

Our super-fly Federal Aviation Authority certified instructors can’t wait to show you the awesome views over Anaheim.

We Have All the Parachuting Options You Need!

Anaheim, California Tandem Parachuting - Anaheim Parachuting

Tandem Parachuting

Find out what all the fuss is about. Join the thousands of adventurers who have discovered the ultimate adrenaline fix on a tandem skydive with Anaheim. One of the world’s most popular and addictive extreme sports, skydiving is an unbelievable, hard-to-explain sensation, and the thrill will stay with you forever. You can even arrange for video evidence of your awesomeness when you skydive with us. Be warned though – once is hardly ever enough.

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Solo Parachuting in Anaheim, California - Anaheim Parachuting

Skydiving Academy

Would you like to take your skydiving dreams further? We know the route to almost unlimited skydiving opportunities throughout the USA, with Accelerated Free Fall and Static Line Progression training. Expert training by our Federal Aviation Authority certified Skydiving Instructors and our awesome drop zone will set you in the right direction. The freedom of the skies can be yours when you achieve your A certification after completing one of our courses. Sign up now.

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Anaheim, California Parachuting Gift Certificates - Anaheim Parachuting

Gift Certificates

Search no more, you’ve found the perfect gift for an action-loving friend or loved one. Skydiving is a memorable way to celebrate any occasion. Our gift certificates are easy to arrange, or change, seven days a week. One call is all it takes to make all the arrangements and set your friend on the road to adventure. Don’t wait until the last minute, find out more about our flexible and fun skydiving gift certificates here.

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Jump for Fun!

Are you a certified skydiver who longs for the good old days of no-stress recreational skydiving? Our Jumps for Fun are just for fun and just for you. Fly with us to 14 000 feet and let go over the gorgeous scenes of Anaheim. Then join our crew for a laugh and chat, just like back in the day. Get in touch and get the fun back with no-frills Jumps for Fun at Anaheim.

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We can’t wait to show you how we see Anaheim!

When you skydive with us, you’ll discover a side of Anaheim that reaches far beyond Disneyland. The curving horizon of your view holds the forested slopes of the Angeles National Forest and the San Gabriel Mountains in its grasp. The ocean reaches out away from you, rimmed by a golden playground of sand. You can almost smell the patchwork of orange groves from the air, and all around you the ever-present sunlight of California clutches you in a warm, happy hug.

Anaheim, California Parachuting

Anaheim, California Tandem Skydiving

Live a little larger… Come Tandem skydiving!

Tandem skydiving is the best thing ever, it’s thrilling, terrifying and so addictive you’ll want to sign up for more.

Here’s the deal
Arrive early, your family and friends will want the best seats to watch your big moment. Your FAA certified skydive Instructor will welcome you and fill you in on all the good moves to make your experience the best ever, we’ll even show you a video on what to expect.

Next you’ll get geared up in all the kit, including:

● Goggles
● A passenger harness with four sturdy clips to fasten you to your Instructor.
● A main parachute
● A drogue chute to make up for the extra weight of two people and slow your fall down to sightseeing speed, and
● A reserve chute with an automatic activation device (AAD), just in case and because it’s the law.

Once you’ve taken some photos yourself in your kit it’s all aboard and away we go. When you reach about 10 000 ft above ground level your Instructor will attach themselves firmly to the passenger harness, and the two of you will shift up to the go position above the airplane’s back wheel.

Despite the screams of your survival instinct, you will jump.

With your instructor in control of everything, you are free to fly, amazed at the sights around you. Apart from the rushing wind, it won’t seem like you are flying towards earth at 120mph. The sensation is bizarre – peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.

All too quickly, after about a minute, your instructor will deploy the chutes and you’ll be floating. Just few minutes later you’ll be back on earth, with a huge item checked off your bucket list and an even bigger smile on your face.

Mission accomplished.

What makes our drop zones the greatest?

Our skydiving crew is the friendliest and most fun-filled bunch of folks you’ll ever meet, expertly qualified and committed to making your time with us unforgettable. All our equipment and airplanes are the latest most modern designs and kept in great shape to make sure you feel comfortable (and look great) during your adventure.

Our drop zones are so popular that there’s barely standing room on weekends, and our sunset skydives are always packed – that’s why we are here seven days a week to make your skydiving dreams come true.
Snacks and drinks are available on site most days, or you can bring your own. Call ahead to confirm catering arrangements just to be sure. From our awesome pilots and top instructors to our skilled videographers, our team loves what they do and can’t wait to share this excitement with you.

There’s loads in store for you with Anaheim.

Adding value to our jumps

Bring your friends and family along. They will feel right at home in our comfy seating areas and can even bring a picnic basket along with them. Don’t forget the camera for those epic shots of your big day. You can’t take it along on your skydive with you, but we’ve got that covered.

Our video packages include a professional skydiving videographer to record every exciting moment in the air and on the ground. If you decide this is the life for you, and we are sure you may, start your Advanced Free Fall or Static Line Progression training with us. This is your key to getting your A license and pretty-much unrestricted skydiving throughout the USA!

Can you think of a friend who would love the chance to spread their wings and fly too? A gift certificate for a tandem skydive with us is the perfect way to share!

The need for speed

If you think skydivers are crazy to jump from a perfectly good airplane, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. There are a whole range of these whacky folk who’ve made a career out of taking this sport to a whole new level – speed skydivers.

Speed skydiving first took off in the 2000’s and is the fastest non-motorized sport on earth.Speed skydivers may be slightly crazy, but they’re no fools. These are some of the most dedicated sportsmen around. It’s not enough for them to just enjoy the thrill of soaring at great heights, teaching others, or performing difficult formation dives.

Oh no, these guys have to go faster. This entire discipline is based on who can drop the fastest before the canopy ride. There are strict rules, official competitions and huge sponsorship deals for those who can break the world record.

To succeed at this sport takes hours of practice, advanced aerodynamic techniques and nerves of steel. The qualification speed to enter these competitions is 186 mph for men and 255 mph for women!
Extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner even dropped from the edge of outer space, breaking the sound barrier and reaching 834 mph on his way down! Now that’s something!

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Solo Skydiving Academy in Anaheim, California

Getting high with AFF or SL Training

Get on the fast-track to fun, and possibly even fame and glory in a new career, with our comprehensive skydiving training.

Our instruction is facilitated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified skydivers, at your pace, making you eligible to train for further FAA certifications.

At the Skydiving Academy you will aim for your A license. With this, you can jump wherever and whenever you want, in line with the USPA’s Basic Safety requirements (BSRs).

First, you need to join the Integrated Student Program (ISP) via our Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course or Static Line Progression (SL) training.

Accelerated Free Fall:

If you are in a rush for your rush, this seven-level training will teach you how to handle yourself in the air in no time. Plus, you get to do your first awesome free fall at level three, after just seven hours of training!

This exciting jump is done with two instructors gripping you in a Harness Hold as you float through the air. After about 50 seconds you deploy your chute, or if you forget, they will remind you and even help you to do it. Plus, after that, you get to jump out of a plane at the end of each section to prove you were paying attention.

Static Line Progression (S/L):
A static line jump commences at 3,000 feet AGL. You exit the plane, but remain attached to the aircraft by means of a line. As you fall away from the aircraft, this static line deploys the main canopy after about 3 minutes of free fall.

Process for S/L progression instruction:

● 4 – 5 hours of ground instruction and a static line jump
● Alternating 15 minute instruction sessions and jumps, until you’ve aced two SL jumps
● Chute deployment lesson
● Three more S/L jumps, pulling a ‘dummy’ ripcord
● Free falls:
○ 1st jump – chute deployed as you exit the aircraft
○ 2nd jump – deploying after a 10-second delay
○ Progressively higher and longer falls

Now you can join the ISP, clock up 25 jumps and get your A license!

Pararescuers – The Ultimate Skydivers

You may think of skydiving as a once in a lifetime thrill, or an incredible skill shown off by formation divers on special occasions. It is all those things and more, but there are also many professional skydivers who use their skills every day in important careers involving this activity.

Some of these courageous mavericks are pararescue specialists. This elite branch of the military is responsible for retrieving their comrades, and even members of the public, from sticky situations. Known as PJ’s, these tough men of the skies are trained to extreme levels in all aspects of ground rescue operations as well as being adept skydivers. In order to apply for the job, candidates need to complete a rigorous physical ability and mental examination.

Once accepted, the seven-week training schedule is hard-core, and includes basic military training, scuba diving certification, aircrew and parachute training, survival skills and medical training. Add to that mountaineering, marksmanship, mechanics and high-speed vehicle skills. These guys are like MacGyver, James Bond and Rambo, all rolled into one. In extreme circumstances like flooding, search-and-rescue operations to military engagements, the PJs are the ones called in when there’s no way out.

Taste greatness with skydiving training from Anaheim.
Call 1-800-672-8942 Anaheim, California Skydiving Gift Certificates

Inspired gifting with

Never give a boring gift again. A gift certificate for a tandem skydive or AFF level 1 training is the ultimate gift for the adventurous souls in your crowd.

Celebrate a significant birthday, anniversary, holiday or just life itself, by giving your friends the opportunity to soar. The gorgeous scenery and adrenalin-packed excitement is sure to remain with the lucky recipient for a long time, and you can even include a videography package to make sure they don’t’ forget how awesome you are.

Here’s why our gift certificates are just the best:

· You can easily transfer them to another venue or person for a small fee
· Your friends have up to two years to work up the courage
· They are sure to impress even that friend who ‘has everything’
· You can book one over the phone seven days a week

A skydiving experience is a sure thing to impress that special someone. By joining them on their jump, you will get to share an awesome bonding experience together. It’s no surprise that many couples get engaged, or even married while skydiving.

You could encourage your friend to step out of the box and face their fears, or start them on the road to a fulfilling new hobby, or even career. Either way, they will have you to thank for it!

Order Your Gift Certificates Online!

That's right, the adventure of a lifetime is only a couple clicks (and some keyboard strokes) away! Just click the button below to be redirected to our gift certificate page, choose your package, checkout, and you are ready to fly!

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Anaheim, California Parachuting Video Packages

Replaying your moments of awesomeness

A tandem skydive will be one of your best experiences ever, but it’s over all too quickly. You also need proof that you actually did it. For safety reasons, the USPA won’t allow anyone to use a camera while skydiving, unless they have 200 hours of experience. That’s where our videography packages come in.

We have two cool options to choose from.

  • A professional skydiving videographer will tag along for the ride and interview you just before you jump. Then they will leap out of the plane with you and your skydiving instructor, with the camera rolling. Their epic skills allow them to capture everything perfectly and they will even land just before you to film your return to earth. As soon as you are on the ground they will ask you to share your thoughts again.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for the GoPro/ Handycam deal where your skydiving instructor will video the proceedings from up close.

After your jump, you can relax at the drop zone while we prepare a cd of your accomplishments as well as some still shots of your day.

Now you can show all your friends just how amazing you are, enlarge the images and frame them, or post your daredevil antics all over social media.

The People Behind the Camera on Your Skydive

If you love skydiving and you love photography, what could be better than being that cool guy who films the skydiving videos? It sure is a thrill photographing other people’s epic experiences, especially thousands of feet up in the sky. But this job requires four things in big doses for you to succeed.

You need to be an experienced skydiver, a skilled photographer, have the right equipment and you need loads of practice. Before you can even take a camera up into the air with you, you must accumulate 200 hours of skydiving experience, and then you’ll still need to prove yourself before you land a gig.

Once you get to lug your camera all the way up there, you’ll also find out that the sun and wind are not your friends when it comes to stabilizing your shots. Rapidly falling objects also do not make the best subjects for a video. But practice makes perfect, and you’ll soon be getting stellar footage. .

When you get back to earth you need skill at editing to turn your footage into something saleable, and you’ll need to do it quickly while your customers are waiting. There’s a reason everybody thinks the camera flyer is a cool guy – he’s earned it!

Add an awesome video package to your skydive!
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